NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD says a police officer committed suicide while on duty Thursday night by shooting himself while responding to a call in Queens.

The 28-year-old officer, whose name has been withheld, was found lying on 211th Street in Hollis Hills. He was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after 11 p.m.

According to reports, investigators say the officer had been arguing with his girlfriend on the phone before he shot himself.

Authorities say the officer had responded with his partner to a call about a series of car break-ins in the area.

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  1. Harrison J. Turner says:

    You are dumb as a pile of manure. Gun control takes away rights, not gives rights. You people in NY would be a lot safer if you had a reasonable concealed carry permit process. Then, the bad asses would not know who could defend themselves. As it is, only the criminals and crazies pack weapons. The average NYorker is defensless. That’s what happens with a socialist government. You people deserve what you get.

    1. Citizen says:

      Amen, brother.

    2. Tom says:

      You’re dead on…I lived in the NY/NJ/Conn area for years. The people there are dumb as stumps…they think they are smart until its them or their family member being raped and murdered by a guy with an illegal gun…and there they are the simple tools/fools who if they themselves had a gun, could eliminate the a-holes of the world and save themselves in the process. the way it is now shows how much people in that area hate their own families, not willing to give their own family a way to protect itself…the police sure cant..they cant be everywhere…now can they…so that means their family members get raped or killed…nice , brilliant, pure intelligence…pathetic.

  2. Mike UU says:

    Next time some one is breaking into your house call a crack head to come and rescue you, hag

    1. Mark Matis says:

      Far smarter than calling today’s “Law Enforcement”. Heck, they would probably roll the crack head for whatever drugs he has on him, then beat the homeowner to death so they couldn’t tell!

      This guy probably just caught his partner dealing drugs and was going to turn him in. Can’t do that to one from the Blue Wall now…

  3. Citizen says:

    Troll much?

    I feel where you’re going with this(I’m the only one in this room professional enough to handle this glock foty”), but you started with a classic anti argument, and that is all people will see.

  4. Harrison J. Turner says:

    You need to learn how to spell and use the English language. “Their” should be “there.” Plauge is spelled incorrectly and should not be capitalized. You are a stupid person who needs more education before opening your pie hole.

    1. thsldu says:

      You shouldn’t judge people by their spelling or grammer. Obama has difficulty with mathematics and we’ve tolerated him for three-plus years now!!! No wonder we are denied his so-called college records.

  5. Todd Clemmer says:

    Off yourself.

  6. rob says:

    I’m thinking maybe his this guy’s girlfriend must have dumped him for a MAN in a blue uniform.

  7. rob says:


  8. Citizen says:


    They aren’t all horrible. There are a few who are. You would not rather die than call them. You know this, so shut up and don’t add your cop hating to my post. There are good and bad out there, The bottom line is, you have to be responsible for yourself. I don’t wish death on anyone, unless they violate my right to life or liberty. And usually, that would be criminals invading my home. (this sometimes happens with incompetent police as well, but much less likely).

  9. rob says:

    Liberal nut job!

  10. New York Nick says:

    That’s a shame and first responders face a lot of nasty stuff and I imagine year after year of it along with personal turmoil which most everyone has to a degree in their lives is tough to handle. 🙁

    Especially when most (but not all) the people they’re protecting and serving in these urban jungles our major cities have become hate their guts. 🙁

    1. WillyT says:

      Grammar Nazi’s are out.

      1. me says:

        there’s no apostrophe after the i.

    2. Sean says:

      just goes to show that they deserve a higher salary for what they do for the public especially if they are not doing their job the way they are told to

      1. dead_hero says:

        Now finally we have a tax-feeding, last-responder who deserves to be called a “hero”.

    3. richie rich says:

      who said he’s a first responder? and it’s a profession with as good as name as an attorney… you only get what you deserve…. you create your own image don’t you?

      1. Fake Name says:

        You’ve created a pretty hateful outlook on life. You may want to take your own advice.

  11. John says:

    To all the police officers and military risking their lives each day so that I can live in some relatively existance, I can’t thank you enough.

    To the poor guy that took his life after arguing with his girlfriend, if it was a breakup, I’ve been there, it’s some of the deepest hurt someone could feel and the only cure for that is taking some time off from work to get over it. That would have been pretty harsh to be under that level of stress, both a break up and risking your life at the same time.

