NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD says one of its officers shot and killed a teen inside a Bronx home on Thursday.

Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne said the shooting happened following a struggle with the suspect.  He said an officer from the Special Narcotics Unit fired one time, striking 18-year-old Rahmarley Graham in the chest.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria Reports

The shooting happened around 3 p.m. Thursday afternoon in the bathroom of the apartment house where Graham lived with his mother and grandmother.

Graham was rushed to Montefiore Hospital and pronounced dead.  The suspect’s mother, Constance Malcolm, claims police chased her son because he had marijuana on him and that he was unarmed.

“Everybody’s kids get into trouble.  He smoked a little weed, but you know, like all the little, young kids does.  And that’s what he had on him when they were chasing him,” Malcolm told 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria.

Police said they did not recover a weapon from the scene.  They also said Graham had prior arrests.

The suspect’s mother also said that the teen’s grandmother and 6-year-old brother were inside the house at the time of the shooting.

“In the bathroom they shot him.  My 6-year-old son was there and saw everything,” Malcolm said. “I’m going to get justice.”

The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Unit is investigating the details.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Never trust a cop and never trust an aspiring cop. Something is wrong with people that want to grow up and kill unarmed teens for a living. This isn’t the first person killed by brutal pigs and this won’t be the last.

    1. End stupidity & ignorance says:

      Wow you sound stupid. By your logic police deserve to shoot everyone who doesn’t cooperate with them, because anyone who doesn’t cooperate with the police is automatically a criminal and should be treated as such.

  2. Jon Weiss says:

    And another trigger happy cop gets a score on the forces tally.

    1. Mike says:

      Wonder if that six year old will be adversely affected by this traumatic early childhood experience. He might just grow up with a healthy fear/anger directed towards law enforcement. Some other cop somewhere may become a victim because of what this trigger-happy narc did today. Why is there a cycle of violence, distrust, and hatred? I know smoking marijuana is against society’s rules, but isn’t improper extra-judicial killing also an affront to our collective mores? In fact, which is a bigger affront? Really…that’s an ADULT, in a position of authority, trusted and trained, peacekeeping by OPENING FIRE on a minor who was probably behind a locked door trying to flush some grass. I appreciate the fact that police are in the line of fire and most overcome incredible stress heroically, but we demand better. It’s would have been less of an asocial act had the ‘crime’ gone unresolved/unpunished, than the communal inter-generation tragedy that ultimately came to pass.



  4. Vic Sage says:

    It’s scary how many people still support the failed War on Drugs, in particular the criminalization of marijuana, a drug that is no worse than tobacco or alcohol and in a lot of ways much safer. The scarier part is that they will defend the murder of a 18 year old kid over it and condemn the mother for not “raising him right”. Stop recycling what these politicians put into your heads and think for yourselves.

    The ONLY reason pot is still illegal is that politicians are afraid of killing their careers supporting it and more conservative types are still perpetuating the myth that it’s a harmful drug. In college I was subscribed a prescription medication which had a possible side effect of PSYCHOSIS. Marijuana would’ve had the same effect as this drug without possibly making me insane. I didn’t take it. What is wrong with Americans?

  5. OhG says:

    Your child getting into trouble with the law, fighting the police and smoking weed used to be something to be ashamed of as a parent but in today’s world, bad behavior is rewarded and excuses are made. The sad part of this story is the kid thought what he was doing was ok because his mother and grandmother condoned it and he lost his life because he wasn’t taught any better. Bad parenting never ends well. R.I.[.

    1. Vic Sage says:

      Oh yeah, she should have taught the boy to submit or get killed. That’s always a good lesson, considering the police state today’s America is becoming. :He should know better than to commit the heinous crime of smoking marijuana and “struggling with the police” (HA!).

      What a sheep.

  6. D.Ruiz says:

    Investigate = Cover up

    1. lisa.R says:

      Dam right!

    2. wb says:

      only bronx police

  7. r.r. says:

    if the police broke into your house, knocked down your door and came in and killed your son how would u feel. and then they took your mother to the station and kept her there for 7 hours how would u feel. its the same story. how come nassau county police dont ever kill anybody ? what is there something magical at the border that prevents the police from shooting people.

