NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The suspect accused of shooting a New York City police officer in the head has been charged with attempted murder and faced dozens of angry officers in court on Thursday.

Luis Ortiz appeared before a judge at Brooklyn Criminal Court Thursday morning. Prosecutor Lewis Liberman called the shooting an “evil act by an evil individual” and said it was “an assassination attempt.”

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Investigators say Ortiz shot NYPD Officer Kevin Brennan point-blank in the head during a struggle Tuesday night at the Bushwick Houses in Brooklyn.

“This was an attempted assassination by this defendant on police officer Brennan, who I just want to note showed Herculean restraint in not firing his weapon,” Liberman said.

EXTRA: Luis Ortiz Complaint (pdf)

1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa reports

Ortiz did not put on a show Thursday as he did a day earlier when he was led out of the precinct.  He yelled out the Latin Kings’ rallying cry, though police said he was not a Latin King.  Ortiz’s family also shouted curses while they pounced on the car he was in on Wednesday, CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reported.

Ortiz’s lawyer, meanwhile, said the way the prosecutor slammed his client in court was a grandstand play.

“Those kind of phrases are for you guys and to poison a potential trial,” said defense attorney Eric Poulos.

Poulos also said there is no proof his client was the gunman. Ortiz is being held without bail.

The bullet lodged in the back of Brennan’s head, but miraculously, it did not kill him. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly showed that bullet to reporters.

“He is one lucky young man,” Kelly said.

Police arrested Ortiz hours after the shooting. As he was being questioned at the 90th precinct, Kelly viewed surveillance video that he says showed the entire encounter.

“The officer has his gun out. You also see Ortiz has a gun in his hand. They struggle. You see Ortiz with his arms around the officer’s head and then he’s shot and he doesn’t move after he’s shot,” Kelly said.

Investigators say Ortiz tried to shoot Brennan again but the gun jammed, likely saving the life of the 29-year-old new father.

As fellow officers worked frantically to save Brennan, police said he asked to call his wife and was able to tell her he had been shot, but was okay. He then lost consciousness.

Doctors say Officer Brennan will fully recover.

“Thank God he’s OK. That’s the most important thing,” said Brennan’s neighbor John Skinner. “He can see his baby grow up.”

Ortiz has a lengthy criminal record and police say he is also the prime suspect in a New Year’s day murder.

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  1. Lesson for latinos says:

    What’s the lesson Latinos? Don’t sleep with a monkey otherwise you produce a Black Ortiz.

  2. paul says:

    Trust me, he won’t be abused in prison. I work with people like Ortiz and his peers. This guy will be respected in prison by his fellow inmates for his actions. WTF is the deal though, they say violent crime is down yet everyday you read about someone getting shot. It seems as though the peaceful Giullliani era is over.

  3. Orourke says:

    This country is too liberal. Drop bunker busters and daisy cutters on the projects and let’s build some nice homes for the law abiding , hard working people of new York. I am so tired of getting taxed to death to feed these low life crack heads. Bend over bitch, its time to get a good ass drilling, come to papa.

  4. de yuvlole says:

    Ithougth isaw! the Devil. if you think this the worst of the Houseing projects your wrong baby. the houseing authortiy keeps the good people with the worst God help that loyalty too drugs & dealers they think that crap is bigger in there heads than what itreally is. God bless the good cops and the hell with people like HIM!

  5. Schoolteacher says:

    Officer Brennan:

    Thank you, for what you have done, for what you have given, and for what you have nearly sacrificed for my city. You are a better man than I.

  6. my idea of helll says:

    i would rather see him buttbanged on a nightly basis until he cant control his bowels because he is continously spread wide open

  7. thor's hammer says:

    the next time he does the perp walk, let’s improvise a bit. hot coals for the pathway (since he thinks he’s hot stuff), a phalanx of crime victims along the sides of the path who can administer dope slaps along the path. oh i could go on, but i’ll wait for the ongoing days of his trial. suggested reading materials include: spanish inquisition methods, viking methods, justice as administered by the native american peoples.

  8. Steven Fahey says:

    He try to kill a cop and screwed it up. And family cursing The NYPD? What a bunch of low lives.

    God Bless these cops for their restraint. I would not be able to do it.

    And by the way, someone who claimed to be his brother was on the NYDS site yesterday stating NYPD was framing him, and he was only protecting his family.

    These people actually believe the lies that come out of own their mouths. Just a complete disgrace all together.

    Also, I feel for decent people that live in Bushwick and have to live around these punks while they try to better their lives. There has a be a few of them, right?

