Doctors Unsure Why The Lives Of Young People Have Changed For The Worse

LE ROY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — More than a dozen teens at a high school in upstate New York are suffering from a mystery illness that is leaving them susceptible to twitches and spasms.

Thera Sanchez started showing symptoms when she woke up from a nap.

“It’s very heartbreaking to me to be honest, knowing that right now I can’t do what I love,” she said.

Chelsey Dumars was stricken suddenly while in school.

“I couldn’t stop stuttering,” she said. “And then throughout the day, I got worse, and I started twitching and everything.”

The debilitating condition has completely changed the lives of many young people in the Genesee County town, reports CBS 2’s Maurice Dubois. Once vital, active teens have been left exhausted and in pain.

“I hate when it happens because my body is sore. Sometimes it gets me to the point where I want to cry from twitching so much,” Dumars said.

What’s worse for these teens is some of their diagnoses haven’t been clear.

“Last time I went to the neurologist, they said they’re not sure and they’ll keep looking into it, but besides that they haven’t told anyone anything,” Lydia Parker said.

Twelve of the cases have been confirmed as conversion disorder. Three new cases are suspected.

“Traditionally it’s some kind of stress or multiple stressors that provoke a physical reaction within the body. This is unconscious. It is not done purposefully,” Dr. Jennifer McVige said.

However, those who are suffering with the condition said it goes well beyond that.

“I don’t think this is in my head. I don’t think I can wake up from a nap and this can happen,” Sanchez said.

And their parents fear they may be running out of time.

“She does not have time for ‘I feel’ or guesswork or anything like that. She’s deteriorating,” said Melisa Phillips, Sanchez’ mother.

Health officials have ruled out several possible causes, including drugs, head trauma and environmental factors, but activist Erin Brockovich thinks the state was too quick to rule out environmental problems.

Some questions surround natural gas wells near the Le Roy Jr./Sr. High School, and possible toxic remnants from a 1970 train derailment.

“Whether it’s environmental or whatever’s going on, we have to find the answer,” said Dave Watson, Dumars’ father.

The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke is also researching the disorder.

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  1. DERPVONHERP says:

    I had a very similar illness last year that was linked to a chemical in nyquil PM. I was dehydrated, incoherent when I spoke, and wracked with spasms and twitches. It really was terrible… after the fact I had to get a medical massage for the pain in my back, which was nice though.

    1. Debra says:

      I wonder if these girls are consuming alot of diet products containing aspartame. Several years ago my daughter starting doing the same thing and the doctors could not figure out what it was. After reviewing everything she was doing, drinking, and eating we figured it out – she was consuming only diet drinks. She can’t drink them, nor eat anything with aspartame in it.

      Aspartame may trigger, mimic, or cause the following illnesses:
      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
      Post-Polio Syndrome
      Lyme Disease
      Grave’s Disease
      Meniere’s Disease
      Alzheimer’s Disease
      Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
      Mercury sensitivity from Amalgam fillings
      Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

  2. chad says:

    theyre all women

    its the birth control.

    1. Rene says:

      There’s a guy that developed it now and I doubt he takes birth control.

  3. slickzip says:

    Bill Jones is an ODUMBA lover,,,,,

    1. Bill Jones says:

      Now it is 2 cases of bad weed. Lipzipper take a break from the bong!!

  4. S Smith says:

    I suggest that they be tested for Lyme Disease using the Western Blot Test and have it done by IGenex in Palo Alto (one of three places that know how to do the test). One of the set of symptoms for Lyme disease and co-infections is neurological. Check out the movie Under Our Skin (trailer on YouTube) to learn more about Lyme.

    1. Sherry Mayer says:

      Has anyone checked them for strep? My son developed what the neurologist called Tourette’s very, very suddenly. He was examined by his medical doctor who sent hiim on to the neurologist. However, when the medical doc checked him before sending him on to the neurologist, my son had a blazing case of strep – without any sore throat, fever, rash, etc. His rapid strep test was positive – without any sign of strep outwardly. This is because the strep had affected his brain- his basal ganglia – giving him Tourette’s like symptoms. The sudden onset of these tics is a tell tale sign of PANDAS – Pediatric autoimmune neurologist disorders associated with strep. After 3 rounds of a strong antibiotic his tics disappeared.
      These girls need to get some blood tests done – DNase and a strep titer to show if they have had a strep infection recently. Just a thought.
      These girls are not crazy!
      Check out the book Saving Sammy: the Boy who Caught OCD

      1. Jeremy Gibson says:

        So why is it all girls if this is strep??? Has anyone asked if these girls got the Gardisil shot recently??

        1. geemee says:


          1. pel says:

            There is one boy that has it now. And this cell is in western NY not upstate

            1. Cari says:

              they are now pushing Gardisil in boys as well … stating that it prevents mouth and throat cancers in boys from std received from performing oral sex. He may have had the vaccine as well.

        2. Kirsta says:

          I have heard of other people and medical professionals also saying it could be strep. Jeremy, a boy was just diagnosed recently, so that rules out that it is just girls getting it. Also, if it was the gardisil vaccine, it wouldn’t be just this town and now they also found two girls who live near Albany NY with the same symptoms. Both of those girls visited Leroy this summer. Coincidence?

          1. Sparrow says:

            Although if it was from the Gardisil vaccine it’s possible it was a batch that was stored incorrectly or something like that. That would explain why it was just one town. I hope they do check for Strep, though!

        3. marcy says:

          Probably not. If that got out all hell would break loose. I bet that is what caused it. Never Never vaccinate you kids or yourself

          1. adele says:

            the symptoms these girls are experiencing sound a lot like what a cheerleader(cant remeber which school) is going thru. she developed neurological disorders after receiving a flu shot.
            did these girls all get a flu shot about the same time in the fall?