    1. GF says:

      You mean if police broke into your home after they chased a suspect who fled into your home? The whole situation was a series of bad decisions starting with her son.

      You can’t compare cops who work in a low crime area to cops who work in a high crime area. It’s a different train of thought in safer areas. Would you feel safe leaving your front door unlocked or leaving something of high value in plain view in your car if you lived in a low crime area? Would you have the same comfortably doing that in a high crime area?

      1. sean says:

        i think ur a real stupid ass. first of all he was in his home and they shot an unarmed man once again. the problem i’snt just lawenforcement its a joint effort between them and assholes like urself .

        1. GF says:

          1) In his home means nothing in this situation. Police can legally enter any home if the situation deems necessary. Meaning if you are running from them your home does not protect you from them just because you lock the door behind you. And they can also search your home for the suspect, they can’t however search in any drawers without a warrant.
          2) The problem isn’t just law enforcement, it’s stupid ignorant degenerates like you who make excuses for criminals and wants to put the blame solely on the cops. You want to put the situation in perspective: If he didn’t run he wouldn’t be dead. You wanna put it in further perspective: If he was selling drugs, he wouldn’t of had to run and the cops would’ve left him alone.

  8. B. Have says:

    It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself. Subject opinion to coercion: whom will you make your inquisitors? Fallible men; men governed by bad passions, by private as well as public reasons.
    – Thomas Jefferson –

  9. mj says:

    if some of you only knew WHO smokes pot you’d be VERY , VERY surprised. it would destroy al your beliefs in regards to pot

  10. Mima says:

    Damn It’s truly sad this boy will never get a chance to turn his life around. It doesn’t matter if he did things and smoked weed he was only a teen and still had a life ahead of him. I know of people who when to jail and became judges and famous.

    1. GF says:

      Maybe this happened for the better. You can tell by his mother that she is not involved in what her son was doing with his life. She made excuses for the bad things he did and would of probably kept doing it until the street or the system got a hold of him permanently. Now she can be more involved in the younger sons life and steer him in the right direction so this wont happen again.

  11. D Perry says:

    Why is it that we hear from LEO of the past of the so called criminal, but nothing of the number of shootings of the officer involved or brutality claims against him or her.
    Mr Commissioner shame on you!

    1. READ READ READ says:

      Never used his gun in 4 years read and you will see.You cannot say the same for the junkie criminal with a rap sheet

  12. Start Crime watch not riots says:

    Outrage on the cop killing an irresponsible kid. Warranted. But were’s the outrage on gangs, drug dealers, black on black crime. Not a peep as usual.

  13. StopKilling OurChildren says:

    We need to come together and do something non violent and in great numbers like the wall st protest. To get the point across that the police need to stop killing our children….this could have been your son going to the store, walking home, parting etc….this disregard of human life has to come to an end.

    1. UNREAL says:

      After my cousin was killed by police we started a Facebook page to help gain awareness about things like this and get ideas together. His page doesnt have to just be for people that knew him, it is for anyone affected by such horrible acts like this one

    2. War on Drug Dealers says:

      First teach your children not to do Black on Black crime then the cops wouldn’t need to be in the hood.

    3. Blame the criminal says:

      If my Son is a drug addict running from police or arrested for robbery I think he is lost already.Stop protecting these criminals when you do bad bad happens.Cannot blame the police for Bad parenting.this officer nevver shot his gun who knows what happened let the story come out.

  14. StopKilling OurChildren says:

    We really need to get together and protest or something non violent to get the point across that the police need to stop killing our children……something in great numbers kind of like the wall st protest because it keeps happening and this could be any of our sons going to the store, parting, walking home…etc

    1. DW says:

      Stop raising savage animal perp children and then we wont have this problem. It all starts with parenting. If you keep perptuating the cycle, nothing will change.

  15. The Truth says:

    I’m sure the story will change to suit the murderous officer’s needs…

    “To Serve & To Protect” means only themselves. There’s a reason why they call their badges “shields”. Because that’s what cowards hide behind…

    1. BLAME THE ADDICT says:

      Your just stupid if you reseached this officer you will see he was not a trigger happy cop.No shot in 4 years.You become a officer and deal with these junkies and you will see what really happens.