    The guys runing the forces should do something to lower the stress level during those times when people are going through such stuff, it could save lives.

    1. John says:

      You’ve been lied to and misled, or you’re intentially ignorant of what the world becomes without them. If it weren’t for the police and military risking their lives each day I’ve been alive, and all the centuries before throughout civilized society, I wouldn’t be living in a the peaceful society I live in today. Any thanks we could give them, wouldn’t be enough for the price they’ve paid. My hope is they’d ignore your comments and others like you. You have no idea what level of service they’ve given, nor how valuable their efforts are.

      1. Mark Matis says:

        I will gladly thank those who honor their oath of office to the Institution. Unfortunately, there is not ONE of those in the entire NYPD.

        But then for them, who needs a steenkin’ oath, anyway? After all, they ARE Brothers in Blue. And the Law is WHATEVER they say it is. Making the Mafia enforcers look honorable in comparison for HOW MANY YEARS NOW?

    2. Matt in Austin says:

      Unfortunately, we all have to deal with these things…. and yes, sometimes at the most incovenient times of our lives. Breaking up with a girlfriend should never equate taking your own life. He should have lived a long, happy life if he wanted to show her what for.

  12. Chief 49 says:

    Damn right!

  13. pgabd says:

    Toooo bad he didn`t take you with him 🙁

  14. Me says:

    I’m a cop. I use my phone to contact a reportee or other deputies en route to the call. Cell phones are one of the lowest distractions which cause crashes….well below eating while driving.

    1. timmy says:

      weird…they make cell phone laws because they claim it is dangerous. so the jack booted thugs get to do it because its safe, but the ‘civilians’ cant. i love the statist elites.

      1. Me says:

        No…probably just because idiots like you can’t talk and drive, let alone walk and talk at the same time ruin it for everyone else.

        1. irongodzilla says:

          me: sorry the more tyrannical this government becomes i.e.- ndaa the publc suffers,, every time the pd has been given a tool they abuse it. you ought to consider joining the oath keepers although when the time comes our pd’s are going to subjugate us further rather than lose a paycheck. i have no faith in our pd’s to protect the weak, ithink. its far to easy to make honest americans tow the mark or turn over their money to the state at gun point. tyranny is overrunning this country and YOU SIR are the enforcer of these policies.

          1. Me says:

            I enforce the laws that exist. I don’t write the laws. If you disagree with the laws, do something proactive and either run for the legislature or bring about change through peaceful means. And anyone who likes to say that cops are bad are generalizing in a way that is no different than a racist generalizes or a sexist generalizes. And most of the people who are against cops are that way because those people are bad people who do bad things to good people. Sure, there are bad cops, but there are bad doctors, bad teachers, bad construction workers, and bad janitors. Single out the bad people.

            1. Todd Clemmer says:

              You are trying to reason with the OWS crowd here. You are wasting your time.

            2. artemis133 says:

              Mark Matis, you have one hell of a personal ax to grind, don’t you? Yes, there are bad cops just like there are bad (fill in the blank with the career of your choice). There are many good cops, and they are under tremendous stress, especially working in the urban jungles. I know someone who was a cop near DC; he did the best job he possibly could have, but he saw things you couldn’t imagine, and it changed him. Go meditate on that.

              1. Mark Matis says:

                Well, artemis133, there is NOT ONE “good cop” on the ENTIRE NYPD force. EVERY ONE OF THOSE LYING SWILL took an oath to the Constitution. Yet NOT ONE OF THEM honors that oath. And they STILL pass themselves off as “Law Enforcement” instead of the Thugs with Guns that they are. That, sir, is treason! May EVERY ONE OF THEM have their heads blown off, their corpse left lying in the street, and Mere Citizens line up to defecate or urinate on their dead bodies in “appreciation” for what they have done!

            3. Greystoke Thelegend says:

              The NDAA is not a constitutional piece of legislation, it simply is what is being foisted off on the American public by the current Congressional Elitists. Oath Keepers is a group who know the Constitution and choose to follow its dictates.

            4. Jimmy Catalina says:

              Would you have arrested Rosa Parks?

            5. Sally Burke says:

              Good on you, Me, and well written.

