Yvonne Strahovski is an Australian actress who has made it big thanks in part to her role as ‘Sarah Walker’ on the NBC series Chuck.

The lovely Yvonne has also made a name for herself by (almost) bearing it all, in her Sobe Lifewater skinsuit (pictured ‘wearing’ below).

She joined Boomer & Craig in the Allstate Studio this morning to talk about her body paint experience, her ridiculously fit body, her relationship status and what she does to stay in such great shape.

Also, with ‘Tebow Madness’ running wild, Craig found it refreshing that Miss Strahovski had no idea who Tim Tebow even was.  Thanks to Craig, she left thinking he is a quarterbackin’ virgin with a suspicious cold sore taking up real estate on his lip…

(courtesy of SoBe®)

(courtesy of SoBe®)

LISTEN: Yvonne Strahovski Gets A Little Red In The Face (01/10)

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