HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut wildlife officials are drafting plans for a bear hunt lottery that would decide who gets to kill a limited number of bears.

Hunters say a lottery would raise money for the state and keep bears from rooting through trash cans, bird feeders and other food sources.

Animal rights activists say hunts are not necessary if discarded food is secured by bear-proofing trash cans, installing electrical fencing around beehives and making sure bird feeders are out of reach.

The Hartford Courant reports that Connecticut officials say bear hunting and a lottery are not imminent. Bill Hyatt, chief of the wildlife division of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, says a lottery could be useful if officials eventually approve bear hunts.

He said all other Northeastern states except Delaware and Rhode Island permit bear hunts.

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  1. whiteeagle says:

    The hunt would probably make sense. New York just opened most of its southwestern counties–which border Connecticut–to bear hunting as a result of a rising population of black bears and increasing bear/human interaction. You’d have to believe that populations are increasing, and that interactions are increasing, on the Connecticut side of the border, too.

    Conservation efforts to restore black bears to the level which will permit them to be hunted have been successful, thanks largely to the license dollars paid by hunters. Opportunities to hunt black bears are increasing as a result, and it’s good to see that Connecticut residents are finally going to have a chance to take part in this once and future American tradition.

  2. bobby says:

    Hey Conn,Dont be like that Coward State New Jersey .Leave the Bears alone .Are you people that f—- cruel to kill these animals .I dont see you exterminating the animals in BRIDGEPORT who are the worse kind of animal ….

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