NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — In the Midwood and Borough Park sections of Brooklyn, there is increasing concern over pit bulls that are running wild, attacking dogs and even people.

There are two dogs on YouTube that a Midwood resident identified as attacking and seriously injuring her smaller dog. Natalie Reif said they are likely the same dogs that killed her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named “Rosie” in November, while she was out for a walk.

“One bit Rosie on the left ear. She went down on the side, then the other bit her on the top of her head,” Reif told CBS 2’s John Slattery.

With a swollen brain, the 3 1/2-year-old dog died of the injuries. However, dogs are not the only targets.

1010 WINS’ Gary Baumgarten Reports From Midwood

“A child that was actually bitten by one of these. A 70-year-old woman who ended up at Maimonides Hospital as a result of being attacked by a pit bull,” said Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind.

Hikind told 1010 WINS on Wednesday that the city needs to do whatever it takes to stop the menacing animals.

“These pit bulls are dangerous when they attack people, when they’re roaming in the streets.  We need to remove them. Period,” he said.

Richard Gentles, a spokesman for NYC ACC told 1010 WINS in a statement: “Animal Care and Control has received six calls since April 2011 about stray pit bulls in Midwood. Inspectors have gone to the area several times, but did not observe pit bulls in the area. If people see dangerous or aggressive dogs, they should call 911. If they are not aggressive, people should call 311.”

Hikind said with budget cuts, the city’s Animal Care and Control is woefully understaffed.

“They only have one or two vehicles in the entire city. By the time their vehicle will arrive to deal with the pit bull, the pit bull is in Mexico, not in Brooklyn anymore,” he said.

Tova Axelrod, who owns a Boston Terrier, said vicious dog attacks have made her more aware.

“There are two of them and they just attack randomly.  They run up and take them out,” Axelrod said.

Slattery reported that the dogs seem to congregate near the former LIRR tracks at Foster Avenue and Avenue I.

Assemblyman Hikind said with the attacks so serious, police should be responding.

“The police should do whatever they need to do with a Taser gun or with their regular gun.  The point is has endangered people in our community,” he said.

Are you more alert after hearing about the pit bulls?  Tell us in the comments section below…

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  1. Am I the only one who recognizes that the dog in the photo (screen shot) is not a pure bread pit bull? If it’s the breed it’s the breed. If it’s the owner and the rearing … well ….

    1. CC says:

      No, you’re not!

  2. Steve says:

    Death to ALL PITBULLS. I’m not willing to debate any pitbull apologists. America’s obsession with dogs is way out of control and beyond logic at times. It’s a shame we don’t care about our fellow man like we do our pets

    1. Megan McDonald says:

      I’m sorry you feel that way, but you are completely naive about the world today. Dogs are not only man’s best friend but a huge part of a society. They help the blind see, the disabled able, heal the sick, catch the criminals and not to mention save the lives of those who are lost or trapped in avalanches, natural disasters, and rubble. It is because of these animals that we are able to help and care for our fellow man.
      Here are a few links to educate yourself with:

      And your ignorance to not debate anything related to pit bulls really shows how closed minded you really are. Obviously your heart has not been touched by an animal human bond, and that is truly sad, and I am sorry for that.

      1. CC says:

        Bravo! Well said…

  3. Bert says:


  4. Bullett says:

    Maybe the city should issue Tazers to the dog walkers for protection.

  5. Dee says:

    This wouldn’t happen if you didn’t have low life morons fighting pit bulls When you catch the innocent dogs toss their owners in jail too. Clean up the streets all around

  6. Megan McDonald says:

    All these comments make me sick. EVERY dog should be chipped, no matter what the breed, thats a matter of owning a dog. And many of you need to take a moment and step back and look at facts. I work with dogs every day and I will tell you the 100% truth that I have encountered a dog from every breed that is aggressive and if you want to argue with me I have a bite scar from a LAB to prove it. I am NOT a pit owner, but I do believe that it is how the dog is bred and raised. You can take any breed of dog and make it fight and be aggressive, there are many researchers who have proven this. Here I will put it in simple terms, if you take a young kid and raise it in a house where violence and harm is encouraged then that is the way they will be for life, this is the same for dogs, no matter the breed.

    1. badman says:

      Megan McDonald for president!!!

    2. JOE says:


  7. Debbie Bell says:

    It is never the dog’s fault. Dogs do not have morals and do not understand human laws. Dogs control no aspect of their lives: not their breed heritage (what job was the breed created to do?/are they big enough to do damage?), not their management (how did the dog reach the victim?) not their sexual status (most dogs that attack are intact.).

