Officer That Killed 18-Year-Old, And His Sergeant Placed On Restricted Duty

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The police officer who used deadly force against an unarmed 18-year-old suspect in the Bronx on Thursday has been placed on restricted duty, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said Friday.

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At a briefing, Kelly said the sergeant who supervised the officer has also been placed on restricted duty. The two officers had to turn in their guns and badges and will sit behind a desk for 30 days, reports CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

The shooting happened around 3 p.m. Thursday in the bathroom of the apartment house where 18-year-old Ramarley Graham lived with his mother and grandmother. On Friday, a small platoon of crime scene detectives got a search warrant for that house.

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Police said narcotics officers spotted Graham on the street adjusting his waistband and thought he had a gun. When the officers approached, authorities said Graham took off running toward his home.

“The observation team reported, uh, over the tactical radio, they observed the butt of a gun in the waistband of Ramarley Graham,” Kelly said.

A cop followed him inside, where Graham was shot in the chest by the officer in a bathroom, according to police. Originally, police had said there was a struggle between the officer and the suspect, but Kelly said Friday that investigators now believe there was no struggle between the two before the shooting.

Paulette Minzi, the owner of the house, was taking a shower a floor above the shooting.

“The towel fell off me. I was naked, down here. And … put the gun in my face, like this, and start: (shouting) ‘Who live here? Who live here? Who are you? Live here? Who are you here?’ And I say, ‘I’m the landlord! I’m the landlord!'” Minzi told CBS 2’s Guzman.

“And they run upstairs and then a lot of cops start to come,” Minzi added. “And that’s when they shot the boy.”

Graham was taken to Montefiore Medical Center where he later died.

No gun was recovered, but police said marijuana was found inside the home.

On his weekly radio show on WOR Radio on Friday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he doesn’t know why the cop shot Graham, but said the investigation is still ongoing.

“Typically in a situation like this, right away the police are taking off duty or off line duty and during an investigation, no matter what the facts the are, just to protect everybody,” he said. “And if they’ve done nothing wrong, they’ll be back on duty.”

WATCH: CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman reports

Police said they now think Graham ran because he was carrying marijuana and said they think he was trying to flush it down the toilet when cops found him the bathroom of his apartment.

“For them to chase him, to say they see him with a gun, they assume,” said Graham’s brother, Delmore Scott. “Imagine, that means everybody now is a target. Everybody is going to be a target now.”

The suspect’s mother, Constance Malcolm, said that Graham’s grandmother and 6-year-old brother were inside the house at the time of the shooting.

“In the bathroom they shot him. My 6-year-old son was there and saw everything,” Malcolm said. “I’m going to get justice.”

Authorities said Graham had at least two prior arrests for marijuana and burglary. Officials have not released the name of the officer involved as the NYPD’s Internal Affairs Unit investigates.

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  1. Jane says:

    Never trust a cop and never trust an aspiring cop. Something is wrong with people that want to grow up and kill unarmed teens for a living. This isn’t the first person killed by brutal pigs and this won’t be the last.

    1. David says:

      I know knew this young man wonderful child, I uses to talk to him all the time about who he was in the bible and he was very smart, this is terrible, I wish i had stayed in the bronx My wife and i left in 2008 we lived on E229th the next block, And i would talk to him all the time well raised and well manired some times we do and follow the wrong people and we have to make wise chocies, But to asume that some one has a gun with no proof is reckless, And they will get of and The Most High will take one of theres again. Though shall do no Murder.

    2. David says:

      For all who say he was a drug addict, Dont know him did you ever seat down and communicate with children in the community No So please go to the mother his friends and they will tell you who Romarley really was and not what the media saying by the why the other charges did not stick because he did not go in the persons house it was some one else wrong place @ the wrong time i spoke to him about that He did not die in vain the body is not fiscully here but the spirit is eternal. Blessing and i will be at his Home going, If any one live in the bronx let me know asap am in atlanta but i will come.

