NEW YORK (WFAN) — Giants running back Brandon Jacobs doesn’t see Plaxico Burress re-signing with the Jets.

After Burress’ quotes from Indianapolis Wednesday night, it’s hard to picture the wide receiver back in Rex Ryan’s locker room.

According to the New York Post, when given the chance to defend embattled Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, Burress took a pass.

“Mark Sanchez is Mark Sanchez,” he said.

As for the Jets’ disappointing season?

“It went as it went,” he said.

Surely Plax would have an opinion about how Ryan and former offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheim utilized him.

Or, as Jacobs hinted Tuesday, underutilized him.

Burress responded: “They used me the way they wanted to use me.”

Many players have spoken out about the toxicity in the Jets’ locker room. LaDainian Tomlinson said it was the worst he’s ever seen. Tight end Dustin Keller said Wednesday that the whole thing was “blown out of proportion.”

Ryan even told WFAN’s Mike Francesa last month that he needs to be more hands-on.

Burress, your turn?

“The Jets locker room is the Jets locker room,” he said, according to the Post.

The receiver finally opened up a bit when asked if he regretted his decision to turn down an incentive-laden one-year, $1 million offer from the Giants for the Jets’ one-year, $3 million deal.

“I don’t second guess myself at all with any decisions I’ve made,” said Burress. “It’s life and you can’t predict what’s going to happen in life. You make decisions based on certain things and you run with it.”

Burress will be in attendance to root on the Giants Sunday in Super Bowl XLVI. He caught the game-winning touchdown pass from Eli Manning to beat the New England Patriots four years ago in Super Bowl XLII.

So what’s next for the big red-zone target? Jacobs thinks Plax will be back in blue.

“I think if he stays in the area, this is where he’d want to be,” Jacobs told reporters Wednesday. “But I’m not sure. … It’s nothing he said to me to make me think that, but I think he will definitely be a Giant.”

What do you make of Plax’s comments — or lack thereof? Sound off below…

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  1. BigBlue says:

    Ken, the elder manning ain’t going anywhere near the jets. Can’t even begin to list the reasons why.

  2. Ken Finnen says:

    lets see if his tune changes if the elder manning comes to the Jets

  3. NYGiants_Rule says:

    Plaxico is toxic and the Giants do not want him or need him they have excellent receivers. Plax can stay with the Jets or go somewhere else like TO and ruin another team with his selfishness.

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