Hizzoner Has Some Fun With Pop Princess, Ed Koch Prior To State Of City

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Oh that silly Michael Bloomberg!

New York City’s mayor resumed his weird love affair with pop superstar Lady Gaga on Thursday by unveiling a short video prior to his 11th state of the city address.

Bloomberg is first seen trying to hail a cab to get to Morris High School in the Bronx, and later converses with his driver about what’s on the radio, before asking for some Lady Gaga. Then, as soon as one of her songs comes on the mayor is seen busting a move in the back set, while buckled up for safety, of course.

Also making an appearance on the video is former Mayor Ed Koch, who so graciously decides to greet everyone as they cross his bridge, while uttering his signature phrase “How am I doing?”

The video ends with cheerleaders waiting for Bloomberg as he pulls up to Morris High. He’s then escorted like a conquering hero into the school to deliver his address, where he spoke of his new incentive-laden plan to attract the best teachers to New York City.

When last we left the billionaire mayor and Lady Gaga, they were locking lips during the ball drop on New Year’s Eve in the middle of Times Square.

When asked later about the kiss seen around the world Bloomberg said, “First, Lady Gaga is very charming, she’s a young lady who grew up and went to school here in New York City, she is obviously a great entertainer.”

He admitted to reporters it was “fun” dancing with and kissing Lady Gaga.

Well, it appears video choreography may be next up on the mayor’s agenda once he leaves Gracie Mansion.

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  1. Matt Sky says:

    I have no idea who thought of this one, but that really was quite weird… I think Bloomberg is going Giuliani on us now, or those Occupy Protests are starting to get to him.

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