      2. PANDAS please check deeper says:

        I read that they tested negative for PANDAS, but I had to wonder who ran the tests. This is so textbook PANDAS. I hope their parents take them to one of the known PANDAS specialists and get them going on treatment right away. To say that this is a psychological mimicking is absurd. These are high honor roll students looking forward to graduating!

      3. A. Parker says:

        my 10 year old daughter had the same thing happen. I am not sure about gender but I believe the strep is the trigger and some people are more prone to anxiety and stress which then shows itself in these rare conditions. I do hope that there is some more definite answers soon for the girls and their parents.

      4. Jason says:

        I posted below, my daughter developed Sydenham’s Chorea from rheumatic fever that developed from strep. We are still dealing with it 5 years later and she will be for the rest of her life. There is medicine to make it bearable but it never goes away. check out the website for more information regarding muscular and neurological disorders.

      5. Alice Walker says:

        The problem with that is PANDAS is for pediatric patients. It is not a diagnosis for children past puberty.

        If I were these families, I would aggressively pursue treatments for conversion disorder while continuing to investigate what else it might be. The sudden onset, and the fact that some of the girls are reporting a lessening of the symptoms as time goes by, point to conversion disorder.

        Conversion disorder is very treatable and the prognosis is very good. Permanent neurological damage caused by toxins would be a very sad end to this story.

    2. Maryxsmom says:

      I agree! And have the test interpreted and be treated by an ILADS doctor,

  5. JohnRalph says:

    Brockovich smells money, she needs additional breast enhancement surgery.

  6. rico says:

    Dartboard diagnosis, my favorite game besides Russian roulette. Did they get the HPV vaccine? Is anyone looking into that?

    1. Missy says:

      Did they receive the HPV vaccine? Or a Flu shot with Thimerisol in it? Thimerisol is a preservative that contains mercury. Mercury is a poison, and stops nerve endings in the brain from connecting.

      1. Dawn says:

        Or the pre-college meningitis shot in combo with other shots? But Gardisil was my first thought too.

      2. davec says:

        Yeah, like thousands of other people got..

        youre a conspiracy nut

        1. Hoser says:

          Side-effects can be uncommon, even rare, but real for any drug.

        2. drew says:

          You’re a mind controlled idiot about to be devoured by the NWO!

  7. Joe Blough says:

    Hmmm? Teens acting funny and parents & doctors aren’t sure why, huh? What’s the big deal? That’s the norm!

    1. Madhatter says:

      You’re an imbicile!

  8. dgbee says:

    Used to be doctors could diagnose. Now they just treat this way and that, say they’re stumped, and wait for a corpse to do an autopsy. If that’s negative, then just bear with the symptoms and maybe they’ll will go away. That’ll be twenty-two hundred and fifty dollars and 99 cents, please. Hey, Rosen, when’s our tee time?

    1. gvs1paws says:

      Of all the names you could have chosen for your last sentence, why did you pick Rosen. Oh, never mind. There go those Jews again.

  9. Charlie says:

    This episode is a textbook perfect example of mass hysteria. There are several interesting examples in the medical and psychiatric literature. Teens are perhaps more susceptible than others to the condition. It will pass. On the other hand, medical personnel might check for an A β-haemolytic streptococcal infection, which can lead to a St Vitus-like condition. It can occur in teens (likely) and most often affects females, oddly enough.

    1. davec says:

      Lest anyone doubt you//

      Once I tested this. I gave a teen a SUGAR CUBE right from the Domonos sugar cube box and told him it was LSD. HE was whacked out of his mind in FIVE MINUTES. Wide eyed, diluted pupils, the whole works.

    2. james says:

      PANDAS is more frequently diagnoses in males, not females.

    3. f0rTyLeGz says:

      Hysteria… BUT, there sure are many hysterical replies to this article.

    4. Amy says:

      I think it’s ludicrous to think that 12 kids who had little interaction with each other spontaneously developed mass hysteria. Check out this article that talks about that theory:

  10. James says:

    So, there are supposed experts that think it is all in the heads of these young girls? REALLY? I’m no expert, but at least I’m smart enough to know they should take some courses in common sense…… You don’t get significant psychological disorders by multiple young girls with the same severe symptoms from the same location by chance… please!!!….There is an external factor…and it isn’t that they read the same depressing book of anything stupid like that…it’s going to be some environmental chemical or physical cause.

    1. David Heaton says:

      You would be right in your thinking if these girls had absolutely no contact with each other or had developed these symptoms without hearing about the other cases. However, the psychological explanation is quite plausible if these girls knew each other or at least heard about the initial occurrences. We underestimate the power of suggestion on the human mind. That’s why group hypnosis works and why we have occasional cases of mass conversion disorder (“hysteria”). Adolescent females are particularly vulnerable. Their symptoms are quite real (conversion disorder can cause blindness, paralysis, seizures, etc) but it’s going to be difficult for the girls or their families to consider that this may be a mental health issue.

      1. Janel says:

        But not all the girls knew or met each other. That is the problem

    2. james says:

      Umm, the sudden onset of neurologic symptoms without a physical cause in multiple individuals in the same location in a short time period is EXACTLY what occurs and what one would expect to see in mass hysteria…. Docs are not Gods.. They work with the symptoms that are present, evaluating patients within the frameworks of the paradigms that exist in medicine at the time they evaluate patients, colored by their own training and experiences. Knowledge grows, paradigms shift. What was certain in the past is less certain now, and vice versa. The cause of the girls’ tics may well be from chemicals, an autoimmune reaction to a strep (or other) infection, the direct results of an unknown infections, or other causes. They should keep looking for an organic cause, but, the most likely explanation is a cluster of conversion disorders. Even that may have, on some level, a biologic element (influence of pheromones could play a role in mass hysteria, for example). And of note: a large percentage of patients who are diagnoses with a somatic disorder are later shown to have a physical basis for their symptoms. A good doc keeps considering non-psychiatric ills when treating a somatic/anxious patient. Then again, many diagnosed with a non-psychiatric disease are later shown to have emotional/psychiatric causes of their symptoms rather than organic.