    It is the faults of the breeders, buyers and pit bull promoters that pit bulls are in our communites, filling our pounds and dying by the ton.

    Pit promoters and owners show us daily that they have an astounding ability always place blame on the victim (the 18 month old child probably made an obscene jesture to the pit bull 2 backyards away, that’s why the dog jumped the fences and “bit” the little heathen so her scalp fell off!!) They not care about pits or pit victims. They fail to care and /or fail to understand their dogs’ escaping, mauling and killing abilities and instincts.

    So that leaves it to society to reduce these attacks, attacks that we all know will happen again and again. Since “pits are just like other dog breeds”, let them become extinct gradually thru free mandatory spay/neuter microchipping. Then adopt any homeless dog and manage it to be the affectionate dog you love.

  8. Debbie Bell says:

    Amy noted: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Gandhi

    “A dog is a dog no matter of its breed” Unknown

    Why would a nation continue breeding dog-aggressive dogs? Every pit bull website and breed standard mentions this handicap. Even with early socialization, many dogs develop some degree of dog aggression. Add the fact that they were purposefully bred to not waste energy or give warning before attack (this helped win dog fights and silent fighting did not alert authorities to the illegal fight) and you have a tragically handicapped dog and countless victims.
    If you care about dog welfare, what handicap could be worse than unpredictable dog aggression? Many pit websites, after hearing horror stories of dead BFF dogs, recommend that pits always be separated when no human is in attendance to stop a squabble from turning into a bloodbath. There is no way to temperament test these dogs or to predict the future when fighting dogs are involved.
    STOP BREEDING PITS! A nation that cares about pits, or cares about the elderly beagle neighbor, or the eldlerly human neighbor, would never breed a pit or other fighting breed dog again.

    1. Amy says:

      You say there is no way to temperament test American Pit Bull Terriers, well this website states otherwise.
      It’s the American Temperament Test Society where American Pit Bull Terriers scored an 86.4% out of 100%.
      Just because a pit bull is bred does NOT mean it will be aggressive. Any breed of dog can bite since it’s the other person at the end of the leash that mainly determines how that dog will act and react to people and other animals.

      P.S. I have a pit bull and an elderly beagle who get along just fine and sleep in the same dog bed.

  9. sandbagged says:

    What is more unstoppable than the pit bull’s insatiable urge to kill and fight? The pit bull supporters who haunt the comments of articles like this one with their usual claptrap: “pit bulls are really just misunderstood and gentle” or “these aren’t true pit bulls” and “pit bulls don’t hurt pit bulls or other dogs; mean people do”.

    These dogs were bred for a very specific purpose — to attack bears and to not stop until either the bear or the dogs themselves were dead. Not to be fuzzy four-legged accessories for people who don’t get along well with other humans.

    Caveat emptor. If you want to have one of these ticking time bombs locked up in your own home, fine. But once they’re loose on the street, it’s time to put them out of their misery. Sleep tight, pit bull owners!

    1. badman says:

      although pit bull-type dogs may have been used in bear baiting up to the 19th century, these dogs were originally the real bull dogs – butcher’s dogs, who were strong, tenacious and brave enough to wrangle bulls.

      “Sandbagged,” your ignorance is compounded by your complete lack of factual accuracy.

      Some dogs don’t like some other dogs. Just like some humans don’t like other humans. Just like most humans probably don’t like you, you angry, bitter little m0r0n.

    2. Elaine Marsden says:

      Shut the hell up Steve before You bit off more than you can chew you dumb son of a bitch. And about caring for our pets more than “our fellow man?” your one of the reasons.

  10. Larry Schwarz says:

    There are leash laws,and those who allow dangerous dogs to run free should be prosecuted.Perhaps a huge fine,a bit of jail and and a possible suit for damages in civil court by the victims would have some of these owners singing a different tune.I do not know about New York Statutes,I do know in Utah self defense statutes apply to both animals and people,if the only way you can stop a killer dog is to kill it,then kill it.If the dog comes on your property all you need is a resonable belief the dog is going to harm you,and Animal cruelty in Utah is a felony.NY Statutes may differ a bit,but it all comes down to the same.Protect yorself,you have that right.

  11. Jerry says:

    Plain and simple.all dangerous breeds should be chipped before purchase and mandated to wear a identifying collar otherwise risk a fine when walking.
    If your pit bull injures a person or dog you should be punished one way or another!, regardless of how their owners raise them!

