For $100,000, You Get A Bus With No Emissions And Rechargable Batteries

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — Say goodbye to engine noise and exhaust fumes, a proposal in the Plainview-Old Bethpage school district is seeking to turn yellow buses green.

District officials told CBS 2’s Elise Finch that the new buses would cut down on a number of the problems caused by traditional school buses.

“In implementing this we’re only echoing what the students are learning — to care about their environment. So we’re just building upon what’s being taught in the classroom on a daily basis,” said Nadine Eiring.

The new eco-friendly buses have electric motors, and don’t use fuel of any kind, meaning they don’t produce emissions. Instead they are powered by a network of rechargeable batteries.

The buses cost $100,000, about the same as traditional buses, but they are quieter, cleaner, and cheaper to maintain.

“It doesn’t have a transmission. It has very few moving parts, and the vehicle is charged up overnight when the electric grid is being used the least so it’s off-peak,” said Bart Marksohn of WE Transport Inc.

Parents and students support the new technology. Tenth grader Marc Grossman said the new buses will be better for the environment and students.

“They’re trying to be more environmentally friendly. They’re trying to keep the air around young children clean and safe,” he said.

His mother, Carol, echoed his sentiments.

“I always worry though about our taxes going up. We’re a pretty high tax district, but if it’s good for the kids and the environment I think it might be a great thing,” she said.

The district is starting out with a one-bus test run and it will then decide whether it will turn its entire yellow fleet green.

The electric bus proposal will be presented at a school board meeting in the next 60 days. If approved, the first electric buses will join the district’s fleet in September.

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