Today Boomer & Craig welcomed in a gal by the name of Lisa-Marie Latino (pictured – Helloooo!!!) into the Allstate Studio to test her knowledge in a little game we like to call ‘Do you Know More Sports Than…’

Lisa has actually has some WFAN and Giants ties and was pursued by Al Dukes a while back.  Despite his best efforts, Al was unable to gain any interest from the lady in red today.  Moving right along to the competition, which pitted the lovely Lisa-Marie against Joe from West Milford.

Safe to say neither Lisa-Marie or Joe did much studying prior, but nonetheless the match-up made for some entertaining radio, which is really what it’s all about…

LISTEN: Do You know More Sports Than… Hot Lisa-Marie?

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  1. matt says:

    again…hot? she looks like she’s an extra on “the jersey shore”

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