For the second time in three days, the great Chris “Mad Dog” Russo made his triumphant return to the WFAN airwaves, this time with Boomer & Carton.

Dog was in rare form this morning, as could be inferred by how many times Boomer had to tell him to just calm down a little bit. The guys traded barbs back and forth for a while before Russo informed Boomer and Craig that he had been working out, specifically that he has been doing P90X.

To prove he is in phenomenal shape, he took off his shirt to show off his physique, as you can see in the photo. Just another example of why the Boomer & Carton program is must-listen-to radio and must-see TV.

Eventually the guys spent a minute getting Dog’s thoughts on the Super Bowl, and Craig re-tells the infamous “Do you even like sports?!?” story.

LISTEN: Chris ‘Mad Dog’ Russo Returns… Shirtless

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