Contraception Issue Just Won't Die Down, Much To White House's Chagrin

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There was a sharp rebuke Wednesday from Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan that put even more pressure on the president to calm a widening election year uproar. The issue at hand was the president’s insistence that Catholic institutions provide free birth control to their employees.

Dolan came to the South Bronx to bless a library, but he had no blessings — just harsh words — for President Barack Obama, who wants Catholic institutions to pay for birth control, the morning after pill and other services for people who work for them.

“The federal government should do what it’s traditionally done since July 4, 1776, namely back out of intruding into the internal life of a church,” Dolan told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

The leader of the New York Archdiocese picked up support from Speaker John Boehner, who said either Obama reverses the policy or the House will.

“The federal government has drifted dangerously beyond its constitutional boundaries. This attack by the federal government on religious freedom in our country must not stand and will not stand,” Boehner said.

The attacks left the White House foundering. It wants to find some way to calm Catholic opposition, but will not back down on the policy, itself.

“I want to be clear today that the commitment to insuring the women have access to these important health care services remains very strong,” Press Secretary Jay Carney said.

And there are many others who are falling into line behind the president, including New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg, reports CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

“The power to decide whether or not to use contraception lies with a woman, not her boss,” Sen. Gillibrand said.

“It’s time to tell those Republicans mind you’re own business,” Sen. Lautenberg said.

It has been suggested that one avenue of compromise could include granting leeway for a church-related organization not to cover birth control, but refer employees to another insurer that will provide the coverage.

Dolan would not comment on that proposal but said, “I would welcome the fact that officials of the government are saying we need to rethink that.”

The Catholic Church is still developing its strategy on how to deal with the issue. Dolan met Wednesday with members of the Catholic League and other organizations. Sources told Kramer a massive march on Washington is one of the possibilities.

The issue has also exploded on the campaign trail and in Washington. Carney made the unusual move of calling Mitt Romney by name, charging it is “ironic” for him to be against the policy, since as Massachusetts governor he presided over a similar one.

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  1. Tom Vaughn says:

    ‘“The power to decide whether or not to use contraception lies with a woman, not her boss,” Sen. Gillibrand said.’ Then the woman should pay for the contraception and not her boss. She does not have to have sex, either. That is a choice her boss should not have to pay for, either, just as my boss does not pay for me to eat dinner out instead of at home. This issue is just plain a matter of people being so irresponsible that they want someone else to pay their way.

    1. Bumbaclaat says:

      If someone has sex and makes sure to use birth control, that is completely responsible

      Nothing irresponsible about that at all !

      1. manuel says:

        irresponsible is to have somebody else paying for it.

        1. anne says:

          you do understand that if you have health insurance of anykind, and you use it, somebody else is paying for YOUR care?

      2. IntelectOne says:

        Does the Birth-control Pill guarantee that the woman does not get pregnant 100% of the time? No it does not! As a matter of fact, a Pharmaceutical Giant, just this last week Recalled their Birth-Pills because they made a big mistake.
        Also, Birth-control Pills do not protect against venereal diseases and they have doubled in this sex obsessed society.

  2. j.v. says:

    I The Person of the United States

    In order to form a more perfect social utopia, establish the Holder Justice Department,
    ensure domestic social engineering, provide for the commune defense, promote the partisan agenda, and ensure the control of governmental regulation to the rubes under our control, do ordain and
    establish the Articles of Obama governance.

  3. ThankYouObama says:

    Remember when “good Catholic families” had 10+ children? Today, the number of children in Catholic families (in this part of the world) is more like 2 or 3. Has the flock already strayed on this issue? Cardinal-Designate Dolan has lost his sheep and President Obama found them.

    1. Mikey De says:

      Wether the flock has strayed or not is not the issue here. People do not have 10 kids anymore for lots of reasons. Economics farms do not require as many people to bring in the crops etc. Whjat the church teaches is not the business of the socialists/communists which populate this administration. The whole healthcare bill is a socialist wet dream anyhow. The only thing Obama will find in Nov is the unemployment line.