      1. Edzahel Heredia says:

        polices r not suppose to shoot unless they feel their life is threated..thats police protocol… hence why the fact the kid was unarmed is important….

      2. DR says:

        do you see how ignorant you sound? blame the addict? you know how many more shooting there would be with all these addicts around the streets. Blame the poorly trained cops

    2. Actually says:

      I’m not gonna lie, I hate cops, and I would rather die before I have a cop help me, but still, the kid was fleeing and probably resisting arrest. I honestly don’t know all the details but it doesn’t seem like it was ‘murder.’ The “innocent” had a criminal past and was probably gonna end up dead in the streets anyway.

      1. sean williams says:

        after they kill ur fuccin mother for smokin a cigarettes in public let me know how it feels

    3. DW says:

      Thats exactly what they were doing. They were protecting the albeit small, but existent community of decent people who live in that neighborhood. Cops dont protect perps….they arrest them or shoot them, which is what they should do. Thank you NYPD…. thank you for serving and protecting the good, law abiding people, and thank you for making the tough decisions when they need to be made.

  16. Just a thought says:

    Don’t know the race of the officer involved (we will find out eventually). But maybe primarily black officers should patrol such neighborhoods. White cops patrolling white neighborhoods, Hispanic “, mixed etc, etc, etc, etc.

    1. bob says:

      That is perfect separate but equal right? Moron

    2. MIKE says:



      1. Mike is going to jail says:

        Wow mike hope your ip address is protected because that sounds like a threat.

      2. bigblue says:

        thats all you people talk about! He shot him because he was black! Oh please… who fills most of our prisons? Black people and latinos. Quit running from the cops in the hood and you wont get shot.

        1. Amtracmarine says:

          I can see why they feel that way. Not too long ago a drug ring was busted at Columbia University. They weren’t just dealing weed, they were selling cocaine, marijuana, ectasty, Adderall and LSD and not in small amounts. No shots were fired and none of the 5 caught got any jail time.

    3. GF says:

      There isn’t enough black & spanish cops to do that. The race of the cop has nothing to do with it, it has to do with the neighborhood, experience of dealing with people in the neighborhood, and the mentality of the cop itself.

  17. Sean says:

    The cop chased him INTO his house where the cop needs a warrant or direct permission to enter. The kid had no weapon. and he was shot in the chest. How can anyone think this is right even in light of his previous arrests or his behaviour. I bet if anyone put themselves in this kids shoes they wouldnt be saying the cops did their job. clearly the cops dont give a fck about anything but meeting their quota. You all should be ashamed of yourselves saying this kid got what he deserved, nobody unarmed deserves to be shot in the chest by a cop at point blank range. what if it were your moms that got shot bitches.

    1. James Connolly says:

      Cops don’t need a warrant when they are in hot pursuit you moron! They also don’t need a warrant when it’s a felony. You watch to much tv dummy. Yea, commit a crime and just run home. Cops can’t come in. Amazing how stupid some people are in NY. You are the same moron who’s in the street yelling “yo yo yo, cops need a warrant yo.” the cops are laughing at you because they know there is no need for a warrant and you sound like a fool. You can’t fix stupid.

  18. UNREAL says:

    Are you kidding me?! This happens again?! He was 18 YEARS OLD AND THE COPS CAN NOT HANDLE AN UNARMED TEENAGER?! AND THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE PROTECTING US?! seriously unbelievable. I am beyond fed up with how many people are wrongfully getting their lives taken by police officers who should be trained so handle these situations in a NON LETHAL way! You don’t shoot a kid in the chest because he isn’t doing exactly what you want him to? so unreal..

    My thoughts are with the family endlessly. A similar situation happened on Long Island in September to a family member of mine and we are still yet to get him justice but we will never give up.

    and anyone who is disgusting enough to say that this poor boy deserved this needs a serious reality check

    1. MIKE says:



      1. UNREAL says:

        I don’t think it’s only a race problem.

        1. Cat says:

          You must be white.

          1. UNREAL says:

            I’m not saying that there isnt a race problem, I’m saying whites arent excluded from horrible crap like this happening, considering my family member who was killed by the police was white. It doesnt have to be separated by race, a problem is a problem no matter what your skin color is.