      1. drew says:

        “Conversion Disorder” Haha, Satan is having a good chuckle right now at all you mind controlled sheep people. It’s the vaccines stupid!

    3. Just Sayin' says:

      How, then, do you explain the mass popular support among young people of the idiot Obama in 2008? Without any supporting evidence, an entire herd of young people decided Obama is intelligent and articulate. Many of them still believe this absurdity. Where is your environmental cause now?

      1. b l zebub says:

        The Obama delusion is caused by exposure to environmental factors in folks with an aversion to work: money. If you don’t contribute to society, he and his ilk will steal money from those who do and give it to those who do not. More an addiction actually.

  11. dj says:

    Toxic mushrooms? Just a guess. Perhaps from food.

    1. Robb says:

      Has any of these students taken a flu shot recently or a vaccine injection?

    2. joe says:

      reminds me of the hysteria that swept through Salem resulting in the execution of several “witches.” The foolishness of teenage girls hath no equal.

      1. KT says:

        The symptoms the Salem girls suffered was much later attributed to rye ergot.

        1. joe says:

          Teenage girls were the only demographic effected by the Ergot fungus? This is a bit unlikely.

  12. Pastor Bob Tarasiak says:

    This is demonic of a Kundalini spirit that is false! This is in the Bible and more of this will manifest due to demonic activity in the USA which is under judgement of God due to sin; homosexuality, same sex marriage, abortions-50 million+, selfishness, evil is abounding! WHY? The Nation has turned backs on God and judgment started in 2001, and will continue! This is prophetic and be fore warned!

    1. Be Not Afraid says:

      That’s easily the stupidest thing I have heard in a while.

      If I was one of those parents, I would get my kid out of the area ASAP. Take them to someplace where the physical environment is completely different.

      1. Paul in FL says:

        Oh sure you would. Take your kids out of school while they are taking tests, preparing for college, move with them to some new location, maybe quit your job, stay in an apartment or motel and spend an additional several hundred dollars daily, hire somebody to take of your kid in the new environment wehre they don’t understand what is going on with the sickness while you look for a new job, etc., etc.

    2. NY parasitism says:

      It’s drugs. Communistic elites have conditioned their subjects to be as irresponsible they are. (This is most glaring in Nueva York.) Which is why the country’s middle cl@ss keeps getting coerced to bail them out.
      Prognosis, dire. No NY-er can ever admit the truth, except perhaps under hypnosis (which no normal person submits to). It also could be communal sex, also the norm there. Same rationale.

      1. NY is not a city says:

        You are an idiot. Where are you from, Idiot?

        1. Jack Ryan says:

          Well, that should settle the argument ?! (Thanks for breaking rule #1 of civil discourse: Using ad hominem attacks)

      2. davec says:

        drugs that didnt show up in blood work?

    3. Gordon Parsons says:

      YOU are a nut ! Demonic ? Your stupidity and ignorance sounds like YOU have demon possession. Is there a ” stupid ” demon among YOU ? Jesus LOVES these girls UNCONDITIONALLY and they need medical attention just like any other illness. Don’t be so quick to judge. You call yourself a ‘ pastor ‘ ? Why don”t YOU offer to go pray with them and ‘ drive out ‘ their so called demons ? Put up OR shut up. Jesus is compassionate, how about YOU ?

      1. Paul in FL says:

        Jesus of Nazareth, the legendary ascetic to whom was ascribed God-like properties by a handful of followers, and who (legend has it) was ordered crucified by Pontius Pilate, and thus has been dead for about 2000 years ago? That Jesus loves those girls? That is one of the most outlandish, delusional things I have ever heard in my life.

      2. Lucy says:

        Gordon: Jesus may love these girls but do they love Jesus? Have they repented and accepted Him? Does the Holy Spirit live inside them? IF NOT, then they are open to demonic oppression and yes, maybe outright possession. Do not mock what you don’t know.

        1. FredT says:

          How do you know they aren’t just as holy as you? They’re teenage girls. I’ve probably done worse things on a Friday than they have in their entire lives put together. Why am I not possessed like this? Jesus wept.

          1. Jim says:

            What does being teenage girls have to do with it? We are all sinners but if they haven’t accepted Jesus as their personal savior, they are open to satanic attacks. And don’t take Scripture out of context. Jesus wept for Jerusalem — has nothing to do with this subject.

      3. william mony says:

        jesus loves them..but God judgment is falling on this misguided deluded nation

    4. Gary says:

      You forgot Jay walking……

    5. timmy alan says:

      then why are there diseases in other places? Why do Good hearted people get cancer or die in horrible ways? Why do christians, muslims, buddhists all die in similar ways and get the same sicknesses? Obviously you are wrong! sorry!

    6. yourbeam says:

      Pastor Bob: What is keeping the world from salvation is your condemnation of it.

    7. Lucy says:

      You are correct Pastor. It’s amazing that they can search out all the causes, from psychological, emotional, physical, but never consider a spiritual cause.

    8. Sam Allen Tan says:

      At least you are not blaming the devil. I mean, really, I had nothing to do with this.

    9. Curtis Drambles says:

      I can’t wait to screw my homosexual husband, then rip the baby out his womb, kill it, then steal from a homeless person, and maybe poop on a cross. That’s what we do if we’re not christians, right? goddddd bless the usa! Also, on a side note, you really think god is going to let you in heaven? I mean, most likely you wrote this asinine comment on a computer built by tiny hands from a child in a sweatshop. Also, I am sure when you’re driving to church every sunday, you’ll recognize the blood oil in your gas tank from oppressed middle easterners. I think your god said something to the effect of, Be either hot or cold, but if you are lukewarm, i will spit you out of my mouth. All or nothin, bub. Otherwise you’re just a hypocrite.