      1. Melissa says:

        Obviously you have never farmed and read only catholic news! LOL! I am a farmer and in vegetable and fruit production their is a shortage of people to pick these foods. Have you read or heard nothing about the migrant worker issues? Wow, you need to get informed as we liberals are.Haha!

    2. Sam says:

      Hey idiot, people have been delaying marriage later into the “reproductive years” which is the principle cause. Obummer hasn’t found anything; more like lost the Constitution and the “founding” principles on which this country was “founded”. He’s a lost soul leading lost souls like yourself.

    3. Bishop Len Brennan says:

      No, and Catholics will rally around the Church,and so will others because people see what this is really about…an attempt to minimize religion in America. and an attack on Religious Freedom.

  4. jschmidt says:

    The Democrats are trying to make this a health issue. It is a COnstitutional issue. THe govt has overstepped their bounds and are infringing on the rights of the CHurch.

    1. Bumbaclaat says:

      The hospital is a company, not a church. Nice try though.

      1. jschmidt says:

        The hospital is a non=-profit owned by the Church and thereby covered by the rules of the Church. Nice try though.

        1. Bumbaclaat says:

          Religious freedom is for individuals, and to some degree churches.. It doesn’t extend to all the investments the Church has. If the Church buys a factory that doesn’t make the factory a church.

          Also there is no “right” under the 1st amendment to impose your religious views on your employees.

          1. jschmidt says:

            you are wromg. The hospital is an extension of the church because a non-profit the govt gives it the tax free status. So the govt recognizes it is a CHurch entity. This is the govt infringing on the rights of the Church. THe Supreme COurt will decide this.

            1. Bumbaclaat says:

              Non-profit status doesn’t make something a church. Lots of things have non-profit status – Labor unions, Museums, Clubs and Fraternal organizations..

              A corporation having non-profit status doesn’t make it an extension of the church – it’s a completely separate entity that is governed by employer/employee law

              1. intellectone says:

                Know your Constitution. The Catholic Hospitals have Religious Freedom and the Conscious Clause Freedom. They are a Healthcare Provider and cannot be forced to go against the Catholic Church Religion’s Teaching. This mandate is trying to force the Hospital’s employees to provide services against the teaching of the Catholic Church, as well as, making the Hospital and the Catholic Schools to pay for insurance premiums that bundles coverage of birth-control pills, abotions, and sterlizations.

  5. Bumbaclaat says:

    The GOP. Because what America needs is more unwanted children.

    1. manuel says:

      Democratic Party, Join us if you do not want any personal responsibility. We can always “Abort” our decisions to fit your needs

  6. jeff says:

    This rule means employer’s have to offer the choice, individuals can decline it… Is this just because some institutions are worried that it will be revealed that over 98% of practicing Catholics use contraception and that the church’s view on this is primitive?
    Refusing to provide coverage for contraception is an attack on individual freedom.

    1. Kevin Dopler says:


      1. Kevin Dopler says:


    2. FloridaJoe55 says:


      With that logic, you’ve just got to be a liberal.

      It really doesn’t matter how many Catholics use contraception. That’s between them, the Church, and God. For the Church to refuse going against it’s teachings in providing contraception is and attack on individual freedom? Some employeers don’t offer insurance at all. Is that an attack on individual freedom? If you don’t like the benefits an employer povides, seek employment elsewhere. How odd you don’t believe forcing people to go against their religious beliefs isn’t an attack on freedom, but not offering someone some benefit is. Only a lib….

    3. JeffintheWest says:

      What about my freedom to keep my hard-earned money for myself instead of having to cough it up for something I feel is fundamentally wrong (for example, tax-supported baby murdering)? But of course, I don’t have any rights in this country — only you do.