            1. UNREAL says:

              If you read my first post you would see that I am 100 percent on the victim and his families side of this. So do not discredit my thoughts because we don’t share the same skin color. Regardless of our race, I know what this family is going through and I stand beside them.

  19. CJ says:

    He did have a dad and his dad was there for him anytime he needed!! You sound so ignorant…shut up!!!

    1. Graham the fatherless punk says:

      That’s rich coming from a ghetto rat

    2. Be a responsible man says:

      Dummy if his father was giving him guidance he wouldn’t be dead. He would of been studying or working. God help us all if you have children. Especially a boy.

      1. luncd says:

        there are many kids who have fathers that are in their lives and they still commit cimes…Sooooo stfu!!!!!! yea and i hope your kids get……

  20. dollars and SENSE says:

    In the last 50 years, what percentage of NY City and State tax revenue (income, sales, real estate, etc) has been outlaid for NYC public assistance and food stamp programs on an annual basis? In that same time frame, what percentage of NYC residents have received such benefits (also on a year-to-year basis)? And is it all possible that funds for such programs could be exhausted (at least for a few months) one day?

    1. craig says:

      The amount of racist comments on here amaze me. Another case of government sponsored murder, the NYPD never lets down. ACAB

      1. Working man. Can you dig it? says:

        So who sponsored the black on black criime? The Hood .

  21. felina says:

    the destruction of the black family, putting the black man in jail, brainwashed them into thinking going to jail, selling drugs is cool. discouraging them from getting an education, keeping them dumb and ghetto. The sad part is a lot of blacks are so blind they can’t see how the media brainwash them. There is obviously a need for them to keep black people down. I think they will never legalize weed because there’s would be less reason to put black man in jail. The crazy part is they kill million of people with legal drugs but make weed illegal, All I know is that they want to keep black people uneducated, dumb and stupid like that they will always secure the power and money for themselves.

  22. jb says:

    Everybody just needs to watch this and take some notes:

    1. Gang Bangers are fruits says:

      Too late. They’re in jail. Cavity search already done…and they love it!!!

  23. Rudy America's Mayot says:

    So it waz alrite doin a liddle pot at age 18 a good boy runin awaye
    from the kops..a reel winnur he waz, this saved NYC money jailing hem
    time footure

  24. MIKE says:




    1. Rich says:

      Go “smoke a lttle weed…like all the little young kids does”…weed leads to more drugs, violence, crime, etc. Is that the rising you speak of? God help you, and all of us, if it is!!!

      1. Bernard Shaw says:

        You are as bright as a 2 watt bulb.

        1. midi-man says:

          smoke a little weed…like all the little young kids does. I do not know but is does correct grammar?
          I guess that is what smoking a little weed will get you.

          1. JV says:

            Have you ever heard of dialect? You know, the way Southerner’s use the word “y’all.” Variations such as the one you pointed out are normal and “correct” within the spoken English language. EAE (Edited American English) only applies to the written language. Your comment reeks of subtextual racism. Anyway, let me correct your sentence for you. It seems you meant to write: “I do not know, but is ‘does’ correct grammar?” Maybe you should spend more time on your punctuation and less time making insensitive, moronic remarks.

      2. m.r.Eddi says:

        So then the cops were doing drugs right? since they did all the violence in this case. the guys didnt even have a gun. should read what you are going to post before you do

    2. MAN UP says:

      Wow. Civilized people admire drug addict crackheads that mug old people for the Social security checks. I admire all the weed you smoke. Graffiti that makes the hood look pretty. Men making babies but aren’t man enough to take care of your family. Thinking of excuses not to man up. Yeah Real men admire that. How about raising a book to your faces and getting an education instead of killing each other and only complaining when cops do it. YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT THE CRIME THAT AFFECTS YOUR CHILDREN? NO!!!

  25. Ted says:

    Behave, you won’t have these problems!
    And if the purp shot the cop?

    But he was a “good boy”. He only been arrested numerous times!

