NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Developer Larry Silverstein may put a lid on it.

3 World Trade Center was originally planned to be an 80 story skyscraper. According to a report in Crain’s New York Business, Silverstein is now thinking about capping it at just seven stories.

Silverstein has been unable to secure at least one major tenant for the building, according to the report. Silverstein is looking for someone to pre-lease 400,000 square feet in the building. Amid the current financial climate, attracting that kind of tenant has proved challenging.

So Silverstein was reportedly thinking of turning it into a retail center.

If the building is capped at seven stories, the cap itself could be removed and construction could resume if a major tenant is found.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb On The Story

Silverstein, however, is shrugging off stories of the capping.

Port Authority executive director Patrick Foye is on board for the full 80 stories.

“We’re rooting for and betting on Larry Silverstein getting those tenants. No one’s made any money in this city betting against Larry,” said Foye on Monday.

Silverstein said in a statement that he’s 100 percent committed and determined to build 3 World Trade Center to the top as quickly as possible.

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  1. Easter Bunny says:

    SilverSTEIN is a JEW.

    ’nuff said

  2. max ellis says:

    The possibility of this plan was discussed by the PA/WTC planners over 3 years ago- it is linked to the structural integration of the Transit Hub and the adjoining buildings which require some structure be in place and the fact the mechanicals for the Hub are on the 5th /6th levels of those Silverstein buildings, so they have to be built to at least 6 or 7- there is a contingency to continue build out later. Of course it all flows from Larry Silverstein’s grandiosity where he insisted he was going to build nearly 300 stories of commercial space. He has played the City et al. cynically and profitably.

  3. JOE says:


  4. Conspiracy theory says:

    This is the same Larry Silverstein who acquired the WTC a month before 9/11, insured it for $7 billion, did not go to his office in the WTC the morning of 9/11 because of a “dentist appointment”, and said to “pull” building 7. Odd set of coincidences.

    1. Doug says:

      You just cant let it go!!!!!! 10 yrs after 9/11 you and the rest of your strange bunch still hold on to that stupid conspiracy therory.Well go right ahead and continue to believe that BS for nobody is paying attenion to you anymore for we have grown tired of all of you nutbags

  5. Not a OWS er says:

    It’s a grave yard ,every time I am down there is is sad.
    Too many billionare$ involved should have been made into larger
    a memorial park, who want’s to work there? China has rented down
    there ,that should say much..

  6. michaelfury says:

    Maybe the best thing to do is just “pull it”, Larry.

  7. Joemic33 says:

    Might as well make it a parking gargae…..

  8. northoftheborder says:

    Very smart move. Still hard to find businesses and firms that are going to want to be located in a high-rise skyscraper after 9/11.

    1. Joeg076 says:

      It’s the economy, not your hide in the cave mentality. Based on your rationale, no one would be flying, working in the Pentagon, going into subways etc.
      It’s a shame that the World Trade Center site isn’t being built to it’s fullest extent.

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