      1. Perspective says:

        well said, JeffintheWest. Folks don’t think at all. The inherent right to individual freedom is under natural attack the more government grows. The 2 can not coexist. I keep hearing the “right” to health care, the “right” to this and to that. The fundamental right of all of us is to not be stolen from ( Thou shalt not steal), not be murdered ( Thou shalt not murder), not be lied to ( Thou shalt not bear false witness). In other words, we are exhorted by the golden rule to treat others as we would wish to be treated. The road to murder, lying and theft is paved with envy and greed, which leads to the commandments “Thou shalt not covet”, and “Thou shalt not have other gods beside me” ( in other words, don’t value money above what is right).

        What liberals don’t understand is that it matter how many people “vote” to take what you have, it is still theft. Theft is theft whether by gun or by government. If you are the wealthiest of 10 in a restaurant, and the 9 others “vote” that you should pay for all their meals, that doesn’t mean you must pay for their meals. If 9 vote that you should eat only what they tell you to eat, that doesn’t mean you must do so. Of course, if the other 9 are paying for your health care and you are choosing to be fat and smoke, then that changes everything, doesn’t it? Suddenly they have the right to limit their pocketbook expenses by limiting your freedom.

        These fundamental principles protect us from hurting each other, which leads to a civil society. When we erode any one of them, we are on the path to self-destruction.

        Individual liberty, with protection from the envy and greed of others, is the basis of our Constitution. Throw out our Constitution, and you get liberalism, the rhetoric and policies of Obama and the Democrat leadership and followers.

        We must defeat liberalism in November. I will vote for anyone not a Democrat. Romney is not my first choice, but at least with a strong Congress he will be malleable. Obama is entrenched in “from each what he can give, to each what he needs”. An empty orange juice can would hurt me less than Obama. I want my liberty back. I want to choose what kind of health insurance I want, and pay for it myself, without Daddy Obama telling me what I must have ( or telling my bank whether or not they can or must lend to me, or telling my employer what they must provide for me, or telling my schools what they must feed or teach my kid….) We have lost our way.

  7. NCMike says:


  8. Ruckus says:

    The country is split over these issues but the Government shoud not be paying for Viagra (which they do for people on welfare ) Abortions or Birth Control. If you want these things, pay for them.

  9. mominvermont says:

    Whatever happened to the old line “if you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one”? Under Obamacare, Catholics will be forced to pay for abortion-inducing drugs against their will.
    Whatever happened to “get the gov’t out of my bedroom”? Now we’ll all be forced to pay for what goes on in everyone else’s bedrooms even if it’s against our conscience.

    Obama is preaching the gospel of Planned Parenthood not just to Catholics, but to all Americans.

    1. Bumbaclaat says:

      mominvermont – that line of reasoning still stands – “if you don’t want an abortion, don’t have one”

      nobody is forcing catholics to have abortions

      stop the catholic taliban from trying to impose their religious doctrine on the rest of us

      1. manuel says:

        Exactly, if you want to buy morning after pills go and buy them yourself do not force catholics to buy them for you!

        Why do I have to pay for what happens in your bedroom?

        And if you do not want to get catholic doctrine is very easy do not work at any of the catholic sponsor institutions and do not go to our church, leave us alone and do not intrude.

  10. Bumbaclaat says:

    Would Muslim hospitals be allowed to be run based on Sharia Law? Or is the GOP only defending that right for Catholics?

    1. mominvermont says:

      Muslim hospitals will be forced to offer sterilizations and abortion-inducing drugs against their faith also. This is not just about Catholics. This is about freedom of religion.

      1. Bumbaclaat says:

        The hospital is an incorporated company, not a church.
        The hospital applies for and takes federal money.
        If they don’t want to follow the rules that every other company that takes federal money has to follow, the DON’T file for and use my tax payer dollars. Use the Vatican’s money.

        1. manuel says:

          The persons that work there also have a choice close their legs or go an buy it themselves.

          Why force the issue?
          Under your logic I would not need to comply with the Mandate.
          I have a business and do not take Federal Money therefore I can just say Obama get the hell out of my way.

          1. intellectone says:

            The Catholic Church members built the Hospital to take care of the Sick. The Hospital is under the rule of the Bishop or should be. The Hospital is expected to follow the Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Built by private funds not taxpayers. They have Rights Protected By the Constitution. The Freedom of Religion and the Freedom of Conscience Clause and should not be forced, by the government, to perform services against the Roman Catholic Teaching.