    10. drew says:

      And Jesus said unto them, Don’t Vaccinate Your Children! While you’re at it give them 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 essential amino acids and 3 essential fats. I know, I know, I’m just a “Conspiracy Nutter,” thank God for that.

    11. william mony says:

      very very true Bob…judgement day is here

    12. Jim says:

      The Pastor is exactly correct.

  13. OrionsBellatrix says:

    Black Mold is the cause behind these illnesses.
    Happened to some school kids recently in Connecticut.
    Same symptoms.

    1. jj says:

      Could be, mold is the new lead, and few Drs understand it. I have mold poisoning from years of water damage in an apartment I rented on the UES Manhattan. This needs to be looked into. If there is mold, the lawsuit will be off the chart. Vaccines for sexual disease also need to be looked into. But if it is vaccines I doubt the MSM will ever tell us.

      1. Dale says:

        If mold or ANY cause inside the school is known to be the cause,they will remediate and clean up any traces quicker than you can turn your head! Sorry, nothing to see here folks “wink..wink” Go about your buisness!

    2. BobInTallahassee says:

      If it was mold, then why were only females affected by it?

    3. babyfacemagee says:

      It’s not mold. Mold doesn’t cause symptoms like these. Let’s see a link to this CT case.

  14. Marcos Stone says:

    “Hysteria” is generic for emotions out of place or out of proportion. “Conversion” is the term for having a physical reaction to perceived trauma.

    Neither term is fancier, or older, than the other. These terms were popularized in their current usage in the late 1800s.

    1. David says:

      “A common manifestation of mass hysteria occurs when a group of people believe they are suffering from a similar disease or ailment.”

      “Sometimes referred to as Mass Psychogenic Illness or epidemic hysteria, there is a clear preponderance of female victims.”

      1. lololol says:

        Damn bitches

        1. Ignatius718 says:

          Fans and Victorian sofas for all of them! It’s the vapors!
          That or those darn hydro fracking chemicals…

    2. james says:

      Conversion disorder is defined in the DSM IV as being “preceded by conflicts or other stressors,” not necessarily a reaction to perceived trauma. In psychiatry, hysteria as a term is often used in association with both excessive emotional behaviors and somatic symptoms driven by psychological rather than organic issues. Actually, this sort of thing is what led to the splitting of psychiatry and neurology into two sub-sets of medicine in the 18th century: replaced the alienests of the 17 and 1800’s.

  15. 2012 is here says:

    Gerorge Bush’s Fault…. Now if only we had Obama Care to fix all our ills.

    1. FredT says:

      LMAO…this is the best answer yet!

    2. Ed Sodaro says:

      LOL. Best comment amidst this modern Salem Witch Trial.

  16. Norm Balog says:

    Just a little over 100 years ago it was common for women to faint. They would get upset, stressed, and would get “the vapors.” This might be nothing new, just something packaged differently for the 21st century. Just a thought.

    1. Gimlish says:

      Vapors… They would faint because the corsets they were wearing were tight as bejesus.

      1. QDaddy says:

        Have we checked to see if they are wearing corsets?

    2. B. L. Zebub says:

      Falling out continues to occur in the south. Coiuld be worse. We southerners could be prone to koro. Heck, I just figure the water’s too cold.

  17. SamB says:

    The mystery illness is called …. “whip-its”
    This cant be THAT difficult to figure out can it???

    1. bob says:

      not for an ignoramus like you, no… but for someone, like the kids, who needs REAL answers, it’s a tad more difficult… btw, if you’re so smart, how come your life looks the way it does?

    2. timmy alan says:

      i did whippets a bunch and never got tiks and passing out. in fact that gas has never been linked to any permanent damages- even in persons who work everyday with it.

  18. rob says:

    It’s the fracking stupid!

  19. Joan of Argghh says:

    It is NOT a vaccine problem. Please, people. I lived south of the border for 5 years, and although my son had his MMR shots, he still got 2 out of 3 while living there. My poor husband also contracted mumps while there. It is virulent and strong where there are no vaccines. It is still deadly.

    Secondly, our porous borders are letting in third-world curses from every quarter, since Liberals are painting every attempt at reason as just more xenophobia and racism. So rheumatic fever is something to consider, along with polio and any other scourge our evil American country country eradicated in the last century and is welcoming back through ignorance. GET VACCINATED NOW and protect the rest of us from YOU.

    Thirdly, is it too sexist to suggest it may be a common form of birth control? There’s new ones out on the market that are quite radical in how they alter the natural menstruation process. Radical suppression of the hormonal cycle sure sounds like a great way to mess up the rapidly-growing metabolism of young teens.

    It’s a wonder we’re not worshiping fire.

    1. Aaron says:

      First off, how do you know it isn’t from vaccines? When was the last time you read the insert on a vaccine? Why do you think the government passed a bill giving all pharma companies amnesty from any complication caused by vaccines recommended by the CDC? It is because they have UNNECESSARY chemicals in them. Vaccines are not bad, it is what is put in them.

      Look, our government allows all kinds of chemicals and dangerous minerals into our water supply and food. Why do you think autism and mercury poisoning have the exact same symptoms? Mercury is in most vaccines. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out, people with the ability to think for themselves seem to avoid these kinds of problems. Those who do exactly what the TV, and profit driven doctors tell them to do without even blinking. Dr. Oz tells you vaccines are good for you, but came right out and said his kids don’t get most of them.