    1. Me Tarzan U Ghetto Monkey says:

      Behave is not understood by animals

  26. JB says:


    1. GF says:

      The prior charges have nothing to do with the situation. If the cops are chasing you and you are in plain sight at all times then its likely the cop wont pull his weapon. But once they lose sight of you especially if you run into an apartment they are pulling weapons because they are walking into a unknown and potentially dangerous situation. Did the kid deserve to die? No. Was the officer wrong for his actions? We don’t know.

    2. No real working men in the hood says:

      His offense was stupidity.

  27. bob says:

    Because shooting to harm is something that is done in movies not in real life. When engaging a target you want to eradicate the treat. An injured person is just as dangerous as when not injured because adrenaline can keep an individual fighting(and trying to take the gun away from the officer as he probably was) even with a couple of gun shot wounds in the body.

    1. CSI says:

      What????? What does anything you are saying has to do with shooting an unarmed person. So next time I see you running and think you have weed on you I am just going to shoot you because I think you are going to take my gun. Thats why I didn’t take the position because all of my cop friends are a bunch of bone heads. Only reason they are cops now because they got bullied in high school. Just another way to feel powerful.

  28. John says:

    According to the WSJ:

    “A law-enforcement official said Mr. Graham had eight prior arrests, including burglary, robbery, dealing marijuana and other offenses. The disposition of those cases wasn’t known.”

    But of course he was still a “good boy”

    1. Rich says:

      Who liked to smoke a little weed, you know, like all the little kids does…LOL!!! Does anyone else see anything wrong with this?

  29. Liberals are Great..... says:

    Liberals are Great… helping cause the crime rate to go up. Just look at New York.

    1. Basil says:

      I’m a Liberal, and I think marijuana should be decriminalized. We don’t need to put people in jail for consuming drugs. However, this teenager may have been a dealer of marijuana. He’s had 8 priors. I think people need to decriminalize drugs because putting tons of people in prison for it makes the price too high for the drugs and socially it doesn’t work. We’ve tried the very conservative way. The problem with it is America has the highest incarceration rate in the world. The crime rate has gone down all over America whether in Liberal or non-Liberal areas. The mother makes it seem in this case as if her boy was just your random kid who smokes marijuana. He probably sold it. I wish he was taken in and not killed, but he chose to run from the authorities and resist. I think another cop with more experience wouldn’t have killed him.

      1. Usaidit says:

        I think you know nothing of policing but liberals never seem to.

        1. Basil says:

          I disagree. The Netherlands doesn’t fill its jails full of people who smoke pot.
          Marijuana is illegal, but it doesn’t need to be. A cop can take down a teenager without shooting him in the chest. If I know nothing about policing, then why is there an investigation. Some ideas that are Liberal are good, some that are Conservative are good. You always need a balance. The Conservative approach is what the US uses and that’s why we have the most people in jail in the whole world, man!

          1. Drug addicts are weak says:

            When you have experience in law enforcement instead of smoking weed and trying to lower the price of drugs let us know.

    2. Hairpin lupinski says:

      Why don’t you come to New York and see how people really are instead of echoing brainless drivel with your head stuck in the Fox New toilet? Spitting out stupidity is easy. Any two year old can do it. Be a grownup and think before you post. Take responsibility for what you say and back it up with experience,

      1. Liberals are Great..... says:

        I am in New York Jacka@@. I have experience with brainless idiots like you. It’s people like you that tore down America. Now go finish you bong dummy.

  30. MicNic says:

    Nothing like a cop shooting to bring out the good old fashion American racism and moral condemnation in a lot of people. *Arranges pedestals so that some self-righteous and down right nasty commentators below can have a seat*

    1. Amen! Eight prior arrests, huh? How many convictions? It’s not that unusual in “stop and frisk” New York (or any other city) for a black man to have arrests. Even if he was convicted, this isn’t about how innocent he was or was not (and what parent, especially a grieving one, isn’t going to defend her child’s honor) but about gunning down an unarmed man, in front of his 6 year old little brother.