      1. wgalison says:

        Thank you David, for showing these hateful ignorant people that Ramarley was a real person, and a child of God.

  2. wgalison says:


    NYPD involved in assassination of mortgage fraud whistle-blower
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  3. ACLU says:

    Well at least the NYPD killed the young black man in a bathroom that the easiest place to clean up the mess

  4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says:

    When do we start playing the violin?

    1. Oscar says:

      When it’s your son, I’ll be the concert master. How’s that sound, cretin?

  5. stetson says:

    Its an awful thing that happened to this young man. But hey if you run from the police and then start struggling with a police officer things happen. Im sure this drug addict was not exactly putting his hands on the wall when the officer told him to freeze.

    1. Amtracmarine says:

      Damn,another one that can’t read. “NYPD Commissioner Kelly: No Struggle Between Teen, Officer Before Fatal Bronx Shooting”. smokeing weed doesn’t make you an addict or that would mean that the likes Al Gore,Tenessee Williams. Author and Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize Laureate physicist, founder of quantum electrodynamicswere all addicts. The Cop did tell this kid to show his hands and when the kid turned the cop yelled “Gun,Gun”…..there was no gun.

      1. Dawn says:

        Damn, another one that can’t spell or use proper grammar. Also, how do you know the cop yelled anything? Were you there? Or should I say “where u their!”

        1. Amtracmarine says:

          It was reported by the Police Commissioner at a news conference this morning.
          You’d know that if you weren’t trying to be such a wise a*s. You should also lear to read before you accuse anyone of anything, Dumb bit*h.

          1. Dawn says:

            You’d? lear? A capital D but not a b? Oh yeah… smoking doesn’t have an e and wisea*s is one word. Are you upset because you cant spell or speak? And I wasn’t accusing you of anything, I was just stating the obvious.

  6. yshaggy says:

    One word for all young black men to learn and
    understand “STOP”

    1. MBrown says:

      What are you talking about. He did stop and the minute he did that, the cop executed and killed him anyway.

  7. Children saved by punk says:

    Graham dead. Drugs sold to children stopped.

  8. Read a book not smoke it says:

    More blacks are murdered by other blacks than by cops but I guess that’s different.

    1. wgalison says:

      & more whites are murdered by other whites than by cops too, you blockhead.

  9. Thomas Willys says:

    Animals do as animals all the time. You can’t train those monkeys, the are too retarded. Clearly, I am talking about the glorified cops of NYC

    1. boo hoo says:

      Well maybe you should become a teacher and teach these wanna be thugs if you do a crime something bad might happen.If it was your wife or mother he robbed previously you would think differant about this drug addict .

      1. MBrown says:

        If it was your child that the police executed like a dog in his home, you wouldn’t be so quick to pass judgement on the victime like he deserved to slaughtered. You don’t know whether he was a drug addict or not so where do you get off calling him a drug addict without knowing the fact. You wouldn’t be calling these police murderers so don’t go passing judgement on this dead person. Absolutely disgusting. People like you they have on the police force who prejudge blacks.

  10. Dannyg says:

    Thank You for NOT letting my prior post get posted! Maybe it was too “Pro Police” for your Blog? This must be a Stir The Pot Blog!

  11. mj says:

    nypd “HEROS” strike once again

  12. No Justice and Never Will says:

    I live in a City where cop “made love” with intoxicated helpless female while on duty and was acquitted for doing so.

    Didn’t Mr. Kelly junior adjusted his belt after doing his deeds on the top of another intoxicated female recently, I do not see any NYPDer chased him into the bathroom and shot him.

    It is really sad that we live in this police state

    1. dont run if your innocent says:

      Lets not forget this is no innocent victim he put himself in the situation by running and flushing the drugs down the toilet.Plus he has been arrested before so lets not get the story twisted.We get all these people thst bash the cops like it is easy job what would you do with a known criminal who is behind a door.If you do not like it then take the test to become police officer and see if you can do better.