      1. Bob Boogie says:

        Mercury hasn’t been in vaccines in years, that is a myth. Even if you had vaccines with mercury in them, you get more mercury from eating fish. Autism is genetic.

        If you avoid vaccines, you take the risk of death from disease.

        1. tj says:

          Might want to check for thermisol in your annual flu shot and investigate the ingredients of your other vaccines. You might also want to check the efficacy of those vaccine too. Ever wonder why you need so many booster shots?

          1. David Heaton says:

            It’s actually called thimerosal, a form of mercury preservative used to keep bacteria out of vaccine, and it’s only used now in multi-dose vials of flu vaccine. Even then, you’ll get more naturally occurring mercury from a tuna fish sandwich than a flu shot. No vaccine (or any health intervention for that matter) is perfect, but you anti-vaccine folks would send us back to the dark ages.

            1. Mark Courtney says:

              When you eat something most of what you ingest passes through you. When you are injected with something it goes straight to your brain. Your tuna fish analogy is bogus.

      2. davec says:

        “First off, how do you know it isn’t from vaccines? ”

        How do YOU know it WAS?

        The first mark of a deceitful liar is to counter a claim without proof.

      3. Sam Allen Tan says:

        Umm, if it were vaccines, one would expect it to cause symptoms in multiple settings.

    2. Annieboo says:

      I agree….Whooping Cough has made a resurgence in the US. It is a huge story that the press fails to report on …WHY? because it is crossing the border with all of the ILLEGAL and not innoculated aliens from Mexico. My childs pediatrician told me about this four years ago when my son who was in 6th grade at the time contracted whooping cough. He was so sick, and it took him months to recover. Even though he had received the Whooping Cough innouclation as a young child my sons doctor said all children entering the fifth grade should be re-innoculated because of this resurgence… far i haven’t heard any siren calls for this because the Government is too damn afraid of bringing the dark perils of ILLEGAL Immigration to the forefront. The health of our children is at stake….so if you have a child who just entered fifth grade have your pediatrician re-innoculate them for Whooping Cough, it is not mandated by law….. but your Doctor will do it if you ask. Believe me you absolutely do not want your child to get this disease……it is a horrible and protracted condition.

      1. Amy says:

        Hmm, the press in my area is talking about the resurgence of Whooping Cough all the time… And I do agree that we need a lot of the vaccines, but also that an awful lot of toxic chemicals get added to the shots.

    3. suziemaks says:

      You have no idea if its a vaccine, just because it didn’t happen to you. There are flu shots, hpv shots, etc… . It could have been a contaminated batch. I do think the birth control is a good idea for them to check into.

  20. Foreman says:

    Its clearly Lupus.

  21. Gibbs Bentley says:

    After years of vaccines, Aspartame in their soft drinks, MSG in their junk food, thousands of hours of television, countless hours on their microwave cell phones, GMO foods, fluoride in their water and the countless pollutants in the air, not to mention the prescription medicines they are on, it’s an amalgam of the aforementioned that most likely is to blame. Humans were not met to be a cesspool of corporate poison and degeneration.

    1. spydercanopus says:

      Yes. It’s called distonia.

      Ron Paul 2012

      1. Gimlish says:

        Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder, in which sustained muscle contractions cause twisting and repetitive movements or abnormal postures.[1] The disorder may be hereditary or caused by other factors such as birth-related or other physical trauma, infection, poisoning (e.g., lead poisoning) or reaction to pharmaceutical drugs, particularly neuroleptics.[1] Treatment is difficult and has been limited to minimizing the symptoms of the disorder, since there is no cure available. ( Agreed free the slaves, Vote RP)

      2. b l zebub says:

        They have tics, not dystonic movements. Not athetoid movements either, so st vitus dance is out.

    2. Scenewriter says:

      Don’t leave Acetaminophen from the potential culprits. Increasingly, kids are given Tylenol for every ache and pain. Autism rates are much lower in Cuba where Acetaminophen is RX only and hard to come by. A number of chemical and neurotoxic effects have been noted. Hmm.

      1. Bob Boogie says:

        Autism is genetic, that is a fact.. not an internet rumor like all the vaccine hysteria.

        1. Gimlish says:

          Bob you live in a box.

          1. Bob Boogie says:

            The box called reality.

          2. Bob Boogie says:

            When you look at different mostly isolated genetic gene pools, you are going to find higher rates of different genetic mutations simply for the fact of isolation. Look up the Doma People of Zimbabwe, they are an isolated group with a genetic mutational defect known as ectrodactyly. The fact that the rates for this mutation is higher in this subgroup simply means they are pretty genetically isolated and this mutation became dominant in their tribe. So likewise, just because certain genetic defects might become dominate in our genetic group, that doesn’t mean it has to do with vaccines. Blaming it on vaccines has more to do with hysteria about vaccines than it does with understanding genetics. It would stand to reason that you will probably find higher rates of different genetic mutations in various countries around the world. That would be completely normal from a genetic standpoint.

            1. babyfacemagee says:

              Actually Bob autism has both genetic and environmental factors. It’s not all one or the other. I know you don’t realize this because you’ve obviously never studied the behavior and emotional patterns in families that have autistic kids. Autism is on a sliding scale from extreme to very mild which is often called Aspergers. Both genetic and environmental factors come into play in varying ways. It’s not black and white like you think. It’s shades of grey.

              1. b l zebub says:

                actually, classic autism is caused by genetic and prenatal environmental factors. Aspergers is not the same as autism.