    Animal lovers,obviously in denial may not agree,however, the facts speak for themselves

    1. badman says:

      define “dangerous breeds.” can you? if not, who will? what if they happen to include golden retrievers, who bite as much as any dog? And please cite exactly which “facts” you are referring to.

      A bigot’s a bigot, Jerry. look in the mirror. However, I do seriously agree that all DOGS should be microchipped and their owners responsible for their actions.

      And along the same lines, people like Jerry here should be neutered to keep the gene pool clean.

      I am so freaking tired of all these guys on here making assertions that they can not back up. I’m going to sleep now. I hope a dachshund takes a chunk out of your calf tomorrow, and you end up needing rabies shots.

  12. ProFromDover says:

    Walk softly, and carry a Louisville Slugger!

    1. Debbie Bell says:

      Tragically, for all involved, being beaten with a baseball bat sometimes will not stop a pit attack. A “friendly” stray intact male pit bull was found and taking to a boarding facillity. The kennel owner “trusted” this friendly dog. After caring for him, seeing NO aggression for over a week, she let him out of his cement run into a grassy exercise area. Suddenly his pit bull heritage clicked in his brain and tugging seemed like a good idea to the dog and he began mauling the kennel owner.

      Most normal dog breeds will try to avoid a confrontation and will give some warning: barking, growling, rushing nad retreating, trying to drive the opponent away. But this normal dog behavior “ruined” good dog fights, so it was selectively reduced in the breeding of pits.

      A passing construction worker, a healthy man in his twenties, scaled the 6′ chain link fence and proceeded to beat the dog over its head with a “bat sized board”, as hard as he could. He thinks he struck the dog 2 dozen times. He said the dog never stopped mauling the woman; the dog did wimper after every blow but continued his attack. The dog could not help himself. He we doing EXACTLY what his ancesters were created to do: attack for not reason and not stop. Of course the dog was later killed for his manmade instincts. Just another day in pit bull lalaland.

      So remember, a “slugger” may not stop a “good” pit bull.

  13. Nick says:

    Make it a law to require all dogs sold to have an ID chip implanted. When found to be stray and dangerous, the law should also require that the registered owner be spayed.

  14. badman says:

    CBS, your headline demonizing pit bulls is sensationalism, not news. The dogs involved may indeed be pit bulls, but you don’t know that for sure; do you even know what really classifies a dog as a “pit bull”?

    Would you run a headline that said “Black Men Attack Residents in Brooklyn”? STOP ignorantly demonizing a breed of dogs just to get attention.

    If you do it again, I will organize a protest and a boycott. You are doing HARM.

    1. Debbie Bell says:

      The pit promoters use semantics. First they will say something like “pits do not have locking jaws” but then mention the pit invention of the “breakstick” a tool to pry open the pit’s clenched jaws to free the victim (dog/human). Then they say that pits are just like every other dog, but then they say they will only own pits. Which is it? Are they differerent or aren’t they? If they aren’t great, then you won’t miss them when they are extinct in 22 years. If all dogs alike and management makes behavior, simply adopt any dog and manage it to be the dog you want.

      When a short haired muscular dog, with jaws like an alligator, whose owner says “my pit bull somehow got loose” kills the neighbor puppy, or shreds the neighbor child walking to her car, the pit promoters say “prove it was a pit bull!! But wait an moment and they will say their pit bull is wonderful, and then have “pit bull awareness day.” If you can’t tell what a pit bull is, how do you know your dog is a pit bull? How can you say those dogs are pit bulls on the pit bull website? Maybe they are beagle/shark mixes?

      Unless you are a dog fighter, you do not need the attacking and mauling instincts of the fighting dogs. Instinct means “training not required”. Instinct varies from dog to dog, and training may modify instinct, but instinct is still there, under the surface.

      Pits remain the dog fighters’ dog of choice, chosen from 100’s of dog breeds, because they are the best at attacking for no reason, attacking without trying to avoid a confrontation and without warning, doing damage quickly, not stopping.

      Pit promoters and pit fighters are the same. They both happily accept the suffering and death of these “bait” dogs and humans because they only care about themselves. They also happily accept the suffering and deaths of pit bulls. The only thing that matters is their own ability to breed and own pits. All the suffering and the costs that surround the handicapped “masters of mauling” are perfectly acceptable, in fact many even enjoy thinking about their aggressive dogs. Often I hear/read “my pit might not start a fight, but she will finish it. or Pits are the warrior, the gladiator of the dog world.” I suspect pit owners are weak, fearful people and get vicarious power and pleasure owning dogs that are the best at shredding other dogs and frighten many elderly neighbors.