            6. Sterling Headset says:

              Try this on for size. Most people who “are against cops” are that way because they have had run-ins with crooked cops that can’t control their tempers, their egos or their partners. Tell me this Einstein, why are cops FAR MORE LIKELY than civilians to be involved in Domestic Violence cases??? It’s a statistical fact that cops abuse their children and spouses at a rate that far outweighs that of civilians. Talk to me buddy…. and don’t start gushing about blame and what “made” them do it.

        2. Nomad says:

          You just proved Timmy’s point.

    2. jesse says:

      I AGREE this story sounds suspicious to me. Sounds like a Cover-up, this story screams out Conspiracy.

      1. Winston Smith says:

        He was probably shot by his partner. Happens every day in SWAT raids gone bad.

    3. Joe Fliel says:

      The law equally applies to cops. You have no exemption for this. Let your partner riding shotgun take care of the call; or, pull the hell over.

    4. Ivan in Phoenix says:

      A few years ago, I had to call the police for people causing problems at my store. When they were getting ready to leave one of the officers gave me his cell number and said he’d be on duty in the area all night and to call him directly if things went south again. It was very much appreciated.

  15. R Miller says:

    Larry you speak and write like a dumb jerk

  16. larry says:

    But then again, after they drive up in their cop tank , wearing their cop armor, carrying their cop machine guns bazookas, and making the effort to kick down the door to the wrong house in the middle of the night, they really need to shoot a dog.

  17. Power Forward #54 says:

    X Leo – Thank you for being an American Patriot. Most people in out country appreciate the danger and sacrifice made by law enforcement. Those who make jokes or critical comments have little life experience being in the belly of the beast. All they would have to do is look into the eyes of a 250lb man who is jacked on PCP and they would soil themselves while yelping for the police. Keep the faith and thanks again for giving back to the country. You and people like you are what make this country great.

    1. cpd officer says:

      X LEO, tks bud, you too.

      Henry, thank you for that…thank god I’ve served 10 years in the infantry, five active, and am still in the national guard with combat deployments. Is that manly enough for you?

      Ditto sopinion. By the way, are we not supposed to back each other up, instead saying…”let me chase (an) armed offender(s).” Your really brave and intelligent!

    2. Jack says:

      Go screw yourself Henri. I can tell youve never been shot at or taken a life.

    3. Power Forward #54 says:

      Those who serve in the military are American Patriots as well. They were not the focus of the article. Teachers and trash collectors do not face the same set of stressors that the police do. All do a service for the country, however the number of police who die in the line of duty is very sad indeed. I believe that anyone who contributes to society deserves respect because it is what makes our country great.

  18. Vinny says:

    The biggest cop haters are liberals and libertarians. RIP.

    1. Rick says:

      Hating cops is a pretty universal reaction to the sheer volume of police brutality reports that are now becoming common place. But your right, cops don’t typically harrass the sheep that say in their pins and know their place, which is below the police at all times. Your either subservient or beaten and tazed, period.

      1. Omar says:

        It’s called the “monopoly of violence,” dude, and its a tough but necessary element of civil society. When a cop comes on a tense scene, he doesn’t have any idea about what’s going on. It’s like walking blind into a potential mind field. He’s entitled to gain control of the situation before going any further because he’s risking his life and safety every day. Why don”t you grow up and ditch the “oppressed victim” crap. It makes you sound like a ’60’s retread hippie turd.

        1. Crash Froelich says:

          A very nice, cogent reply to a goofball who didn’t deserve it. Kudos.

        2. Sally Burke says:

          Too bad the cops would have to come and bail your sorry arse out if you needed help.

          1. John Cohen says:

            when you’re seconds away from danger, cops are only minutes away….

          2. Mark Matis says:

            Keep them out of the way and I’ll be ecstatic! Unfortunately, we both know THAT ain’t about to happen, After all, pigs will be pigs.

        3. Buck Bagaw says:

          I believe “mimd” fields are foind in libraries.

      2. compassionaire says:

        You so full of bs you – only creep and perps hate cops

        1. Smart Target says:

          No, the perps are the police protected gangstalkers who like to hunt single women for fun!

        2. Sterling Headset says:

          Only crooked cops believe that only creeps and perps hate cops.

      3. John Galt says:

        You must be an occutard that got kicked outta the park.

    2. Ken says:

      No! You don’t get to do this. I am a Liberal. My dad is a retired state trooper. 4, count
      ’em 4 of my uncles were locals police. 2 of my bothers are local police as is one of my nieces. My liberal family not only love police but has done more than pay the lip-service to it that you do.

