NEW YORK (AP) — Starting next month it’s going to be a lot cheaper for Staten Island and New Jersey E-ZPass commuters who frequently use the Goethals and Bayonne Bridges and Outerbridge Crossing.

Beginning Feb. 1, E-ZPass users with non-commercial plates who enroll in the plan will pay $47.50 for 10 trips in a 30-day period. That’s $4.75 a trip for a 50 percent savings. The standard peak toll rate without the discount is $9.50.

Drivers who commute five times a week over the crossings can save nearly $1,200 a year on their E-ZPass rush hour tolls, and $1,800 a year off the cash tolls.

The plan was developed at the request of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo following the August 2011 toll increase.

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