      Free mandatory spay/neuter microchipping of all pits/pit mixes/all dog aggressive dogs. Let them gradually become extinct. If a “lab mix” (wink) is “misidentified”, no problem, he gets a free neuter. No responsible pit owner is punished, as his dogs are spays/neuters. Breeders of other dogs : spay/neuter your pups before sale and know who is buying your pups, and for what purpose. If your breed is selectively bred for increasing reactivity and aggression, and becomes “the next pit bull” , your breed gets added to this law.

      If my town can say that crowing roosters are banned because they annoy the neighbors, the breeding of “land sharks” can be outlawed too.

      1. Debbie Bell says:

        Iin my post above, I left out a comma:

        If they aren’t (comma) great, then you won’t miss them when they are extinct in 22 years. If all dogs alike and management makes behavior, simply adopt any dog and manage it to be the dog you want.

      2. badman says:

        Though your assertion that “Pit promoters and pit fighters are the same” is laughable, I, a “pit promoter,” agree with you that breeding should be stopped and spay/neuter mandatory. But not just for pit bulls, but for ALL breeds of dog.

        There are enough unwanted dogs asnd cats in the world to fill demand for pets many times over. Debbie, though your rationale is misguided and shows you to be just another angry bigot, you do make some good practical suggestions.

  15. Richard says:

    PIT BULLS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. Period. Don’t tell me about dog owners and their responsibility. Tell me about Society and its responsibility. If even a FEW dog owners are irresponsible about pit bulls then it’s time for society to take over. Society cannot worry about dog owners. Arguably people can possess a nuclear weapon and keep it discreetly, but what society would take that risk? I don’t care about how nice pit bulls are, how cuddly they are around someone’s children, etc. I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT THAT ANYMORE. A rational society would ban pit bulls, period. Who’s going to take the risk of these beasts, that even maul their owners? One can’t even be sure of mandatory registration, because someone with a pit bull can let the puppies go wild. The only solution is to to ban these beasts. And in the meantime all owners should be liable TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW, for any injury, while a fatal injury should result in a murder charge.

    1. badman says:

      RIchard, you are working with a surplus of emotion and a deficit of real facts and information.

      Please inform yourself – visit

      Familiarize yourself with the facts. You are speaking from anger and your prejudice hurts good people and their good dogs.

      1. MsPhillyG says:

        People like Richard are lost causes and if anyone needs to be banned is idiots like Richard. His opinion is irrelevant. No one with any sense takes people like him serious.
        Badman thank for for supporting the breed.

    2. MsPhillyG says:

      Your stupidity should should be outlaw. Who are you to pass judgement on anyone or thing. There is no proof of these dogs being Pits or even exiting and here you come jumping on the bandwagon talking like you know what happened. Sit back in front your computer and do some research before opening your mouth and displaying how uneducated and ignorant you are.

    3. Ashley Brintle says:


  16. Roy Smith says:


  17. Amy says:

    Pit bulls are not the problem, it’s the stupid people who owned or used to own the dogs that let them roam or abandoned them. If people would take the responsibility to train and contain their dogs, then people and their animals wouldn’t be getting attacked.

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Gandhi

    “A dog is a dog no matter of its breed” Unknown

    1. Guiliana says:

      Yet there are no abandoned Labradors attacking anyone anywhere….Why?

      1. A says:

        Actually they are. But that wouldn’t sell newspapers now would it?

        1. Debbie Bell says:

          Re: all the attacks from Labs and Goldens: Oh please. When I see a dog fighting bust, and the dogs being led away to their deaths at the end of snare poles are all yellow labs and goldens, then I will reconsider. Until then, I will urge the spay/neuter of all pits/pit mixes all dog aggressive dogs.

          1. A says:

            I work for a dog daycare. We have tons of pitbulls. Every time I have gotten bitten it has been by a spoiled obnoxious, nasty and annoying vicious little dog. I’ve also had to stop fights where a golden lab went after another dog and would not let go. Multiple times. Yet not once have I had a problem with any of the pitbulls.In 2 years – not once. Today I watched a dachshund bite a pitbull in the face for no reason and the pit simply walked away. If you knew anything about DOGS, not just pit bulls, you would be able to back up your claims with facts. And if you think pits will be extinct you are sadly mistaken. Their image is slowly but surely changing and I for one could not be happier.