      1. MBrown says:

        My father was a cop and there is no where in the training where it says police have the right to execute suspects. Whether he was arrested or not, he was not armed and there was no justification for killing him like a dog. I hope they charge the police who did it with manslaughter. Because you are a cop and your victim is an ex-con, murder and slaugter is not an excuse. That was a disgusting thing for you to say

        1. Out of line says:

          If your father truly was a cop do you think you should wait for the facts first.

          1. MBrown says:

            She implied that even if the cop shot and killed the man unjustifiably, the man deserved it because he was a criminal. I merely pointed out to that person that executing or killing a suspect criminally is not part of the training and everyone dam well knows that they are ggod cops as well as bad who feel the same way as that person. My father was a cop and murder and manslaughter of a suspect or an ex con is not a part of the training, not that I am saying that’s what happened here.

        2. martin celeiro says:

          But you are NOT a cop and don’t know the facts. Is it possible that the perp had his back to the cop while flushing his pot down the toilet and then turned, and the cop thought he was getting shot at, or about to? While tragic, especially over pot, I wouldn’t blame the cop in a situation like that. I don’t expect cops to get hurt first.

          1. MBrown says:

            I was responding to the persons comment. He or she implied that because the person was an ex-con and was arrested before he deserved to be executed in his home. Like I said, there is no where in the training manual that says police should committ manslaughter because the suspect is an ex-con which I am not saying occurred here. You don’t know the facts either and you don’t know whether this cop acted criminally or not. I don’t expect cops to get hurt and I don’t expect cops to kill people wrongfully or committ manslaughter either.

          2. Amtracmarine says:

            No one knows the facts but that hasn’t stopped anyone from calling this kid a dealer,even though it’s never mentioned in the article.

            1. See ya loser says:

              No he was a junkie and a thief and thats public record.

              1. U R A Butt-Puppet says:

                If he was a junkie because he smoked weed that would make the likes of Richard Feynman, Nobel Prize Laureate physicist, founder of quantum electrodynamics,Al Gore,and Cary Mullis. Nobel Laurate, Biology were junkies,right? When the Cops chased him they didn’t know who he was

                1. U R A Pot Head Loser says:

                  Don’t you have some crack to share with your mother? God who opened the monkey cage at the zoo?

                  1. U R Still A Butt-Puppet says:

                    “some crack to share with your mother”,”monkey cage at the zoo”.
                    Is that the best you can do???

                    1. ur a waste of life says:

                      How about his previous arrest mugging that lady and using money for drugs.So yes a junkie is a junkie.

      2. mj says:

        yes he deserved to be excuted for rthat right ?

      3. Abraham says:

        I lived in NY. I know NY police. If you want police like this…you can have them. I want no part of them. I can tell you very sad stories all day long about NY cops. The recent 99 percent protest has them in all their glory on film. Who arrest 700 people at a time? Hurt, spray horror on your eyes? Beat hurt and drag people across streets. You are a fool to believe we cannot have better.

        1. Go Away says:

          Lol your one of the hippie protesters so your comment does not count.

          1. Abraham the runner says:

            Abraham didn’t mean it. He was high again., and again, and again……………………….

        2. Abraham the pot head says:

          Running is the first thing guilty people do idiot.

      4. Johnson says:

        Police chased him to shoot this guy dead. How do they know his prior history before shooting. police dont know if he was arrested before, prior to shooting him dead. The real problem is there is rare prosecution of such shootings. Even if rarely prosecuted even rarely found guilty by judges

      5. bill R says:

        No accountabilty to public. Always police justify thier shootings with falsehood. these shootings should be investigated by a elected civilian body and prosecuted quickly every time. Make police answerable to people thru justice

      6. wgalison says:

        Can the NYPD do better than this?

