HACKENSACK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – The Bergen County Prosecutor’s office announced new charges against Anthony Graziano of Lodi, who is already charged with two separate firebombing attacks on synagogues in New Jersey.

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At an afternoon news conference, officials said that Graziano, 19, planned, but failed to carry out a firebombing at the Jewish Community Center in Paramus on Jan. 7.  The prosecutor said that Graziano was seen on surveillance video and may have been spooked by a passing patrol car, 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg reported.

“Mr. Graziano abandoned his intent to cause damage to this synagogue and ran away. He actually did not even take his bike,” Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli said.

Prosecutors says Anthony Graziano is seen in this surveillance video ahead of an attempted attack on the J.C.C. in Paramus. (credit: Bergen County Prosecutor)

He also allegedly left behind firebombing materials, including beer bottles, vodka bottles and plastic bottles filled with gasoline.

“His intent was to go back, grab two or three, run up to the building, light them, throw them. Run back, grab two or three come back to building, light them, throw them,” said Molinelli.

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Prosecutors said that Graziano may have been looking at buying weapons.

“Maybe down the road, it might have been his intent to acquire a weapon and putting a weapon in this man’s hands could certainly have resulted in something much more substantial,” Molinelli said.

Rabbi Arthur Weiner, of the Paramus J.C.C., said he is thankful that Graziano was unsuccessful in the alleged firebombing attempt on the center.

“Our synagogue was a target and I guess the potential for damage was great, but we’re very grateful that no damage occurred,” Weiner said.

Graziano is accused of firebombing Temple Beth-El in Rutherford on Jan. 11, allegedly hurling an explosive device through the window and onto the bed of Rabbi Nosson Schuman. Graziano has pleaded not guilty to nine counts of first-degree attempted murder, bias intimidation and aggravated arson.

Graziano is also accused of an attack on a synagogue in Paramus on Jan. 3.

Authorities have recently wrapped up a sweep of every Jewish facility within 10 miles of Graziano’s home. They used dogs to sniff for flammables and accelerants. The 10-mile radius was swept because Graziano allegedly used a bike to carry out his attacks.

The chain of events has also put the Jewish Community on alert.

“This guy is living a very vacant life if his motivation for everything is hate,” said Gale Bindelglass.

Bindelglass’ parents are Holocaust survivors who married after being liberated. They lost most of their family.

“I have tried to keep my mom away from this. they’ve lived through enough for 10 lifetimes of horror,” Bindelglass said.

Authorities also said Graziano has not been ruled out as a possible suspect in the swastika graffiti found spray painted on synagogues in Maywood and Hackensack in December.

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  1. Billy says:

    He is a rabid Ron Paul supporter. His Facebook page reads Ron Paul 2012, over and over again. This is what Ron Paul stands for.

  2. Obamadinijad Hussein says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists spawning in usa?

  3. Tom Owens says:

    This kid’s only 19 yrs old, he was raised this way. I put the blame on his parents for raising him as a Bigoted Racist. His parents should be on trial too!!!!

    1. Larry Schwarz says:

      That would be great if only it were a perfect world.If he was a minor then perhaps they could file some charges against the parents,but at 19 I doubt they would hold up in Court.Let’s turn him over to Israel.The know just how to deal with people like this.

    2. AJ Weberman says:

      put the blame on Ron Paul asswipte

    3. teketoria says:

      Why do you associate racism into burning a synagoge unefficient of costumers?
      Probably its rabbi has died, or went retired.
      has nothing about; probably the owner of the building paid the boy just to get out some insurance money on a construction that is inefficient of housing.

  4. Levi Schwartz says:

    Cute boy….he’ll be very popular in prison where he deserves to be – and where he’ll certainly learn all about the blowing of the Shofar.

    1. AJ Weberman says:

      no really the Aryan Brotherhood will protect him

    2. teketoria says:

      I agree, he has probably a favor to the owner of the synagoge without profit.

      1. teketoria says:

        Of course if the rabbi of the building is active, he outta use french horn for invitation
        of costumers.
        Than all is different.
        Shofar is eurasian tool.

        1. Paul says:

          Teketoria, three things are clear. You have a low iq, your English is extraordinarily bad verging on incoherent, and you’re an anti-semite. Coincidence? I think not.

  5. Bman says:

    Wow! What a Sick Fck!

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