MONROE TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — An elderly woman said she let a man into her home who was screaming for help, but who then tried to rob her.

“This person came over, yelled ‘I am having an emergency. I am your neighbor’,” said 84-year-old Mary Dicke.

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Dicke let the man into her Monroe Township home around 1 a.m. Friday, but instead of gratitude, Dicke said he ordered her to lay down and started attacking her 64-year-old, disabled daughter.

“He punched me in my face. I put my foot up like this when I fell down,” Claudia Dicke told CBS 2’s Christine Sloan.

The women said the man, reeking of alcohol, demanded money. So the Dickes gave him all the money they had, but it wasn’t enough.

“He turned around and said ‘don’t move cause I’ll come back and I’ll kill you’,” Mary said.

Mary Dicke said when she opened the door, the suspect barged in and pushed her, but she fought back.

“I kept pushing him, trying to get him out the front door, but he was really strong,” she said.

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The suspect bruised her wrist but she kept going, grabbing the mask covering his face.

“I pulled it down to here so I know he didn’t have a mustache,” she added.

The feisty senior said she was actually subdued by fear for her daughter’s safety.

“If I were by myself it would have been a different situation. I probably would have worked him over,” she said. “I would have bashed him. I got hammers out there, too. I would have gone after him.”

Mary Dicke said if the suspect comes back, she’ll use those hammers.

She gave police a description of the suspect.

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