NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police have released more details of what happened following a shooting late Thursday night in Brooklyn.

Duane Browne was shot and killed by police. The NYPD said Browne was armed with a gun when he was confronted by officers responding to a robbery at his home.

“Well, we’re just waiting for answers. That’s all we can do right now,” friend Jasmine Williams told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez on Friday.

“He makes a good living. He stays by his self. He’s always in the house. It’s just messed up that they just took him like that,” said Neola Kyte, Browne’s sister.

Police were called to the 26-year-old’s home in East New York on Thursday night.

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Friends and family said Browne was a hard-working college graduate and devoted father to his 7-year-old son Dasani.

“I want them to do their job and to make sure that they’re held accountable. My cousin wasn’t supposed to die last night, not the way he did,” said Shawnte Brown.

Police said uniformed officers came to the front of 943 Schenk Ave., after a woman outside called 911, saying her boyfriend was being robbed by two gunmen.

“She ran past them and got in back of the radio car.  She said there were two armed men in the back of the house with her boyfriend,” NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

When the officers arrived, police said they found the 911 caller who told the responding officers “They have guns.”

The robbers fled the home as police arrived and minutes later, the boyfriend, Duane Browne’s half-brother,  came out the back door and was taken into protective custody. Soon after, police said, Browne appeared at the same door, carrying an illegal .38 caliber revolver and dressed in pajamas.

“He failed to comply with an officer’s instructions not to move and was shot once in the chest,” Kelly said.

One hour later, Browne was pronounced dead at Brookdale Hospital.

“He was in his house. He was trying to protect his family from what he thought was intruders. How that got misconstrued and what happened, it’s unfortunate,” said Shawnte Brown.

Police released a photo of the gun they said Duane Browne was carrying.

This is the pistol police say Duane Browne was carrying when he was shot dead on Jan. 12, 2012. (credit: NYPD)

Earlier, Renita Ferdinand, said she and Duane Browne were upstairs watching a movie when he heard a strange noise. Ferdinand said the next thing she heard was a gunshot and then Browne came crawling back up the stairs, bleeding from the chest.

“He said ‘call the cops, I got shot,'” she said. “He didn’t say who. He fell and the eyes rolling back in his head. Police came, they drew guns on me and him while he was down and they just stood over him asking who was he but you could see him bleeding.”

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Police said an officer shot Browne after he ignored repeated orders by cops to “freeze,” but family members are calling the shooting suspicious.

“They’re trying to cover something up because they stay too long in that house,” said Browne’s mother, Alice Bynoe Browne. “They’ve been there for hours trying to cover up what they want to cover up.”

Duane Brown’s relatives said he was killed while defending his home against burglars.

“Tell them to turn the hands of time back. Take the house. Take my car. Take everything. Just give me my son and I’ll be happy,” said Alice Bynoe Browne.

Police said Duane Browne had a lengthy criminal record.

Two officers were taken to the hospital and treated for trauma. Internal Affairs was still debriefing the officers involved in the shooting Friday night.

All of the officers have been placed on administrative duty while the investigation continues.

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  1. arianna Belgrave says:

    i can’t believe that it’s 9 years later my father and dawyne was close and i was also close with his son and it so sad to have to see something like this happen… i hope ms alice found peace and that his son is okay

  2. Hate white people says:

    Watch ya mouth or it wll get cleaned out

  3. Mechel Clarke says:

    Steve M YOU ARE AN ASS!!! Plain and simple.

  4. taze taylor says:

    Whoever bobby is that called him a skid and said one less skid I hope u get shot in ya head bitch!!!!

