NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — As tensions rise between theocratic Iran and democratic Israel, a few hundred protesters gathered at Times Square to voice their opposition to punitive action against Iran over the country’s nuclear program.

“Any invasion of Iran would be a repeat of what happened in Iraq,” 84-year-old Corrine Willinger told WCBS 800’s Alex Silverman.

Willinger is a proud member of the “Raging Grannies,” and provided background music for the march of a few hundred from Times Square to the U.N. and the Israeli Consulate.

“Civil liberties have disappeared,” the grannies sang.

Steve Horn came from eastern Pennsylvania to support the marchers and argue for the removal of economic sanctions against Iran.

“Finding excuses to go to war? No,” he said. “Look around here in New York City. There’s millions of people here. What would happen to them very very quickly if you didn’t have the parts to repair the trucks, the medicine for the hospitals?”

“I’m hoping U.S. government will not fall into this trap,” said Henry Enavian, who left Iran 14 years ago.

“It is just going to mass murder more Iranian population,” he said while waving two Iranian flags. “War is not going to accomplish freedom for anybody, including for the people of Iran.”

Debra Sweet organized the protest, in conjunction with others around the country.

Asked what should America’s stance be if Israel attacks Iran, she answered: “No support it. Absolutely, and that’s why we’re out here today.”

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  1. Dan Parker says:

    why does it have to be us the American taxpayers who pay for Israel’s wars with our money and our troops lives ? when will they learn how to fight their own.

  2. Paul Pressley says:

    I’d love to ship every jew & arab to to the middle-east. They can kill each other in their lands. If we had not wasted White livs and treasure Iraq, we would have the $ to round-up the mexican invaders, ship them home, and a build a huge wall on our border. Then, we would only have massive negro criminality to address.

    Iran is no threat to America. Not as long as we stay the hell out of their soil. Washington is run from IIsrael. Our politicians are cowards. Aside from Ron Paul, you could take all of them, and swing them from a rope.

    1. jerseyjoey says:

      Time for corrections, NO1- yes your right about the mexican illegals and yes we waste money on removing them but your wrong on the wall idea, you end the mexican problem by going after the White Rich lazy cheap jew business owners whom hire them, eliminate the rich greedy ones by firing squad, that is a wonderful deterent to greedy American elitist business owners and if there is no work here for mexicans then out of free will they will not come here, you have states like NY, NJ,PENN who the mexicans know as friendly towards them plus our pitiful Gov.
      NO2- Iran is IS a threat to America and should be Nuked ASAP, no exceptions because they are the worst type of muslim filth that only exists to kill inocent Americans.
      NO3- Ron Paul is a monkey just like the rest of the polititians , they are all owned and paid for by jewish business interest money and china debt collectors.
      NO4- you are right on isreal running liberal America tho and on Iraq being a waste of young lives and massive money all over a death threat by sadam on bush sr.


      Well said Paul.!!!!!!


    3. Ivan says:

      Mexican invaders?? Arent you, white people invade Native American and Mexican land??? You are invaders on their land you dumb…

  3. PK says:

    Look at how CBS propaganda news is reporting on a news!

    First starts with reducing the size of the protests while the wast majority of the Americans are against it. then it tries to attack persons and in the end brings its propaganda as facts.

    Well although CBS just like other media channels are owned and run by Jews but still we expect them to talk for American people rather than Israel.

    Reminds me the news before attack on Iraq…

  4. Jerry Frey says:

    Until the Iranian government actually tests a nuclear device, it would be folly to attack the mullahs. These fanatics can not be permitted, however, to possess a weapon that can threaten Europe and Sunni Arab nations such as their arch-enemy, Saudia Arabia. No argument can be advanced that justifies a weapon in the hands of these fundamentalists because Russia, China, India, and Pakistan are not potential adversaries.

  5. Steve says:

    The sooner we crush Iran, the better; the longer we wait the more trouble and expense it will be. Long overdue.

    1. RJ O'Guillory says:

      …War Criminal…


    2. RJ O'Guillory says:

      …War Criminal…


    3. alienstar250 says:

      iran has cought and killed more al-qaeda operatives than the us or any other country

  6. RJ O'Guillory says:

    ….The political, military and law enforcement leadership of this country are all War Criminals,..and gangsters,…and have been so since at least November of 63….they should be tried for treason and war crimes,….and when found guilty of those charges in an international, or American criminal court (along with every other political leader/intelligence liar…The Bush Family, The Cheney Family…The Obama’s,…all of them)….

    …..and when found guilty by a group of honest, patriotic Americans,….all of them, the President, the Congress, anyone who voted for the Patriot Act,…voted to invade Iraq,….they should be publicly hung by the neck,….long enough to begin feeding their traitorous, murdering buttocks into an industrial meat grinder,…..they should be given a choice for their execution,..a bullet to the head, administered by the parents of one of those Iraqi children with blown off legs jaws and arms,……or they can be chewed up , bit by bit,…very slowly,…. just so they can feel ,…“the power of the force “ necessary to finally do away with these lying, thieving war criminals and traitors,…..kill them all…..bring the “force” that they want to project all over the world to their own doorstep,…find their kids and families guilty of war-crimes and of “profiting off the death” and destruction the traitorous acts they have been involved in….

    …and if we were really going to bomb the country that is most responsible for 911,….we should have begun bombing Tel-Aviv…..

    …they are all…filthy, lying war criminals….publicly charge them,…try them,…. and kill them all… is the only “force” they understand,…so let’s deliver a little of it to their offices, their homes and their personal selves,….after we’ve found them legally guilty,…of course,…in a court of law….

    RJ O’Guillory /Author/ Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    1. RJ O'Guillory says:

      Hey, Paul…..

      …you are an uninformed idiot,…who has bought the 911 BS like an idiot child,
      …you must be one of those folks incapable of researching for yourself and simply accepting whatever your masters tell you to accept,…either that, ..or you are an uncaring sociopath…with no moral conviction other than to hate the people your government tells you to hate,…blind support, blind faith,…sounds like a Nazi,….and, btw,..until you’ve lived in a few other places, and experienced life outside the commercially produced “America” that you think you live in, have no clue,…

      ..however,..if opposing raw, criminal activity on the part of our fascist government is “treason”,..well then lets just fire up the old charges,..please go ahead,..lets get a district attorney or grand jury to bring charges against me,….

      ..I would love the chance to sit in a court room defending and proving my points regarding the corruption of the government and creeps like you who support killing and maiming innocent people all over the world because pigs like you want the oil and other resources of people that cannot defend themselves against atomic blackmail….

      … screw you,..and come on,..bring them on,..come on and charge me with treason,..we’ll see how that effin’ boat floats here in “Amerika”…..after a grand trial that exposes the US Government as the illegal,..unconstitutional entity that it is,…. ass-clown,…


      RJ O’Guillory
      Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    2. jerseyjoey says:

      So with all of these exicutions, will they be public or private affairs. Would make for a great halftime show at the Super Bowl, can see it now, flip the coin at midfield heads a jew tails a member of congress.

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