NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Anger and outrage continues to grip a Brooklyn community which once again was targeted for their faith.

CBS2’s John Slattery was in Midwood where vandals spray painted swastikas and other messages of hate on homes.

In addition to the hate-filled displays of spray paint, there was one disturbing message on a family’s phone.

“The message was basically, ‘All Jews are going to die, one by one or together. All Jews are going to hell.’ That message was repeated many times to these people,” said New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

The Jewish community is working to wipe away the remnants of hate but the faint reminder of the swastikas vandals painted on the buildings is still visible.

1010 WINS’ Gary Baumgarten with the victims

” I was sick to my stomach,” resident Morris Beyda told CBS 2’s Jessica Schneider. “You know, swastikas, and things that were around 70 years ago, there’s no reason to relive it here.”

The anti-Semitic slurs, including the words “Die Jews,” were scrawled on the homes over the weekend.

“I’m not saddened, I’m outraged,” Rabbi Daniel Fingerer said. “It’s an outrage.  And it’s not just here, look at New Jersey.”

Last week, a firebomb was thrown at a temple in Rutherford, N.J. Luckily, no one was hurt.

Some leaders in the community believe education is the key to stop the hate.

They want people to learn what their faith is all about and to turn ignorance and hate into understanding.

“It’s just a reflection of the divide between the communities, and something has to be done to bridge the gap,” Eli Baraka said.

While may work on outreach,  Assemblyman Hikind, who lives in Midwood, is imploring police to use every possible resource to catch the people responsible for the continuous attacks.

No arrests have been made in the latest incident, which police are investigating as a possible bias attack.

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Comments (23)
  1. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists spawning in usa?

  2. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Do you think that some of the comments here could be any sicker? You can hate any group you want. It’s your life and your choice to be ignorant but when it turns into vandalism and attempted murder with firebombings, it’s a whole different ballgame.

  3. Moshe says:

    Jews are two percent of the population but are in charge of the networks, the movie industry, the recording industry, the banks, brokerage firms, and are pandered to by politicians. Maybe they should just be quiet before making another false claim of a hate crime.

    1. Websteve says:

      Your statement is so ignorant it is beyond belief.


    ” Y A A A W N ”





  5. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Proud to be a Jew. That’s all I have to say and stop the self hatred.

  6. BklynJew says:

    Clearly a self hating liberal Jew is behind these acts .Check where Mayor Bloomberg was this weekend

  7. William says:

    I have nothing against Jewish people, but it cannot be denied that there is an element in the Jewish community which has a vested interest in sustaining the industry of Jewish victimhood. As long as there are what are deemed to be “hate crimes” in the eyes of the public, it becomes easier for certain special interest groups to achieve their political goals, such as extra funding for “protection” and stiffer penalties against offenders etc. I can kind of understand the motive, without condoning it in the slightest. Not only is it disgustingly immoral, but it also increases racial tension between groups. Apart from anything, the more the public hears about these fake “hate” crimes, the more likely they are to roll their eyes when they hear about the next one.

    1. Jack Walsh says:

      well said!

    2. J A says:

      Hey, sorry you are expressing an opinion no less valid then believing in the Great Pumpkin. And hate crimes against any group should get jail time. I hope this guy gets his time and I am Jewish

  8. Moshe says:

    Channel 5 just reported that they arrested a Jewish man suspected in several of these incidents just as I predicted. Heather I await your apology.

    1. Jack Walsh says:

      Unbelievable!! Just saw that! …….Wow, How quickly this will fade away!

  9. Heather says:

    Unfortunately, the reason there is so much hate in the world, is because of sad and ignorant people, like yourself. Before you write such a hurtful, unintelligent comment as this, take a moment and think of how it may reflect upon yourself and your family. By leaving such a ridiculous comment you do no more than simply make yourself look like ignorant, racist, and close-minded jack-ass.

    1. Heather says:

      (this was in response to “Moshe’s” comment)

  10. John G Head says:

    Assemblyman Dov Hikind is “imploring police to use every possible resource to catch the people responsible for the continuous attacks.”
    While I find these messages of hate deplorable and ignorant, I am always amazed at Assemblyman Hikind and his over-the-top antics.
    He knows full well that more often than not, incidents like these are the result of “idiot kids” and are NOT some burgeoning Nazi-campaign.
    He panders to the lowest common denominator of his constituents and people eat it up hook, line and sinker.
    Does Hikind really expect the NYPD to bend over backwards for stuff like this? Sure, why not throw all this expense at finding some punk kids who scrawled some ignorant words and symbols on walls instead of conserving resources for more important acts of violence, like dangerous criminals who rape, assault and even kill?
    If Hikind really feels this way about some hateful graffiti, then shall we also go after the morons who post hateful comments on sites like this one?

  11. shenboe says:

    The ACLU, I believe, would traditionally defend such crap if it were in oral form. However, one jerk with a spray can does not a purge make, even if there is one in NY and one in NJ. A tagger with a spray can is not easy io apprehend.

  12. Zoe says:

    NO, Moshe, not quite.
    What would Dr. Martin Luther King say about this? Please recall that he marched with many Jewish activists arm in arm back in the day against hatred and racism. Seems like the world has forgotten his message on the very day that he is being remembered. We need to unite, educate and stop the hatred.

    1. Bullett says:

      If the black community really cared, Jackson & Sharpton would have been walking the streets with you, arm and arm to show solidarity. However he (Sharpton) was attempting to speak proudly of Dr. King, of which he failed. I still think Moshe is correct in his assumption that it was a teen tagging the area.

  13. Moshe says:

    Could this be another example of anti-semitic messages made by Jews themselves to get more publicity and sympathy for the poor victimized Jews?

    1. piece says:

      because of people like you our society is so devided; In this country as well as aroun the world, Jews are vey well established. They dont need sympathy from small brains like yours.
      Peace for alll. Hatered for non!

      1. Ellen says:

        Hate comes in all cultures, religions, and races. Unfortunately piece we are all misbegotten children of Adam and Eve, Two biggest losers God ever cerated. One reason we don’t have wings.

    2. The Facts says:

      At times it is the work of self-hating mentally ill people and at times the work of automobile insurance scammers like the car torching on Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. At all times, it is deplorable.

    3. The Facts says:

      At times it is the work of self-hating or mentally ill people and at times it is the work of automobile insurance scammers. It is deplorable at all times.

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