By Brian Monzo
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As the buzzer approached Tuesday night at MSG, based on how the Rangers played throughout most of the game, the last song I thought I’d hear blasting at the Garden would be ‘Good Feeling’ by Flo Rida.  Those familiar know that’s the song that plays in MSG following a Rangers win.

Throughout their 3-0 win over the Predators, I didn’t see much to show me they would win the game.  The Preds have been playing well and the Rangers have not been.

But how about those Blueshirts and their ability to not let a losing streak really ever start.  That is called excellent coaching.  It’s the coach’s job to make sure wins come after loses.   Rangers coach John Tortorella has found ways to get this team up enough, even if not playing their best game to come away with two points.

With their top players still having trouble finding the back of the net, the Rangers got a flukey goal from Dan Girardi and tricky wrist shot goal from John Mitchell to gain control.  Ryan Callahan was taken down on a near breakaway late with the Predators goalie pulled, and was awarded the goal.

Not to be forgotten, Henrik Lundqvist stopped 27 shots for his 20th win (seven straight seasons of 20+ wins) and his 4th shutout of the season. The King is playing to a GAA of 1.90.  Sick, indeed.

What’s most impressive is how they’ve played a good handful of these games in which it is fair to say they have been outplayed, and have walked away with two points.  They find ways to win.

There is still plenty to work on.  Their best players need to start stepping up.   Brad Richards is on pace for 27 goals and 29 assists.  For some players that’s OK.  For your highest paid player, that’s not.

A little disturbing was Rangers owner James Dolan coming down in the postgame and addressing the media for a few minutes.  Dolan basically said the Rangers were moving in the right direction and headed potentially for a Stanley Cup.  He also mentioned the great work Glen Sather has done since the lockout in 2004.

Tortorella, in joking fashion, immediately shot it all down and said the Rangers need to move one game at a time.  Not a shocking comment from Tortorella.

This all may be true to some extent.  But let’s be honest, what Rangers fan wants to hear Dolan making these comments? Also, it’s convenient to making an appearance when the team is successful.  Sather has done some great work.  Tortorella has done an excellent job.  They should leave it at that.

If the Rangers lose four players to injury and miss the playoffs now, we will all know why.

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  1. mike says:

    its levels by avicii, not good feeling by flo rida.. just saying

  2. John says:

    What game were you watching??? there we moments in the Preds game that the Preds got shots… other than that the Rangers were running circles around them and getting to the loose puck the whole game.. The look good leave them alone and please comment on other teams and leave the Rangers be.

  3. Stephen Andreala says:

    Monzo if you’re a Ranger fan you might be a mush. Neagative nelly much? Chill bro we’re leading the Conference!!!

  4. ted says:

    Dolan…just remember…Ewing over Messier

  5. greg says:

    I don’t think Dolan jinxed the Rangers, but he is the last person I want hear speaking about the team, even if he is the owner. If the Rangers do win the Cup, he is a man who will be booed mercifully if introduced. I don’t know a Rangers fan who respects the man or doesn’t get a little sick to thier stomach everytime he is heard speaking or shown on TV. It would be in the best interest of the team if he were to stay out of the picture before he decides to make another poor decision. Just sign the paychecks and be quiet Mr. Dolan.

  6. jim says:

    When we won the cup. I sat silent in my living room waiting for the other shoe to drop..Would Dale Rolf get beat up? Would they trade Eddie. Who would be out for the rest of the year? Surely, those Rangers with the puck in the corner were just a hair breath away from disaster….Dolan is the harbinger of death..

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