        2. Renee says:

          The majority of cases of autism are not gentic but rather environmental. those that are said to be genetic can only be said to be genetic because what the mother does so does the baby. what the mother eats so does the baby. if the mother gets a vaccine while pregnant or even a year or so before, the baby too now has been given the vaccination as what is in the mother is also in the baby. I can’t tell you how many stories I heard from my sister who works with autistic children on a daily basis at a center where miracles seem to happen on a continuous basis. I actually met 2 parents and spoke with them for a while about their experience. I sometimes go to meet her for lunch and get to speak to the patients in the lobby as I and they are waiting. One mother told me the progress that both her sons had made in just 2 months time doing the treatments at the clinic. Her sons are teenagers and she said were violent towards her and others and couldn’t speak before the treatments and that before there was no way she could take them anywhere. Now, she says they can all go out for a normal dinner and to the movie and communicate. She cried as she was telling me how different her life is now. When I asked her if she knew what had caused the boys to have the illness, she said that before she traveled for her job and went to places where she was required to have vaccinations. In both cases of her sons conception, she had vaccinations within 8 months of getting pregnant. With her 2 daughters, she had no vaccinations and the daughters were just fine.

          There are numerous stories which as simular and others where vaccinations while pregnant were not in play but vaccinations at birth and up to age 14 were adminnistered and then the austism symptoms developed.

          I personally believe that it is not neccesarily genetics but rather what is passed down from mother or father to child during pregnancy that is what is being termed “genetic”. I don’t believe it has anything to do with the actual genes but rather the toxins in the body that cause us so many issues which are just treated with medications and the “ROOT” cause is never looked for thus not treated so the issues just keep happening over and over again.

    3. timmy alan says:

      but we humans are sooo good at being a cesspool of corporate poison and degeneration!!!! I think its what we are made to do. then we will kill ourselves off and the world can go on!

    4. davec says:

      “countless hours on their microwave cell phones”

      Cell phones use 860 MHZ, that is NOT microwave

      Youre another conspiracy NUTJOB

    5. william mony says:

      yes we are being poisoned,and the comeback of diseases from the third world which the US seems so dedicated to become…we live in perilous times

    6. Ignatius718 says:

      Perhaps the most frightening part of this story is how many things could be the cause; household chemicals, mold in the schools, preservatives in the food, growth hormones in milk and meat, vaccines, pesticides, cellphones, Lyme, Lupus, meningitis, encephalitis, Strep, etc.
      And who is to say, that whatever it is, isn’t viral and communicable to a possibly vunerable population. I can’t believe that I have to point out that boys and girls are different. Teenage girls’ bodies go through some dramatic changes during puberty.

  22. nancy says:

    if this was all in there heads then if they went to a medical hypnosist it would rule that out.. I believe they need to also look at the guarisal and also soils around the schools .. This is just typical of the goverment trying to sweep this under the carpet.. Hang in there Kids there has to be a answer will prayer for all the families involved…

  23. Vigilannie says:


    1. lefty says:

      I would have to agree with you…..did anyone try to find out if any of these girls had taken the Gardasil vaccine or some other type of vaccine or shot?

    2. b l zebub says:

      Yep, vaccines given in several countries in the world have cased a small number of girls in a specific location to have tics, but not in any other location where the vaccines have been given. Silly to think it could be anything else.

  24. Chuck says:

    Find out what exactly has been injected into these teenagers. The symptoms look like possibly mercury-induced. Thimerosol, a mercury-based preservative is still used in many vaccines. For example, Hepatitis B shots and Tetanus shots contain mercury. Conduct a challenge test, with DMPS, DMSA, lipoic acid and/or cilantro. This will show presence of mercury. Routine blood and urine tests will no show. Check for squalene from Guardasil.. Check for new adjuvents in the Guardasil shot?

    1. Bob Boogie says:

      Vaccines have not had mercury in them for years. But even if they did, you get more mercury from eating fish.

  25. DrHu says:

    This girls of Leroy High (and all the victims are girls) have been in the local news for almost 6 months now. It started with 4 and has now grown to 12. Every story that has featured a neurologist has claimed that drugs and pathogens are not a factor and that the most probable cause is conversion disorder. Conversion disorder is just the fancy name for what used to be called hysteria. With this disorder the symptoms are very real, but the only cure appears to be believing that there is actually nothing wrong.

    1. Dr.NO says:

      Oh yeah sure. I think you have stockholm syndrome.

      1. BRBSanDiego says:

        Dr.NO – you are either confused or just stupid. Stockholm syndrome relates to kidnap victims identifying with their captors. Patty Hearst is a prime example.

        1. Right in NY says:

          What would anyone from California know about reality?

          1. timmy alan says:

            ha ha ah we don’t have to bother with reality in LA LA land! I come to nyc for reality!

        2. Dr.NO says:

          “Dr.NO – you are either confused or just stupid. Stockholm syndrome relates to kidnap victims identifying with their captors.”

          Exactly. Commenting on what DrHu said. His comment reminded me of someone agreeing/sympathizing with their captors. IE: Parroting media news agencies, government excuses, propaganda, relating to the fact that most people’s minds are kidnapped/held hostage by propagandist controlled media… When in fact this is something more than what DrHu thinks it isn’t.

  26. Steve C says:

    Cellphone usage ?? a lot of girls, and we all know how they love to talk to each other.

  27. robert m says:

    Please Pray for these dear children and their families

  28. D says:

    Look for an obscure virus.

    1. jekyllisland says:

      Or a readily available vaccine, cell phone, fluoride laced drink or any of the countless chemicals that are sprayed on a daily basis.

      It’s all starting to collapse

      1. Dr.NO says:


        And the book: “The Creature from Jekyll Island” was great!

  29. Scott Laux says:

    T.V. diagnosis.

  30. Sal says:

    Just what we need…Brochovich. This will be used by the anti-fracking crowd.
    The usual suspects are trying to scare the vulnerable. These clusters of
    weird symptoms happen all the time and could be due to a number of causes.
    One theory that should not be discounted…..they may have been exposed to the beer with the same name as their county. I drank that swill in college in central NY and I am still suffering.