  5. Shawnte Brown says:

    FIRST and FOREMOST let me start by saying that Duane Browne the man that you have dismissed as simply a criminal, a thug, a man with a record was my cousin. How dare, HOW DARE you people come on here and comment on something that you have no facts about besides what is perpetuated by the media. Have you sourced more that news outlet for your information or have you just simply read this article and made up your mind that because he had a record, he deserved to die, that his life was not worthwhile. He was someone’s father, someone’s son, someone’s brother, cousin and friend. So what he had a record? We all have a past we all have things that we may have done that we are not necessarily proud of, some known (in Duane’s case) and even worst some unknown, and if we were judged today by what we did yesterday there would be no progress. Even this great nation has a criminal past. The atrocities that blacks have suffered at the hands of this country are too numerous and vile to mention. The war crimes committed in Vietnam are also a part of our not so glamorous record and I can go on and on. With all these stains on our country’s record, we sill want to believe in its innate good, that it is meritorious to be an American. This is how I feel about my cousin. He was trying to protect his brother and girlfriend. Yes he had a gun one that was not pointed at the police because if it was the most certainly would have said so. Having an unregistered gun was wrong but I am certain that if any of you were presented with that situation you would not have hesitated to use it when defending yourself against who you thought were intruders Stop, think about that for a second (seems like a lot of that is not happening on this thread) and be honest with yourself. YOU WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME, unless of course you are a coward. I know that I would have. In ending, this is not about black or white, it is however, about being held accountable for actions on BOTH sides. My cousin did not deserve to die. You do not know the details of what happened that night, you do not know the details of his record, you do not know the details of him as a person, therefore you are not allowed comment on what he did, what he is and what he is not. He is dead, be respectful of that and let his family and friends mourn in peace.

    1. Amtracmarine says:

      Very well said Ms. Brown. I am truly sorry for your loss.. I knew when I first saw this story that the PD would find something to blame on Mr. Browne. I knew that they’d find a hand gun,rocket launcher or Atomic Bomb on him to justify the shooting. It’s a real shame that they never, ever say sorry,we screwed up on this one. The troops in Afghanistan have stricter rules of engagement than the PD.

    2. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

      The atrocities that blacks have suffered at the hands of this country are too numerous and vile to mention however the atrocities the white middle class has suffered to pay for the black man and his failures since have made it even.If Lincoln lived he was gonna send yu black ass back to Africa ..

      Remember Blacks sold Blacks to the white man in Africa and started slavery ..

      1. Amtracmarine says:

        Remember Blacks in Africa and started slavery . Really???? If we look up slavery in a dictionary it will say started by blacks in Africa???

        1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

          Yes look it up blacks stated slavery

    3. thetroooth says:

      uniformed police officers showed up, ya think maybe he would have realized they were not the robbers? maybe ditched the gun? maybe followed the police directive? btw, sorry, we dont all have criminal records….i mean i know that must come as a shock to you, being that your entire family probably have crimnal records….or should i say entire “community”. also, your lame mixing in of this countrys’ past doesnt make up for what blacks have been doing for the past 30 years. check the DOJ, FBI, Uniform Crime report…..per capita blacks commit the majority of violent crime. but you wouldnt undertand what per capita means anyway.

      1. Shawnte Brown says:

        It is funny to me that after saying all that I have said you choose to harp on one point and make it about race when I clearly stated that was NOT what our issue was. You are making yourself appear to be a very dim-witted individual. Especially when you make assumptions about a family that you have never met in your life. I hope you never have to experience what we have been through. Actually no, I do hope you do, then maybe, just maybe you may see it fit to have a little more compassion than you do right now. Thetroooth? HA! You wouldn’t know the TRUTH if it shot you in the chest!

        1. thetroooth says:

          lengthy criminal record….what more needs to be said…..but keep insulting me, that way you dont have to muddy up the conversation with silly things…like facts…

          1. SHAN HAMMOND says:


            1. thetroooth says:

