TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Prosecutors say a retired police officer will be heading to state prison after he admitted having several assault rifles and illegal ammunition magazines at his southern New Jersey home.

Brian Hinkel faces five years in state prison after pleading guilty this week to four counts of possessing an assault rifle and 21 counts of possession of a prohibited device, which authorities say were illegal large-capacity ammunition magazines.

The 62-year-old Newfield man, who served on the Vineland force, faces a five-year term when he’s sentenced June 1.

Hinkel was arrested in January 2009, when state police went to his home to question him in an unrelated investigation and found numerous firearms in plain view. They later executed a search warrant at the four-acre site and discovered hundreds of guns.

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  1. joshsucks says:

    State police went to his home in an unrelated investigation. It would be interesting to know if that unrelated investigation yielded any results. I’m guessing state police came up flat so instead of not getting him pertaining to the original reason they went there, they got him on something else, which they made sure they could stick on him.

  2. Scott says:

    Why are these magazines illegal to own ? Was he using them in his weapons ? I would think the American Rifle Association or the NRA would want to say something about this miscarriage of justice. Where does the second amendment enter in this ?

  3. Norm says:

    Gun control at work. A guy who was trustworthy enough to be a cop and was on the force long enough to retire, is looking at five years in prison for having guns in his home. Not one hint he wanted to harm anyone. No hint of violence.

    His only crime is that his guns had an evil bayonet lug and his magazines held too many cartridges. In other words, he had nnormal magazines for his rifles, not the crippled one NJ requires.

    What a state!

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