SOUTH CAROLINA (CBSNewYork) — Mitt Romney’s record came under repeated attack during the Republican Presidential debate in South Carolina.

Following the withdrawal of John Huntsman from the race, the remaining challengers did their best to strike blows to the frontrunner.

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Newt Gingrich took a shot at Romney’s history as part of a private equity firm.

“There was a pattern in some companies, a handful of them, of leaving them with enormous debt and then in a year or two or three having them go broke,” he said.

Rick Santorum challenged the current leader over an attack ad from a campaign group supporting him.

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“The ad that said that I gave felons the right to vote is inaccurate. It is inaccurate, go out and say stop it,” said Santorum.

And Rick Perry took a shot at Romney for not releasing his tax returns.

“My income tax is open. Mitt we need you to release yours. As Republicans we cannot fire our nominee,” he said. “We need it out there.”

Romney appeared to concede saying that he might release his income tax returns in April.

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