      1. Basil says:

        The part you’re missing is that prior to shooting the boy, the boy was struggling or fighting with the cop. He ran into the house and then into the bathroom and was fighting with the cop, apparently. He didn’t want to be taken in. The cop was on the force for three years and somehow after getting in a struggle with the suspect, shot him. He didn’t do his job well, but the teenager put himself in that situation by running into his house after trying to get rid of the evidence in the toilet, obviously. Why do you think he went to the bathroom? He had to flush away his stash. I feel bad for his six year old brother. The fact that black men get arrested more, which is horrible, doesn’t change the fact that that young man chose to resist arrest and deal with an illegal substance and struggle with a policeman. I am not in agreement with shooting him, but we don’t all the facts behind the struggle between the two. Why was he struggling with a cop instead of going peacefully to jail?

        1. D says:

          No I think you WHITE PEOPLE DONT GET IT, if he was a WHITE 18 year old boy who ran into his mom’s home with his grand mother there, would the cop have shot him? PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU RESPOND. PS.. all those who claim he had prior arrest, am assuming some how the cop knew this thats why he was chased into an apartment? If he was dangerous how and why would a police officer be struggling with a dangerous armed criminal? Again THINK WHITE PEOPLE THINK….

          1. Rich says:

            You sir, are an idiot. Why would the cop be struggling with a dangerous armed criminal…because that’s what these brave men and women get paid to do. They don’t hang out on street corners smoking a little weed, you know, like all the little kids does…I can’t get enough of that…LOL!!! Let me ask you, would you put yourself and the welfare of your family (and I don’t mean public assistance when I say welfare) on the line while getting grossly underpaid to protect anyone else? P.S. Where in ther article does it say the cop was white?

          2. the thinker says:

            It is not about a skin color, but about the behavior of particular groups that others have learned to distrust. Perhaps the officer was thinking of NYPD Officer Kevin Brennan, shot in the head In Bushwick just 3 days before or Dead Officer Peter Figoski shot on December 12, and the Officer did not want to end up dead or wounded as his colleagues. The over played victim issue, based on skin color, is in reality not the true concern. Bad behavior is the problem that too many of you are too self-righteous to recognize, and therefore never address. It is everyone’s fault but your own, bad schools, unemployment, segregation, etc. I wonder WHY????? Unpredictable behavior! You have, unfortunately, earned your stripes and the majority suffers the consequences.

  31. Harriet says:

    I don’t think it’s really so much a debate over the kids morals. I mean, the death penalty for murderers is highly debated in many areas. Killing someone, anyone, for something like marijuana is completely out of hand. I mean, think about it. It’s a plant, for god sakes. We are killing each other over a plant. I don’t have any stance on this particular instance, or whether the cop was in fact acting in self defense (there really isn’t enough information here), but taking a human life, regardless of whether or not you consider he or she to be a good person, is unreasonable and fairly disgusting.

  32. Jason Slupski says:

    Well heeelllllo BIGOT PIG! Your white hooded robes and burning cross are waiting for you. Burn in HELL.

    1. Jason needs his daddy says:

      Go back to smoking your weed Loser and waiting for your welfare checks. Sorry if you don’t know your daddy but blame it on your mother. By the way dummy the truth does make one a bigot pig.

      1. Basil says:

        Smoking marijuana doesn’t make a person a loser anymore than drinking whiskey. A large percentage of people in Canada have smoked it once, including many professionals who make much more money than you and me. I don’t smoke it, and I hardly drink. I think there’s a problem if a teenager is smoking it in this case even if it were legal because he’s underage. His mother is irresponsible since he has had priors. Part of this is her fault, and her son resisted arrest and was fighting with a police officer instead of going downtown. I have a problem with what the cop did in response, but he could possibly claim it was in self-defense. Don’t gloat over someone’s death. What’s the point?

        1. Have a drink says:

          Doing any drug is a sign of weakness. PERIOD!

          1. MicNic says:

            Meaning that you must be au natural in everything, right? No over the counter meds or prescriptions for you. Drugs are for chumps. Have a seat sir and take your government approved meds.

            1. Have a drink says:

              No I don’t take anything. I take the pain like a man which you wouldn’t understand. Now go give Pfizer more of your money.

              1. B. Have says:

                Methinks he doth protest too much. Not even coffee? Cigarettes? Black tea? Sugar? All of these are mood altering substances, i.e “drugs”. How about Novocaine at the dentist? If you truly don’t take any analgesics I admire your purity of vision but suspect you’ve never had major surgery or broken a limb.