    2. IntelectOne says:

      It is a Constitutional ‘Right’ that states Freedom of Religion. You cannot be forced by the Government to go against your ‘Religious Teaching’. Sharia Law is a Muslim Religion and Muslim Foreign Legal System. It would not be Constitutional to use Sharia Law.
      If you are trying to force Sharia Law then, by the Same token, The Roman Catholic Church could put in Cannon Law. So you see, The Constitution is what must be defended and what must be followed. America is a Judeo-Christian Nation. Again, Freedom of Religion and Freedom to choose your Religion. Also, the Religion has the Freedom to throw you out of its membership. Not a hard concept..

  11. Bob Swanson says:

    The Catholic Church endorsed ObamaCare – so now you have it

    1. IntelectOne says:

      No they did not. Just because you had a loony Nun that claimed she had all these nuns that were for this Healthcare Bill, which was not True. She was either ignorant or thought that she was in control of Obama, Pelosi and the rest of their minions. The Devil did a snow job on her.. She is still in the Dark
      The Bishops put out a formal statement denying that they were for this Healthcare Reform Bill, as it was written.

  12. meesha4 says:

    Why should I pay for someone else’s birth control? WHY should I PAY for children born out of wedlock? Why should I pay for their health care? I WAS RESPONSIBLE. My HUSBAND and I were responsible and had ONE CHILD. WE paid to raise him, WE paid for his education, WE put him through college. IF YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO RAISE A CHILD, KEEP YOUR DAMNED LEGS SHUT AND YOUR DAMNED ZIPPER UP!

  13. Bumbaclaat says:

    Whoever is outraged about this must also support the right of Muslim employers to impose Sharia law on their employees right ? Because if Catholics can impose their religious beliefs on their employees then surely Muslims can do the same..

    Right ?

    1. IntelectOne says:

      No , because the Muslims also must go by The Constitution of the United States. That is the Law of the Land.. The Catholic Church is exercising its ‘Right’ under The Principles of the Constitution; The Freedom of Religion. If the Sharia Law conflicts with the Constitution, the Constitution of the United States must be followed. When you become an American Citizen you promise to follow The Constitution of the United States of America and if you are living in America you must follow the Country’s Laws.

  14. Creedmoor says:

    It’s obvious that Archbishop Timmy prefers a bareback top.

  15. Manuel says:

    The issue is not if you can get the birth control or not. the issue is why does the Federal Government intrude and mandate to provide them free in healthcare plan. The persons working for catholic institutions have a choice they can go out and buy themselves or go an work somewhere else, its very simple.

    You want separation of Church and State and want to take God references and Christmas references from government buildings, but it goes both ways Obama stay out of our church.

    1. Bumbaclaat says:

      A “catholic institution” such as a hospital is an incorporated business, not a church

      1. manuel says:

        And, that still does not change the fact that the moron we have as President wants to force for a Catholic sponsored institutions to pay for something that its not approve by the Church. If you want birth control go and buy it yourself you do not force everybody to be paying for it. These institutions schools, hospitals, etc receive support $$ from the church. Its not only the name.

        This is an attack on the believes of the church and an intrusion by the Government. People want everything has to be given to them. This is nuts. I can wait for November to vote this bums out of there.

      2. IntelectOne says:

        The Catholic Church members built the Hospital to take care of the Sick. The Hospital is under the rule of the Bishop or should be. The Hospital is expected to follow the Teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Built by private funds not taxpayers. They have Rights Protected By the Constitution. The Freedom of Religion and the Freedom of Conscience Clause and should not be forced, by the government, to perform services against the Roman Catholic Teaching.

      3. IntelectOne says:

        They are not a Company, Catholic Hospitals are Healthcare Provider which is a big difference.
        If someone comes in on an emergency, they will save that persons Life. Do other businesses or a Company do that??. ‘Catholic Institutions’ has the ‘Right’, under the Constitution of the USA ,to follow the Catholic Teachings otherwise it is not Catholic. Reality Check!