    1. Gimlish says:

      So Sal,

      Tell me for fact what is used in the ‘Fracking Fluids” ?
      Oh ya, GWB pass a law that they did not have to tell us…. Go figure

    2. jd says:

      Genesee “screamers,” right? Agree completely. Now THAT stuff is a toxic stew…

  31. Hack says:

    The new shots attack your nervous system. That’s what happens when you allow adjuvants to be used. Remember these are the same people that accidentally gave 100 million people a cancer causing virus, then knowingly gave it to another 100 million people. They don’t care and it is by design. Somewhere some sadistic creep is smiling because this is all part of their plan.

    1. David says:

      Don’t forget the people who went on to develop Down Syndrome after getting flu shots.

      Many people don’t realize that there are new strains of Down Syndrome out there.

      It isn’t a random chance at birth thing anymore, or being unlucky enough to be jabbed by an infected needle in a convenience store robbery.

      1. Bob Boogie says:

        All this vaccine stuff is ridiculous. Down Syndrome is a birth defect, you cannot develop it because it has to do with having an extra chromosome. You shouldn’t believe all the crap people write on their blogs.

      2. B L Zebub says:

        Well this is odd. Down’s syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by translocation of a chromosome in an ovum prior to fertilization. Occurs before the egg and sperm unite. One can’t get it from a flu shot. Not possible. You can argue that a flu shot might impact an ovum, but not an individual after conception.

  32. Abaddon says:

    Hope it’s not some new viral pathogen which is infectious? If it is were in trouble if it’s not diagnosed and identified quickly?

  33. Angus says:

    HPV Vaccine?

      1. JP says:

        Reallly “Doc” ? How can you be so quick to rule it out? Getting some $$ from the drug company maybe? Birth control has been classified by the UN of all organizatons as a CARCINOGEN. Why the hell women take this stuff is beyond all logic.

        1. humblemedstudent says:

          Birth control, and I am assuming are you talking about the pill, has indeed been linked to increased risk of breast cancer, but it has also been shown to be protective against ovarian and uterine cancer.

          Regarding vaccines, they make the drug companies very little money, and doctors usually lose money on them.

          1. suziemaks says:

            It could still be a vaccine problem. Vaccines come in batches. Perhaps a batch got contaminated. I would be checking hpv shots, flu shots, 8th grade shots.. Birth control pills… I would NEVER rule out anything if it were my child. I would want everything checked out.

  34. Paul Stripe says:

    Sounds like it is time for some diagnostics, how about a MRI and spinal fluid analysis to rule out meningitis, encephalitis and the like, there are viruses, parasites, bacteria, et al that can do this

    1. Cali says:

      you don’t realy think your the only one that has considered this, do you? i’m sure a neurologist that realizes his work is going to be scrutinized pondered this in the first 10 minutes of evaluation

      1. Mel says:

        I’ve had a similar issue for 10 years now, and no neurologist ever made such a suggestion. I had to come to that conclusion on my own. FOr a “medically advanced” country, we sure are in the dark ages. Dr’s hands are tied as to what they are even allowed to consider. If you want to study mass hysteria, rather than look to these teens who are clearly ill, not emotionally stressed, look at the medical industry in this country and the bizarre laws that govern what Dr’s may and may not consider.

        1. Nan says:

          This is true. I didn’t return to my doctor after an exam and he sent me a letter saying I might die if I didn’t follow his medical advice. He was hysterically afraid he might get sued by me if I later found out I had a terminal illness that he failed to diagnose.

          I called his office again to see if he would prescribe a different test and again I received a letter saying that if I didn’t do what he said I might die. Talk about hysteria.

  35. Jason says:

    We went through this with my teenage daughter about 5 years ago and for a year the doctor’s were baffled. It turned out to be Sydenhams Chores, also known as St. Vitus Dance, caused by rheumatic fever. After 8 trips to the ER, we found 1 doctor at Scottish Rite that had even seen the disease and he was on his 60’s. She is now on medicine to treat the symptoms but it does not go away.

  36. Melvin P. Arbuckle says:

    It’s probably just a bad batch of dope… like there is such a thing as a good batch.

    1. Duh-ope says:

      What is “dope”?

  37. Gael says:

    I assume they have checked everything eg new clothes they had bought, new items brought into their rooms, new make up, toiletries, cell phones, carpets, cars, as well as the things above, etc

  38. Debbie says:

    Are these teens all the same age, there has to be a common denominator that links them together. Vaccine?? good theory. Something that they all have in common, do they know each other?? etc, etc. This should be easy for a mathematician. Get WITH IT!!!!

    1. Cali says:

      but why one particular school, at approximately the same time period? does not add up to vaccines to me

    2. Bob Boogie says:

      Think about how many millions of people get vaccinated, out of all of those… 12 girls in the same school have a negative effect.. statistically, thats just insane. If this is caused by an outside factor, it would have to be something they came in contact with that all the other kids in that school didn’t, since they are not showing signs. A virus, a mold, something of that nature would make the most sense.

      1. suziemaks says:

        Vaccines come in different batches. Could be a contaminated batch in their area.

    3. Susanna says:

      I have a scientist friend who looked at the story. She said between their symptoms and the fact that the Doctors cite HIPPA laws for why they can’t tell what it is, its probably birth control pills.

  39. itsclose says:

    Have they smoked synthetic or any other stuff in hookahs?

  40. Chester says:

    It sounds like a fungus or mold

    1. John says:

      If mold or ANY cause inside the school is known to be the cause,they will remediate and clean up any traces quicker than you can turn your head! Sorry, nothing to see here folks “wink..wink” Go about your buisness!

  41. Diogenes says:

    This was Salem Mass.right? Yes, like the Salem Witch thing mass hysteria.