              gee shan, thanks so much, hey….can i give you a kiss?….mmmmwaahhhh

    4. C.S. says:

      Hi Shawnte, my brother & Duane were bestfriends. I knew Duane for over 12 years. My brother was trying to contact Duane while this incident was happening, unknowingly. He was supposed to go to work with Duane that Friday morning & was wondering why Duane wasn’t returning his texts/calls. I heard my mom & brother discussing Duane & work. My brother then became impatient, walking back & forth after Duane didn’t contact him, since it was getting late, then he gets the call that Duane got shot & might not make it a short while after that.
      This has been a nightmare ever since. I’m beyond disturbed about this situation just off the fact that there was so much foul play that took place. I want to know why Duane wasn’t rushed to Kings County, a hospital FOR trauma, why wasn’t anyone allowed in the ambulance when it’s a law to let 1 person ride along, & why were his teeth chipped & lip busted? I got Al Sharpton’s information & I’m going to contact him. I know Ms.Alice isn’t in her right state of mind right now & I don’t want the police to continue to try to manipulate her & not give her answers to what REALLY happened.
      I know that Duane was her world & he loved her just as much, if not more. Duane was a GOOD person no matter what these news articles & comments say about his “long record.” Unless you’re a Black male living in the suburbs, there’s almost NO WAY to escape having a record. You get arrested for not having I.D. on you, sitting on your stoop! Duane wasn’t a violent person at all! He was 1 of the few out of all of my brother’s friends who wasn’t into being in the streets & we ALWAYS said this about him.
      It’s a struggle for Black men in the urban community point blank period! You can’t prejudge someone before knowing their struggle. My brother lost his only bestfriend & to see him so hurt about this, hurts me. Justice must be served because Duane did not deserve how he was done that night at all!

    5. C.S. says:

      I don’t believe that Duane refused to comply with officers. That doesn’t make any sense. Duane had sense! They just didn’t give him a chance to drop the gun! They’re from the precinct where the cop was killed after responding to a robbery and they weren’t taking any chances! Also, why did they handcuff him after he was shot?? I need answers to everything that they did that night!

  6. ceiah wardell says:

    These idiots killed Duane Browne to avenge the killing of the Officer that was fatally shot right before Christmas in Bushwick.

  7. Larry says:

    They want answers. Do not hold your breath. I know my situation does not compare. Last June someone trespassed into my house (also in Brooklyn). Somehow I was able to keep him from entering all the way in while he kept kicking me. I called 911 while this was going on. Police knock on my door sometime later. They arrest me for assault and let him walk away.

    I am still waiting for answers. I called numerous local “representatives” and many agencies and “investigative” bureaus. All they do is shuffle things around and give you the runaround.

    1. Nuttybutt says:

      Your a dirtbag. That’s your answer loser

  8. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Does the NYPD train to take cover first anymore?I know they train to write old ladies tickets and act tough to white middle class people

    1. mj says:

      do you mean cover or COVER UP ? i think they are well trained in the second

  9. mj says:

    this is the new trend … cops going to the hospital for trauma AFTER they shoot and kill someone. its to gain sympathy for them and take the focus off the shooting. have you noticed how this has happened after the last few shootings ?

    1. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:


      1. mj says:

        no i’m not i’m NOT a cop

    2. Amtracmarine says:

      It gives them time to get their story together.

  10. Michael M-Eazy says:

    dis is really messed up n tragic, NYPD forever be going too overboard n getting away with many things these days smmfh

    1. Meme Meyagi says:


      1. Bartholomew Harte says:

        You said a mouthful,Meme!If writing in plain ENGLISH were a crime,most of these
        posterswould be in the pokey!-Oohhooo,,,Mother Bloomberg!!!

    2. truthhurts says:

      dont have an illegal gun in your house and if you do drop it when you see a cop. pure stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Michael Davis says:

    One shot not go to a gunfight with a gun and not expect to get shot

  12. Lady C says:

    @ vexation
    Is it not in the Consttution of this great nation of ours that we have the right to bear arms? That we have the right to protect our property and families? Has anyone stopped to think that he may have scared away the people that were trying to harm his brother or enter his home without permission, and the officers just saw a black man with a gun? Its all about race in NYC right now, because some of our officers abuse their power, they are not trying to understand the need for a person to have/own a gun in East New York Brooklyn? Where do you live?

    1. tony r says:

      where does it in the constitution say you may have illegal guns? I read this story and get something totally different. This mans house was being robbed by two armed thugs. He came out holding the illegal gun mind you, and then didn’t listen to police instructions. Its sad but put yourself in the couple of officers there place. Armed men and someone comes out with a gun and doesn’t freeze. It was one shot not 50. Tragic. that all. Stop reading into it.

