Perry, the man behind New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City food trucks.

When both Red Hook Lobster Truck and Luke’s Lobster Truck came out within weeks of each other last May, it was lobster roll heaven on the streets of New York.  But you can only eat so many $16 lobster rolls for lunch.

After a while the question becomes – what else do they serve, and is there anything for $10 or less?

Well, there are plenty of things under $10. In addition to shrimp rolls and chowders, Red Hook has come up with a couple of other winning dishes, such as the Lobster BLT and Lobster Mac & Cheese.

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closeup NY Food Truck Lunch: Lobster BLT From Red Hook Lobster Truck

(credit: New York Street Food)

The Lobster BLT comes on the same lightly-toasted, top-sliced bun they use for the lobster rolls.  In addition to a healthy dose of lobster mixed with apple chipotle mayo, there are 2 thick slices of bacon and tomato on the bun.

It’s all topped with paprika, which gives the sandwich a nice color, and adds a slightly smoky flavor that complements the lobster really well.

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I didn’t really detect apple in the mayo, but it was still a delicious lunch.  Lobster and bacon are a fantastic combo!

After I finished eating the roll, I found a pickle spear hidden behind the wrapper.  Kind of like finding the prize hidden in a box of Cracker Jacks.

The Lobster Mac & Cheese is highly recommended too, which we had a few months ago.

You can find the Red Hook Lobster Truck on twitter here, and they also have a restaurant in Red Hook, Brooklyn (natch).  If you ever go to Washington DC, they have 2 trucks there as well.