TETERBORO, NJ (WCBS 880) – Fewer people are mailing letters or bills and four out of ten stamps are now bought at grocery and drug stores.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney On The Story

It’s a case of supply meeting demand, says United States Postal Service regional spokesperson Maureen Marion.

“Our customers are guiding us by their actions,” she told WCBS 880 reporter Levon Putney.

That’s why they’re considering closing a mail processing center in Teterboro and shifting duties to their Kearny center.

“No one is going to use the Postal Service if their mail is being delayed and have to pay the same price for it. It makes no sense,” said mailhandlers union local vice president Bob Blum.

Blum says a big problem is Congress in 2006 required the Postal Service to set aside $5.5 billion a year for future retiree benefits up to 75 years from now.

“Matter of fact, most of them haven’t even been born yet. It’s preposterous,” he said.

He and Marion agree that’s the main reason the Postal Service is fiscally underwater.

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  1. John Q Public says:

    The USPS thinks that charging more for its services while it seeks to delay those very services is a way to combat eroding volumes and revenue. If Congress continues to avoid “fixing” the pre-funding requirements…I am afraid that a Death Spiral will occur.

  2. pugphan says:

    Damn, talk about disgruntled soivice, hea, uh? Tis going to get a lot woise! All over the nation too. Wow! Neither rain nor snow, but oh oh…it’s Obama cuts, they ain’t
    gotta a chance. smokersodysseycom

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