      1. Amtracmarine says:

        The robbers ran out the front door and got away. The half brother was caught
        and Mr. Browne was shot. The robbers ran out the front door and got away.

  13. StarBoy Shabah says:


    1. ShabahBlahBlah says:

      Spell much?

    2. JOEYDEE says:


  14. StarBoy Shabah says:

    READ THIS IT DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE, THERE’S ALWAYS A LOOP HOLE……………………………..Police say a Brooklyn man who was shot and killed by police was armed with a gun when he was confronted by officers responding to a robbery at his home.

    1. Amtracmarine says:

      It doesn’t have to make sense. Did you expect anything different?? The PD never does any thing wrong and never apologizes even when found to be wrong. When I first heard the story early yesterday AM. I already knew what the outcome would be.

  15. Erlene King says:

    What does his record have to do with the police shooting him down in his own home? Did he have his record posted on his chest? or was it a WANTED sign they saw on his chest. Being treated for trauma is an old cop ploy, they are looking for sympathy to cover their wrong doing.

    1. What wrongdoing? says:

      Maybe it was the gun in his hand. Cops responding to a robbery in progress and go to the scene where a guy has a gun in his hand. Are they suppose to stop and say hey are you a perp or the victim.

      1. Asia says:

        Find me a story where the same thing happened to a white person and then I won’t consider you an apologist for a racist society garned by gratuitous state violence– just kidding. Even if you find one story, I’m still right.

        1. JOEYDEE says:

          HERO COPS–NYPD

        2. tony r says:

          Asia, Try last week in Seaford Long Island. How’s your foot taste Asia?

  16. diamond718 says:

    Well after ready all these post on this page im just going to say this and formost i feel that just because someone has a gun does not make them a bad person it could have been licensed or not but just know he was protecting his family And it is not ok for these cops to keep killing our black people because this is not fair how we all getting gunned down by someone that is suppose to protect us its said how this world is getting

  17. STEPHANIE ENVY says:

    how can some of yall be not supported in a time like this …. it dont matter what he had n the house or wHAT he had done n the pass….. THE FACT STILL REMAIN A COP HAS SHOOT A MAN THAT WAS MINDING HES OWN ……. NOW ON THE NEWS SAYING HOW MANY TIME HE GO LOCK UP N ETC…… DOES IT MATTER HELL TO THE NO THE COPS NOW TRYING COVER UP THE FACT THEY WERE N THE WRONG SMFH

    1. You can't be that stupid says:

      @ Stephanie: are you being sarcastic or are you just stupid?

      1. Meme Meyagi says:

        I vote stupid

        1. Punk is a savage says:

          HEY Leave Stephanie alone, she a axpiring rappah n she is twenny year old in da sebenfff grade at a pubic skool.

  18. M. Schenck says:

    A couple things…. The name of the street is Dutch and is not pronounced “Shank” as it was reported. Just ask the workers at the Brooklyn Musuem, or the Bethpage Restoration Village, or anyone who is a Decendant of the first 3 that moved here in 1651. My last name is pronounce “SkA’nk”. As in S, a hard K, long A, nk. It sound just ike a derogatory word for a woman who is easy to have marital relations with.

  19. Guy who once saw Lyle Alzado at Newark Airport says:

    Bought a 5 pack of Bic lighters a few months ago. Misplaced each and every one. Now only have a few matches left and will soon be using the stove to light my cigs.

    Know those lighters are still around the house somewhere and too cheap to buy more. Now if I can just find them. God damn it.

  20. Mrs Askari says:

    Its sad dat anotha yung black man loses his life 2 da NYPD, Neva mind da fact dat he had a gun its 1000 guns out here used 4 protection,legal or illegal n its not fear dat a cop can take a life n live on wit thiers,but soon as some1 take a cop life da dam media is all ova n so dam sad.It sud go both ways n didn’t deserve 2 die.