      And before you ask, no, I am not a LEO. I am a Fire Investigator

  19. rex dart eskimo spy says:

    Atleast he died doing what he loved.

    1. changomango says:

      Arguing with his girlfriend?

      1. hikaricore says:

        I loled.

  20. Jim says:

    so all cops should carry a .38 special and waer a hat? They woudnt last a week against todays criminals

  21. GB says:

    You make some good points, but who authorized those changes to our police forces?

    Answer: Our own elected officials.

    In other words: us. We have no one else to blame.

    1. Richard Schulze says:

      Shift the blame…to elected pols. Cops can use discretion and let us citizens protect ourselves.

  22. DirtyDave777 says:

    Cold hard FACT cops are an after thought . Maybe they should be more interested in real crime than enforcing political agenda.

    Food for Thought .
    When We AMERICANS have OUR Nuremberg Trials the old “I was just following orders” crud won’t fly

  23. RJ OGuillory says:

    Search the Darkness

    Standing silent, on the edge of life,
    alone amongst the crowd.
    As laughter lays against my soul,
    and the terror screams out loud.

    Ride the banshee of loss and despair,
    briskly into the cold, dark rain.
    Let loose the reins of the beast of Hell,
    ride firmly into the pain.

    Search the heavens quick and fast,
    uncover the depths of Hell.
    Prepare to ride, accept the costs,
    for it’s yourself you will have to tell.

    Stories lost, old tales left behind,
    from a record you’re afraid to start.
    In a library mixed with pain and fear,
    in a volume called your heart.

    Your soul screams out, an endless cry,
    from the quiet darkness it calls.
    “Come to me, end this journey,
    for in life you have seen it all.”

    But in our journey of life on earth,
    false prophets trade in soiled goods.
    The pain and horrors of the journey we take,
    need merely to be understood.

    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  24. ImSomebodyToo says:

    It is amazing how people who really do not know what happened, assume what happened. Just be glad it wasnt someone in your family who committed suicide.

  25. Jimbo Limbo says:

    Morons generalizing about police, about suicides, about firearms, all from one man’s suicide: people from all walks of life have always taken their lives. This has always happened, and it always will.

    1. PowerPC says:

      With the five sentences that make up this news “report” do not leave room for anything other than gerneralize about police, suicides, and firearms. Not a lot of facts to in the article to form any real opinion or an informed decision about what happened. And to Fred……People snap all the time. It seems to happen a lot in the US Postal Service. I would bet money that the suicide rate among Law Officers is higher than it is in the general population. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with them but with all of the violence and graphic crimes scenes they respond to are bound to cause PTSD or other disorders like depression etc. There are ways to weed out bad officers but this is usually for dirty cops etc. There is really no way to determine ahead of time how an officer is going to respond to violent, graphic crime scenes. Do you know what profession has the highest suicide rate per capita than any other profession? The answer is:……..Dentists!

      1. Sally Burke says:

        That’s because dentists scare the hell out of just about everybody.

    2. Joe Doakes says:

      A beautiful lady hung herself right near me. People, unfortunately, believe that it is a way out.

      When on fact it is a long term solution to a short term problem.

  26. Fred Derf says:

    and people who are this emotionally unstable are allowed to be police?

    1. artemis133 says:

      You dope. How do you know anyone who chooses the career of law enforcement will react to the regular exposure to horrible, unbelievable violence and cruelty that humans tend to have toward other humans? Think about it. Rub two brain cells together, if you have that many.

  27. Charlie says:

    They called Officer of the year Terrance Yeakey’s mysterious death a suicide too, with no autopsy. Most shocking story I’ve ever heard probably.

    1. revolt! says:

      true that charlie…where was and is peoples concern over him? Killed so our ‘govt’ could cover up its crimes only to go unpunished !

  28. CPD Officer says:

    First, RIP to this young officer. Wish he reached out to someone.