  9. NYPD Detective says:

    The thought of this boy not being able to sit comfortably for the next 40 years, makes me believe that maybe Texas justice isn’t better in this case. Oh the “favors” Correction Officers can get for certain things in prison will insure that this boy will be screaming for his mama every night… if he even knows who his real mama is…. That’s justice people!!

    1. Hector Suarez says:

      By the way this guy went about his business leads me to beleive that he does’nt care rather he lives or dies. It also shows me how the minorities that live within NYC, dislike the NYPD. There is too much abuse of blacks and latinos by the NYPD, that they are actually bring the fight to the NYPD. God help us here in the big apple.
      PS. Most young minorities have exagerated criminal records because of aggresive police tactics. They don’t mean much, just too much hype.

      1. RoyBoySays says:

        A criminal is a criminal,regardless of race, ……..if your not committing a crime you don’t have to worry about being arrested……………and genius,most crime is minority on minority,so who’s looking out for them other than the police,, you whiner

      2. mat says:

        He’s 21 years old and has been arrested 14 times!!! All made up by the NYPD? ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!!! This is EXACTLY the mentality that keeps crime rampant in some minority communities. Just like his family. Make excuses and blame somebody else. Take no responsibility. Typical

      3. evan says:

        Hector, you are so wrong…. There’s a reason there’s so much abuse and this guy is one of them

    2. RoyBoySays says:

      I still think a public hanging would work well,if nothing else but for the deterrant factor………and we would have the last laugh as we watched him swing

    3. NYPD Detective says:

      Honestly Hector, you can’t be for real… I myself am a Latino and kept my head on straight, worked hard and made a career for myself in the NYPD… Try preaching this to someone else, would you…. The best way to fight prejudice is an education, especially in the Big Apple, remember that.

      1. Puerto Rican American Devil Dog says:

        NYPD Detective you are so right. I’am latino and never broke the law. I have family in the NYPD and latin friends who are cops too. Education is the way.

        1. exNYer says:

          Bravo to both of you. We need more like you.

  10. Love NYC says:

    Won’t be any “Tapping Out” in prison.

  11. Joyce says:

    I understand everyone is innocent until proven guilty; but if they really do have the tape showing that this guy shot the officer, why do these lawyers defend them?? To make matters worse this guy is grinning and blowing kisses as if he is happy. What has this world come to.

    1. midi-man says:

      Cause it does not feed the corrupt system.

    2. LULU says:

      I totally agreed. The should hang this “EVIL” One to the MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. robert says:

      Let’s see how happy he is after 20 years of being Bubba’s “woman”..

    4. Rich says:

      So the judge has ordered him held without bail. Finally a man with a pair. I don’t see this thug smiling in the photo above. As for him blowing kisses as he did his perp walk, well now the only thing he’ll be blowing is…you get the point. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Mayor Liberal says:

    Clearly if President Obama was in officer longer he would have helped this poor young man and gave him more of my tax dollars so he would not have to live in the projects We need to also listen to Mayor Bloomberg and stop illegal guns in NYC however support Men who are interested in other Mens rectums

    1. CT Native says:

      The way you write, it appears that you barely graduated middle school. Obviously you probably blame Democrats for your poor educational background. It’s probably the Democrats’ fault for your skewed view of Society.

      1. RoyBoySays says:

        No we can only blame the Dems for their giveaway the store policies,give em housing,give em a free education,give em free foodstamps,give more entillements,give em less taxes,while the middle class pay more,……and this low life perp is a prime example of why entitlements don’t work

    2. MikeD says:

      Please go back to school and learn basic grammar.

  13. I B D Judge and Jury says:

    This case would last one day in my court room. Verdict – Guilty. Punishment – immediate death. Out the bcak door with a bullet in the head. Any attorney that tries a wacked out defense would be tried the same. I would like to call it social cultivation.

  14. Jersey Girl says:

    Hopefully he’ll be someone’s bitch in jail 24-7-365 and in 6 months or so will have a colostomy bag, AIDS and syphilis.

    He’s a skank, his family and friends are skank…skank breeds skank. Typical “gangsta” mentality, take a pot shot at a cop or kill one and you get street cred. That’s what skank is all about. Time to start cleaning house.

    1. RoyBoySays says:

      Wow Jersey Girl,tell us how you really feel……………… we all agree with you

    2. Another Jersey Girl says:

      Completely agree.

  15. Scott says:

    This guy will be forgotten in prison before to long,by both his family and those who think that what he has done with his life and most recently shootin is ok. It’s not ok and he wil be reminded every day by corrections officers, that its not ok. That is all he has to look forward to. Meantime, we have been blessed to still have a very brave police officer who has gne beyojnd the call of duty to protect and serve. May he and his family be blessed for that and may he make a speedy recovery.

