Perry, the man behind New York Street Food, brings you his latest review on New York City food trucks.


The coolness of the weather had me wanting the deep-fried goodness of a chicken schnitzel platter – the only question was which side dishes to get.  I went for potato salad and beet salad with crumbled feta.

New York Food Truck Feature: Schnitzel & Things

Whoever said size doesn’t matter was obviously not talking about schnitzel – this portion was huge.  You could barely see the potato salad, and the beet salad was totally covered by this massive cutlet.  I had to move it to the side just to see the side dishes.

Schnitzel & Things at the Vendy Awards. (credit: Schnitzel & Thinngs)

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It was as good as it looked: thin, tender, lightly-breaded chicken.  I dipped the first couple of bites into the sriracha mayo, but then I switched to just chicken schnitzel with some fresh lemon juice squirted on it.  Nothing else was needed (or wanted).

As far as the sides, the potato salad was good, but the beet salad was excellent.  I usually don’t order beets because I always thought they were bitter, but after hearing great things about the beet and feta salad at Schnitzel & Things, I decided to try it.

The beet and feta salad was slightly sweet, and the feta was a nice offset.  Definitely a winner – but the schnitzel is why I keep coming back.

You can find the Schnitzel & Things truck on twitter here, and they also opened a storefront on 3rd Ave at 45th St last year with a slightly larger menu.