    Second, the sheep have voices. Very nice. WROL1776, what POG ass unit were you in? Most cops support 2nd Amendment rights, you moron. Second, yes, I use my cell phone on duty to contact victim’s, make notifications, request certain units, etc. When it is slow, I even make personal calls on it…wow! How absurd. I work in one of the worst areas of Chicago and the police are hated. We are the only people who race/run towards gunfire, b.s. domestics, sexual assaults, man with a gun calls, etc. and we are hated for it. Funny, when the bangers lie dying on the ground they always beg to be saved. Funny how the people on this site have more sympathy for them than the ‘dumb ass cops’ that would race to save them or any member of their family. If you are that dishonest and ungrateful as to pretend like you have never called the police, or would not call, when in danger or trouble than thank you, because you prove how little men can be. The very thought reaffirms my knowing that you are a scared little sheep, even with a gun you couldn’t protect yourself – but someone in fatigues will fight for you overseas and someone in blue will fight for you at home, enjoy your freedom and security.

    RIP officer, your in MY prayers.

    1. Benoit is a sucker says:

      For a broken back and six screws in my spine My police pension is $8700 a month tax free for the rest of my life. Thank you mr savage who hit me with a bat and Thank you mr.benoit for your tax donation to help me travel the world !!!

      1. James Benoit says:

        If we’re all lucky you’ll fall off the ship and drown in the Atlantic. Be sure to carry a heavy object around with you on deck – like say – your wife. {boyfriend, whatever}

    2. cpd Officer says:

      From what part of my comment did you infer my claim that he was shot in the line of duty and did not kill himself? I believe I quite clearly stated that I “wish[ed] he reached out to someone.”

      Wrong also on me saying anyone’s profession was “less valuable to society.” Freudian slip perhaps?

      Again, empty claims of abuse, please elaborate. How do NYPD cops abuse their own pension, lol? Really, I don’t know anything about it. The way pensions work is each member pays into their own pension and the city, through legislative agreements, have some sort of predetermined matching scheme. I guess they should just donate money to NY and not get any money back? That sounds fair.

      While I see you are hostile and argumentative, I think it is misplaced. Every day I am out I do my best to protect the innocent and, yes, I do think that is admirable. Call me a rotten person, but I actually feel bad for anyone who takes their own life, wether they wear a uniform or not. You can’t find it in your heart to say the same, which actually says a lot about the type of people exist. Unless your in Chicago raping, dealing, shooting or up to some other sort of malcontent, I doubt I’ll see you in court. However, if I do, thanks, I’ll get court time.

      1. James Benoit says:

        You self righteous puke. It’s COMMON KNOWLEDGE that in the year or so BEFORE these NYPD cops retire they RAMP UP their hours and juice up their salaries because they RETIRE AT THE PAY earned their last calender year. A 50 or $60K gig goes to $100K – thus SOAKING the TAXPAYER.

        Your whole “Woe is me I’m a cop” diatribe is CRAP. If it’s SO TOUGH, F-ING QUIT. Take that associates degree and get a gig SACKING GROCERIES.

        1. Power Forward #54 says:

          James – If this guy gets a job sacking groceries he might put you out of work. You are a typical underachiever who goes on the attack when someone has it better then you. Work harder and achieve and what other people make won’t bother you so much.

        2. cpd officer says:

          LOL, so they “ramp up,” another phrase for “work for with overtime” and “juice up” by working more years. So work for more is okay in other professions but not police? I guess me paying for my own B.A. in International Studies and Arabic in 2.5 years with a GPA of 3.5 while working part time could only get me bagging groceries? I guess I didn’t earn the GIB I served five years for either, which payed for a fraction of my tuition?

          I love my job, I just think insignificant little men like you are funny. Instead of being civil and wishing his family well, you hurl insults. Have a good night James.

      2. James Benoit says:

        Even the pavement apes in Chicago are due representation. It’s the law. Have a nice day “occifer.”

      3. Joel says:

        What you are encountering is the moral decay of society that began in the 60s when I was drafted. The crowd that was spitting on GIs, calling cops pigs, if it feels good do it and shouting don’t trust anyone over 30 are in academia and politics.

        Two generations now of kids raised with an entitlement mentality and disrespect for authority has gotten us to the point where you are not appreciated for what you do, but are also in a position where policeofficers become distrustful of the populace.

        Having friends on the Tacoma PD, we’ve discussed this and its really a sad outcome. Not sure how this can be turned around.


    3. Blade Runner 1776 says:

      I as a fellow law enforcement officer, it saddens me when someone commits suicide. I was also in the military and some fellow military service men also committed suicides. A person goes thru a lot before ending their lives. Whether the person is a civilian police, military, people are people. We are all human beings. That police officer had loved ones and i pretty sure his relatives are hurting. Please, let’s us have respect for our fellow man. RIP.

