When Rodney Harrison joined the program shortly after 8 a.m., Craig did his best to make things awkward early on — and succeeded.

I thinks it’s safe to say when Harrison told Craig that he better watch himself, he wasn’t kidding.

Anyway, since retiring from the NFL, Harrison has become an analyst on NBC’s  “Football Night in America.”  Harrison won two Super Bowls with the Patriots and was also a member of the Pats team that lost to Eli Manning and the Giants in Super Bowl XLII, failing to prevent David Tyree from making his famous 32 yard reception (pictured) that set up the eventual game-winning touchdown.

You bet Craig was sure to bring that up.

Harrison talked about his former team and the greatness of Tom Brady, but believes the Giants better entering the game.  He talked honestly about Bill Belichick’s flawed defense and actually reached a common ground with Craig regarding the whole ‘double-revenge factor.’

Harrison sees the New England defensive backs having their hands full with the Giants talented receiving core and pinned Brandon Jacobs as a possible ‘x-factor.’

Then Harrison dropped a bomb by stating that he is unable to say with conviction that  Brady is a better quarterback than Eli!  A strong observation coming from one of Brady’s former teammates.

As thing were winding down, Craig tried to make peace by offering to break bread with the man Belichick once said was the best he’d ever coached, but Harrison had no interest…

LISTEN: Rodney Harrison Can’t Say With Conviction That Brady Is Better than Eli (01/27)

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