        NYPD involved in assassination of mortgage fraud whistle-blower
        Edit Reply

    2. Graham the future scientist says:

      Kelly doesn’t sell drugs to children in the school yard, Pee in housing project elevators, mug and rape old women, hang out in the hallways or in front of bodegas, rob bodegas, make fatherless babies, shoot up the neighborhood, spray graffiti. You know the typical life of a black boy.Basically useless. Oh when the cops questioned Kelly he didn’t run like blacks are famous for.

      1. Truth was spoken says:

        Finally a commet that speaks the truth .

      2. MBrown says:

        You are obviously a disgusting lowlife racist. This is your view of all black boys. With disgusting racists like you on the force no wonder they murder and committ manslaughter on blacks. Thank God Al Sharpton is on the case and the DA send it to the Grand Jury to consider whether the cops should be charged with murder or manslaughter. Too much disgusting racists like you on the NYPD

  13. brooklyn4ever says:

    Hope this cop learns the mantra quickly – “Do you want fries with your burger”, cause his career is over. Whether or not the kid was good or bad, it still does not give a cop the right to play shooting gallery when there is unjust cause. I hope this boys family gets the justice they seek and that he rests in peace.

    1. No luv for criminal says:

      His career is not over all you backseat quterbacks.He was chasing known criminal why run if your innocent .1 more dirtbag of the street.This is 1 time I wish I get jury duty.

      1. robert says:

        May be he was running becuase he read too many news stories where the police who are supposed to “protect and Serve” have been killing people frequently. If the responsible police gets prosecuted promptly every time a citizen is killed by police then these shootings will come down

        1. NYPD never bothesr me says:

          Give me a break if you do not like join the force make a differance but no they rather do drugs and steal.One thing about the low class they think being a junkie thief is ok.

  14. SGT KLINK says:

    Clearly this young man only wanted to smoke his bone in the peace of his moms house.I find it very weird the cops chased him into a bathroom he could have been doing a doo doo.NYPD needs to train the Officers to let a man have his bathroom time so he does not end up a dead doo doo boy..

    1. KPMc says:

      Klink was the Colonel.

      The sergeant was Schultz!

  15. MIKE says:



    1. Meme Meyagi says:

      Spell much?

    2. criminals bye bye says:

      Rogue cop 4 years on job never fired gun.Maybe if this loser did not run and have a record with drugs and robbing innocent people he would be alive.

    3. Why kill blacks? They do a better job themselves says:

      We must stop the blood shed. Blacks are doing the job themselves with the black on black crime.

  16. mikes says:

    Where in the story did it say he was a drug dealer? Trust if drugs were found on his person it would have been part of the story.

    1. Drano says:

      Why else would he run into a bathroom genius? To take a pee.?

  17. mikes718 says:

    Marijuana was found inside the home? what does that have to do with the shooting of an unarmed youth. Bloomberg is always confident the police will do the right thing even when they don’t. Bloomberg is as bad as Guiliani in the attitude N.Y.P.D Does no wrong and whom ever they shoot or arrest must be guilty of something. Drugs were found not on the young man but in the home no type and no amount so the shooting must justified because it’s now labeled as a drug related crime except there was no crime committed by the deceased, He tugged at his belt and now he’s dead.

  18. Bksfinest says:

    A 19yr old thief and drug dealer gets shot trying to run away from cops. Forgive me if I don’t shed a tear. And these mothers with their “my baby was a good boy” attitude are part of the problem. Open your eyes and pay attention to your kids doing illegal things and maybe they won’t end up on the street, doing illegal things, getting chased by cops.

    1. A "Going Postal" Worker says:

      I don’t know the facts of this case (and thank goodness, I wasn’t there).

      I have plenty of wealthy friends (who went to fancy boarding schools and Ivy league schools, etc.). I know several of them that do drugs. Suffice it to say that an unarmed rich kid snorting coke is EXTREMELY unlikely to get shot in the chest than some poor kid from a bad neighborhood who grows marijuana.

      Therefore, while I don’t necessarily dispute your message of parental responsiblity, the woman in question had her unarmed son killed by police, shot in front of a 6 year-old child. In that regard, I find your comments to be of incredibly poor taste.