      1. John Galt says:

        Some of us seem a little less than human, than others, such as the people using this tragedy to politicize and push their viewpoints. Thank both of you for your service to our cities and our country. God bless you and God bless this man’s family.

    4. Disgusted says:

      I hope when you get mugged, carjacked, or held up with a gun to your head,
      any cop in the area, spits on the ground and keeps walking.

      You are an ungrateful SOB. I can’t imagine who or what raised you.

  29. Diamondback says:

    Take you own advice and do the world a favor.

  30. Pat says:

    You are an idiot…. hope u need a cop someday and they leave your sorry ass to fend for yourself. Loser..

    1. Diamondback says:

      I’m 58 and I’ve never needed a cop in my life for anything!

      I provide my own protection because ,as they all proved during the massacre at the HS in Denver a few years back, they’re mostly all cowards! They all hid behind their cars or brick walls and waited for management and SWAT to arrive as you could hear the sounds of gunshots and screams coming from within the school.


  31. wrol1776 says:

    change your monicker to Jefferson though; Abe was the first culprit to declare martial law.

    1. spartan1992 says:

      No Abe wasn’t, Washington did during the Whiskey Rebellion.

  32. rowper says:

    Maybe it can become a fashion statement of stress and toil ‘under fire.’

  33. wrol1776 says:

    exactly. guilt over the violation of the Constitutional rights of the people and the tyranny they are exacting on the American people as punk slaves to the banksters.

    1. Steve says:

      WROL1776–why don’t you blow YOUR brains out–the world is always better with one less mindless moron roaming the streets. I would suspect that not ONE person would miss your sorry ass and the rest of us could applaud your demise as you have this police officer who you know nothing about. F***** LOSER!

      1. wrol1776 says:

        waaaa waaaa stevie.

        1. Diamondback says:

          Sounds like stevie is one of the traitorous, pos!

      2. Mark Matis says:

        Suck that pig, bro! I hear the coffee and donuts taste MUCH better when filtered like that!

      3. CJ Turner says:

        Angry Steve knows enough about someone from one post to wish death upon them.

    2. Mark Matis says:

      Well said!

  34. Respect says:

    The ignorance of most posters here is mindboggling. No respect for those who serve to protect. Think you could live without those young men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting yours? Go to Afghanistan or better yet, Somalia or Mogodishu. You’ll be crying in your pillow for the protection of those
    who serve to protect, whether the police of the military.

    1. Pro Drinker says:

      The Mexico border is way worse than Afghanistan. That’s what I just read on the internet. It must be true. My mind only boggles when I don’t get my required amount of alcohol/hour.

    2. Diamondback says:

      1. Respect must be earned and LE in this country is totally out-of-control. When they start honoring their oaths to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, maybe they’ll start earning our respect beck.

      2. The courts, including the SCOTUS, have ruled repeatedly that police officers HAVE NO DUTY to protect citizens except in a general law-enforcement overall community kind of way. If a cop sees you being beaten severely in an alley, they have no legal duty to assist. When seconds matter the police are only minutes away. Keep relying on LE and you’ll end up dead or seriously injured.

      Just sayin’

      1. cpd Officer says:

        D-back…you are clearly a man of both pen and sword! You are quite the scholar. Now, would you be so kind as to include the SCOTUS ruling you are citing? Maybe as an officer I’ve been doing the wrong thing by doing what I thought was my job. You mean I don’t have to respond to BATIP calls? Awesome! What your probably confusing is off-duty responsibilities, in which case an officer must, at the very least, report an offense. Officers often do not get involved off duty because they are typically not legally covered by corporation counsel, definitely not if they are outside of their municipality. I know an officer who stepped in during an AGG sex assault in progress, lost an eye fighting the offender and is now being sued by said offender for shooting him. Only if we had more men of your stock! I bet you keep crime in your area at -10%.

        1. WW3 says:

          back in my day on the pd we had a saying – better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. fortunately for me, i got to go home every morning with a minimum of injuries over my career. oh, one more – dead men can’t testify or sue.