          2. Basil says:

            Does that apply to people also drinking beer and whiskey or having their cup of coffee or cigarettes? I don’t think people should be busted for smoking joints, but if he was selling it, it’s another story. I don’t see why a cop needs to kill some teen in a struggle if the teen wasn’t grabbing for his gun and wasn’t armed.

  33. alkh3myst says:

    Good Lord, what vile things run through your mind. I’m glad I don’t know you.

    1. Natural selection killing says:

      I’am glad I don’t know you either. I don’t make friends with criminals or pot smokers. How many excuses do you make for criminals by the way? When you have experience living in those types of neighborhoods then say something smart.

      1. MicNic says:

        Everyone loves to point the finger and cry “witch”….that is until their own dirty laundry is aired out and its them. Sympathy and empathy are human qualities, yet it never fails to amaze me how few people actually possess them. You are beyond sad and I am sorry for whatever it is that made you that way.

        1. Natural selection killing says:

          I’ll have sympathy for a good honest person not someone who fights the police. Defending criminals like you do is really sad. Sorry if you have dirty laundry but that’s your fault. Why don’t you move to that neighborhood if you think that’s such a great place. All talk with no experience. Just like a liberal.

          1. Lisa says:

            So, because he smokes marijuana he isn’t a good, honest person? I’m tired of people think this way. Not everything is so black and white like it is on TV. You don’t know that kid’s life, so don’t assume that he wasn’t a good person over records. MLK had a record, too, and I’d hope that you’d consider him a “good, honest person”.

            1. GF says:

              A Good kid with prior arrest that include Burglary and robbery. And he also ran when he was approached and was in possession of drugs plus there was a struggle before he was shot. I’m tired of everyone who gets killed by a cop being referred to as “a good _______”. While the NYPD does occasionally make poor judgement call at certain times 9/10 the victim isn’t all that innocent or completely without blame.

            2. MLK was a real man says:

              Smoking weed doesn’t make you evil just stupid and weak. Just like white people want. Selling drugs to your own kind or anyone else doesn’t make you great either.

    2. Neighborhood watch says:

      What vile thing goes through your mind to defend criminals?

  34. Josie says:

    Someone’s son is dead over some damn marijuana, this has got to stop!!
    This is absolutely ridiculous! Killing a human being over a harmless drug, this makes me sick!!!

    1. Basil says:

      Incorrect, he was killed for fighting with a police officer in a bathroom after he ran from the police. I am against arresting people for marijuana, but the headline and reading the words of the mother early on doesn’t have you see that there was a fight with the boy. I think the cop was wrong to shoot him even though he was fighting him.

  35. cubanflowers says:

    “Everybody’s kids get into trouble. He smoked a little weed, but you know, like all the little, young kids does”

    she sounds like a real fool. i don’t know what my kids do when they are not in my eyesight but none of my children have rap sheets or smoke weed (as far as i know) and i pray to God it stays that way..

    be blessed.

    1. MicNic says:

      Wow oh wow. Talk about heartless. No matter what your stance is on the case, that was not called for. I feel sorry for you.

      1. Puerto Rican American Marine says:

        Don’t feel sorry that I’am not a crinimal with excuses to man up. If you go through life with excuses I feel sorry for you too.

    2. CJ says:

      Your a distgusting human being!!!!!!

      1. Puerto Rican American Marine says:

        Your a hood rat. When did not being a criminal become disgusting? Wow you are a honest moral person. NOT.

      2. CJ stay off the drugs please says:

        Graham must of been your supplier.

  36. Carl Lundgren says:

    The confluence of an inadequately trained police force, harsh and impractical laws, institutional racism, an education sytem left to deteriorate and under attack by those tasked with protecting and improving it, and increasingly shrinking opportunities for employment and training for our youth are proving to be a lethal combination. This serves the interests of no one, and, with each new and almost daily incident, is more than likely going to result in a backlash and upheaval that will once and for all lay bare the conceit that we live in a just society.