      1. Jesus says:

        THANK YOU! Your rational, level-headed and obviously well-informed rebuttal is the silver lining I always look for in here. People often make these assumptions and never take into account all the other factors involved in these tragedies, most importantly being the fact that these are fellow human beings with every right to respect, life, and justice as anyone else, regardless of the color of their skin, their class, or the neighborhood they just happened to be raised in.

    2. MBrown says:

      You are a disgusting human being to condone the killing of an unarmed boy who was slaughtered in his home. You would not like that to happen to you that a police slaughter an unarmed member of your family in their own bathroom. Whether he had marijuana or not, he did not deserve to be killed like this. You people are just disgusting duchebags.

      1. Wait for the facts says:

        UNarmed criminal boy not your angel that you trying to make him out to be.The officer never fired his gun in 4 years lets wait for his story.It does not sound like he was a trigger happy cop.

        1. MBrown says:

          Nobody said he was an angel. There are no angels on earth. But if you are saying that because he was previously arrested that gives the police the right to mow him down like a dog and execute him in his own bathroom in front of his grandmother and little six year old brother while he was unarmed and had his hands up, then I find that to be very cold and frankly disgusting. I have heard enough of the facts that is undisputed, the cops broke down the door of his home went in his bathroom and killed him even though he was unarmed an had his hands up, it sound to me like whoever did this was not only trigger happy but committed manslaughter if not murder without something else which I have not heard that would justify it. That’s why there is an investigation. If there was evidence that the cop was justified the DA would not send it to the grand jury. The cops would have not been pulled off the street and on desk duty.

    3. Amtracmarine says:

      Where did it say that he was a drug dealer??? Nowhere.Where does it mention how much weed was found??? Nowhere. There was a drug ring at Columbia University last year. They were dealing weed,coke,LSD,ectasty, and Adderall.
      No one was shot. None of the 5involved will even do time.

  19. CT Native says:

    You struggle with a cop, don’t complain if you get shot. What a drug addicted idiot!

    1. Jesus says:

      Have you even asked WHY he would struggle with the police? Do you know what it’s like to live in a police state like the Bronx? Police officers are often accused and acquitted of the most egregious behavior because the people they target with these acts are people of color and the poor. My question is why WOULDN’T someone struggle with a cop if they truly believed they were about to be brutalized and arrested on some hopped up charges by a person who will not be held ultimately responsible for this reprehensible behavior? People in these neighborhoods have very, VERY good reason not to trust the police sometimes, and officers like the one in this story just drive that point home even more so.

      1. Glenn Erdmann says:

        Jesus if you don’t like it here MOVE.

    2. Lauren NY says:

      Update* Police Commish Ray K. There was no struggle with police officers.

      1. No lost here says:

        Bottom line none of us was facd with the known druggie and mugger so who are we to judge a police officer who never fired his gun in 4 years. If his parents raised him better then a junkie things would be differant.When you come from crap you become crap. Did he deserve to die no but did he put himself in position to get shot hell yeah.

        1. Amtracmarine says:

          Where does it say that the cop knew who this kid was when they chased him(known druggie)??Where does it say that he was a mugger?? according to you,people that smoke weed are junkies and are a product of poor parenting.
          Al Gore,Cary Mullis. Nobel Laurate, Biology, Cary Grant,John Wayne,Mary Tyler Moore,Prince William,Prince Harry and Richard Branson. ‘Virgin’. Entreprenur just to name a few are all junkies and the productsof poor parenting.

    3. Rick says:

      You idiot CT native, are u blind there was no struggle. police falsified facts in earlier version. I know you are cop too. Police make up stories to gullible people

    4. Amtracmarine says:

      I truly hope that everyone in CT isn’t asilliterate as you are. I’ll repost the heading of this topic for you “NYPD Commissioner Kelly: No Struggle Between Teen, Officer Before Fatal Bronx Shooting” . Is that better??

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