        2. inSANEmom says:

          he District of Columbia’s highest court spelled out plainly the “fundamental principle that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular individual citizen.” ~ Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1, 4 (D.C. 1981)

          In the especially gruesome landmark case the “no-duty” rule got ugly. Just before dawn on March 16, 1975, two men broke down the back door of a three-story home in Washington, D.C., shared by three women and a child. On the second floor one woman was sexually attacked. Her housemates on the third floor heard her screams and called the police.

          The women’s first call to D.C. police got assigned a low priority, so the responding officers arrived at the house, got no answer to their knocks on the door, did a quick check around, and left. When the women frantically called the police a second time, the dispatcher promised help would come—but no officers were even dispatched.

          The attackers kidnapped, robbed, raped, and beat all three women over 14 hours. When these women later sued the city and its police for negligently failing to protect them or even to answer their second call, the court held that government had no duty to respond to their call or to protect them. Case dismissed.

          The law is similar in most states. A Kansas statute precludes citizens from suing the government or the police for negligently failing to enforce the law or for failing to provide police or fire protection. A California law states that “neither a public entity nor a public employee is liable for failure to establish a police department or otherwise provide police protection service.” As one California appellate court wrote, “police officers have no affirmative statutory duty to do anything.”

          1. CJ Turner says:

            Nice, thanks. Did you get that CPD-Officer! Whose confused now.

            1. cpd officer says:

              CJ…I read it, didn’t think it warranted a response but since you STATED a question, I suppose I will respond. BTW, grammar and syntax seem to be your weak point. Any question, typically begins with words of inquiry, ends with “?,” which signifies a question.

              The case you cited is not a SCOTUS ruling, I know you know, but just so the genius above you doesn’t try pointing that out. That said, the SCOTUS ruled that each state’s highest court is responsible for assigning officer duties. I think the legal loopholes in the first case are despicable. Essentially what the court ruled is that the two females on the roof were third-party callers. They uphold that in that state police only develop a special duty to first-party callers (the actual victim), otherwise they assume a general role of public safety. It is simply legalese designed to refuse a ruling for the victims, which is deplorable. Had the actual victims called, the special duty to a particular individual(s) would be established. Since it was third party callers, the state had no special duty to respond. In IL, this is not the case. I couldn’t imagine not forcing entry on a call like this.

              The second part, which is quoted: “A California law states that “neither a public entity nor a public employee is liable for failure to establish a police department or otherwise provide police protection service.”’ Since police/LE agencies are left to each respective state’s constitutions, not SCOTUS-defined, the different municipalities (what ILCS refers to towns as) can petition to establish a police force or to request outside agencies. For example, some municipalities in Cook County use the CCSD as their police force. Ergo, nothing exists to my knowledge in ILCS mandates that each municipality must have a form of police force. That said, the language from the above cited court case sounds like legalese, which translated to the layman, absolves a municipality,town, etc., of any responsibility from victims of crime in areas with no established police force exactly because of the absence thereof.

              I’m not an attorney and have limited law training. I know, however, that I am bound by my agency’s “general orders.” My general orders stipulate that I have a duty to respond to calls, which are codified in order of precedence. The dispatchers decide when the calls go out and to whom. Officers have been late to domestics, one of which resulted in a party being murdered. The officers were fired. I highly doubt they tried to argue that they had “no duty to respond” and if they were incredulous enough to do so, they would be laughed out of court.

              Enough for you CJ Turner?

              1. Joe Fliel says:

                And you can save the “grammatical errors” spiel for somepne else. I know they’re there. Unlike a cop when you need one.

              2. Mark Matis says:

                Try this on for size, Mr. CPD:

                Or isn’t Cornell University good enough for you?

                But heck with you “protecting” Mere Citizens. How about you actually honor your oath to the Constitution for a change? You know, the one that give you the authority to pin on that badge and strap on that gun? But then you ARE one of the Brothers in Blue, so you don’t NEED no steenkin’ oath now, do you? Just keep doing what you’re told. Just like your fine Brothers in Blue from Germany.

          2. truther says:

            yet another reason i sleep next to my ar-15 with a drum clip and enough ammo to make a week long stand. screw the cops

    3. Sven says:

      Yes, Yes I could

    4. jbw says:

      They don’t have pillows in Somalia ….

    5. Fred Derf says:

      “Think you could live without those young men and women who have dedicated their lives to protecting yours?” yes, and very well, thank you. when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. i have NEVER been saved from a criminal act by police, only by my own, or another citizen’s, action.