  42. Cathy Woodburn says:

    I’m gong with the Lyme Disease theory. I wonder if any of those teens have been given a Western Blot Test. IgeneX would be my choice to have a test at too. I would like to know more about their symptoms. Do they all have the same symptoms and all have tics?

  43. Theresa Neuman says:

    Give them Phenobarbital and depopravera…It will work!!!

  44. Epw says:

    A shot in the dark—
    Are they all using the same type cellphones?

    Have three of them turn their cellphones exactly upside down for a couple of days.

    1. Kip Noxzema says:

      Should they do that under a full moon, facing south?

  45. Winston Smith says:


  46. LYMIE says:


    1. Gimlish says:

      A bite from a Tick in the middle of winter in upstate NY? Hum…
      Good call though !

      1. lyme affected says:

        ticks are active in warmer weather, may have been bitten months before and symptoms do not show up for months, possibly after some other assault to the system such as a vaccine, exposure, another virus. More than likely most of the population in NY State has been exposed to Lyme just as most have been to West Nile Virus. The strength of the individuals immune system, nutritional status, environmental exposures, genetic makeup all determine whether symptoms develop or not. Sometimes the bacteria can remain dormant for decades, like syphilis.

        1. Gimlish says:

          Thank you for the update !
          I have seen Lyme Disease cause some very harsh symptoms in people and strange recovery. From near total paralysis, back to near normal a few years later as example.

      2. william mony says:

        they could of been bitten months ago…had minor symptoms and ignored them
        as kids, their emotions may be up and down but most always feel “good”
        their young and indestructable

  47. Haler says:

    Have any of them had the hpv guardasil vaccine? neuro damage to lethal cases exist, as soon as 1 month after the first of it’s 3 doses.

    1. ozzibo says:

      Haler, you’ve nailed it. Bet all of them have been pumped with guardasil … everyone else go to …


    2. Bob Boogie says:

      So millions of gilrs get vaccinated with this and 12 girls from one school show the signs all at the same time… what are you smoking?

      1. Gimlish says:

        Possible newly ( or existing) induced antigen in the local area that reacted with another previous chemical; as such as might have been introduced through vaccination.

        Bob, do you work for or with a doctor, chemical company or other such venue that would have you close your mind to any chemical responsibly?

        1. Pharmageddon says:

          Yes, if the HPV vaccine they possibly received was from the same lot, it very well could be causing these symptoms.

          1. JayCee says:

            The Health Dept. investigation reported that only a fraction of the girls had the HPV vaccine. So this theory is a nonstarter.

            1. suziemaks says:

              Where did you get that information? Can you post your source?


  49. Nord Med. 1994;109(4):121-5.
    [Environmental somatization syndrome. How to deal with the external milieu syndrome?].
    [Article in Swedish]
    Nilsson CG, Göthe CJ, Molin C.
    SourceMed Rehabiliteringskliniken, Huddinge Sjukhus.

    Somatization is a tendency to experience and communicate psychogenic distress in the form of somatic symptoms and to seek medical help for them. Patients suffering from environmental somatization syndrome (ESS) consider their symptoms to be caused by exposure to chemical or physical components of the external environment or by ergonomic stress at work. ESS is distinguished by mental contagiousness and a tendency to cluster. Sometimes it explodes in wide-spread epidemics that may be escalated by mass-media campaigns. Extensive ESS epidemics have been connected to, i.a., arsenic, carbon monoxide (“generator gas poisoning”), mercury (“oral galvanism”), carbon-free copy papers, electromagnetic fields (“electric allergy”) and repetitive movements (“repetition strain injury”, RSI). The typical patient directs the interest on the external environment, refuses alternative explanations of his symptoms and abhors any suggestion of a psychogenic etiology.

    The community is often placed in difficult positions by lobby groups calling for drastic measures to eliminate alleged disease-inducing exposures. When hygienic evils occur simultaneously with an ESS epidemic, it is essential to strictly differ the hygienic problems from the ESS problems. If mismanaged, measures aimed at reducing hygienic inconveniences may aggravate the complex of ESS problems.

  50. Toxicol Rev. 2003;22(4):235-46.

    Idiopathic environmental intolerance: Part 1: A causation analysis applying Bradford Hill’s criteria to the toxicogenic theory.

    Staudenmayer H, Binkley KE, Leznoff A, Phillips S.


    Behavioral Medicine, Multi-Disciplinary Toxicology, Treatment and Research Center, Denver, Colorado 80222, USA.


    Idiopathic environmental intolerance (IEI) is a descriptor for a phenomenon that has many names including environmental illness, multiple chemical sensitivity and chemical intolerance. Toxicogenic and psychogenic theories have been proposed to explain IEI. This paper presents a causality analysis of the toxicogenic theory using Bradford Hill’s nine criteria (strength, consistency, specificity, temporality, biological gradient, biological plausibility, coherence, experimental intervention and analogy) and an additional criteria (reversibility) and reviews critically the scientific literature on the topic. The results of this analysis indicate that the toxicogenic theory fails all of these criteria. There is no convincing evidence to support the fundamental postulate that IEI has a toxic aetiology; the hypothesised biological processes and mechanisms are implausible.

    1. Steve Zarren says:

      I am a nonsuffering sufferer of a neurological disorder called blepharospasm which is evidenced by spasms in the eyelid. The larger disorder is called dystonia which deals with the same spasms only in all or one of the muscle groups. If you visit my web site you can read more of what I went through and how I overcame the disorder and have been helping many others who have received the same relief. It is actuallly from a naturally organic, whole food growing in the wild. I look forward to any questions anyone may have. Thank you. Steve Zarren

      1. TruthSeeker says:

        Why are people only willing to help others if they can make a buck out of there misery? I’m happy you found relief from your symptoms but you might improve credibility by disclosing the information for free and making a profit from sales of the product or other services rendered.

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