  21. Gigi says:

    That was my friend ! Shut up everyone no one deserves to die ! 🙁

    1. steve m says:

      he was a CRIMINAL

      1. 737 says:

        @Steve M, can you verify that or is this more ignorant specualtion based on stereotypes and racist thoughts? and i’ll even entertain your stance for a moment,lets say that the young man WAS a cnovicted criminal, David Lafferwas a criminal too, he wasnt shot after killing those 4 people in that pharmacy,was he? its convenient and color coded justice applied as always.

        1. Very conservative says:

          Liberalism is a mental disorder.

        2. steve m says:

          entertain this stance, Was Laffer holding a gun when he was confronted. Most likely not. If he was he would have been shot. Shame on his mother for not saying son the police are here ,come down(not holding your illegal gun).

          1. Amtracmarine says:

            His mother was at work at the time butt-munch. She was called and told that her son was dead.

    2. To Gigi says:

      Gigi, I am very sorry you lost your friend. I am also sorry for his family. This is a real tragedy that shouldn’t have happened. Regardless of what the comments are he must have been loved by his family and friends and that is what matters. I can’t believe how everybody is bringing rascism and classism up and hide behind this commnets. All these people leaving derogatory comments against your friends are a bunch of loosers. RIP your friend. God bless everybody.

      1. LiberalsRDopes says:


  22. 737 says:

    so now the usual motley crew of racist here want to know if the victim had a criminal record or if the gun was legal? interesting….. when Omar Edwards was killed, the gun was legal, and he in fact was an NYPD officer. did he have a criminal record? was he legally authorized to have a firearm? just looking for reasons to kill black men, so you justify it by questioning their moral standing. wonder how many of you cowards that post this racist vile have criminal records or how morally outstanding you are as individuals. assholes

    1. The Widowmaker says:

      733 the question isn’t racist.

      hopefully the homeowner is charged

  23. Sid says:

    What a shame. Im sure this fine young man was getting ready to go to medical school to become a doctor,or maybe he was going to be playing centerfield for the Yankees next year.The intruders were there to rob him of his drug stash.

  24. The Widowmaker says:

    did the victim have a criminal record

  25. milly says:

    A family of savages? A woman just lost her son and that’s the only sort of human “emotion” u can give? Another tragic loss and another life taken too soon

    1. STEVE M says:

      he was a criminal.PLAIN AND SIMPLE

  26. Doug Douglass says:

    You have got to love the Ghetto mind at work. Your son has an illegal gun, probably stolen, in the house and you do nothing about it. Why would your son need a gun? Why would someone try to rob him? Duh, the gun was being used to protect his drugs the robbers were there to steal. If you want to play, you sometimes have to pay. The only answers the mother should be asking is why she didn’t report the gun and her son’s drug dealing that got him killed.

    1. Tired of Foolishness says:

      Doug Douglas, the ghetto mind at work, how soon we forget. The columbine shooters were plotting murder in their bedrooms, what kind of minds were those at work that didn’t know!!!

    2. Megan says:

      all the negative energy & comments need to be kept amongst yourself. Those of you talking about the mother should’ve done or he was a criminal are probably down with the NYPD,because that still doesn’t justify them shooting & letting him die.

  27. Shane Devino says:

    a gun is a gun! staying hours? i’ve seen cops staying days to weeks to investigate a crime!!! they take photos… perform forensics… etc. another lawsuit coming!!!

  28. fritz von says:

    If a family of savages says they be a “cover up”, then that how it muss be.

  29. The Widowmaker says:

    if the gun in the house is an illegal gun then the homeowner needs to be charged.

    1. Amtracmarine says:

      That’s the dumbest comment of all

  30. Glenn Erdmann says:

    Mrs. Brown was the gun LEGAL ? If not, what was he doing with it? These are the questions you should be asking. It’s tragic that your son lost his life the way they are saying, but you have to face the facts. Let the chips fall where they may.

  31. MikeyBklyn says:

    Cops,criminals-when your’e staring down the barrel of a gun, what’s the difference.

    1. pyeinCanRock says:

      My deepest condolences to the BROWN family. May you find comfort in each other (as a family) as you go thru this terrible time. May you also find peace and closure (somehow) some day. But most of all I hope you remember that Duane left behind a piece of his heart here on earth, his SON. God Bless

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