    6. john says:

      Sorry not trying to be rude but cops are a reactionary force. If they were not no crime would happen or go unsolved. So dont pat yourself on the back to hard. Watch out for yourself and dont be afraid to carry a gun unless you live in one of those cities that dont allow it, because they have repressive laws.

    7. Mark Matis says:

      Lying swill that spit on their oath of office, grovel before their Masters, and then do WHATEVER they are told should be respected? I guess that must be the “New York Way”! Better every one of them that dishonors their oath get a bullet in their head. And soon.

  35. Pro Drinker says:

    Was alcohol involved? Had the officer been DRINKING? I think that is the first question that should be asked. That is always the first question asked. WAS ALCOHOL INVOLVED in any way, shape, or FORM?

    1. lance says:

      Yeah! He proably drank the night before and had a wicked hangover, so he felt the only remedy was some lead asprin.

      Whether he drank or not is irrelevant. Millions of people get drunk everyday and don’t blow their brains out. Even if he did drink, so what? It’s not like it’s the norm. Blaming the alcohol is a cop out (see what I did there?).

  36. Eric says:

    Completely understandable…he just found out the true identity of his girlfriend to be Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.

    1. Diamondback says:

      OMG no wonder!


      Now that IS a reason to take yourself out!

  37. Linda Moore says:

    Question if it was really suicide.

    1. teatotaler says:

      That’s what I think.

  38. Libby Rull says:

    We do not know why this officer committed ‘selficide’. We know only that he is deceased.

    Was it self-defense?

    This would be illogical, and since he won’t be charged, also irrelevant.

    The device he was holding prior to discharging the firearm is purported to be the catalyst.

    Ergo, cell phones and girlfriends are clearly deadly and must be outlawed.

  39. Mark Matis says:

    Some of them are basically honest, and when they find out they have been spitting on their oath of office to the Constitution for all those years…

  40. sean patriot says:

    Who would kill themsleves over a woman? He was obviously mental to begin with, that probably why she dumped him. How is this person a cop?

    1. dead_hero says:

      I’ll ask your b!tch the next time I see her.

    2. Diamondback says:

      See the beginning phrase of your second sentence.

  41. Legislate This says:

    We need the government to step in and make new anti-bullying, hate-crime legislation to protect police officers who are bullied by their girlfriends. That should fix things.

  42. Indy Anna says:

    Shut up already. Yoself gettin on my nerves.

  43. Indy Anna says:

    OMG – what a horrible comment. Rememba bro, yo mother is a B….., and granny also.

  44. TooTimTop says:

    I blame rap music

    1. Abe says:

      with the glorification of killing cops and abusing women, I don’t think rap music is contributing anything to a more stable and Utopian society. If anything, it says promotes violence and killing, so yes, I agree with you. Rap music deserves some of the blame along with the violence-dominated media.

      1. Mike says:

        A shouted litany of threats, boasts, and obscenities is not music.

  45. MIKE says:


  46. Tony James says:

    What was he doing taking a personal call while on duty?

    1. CSI says:

      What kind of question is that. Wake up. They are all on their phone while on duty.

  47. nrichard says:

    Very unstable and he had a legal right to carry a gun – fortunately, he was not like some others who would take out the girlfriend or her family then kill himself.

    1. Jim Speed says:

      EVERYONE has a Legal right to carry a gun.. You New Yorkers have allowed the Uber-Liberal Left politicians like schummer (rabid anti-gun) TAKE AWAY your rights.

      1. Justin Case says:

        God made some men small and some men big, but Sam Colt made them all equal

      2. wrol1776 says:

        You win the prize Jim!! I served in the Army and Corps to defend those rights that the pigs in NYC have robbed the cowards of NY of. If the folks in NYC had guns – the law abiding ones – then the cops would be put in their place and tread a lot more lightly. Every time in history of humanity that a people have been disarmed they have subsequently experienced genocide, ethnic cleansing and slavery. The dumb folks of NYC are fish in a barrel.

  48. Joey From Bensonhurst says:

    Was she cheating on him?

  49. Love NYC says:

    You mean the ones that hide behind the anonymity of their computers?

    1. Love NYC says:

      My response was to address the “chickens” comment.

      1. MIKE says:

        WHAT ABOUT IT??????

        1. Robert Nerren says:

          Mike, you need help. All caps + government conspiracy = mental illness

  50. MIKE says:


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