        2. Giuliana says:

          I would buy a newspaper that reported 2 Labs lurking at the border of a park and attacking people and pets, oh yes I would! That would be such a totally off-the-wall thing that everyone would buy it. But another pit bull attack? Yawn. Happens a hundred times a day, not really news. Nice try, though. No, there aren’t any Labs or Goldens lurking in the park waiting to maul people and pets. Yet there are certainly many, many stray Labs and Goldens. So don’t sidestep the question this time, answer it. Why aren’t there any attacks by abandoned Labs and Goldens if breed is not the issue?

      2. Amy says:

        I have been bitten by a loose Lab on the arm that left me with nerve damage. On another occassion I was chased by a loose Lab while walking my PIT BULL. My pit bull has been bitten on the mouth by a small mixed breed dog and the owner didn’t even do anything about it. I have also been bitten by a Dachshund, so it goes to show that it does NOT matter on the breed of the dog, but the person that is at the other end of the leash.

    2. MsPhillyG says:

      You sound like a very smart educated lady. People just don’t get it that the blame is on the owner not the dogs….one day they’ll get it. Hopefully in this life time.

  18. Carol says:

    People with Pitbulls should be aware of the probability of attacking other unsuspecting dogs or people…We live with dogs in our neighborhood and 2 of them visiting from out of town were pitbulls who attacked our dog … no warning, just ran up to her and put her head into it’s mouth…my husband picked it up by it’s collar and nearly chocked it to death and handed it back to the people who own it…Please let others know when out walking they need to be vigilant at all times and carry protection…

    1. MsPhillyG says:

      Isolated case. If that was my dog that your husband picked up and chocked …trust me it would have turned out totally different because first off my dog a pit bull would not have gone after you for no reason….and second your husband would have been missing and arm because I would have ripped it right off. You do not touch someone else dog regardless of the situation. The next thing is your story is a one sided from someone that just wanted to add to the other ignorant people jumping on the bandwagon. Try again!!!

      1. Amy says:

        And here we have a good example of the mindset of most pit bull owners – “you don’t have a right to lay a hand on my dog even if my dog is killing your dog”. Sick, and totally self-centred. Human psychopaths who want to own canine psychopaths (and what else could you really call dogs bred to kill other dogs?). These people shouldn’t own ANY dog, much less a dog with the genetics of the pit bull.

        1. MsPhillyG says:

          This is to Amy…since you are so clueless about dogs…Go pick up a book and educate yourself. Maybe YOU shouldn’t own any dog.!!! You sounds like you are about to implode.. Take a look in the mirror there you will find the psychopath. You don’t have a clue…you are really sad.

        2. Larry Schwarz says:

          My comment top of page was meant to apply to Amy who I agree with 100%.In Utah you can act on a reason of belief,In NY you might have to make sure the dog is vicious before you act.I may have left that out.I agree with you Amy,protect yourself.

          1. badman says:

            please go back to Utah and stay there. You can legally marry your own sister there too, right? you’ll be happier. seeya.

            1. Brett says:

              I’d rather, you move, and marry your own sister too. Even both of them at the same time.

              1. badman says:

                Brett? is that a girl’s name or a boy’s name? either way, it’s clear that you have gender confusion issues that apparently affect your ability to form clear and coherent thoughts. Get help.

        3. Amy says:

          You are very ignorant and need to put facts behind your comments. I guess I’m a psychopath since I own a PIT BULL.

          “A dog is a dog no matter of its breed” Unknown

      2. doogle says:

        MsPhillyG, if someone’s dog attacks my dog and is putting him in mortal danger (i.e. the attacking dog is large enough to kill my dog and is trying to do so), I will kill the attacking dog. When walking my dog, I carry a few items to defend against dog attacks: a flashlight for an impact device, pepper spray, and a lockback folding knife that is as large as legally allowed in my state (3.5″) If you do not understand the urge to defend your dog, then I pity you. If the attacking dog’s owner were to intervene when I am saving my dog, I would pepper spray them, kill their dog if need be, and then call the police.

      3. doogle says:

        Interestingly, MsPhilly is against someone defending their own dog against her dog, but says she will defend her dog against a human. This is pure double think. A pit bull mauling your dog isn’t something you just leave for the dogs to figure out and rely upon the pit nutter to get their beast off your dog.

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