WOODBRIDGE, N.J. (CBS 2) — A Marine from New Jersey is being remembered by his heartbroken parents.

At just 25 years old, Marine Cpl. Kevin Reinhard of Woodbridge found a way to reach his dream.

“[He] always wanted to fly, always talked about being a pilot, but he was 6-foot-4 and couldn’t do that,” said Reinhard’s mother, Kathleen.

Reinhard instead joined the military in 2008, became a Marine crew chief and was flying in a CH-53 helicopter in Afghanistan with five fellow Marines when their chopper went down last Thursday. All of them died.

Reinhard parents are in mourning.

“He used to always tell me ‘don’t worry mom, I’m coming home.’ Because I always worry,” Kathleen Reinhard said.

“He loved everyone, and he loved his job,” James Reinhard added.

Reinhard’s parents returned home to gifts of love from neighbors after receiving their son’s remains in a private ceremony for all of the grieving families at Dover Air Force Base.

“[It was] everything that they deserve and more, because they gave their ultimate,” Kathleen Reinhard said.

The Reinhards’ front window is a tribute to Kevin, welcoming him home, though, it’s not the way they wanted.

“He’s physically in the United States, he is here,” Kathleen Reinhard said.

The Reinhards have not been told how their son’s helicopter crashed, with the Marines citing an ongoing investigation. So the heartbroken parents said they’ll hold onto their memories.

“I can’t express what a good son he was,” James Reinhard said.

“He will never be forgotten. Never,” Kathleen Reinhard added.

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