    1. Basil says:

      I don’t have enough information to go on exactly if the cop fired on the suspect as part of the struggle. Perhaps, the cop was fighting fiercely and felt that, in self-defense, he had the right to fire. I don’t have enough information about that.
      One, why does the mother have a son with so many priors? Two, why was he resisting arrest and apparently fighting with the cop. That is dangerous. I can’t take sides on this one. I’m sorry he’s dead. I need more info. from the investigation before completely blaming the police officer. The boy wasn’t shot simply because he had marijuana. He was struggling i.e. fighting with a cop.

  37. dan says:

    I don’t understand what they mean by he had prior arrests. So what? What are they trying to say that because he had prior arrests that gives them the right to shoot him?

    1. Basil says:

      It’s relevant to show that he was not simply some kid who smokes marijuana, and that he has had previous run-ins with the law. He clearly didn’t want to get arrested again and was running from the cops. Not only that, he started struggling with a cop. That was a mistake. Whatever wrong the cop did, the boy put himself in jeopardy. I am not defending anything wrong the cop did, but he could argue he shot the guy in self-defense and potentially get away with it. I feel bad that he was killed in front of his baby brother. I don’t think people should be arrested for pot or drugs, even. It unfairly hurts people.

      1. MicNic says:

        I’m sorry, so because he had past struggles that made it okay for them to shoot him
        ? At no point did they said that he possessed a weapon to even warrant this abuse of power. A struggle does not justify murder and until they prove to me that he’s a murderer, rapist, or gang banger there is nothing the NYPD can say to justify this.

        1. Anthony Gayle says:

          He never was a gangbanger or rapist. He was my cousin and my family. If if he did have pot that still does not justify the fact that they shot him in his house.Now a family is torn apart. I have lost all conern for humans because now all i see is loved one dying left and right and people are priasing this…….

  38. Anthony Gayle says:

    so your answer justice is murder that person was my cousin and now he is gone. hop i see you in person when you die so cant laugh at your corpes and your family weeeping ther eyes out.

    1. Graham is dead. Hooray!!! says:

      Please learn to write english instead of smoking weed loser.

      1. Anthony Gayle says:

        I pray that your eaten by canibals. And am there to see it.

        1. Natural selection killing says:

          Spoken like a true African cannibal. Your mom will eat me first..

  39. bigbxhec says:

    I guess if you have prior arrest, your basicly game for the NYPD. Might as well have a bullseye on your back. Im tired of hearing the same ole song and dance. The NYPD does no wrong. I hope to see them all in hell one day.

  40. Good Kid, not! says:

    If the cops don’t get him, the streets will. This kid would die at a young age either way. I’m sure he just enrolled gor his GED and was turning his life around.

  41. Tracey says:

    You are an idiot! Why must people like you post your ignorance comments on public forums. Let me guess, you’ll say you have a freedom of speech? I wonder do you go outside spewing the same nonsense out of your mouth publicly? My guess is you do not because you would catch all kind of hell.

  42. Natalie says:

    Not saying the teen was innocent. He was probably running to toss the pot down the toilet since he has prior drug arrests. In everything I’ve read, cops seemed to know the teen was unarmed. Why must they always shoot to kill? Why not shoot to harm? If the teen wanted to have hurt the cops, he wouldn’t have run he would have taken aim. Sometimes I think the police shoot to kill & always use the same defense of “thought the person was armed.” Just saying…

    1. Sgeo says:

      There’s no such thing as shoot to wound. If you’re pointing a gun at something or someone, it’s with intent to destroy that thing or kill that person. There are, however, less lethal options. Shooting isn’t one of them, but, for example, tazering might be.

      1. Timothy Scuderi says:

        So they couldn’t shoot the guy in the shoulders, arms, or legs despite it being close quarters with probably not much room for him to move around in?

  43. EB says:

    The police probably didn’t want to pay the going price, so they did what they call the legal solution and killed him because they do no wrong!

  44. JQ says:

    why does he have to be black and unemployed Victor?

  45. led says:

    So he should not been smokeing weed and her point is? ibet that kid had a big rap sheet

    1. It starts at the home says:

      Mommy smoked the weed with dear old son I bet.

  46. Meme Meyagi says:

    Thanks Obama…….

    1. cubanflowers says:

      please stop mas turbating to President Obama.

      be blessed.

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