  16. Vik says:

    Blowing kisses as screaming friends and family support him? Animals stick close together, don’t they?! Rot in He!! you evil pr!ck!!!

  17. Justin Bean says:

    Sounds like this dude may have some very serious issues!

  18. Mlk says:

    I blame rap music

    1. Att. Hoar says:

      Blame it on the Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Alcohol!

  19. Carlos Liriano says:

    create some death squad and hand over to then this type of low life, the squad will save us tax payer thousands of dollars

  20. paul the sneek says:

    his daylatin queenare numbered,

  21. paul the sneek says:

    Tear down the projects breeding ground for human RATSpaul

  22. RoyBoySays says:

    Life without Parole is too short a prison sentence for this low life Latin Kings Gangster!

  23. Wrapper says:

    Fry this burrito!

  24. Peter says:

    Another Thug that the taxpayer will give room and board to.

  25. Yankee Fan says:

    The only good part of this article is the cop will make a FULL recovery. That is a miracle after being shot in the head. The perp also tried to fire a second time but the gun jammed thank God. I know this will not be popular. But I pray for both the cop and the shooter. How can such a young man be so depraved, heartless, and without remorse? What happened in his childhood to make him such? One sign is that his family was cheering him. Our inner cities housing projects are terrible places for children to grow up. Would this man have been the same if he grew up in a nice neighborhood with a good, law abiding and God fearing family? We all need to start helping each other instead of turning our back or foolishly expecting the government to be responsible for raising our children with morals, values, pride, and respect for the law and their fellow man.

    1. BO STINKS says:

      Sterlize the entire family and everyoner outside cheering. Put the shooter to death.

    2. Jean says:

      The inner-city projects are not always a breeding ground for this kind of person. I grew up in the ghetto as did my brother and more than a few of my friends. We are all honest, responsible produtive citizens who have succeeded in moving on up and out. A niice neighborhood means nothing. His family was cheering him on as he was doing his perp walk. That tells you the kind of home enviorment he was brought up in. Is anyone really surprised that he has such a long record or tried to kill a cop?

      1. Yankee Fan says:

        Jean, I miscommunicated. I too was brought up in the projects on Paladino Ave in Harlem. I thank the Lord I followed you and your brother in life and am responsible and law abiding. What I tried to convey is that proportionately folks from inner city housing projects have less chance to be good citizens like you. Statistics prove this and this is not just my opinion. My other point was how everyone can do better to help the underprivilidged. The police often do not care and follow up as they should when called to the projects. Social workers often do not go the extra yard. But even more important, we as a society do not reach out as much as we could. My feeling is organizations like PETA and GREENPEACE, while good, should not exist until every human is better cared for.

        1. BF says:

          How did you guys manage to do it? (Yankee Fan & Jean) I’m sure it’s NOT easy.

    3. RoyBoySays says:

      I’ll pray for the Police Officers speedy and full recovery, and I’ll also pray that this low life thug dies in Prison


    I say we knock out his last remaining front tooth. It will make it more comfortable for the other inmates her will be serving down there! A smoother job.

    Bye Bye D–k Head!!!

  27. E Rite says:

    His family was cheering for him outside the 90th precent!!!

    Now who is going to get his cracked out family druggs?

    May-be they should save there money for carfare to the upstate urine hole where he will be staying till he dies from an ass raping in 20 years.


  28. Latin Queen says:

    Well he will be going away for life now.They got him for previous murder and attempted murder of police officer.I bet he does not last a month they will make it look like a suicide.He signed his own death certificate.He thinks because he is Wanna be Latin King that he is tough watch him cry now at the abuse he will receive lol.

  29. Bullett says:

    Now this is what I classify as a #1 P.O.S.; I only wish officer Brennan had the upper hand when the gun was fired, maybe a bullet lodged into the head of Ortiz would have made the world just a little better.

  30. Esmerelda says:

    Bring Back Capital Punishment.
    No life in prison at our good tax money,
    people like Mr. Ortiz just need to go.

    1. CSI says:

      Then all the people who were accused of things they didn’t do will be dead. I’m all for capital punishment but in this world where people are quick to judge and all these people who spent years in jail for things they didn’t do and all they can say is sorry and take some cash and try and get your life back. I don’t think it will be a good idea.

  31. cookie says:

    This guy did not have a chance. Judging that his family is supporting him with numerous arrests, he is a suspect in a murder. If I was his mother I would make sure he was locked up. Just a bunch of low lifes who live off the system. Hope he goes to jail and never gets out.

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