  16. CYRIL GUISE says:

    If a Catholic employer can not allow a procedure to be performed in their institution
    because it is against the TEACHINGS of the Church, then they could not refer one of their employees to seek the procedure in another institution.This would amount to cooperation and that would be morally wrong.

  17. Rocco Cannoli says:

    Dolan is a cigar smoking, whiskey drinking, blow-hard glutton; who believes that his limited appeal and falling membership church, has the right (make that “destiny”) to interfere with the working of a government/country, as they did in the dark age of medieval Europe. The Vatican and Dolan, should not assume to speak as the conscience of the world. Clean your own house, prosecute your felons and share your wealth. When I saw Dolan’s picture on the first page of the New York Daily News with his fat face, wide girth and a whiskey in one hand and a cigar in the other, I was saddened to think that the pompous ass represented me. This is the best the Pope can do for us? Are there no more men like Bishop Fulton J Sheen for him to elevate? This bar-room bozzo does not present an image for children to look up to. The Church is dead.

    1. IntelectOne says:

      First of all, you would still be in the Dark Ages, if it were not for the Roman Catholic Church. The Western Civilization came from The Roman Catholic Church.
      Secondly, you obviously have no clue what The Constitution of the United States Means or what it Protects. The Roman Catholic and its affiliates go by , or should go by, the Teachings of the Catholic Faith and The Constitution Protects that Freedom. Freedom of Religion and the Constitution also has a Freedom of Conscious Clause Protection. The Healthcare Service Providers must be Protected from this Unconstitutional Power Grab.

  18. Bumbaclaat says:

    The hospital is a company, not a church.
    The hospital applies for and takes federal money.
    If they don’t want to follow the rules that every other company that takes federal money has to follow, the DON’T file for and use my tax payer dollars. Use the Vatican’s money.

    1. IntelectOne says:

      Okay, then the Bishops should close all of the 600 Hospitals and put a padlock on the door and send every patient to the Public Hospitals. How does that strike you?
      They are not a Company, they are a Healthcare Provider which is a big difference.
      If someone comes in on an emergency, they will save that persons Life. Do other businesses or a Company do that??. Reality Check

  19. Terri Chris says:

    Women want everyone else to pay for their rights too.

    1. Karen Hawkins says:

      Viagra is covered. What is it about men and their double standards? It seems the first thing to go in every extremist fundamental nation is a woman’s rights.

      1. Michael says:

        What women’s right is being trampled on? The Catholic Church is saying it won’t pay for it. That’s hardly stopping a woman from getting birth control on her own. You libs get so hysterical and lie at the drop of a hat.

        1. Khadijah BintMuhammad says:

          it’s more basic than that.

          Heath care coverage is not a “right” as this Hawkins woman seems to think.

          1. Chris says:

            Health care coverage is “not” a right in a civilized nation. In a civilized nation, people work for their things. Get off your lazy butt and pay for it yourself. I’m tired of working hard to pay for everything you get!!!

          2. Chris says:

            And by the way, it’s not “your” nation. It’s “our” nation. Don’t like this nation, then LEAVE!!!

            1. Apryl Gray Price says:

              AMEN Chris! I’m a protestant woman who is also unemployed and without any healthcare insurance, but in no way shape of form do I want the Federal Government or any other hardworking taxpayer to pay for birth control. Liberal woman are hysterical deluded dimwits!

            2. RoccoP says:

              Agreed Chris and BTW she shouldn’t let the door hit her in the butt on the way out!

          3. ldsmom02 says:

            I agree with the comments below. Civilized people work for what they have and don’t expect something for nothing. You can get contraceptive aids anywhere. But to force a religious institution to provide it against their believes is Un- American and in fact, unconstitutional.

        2. Smack Dab says:

          Well said. Separation of Church and State is very selective as far as this administration is concerned, isn’t it?

      2. Woody Pfister says:

        Which insurance policy covers Viagra? Check your facts Karen.

        1. anne says:

          Within weeks of hitting the U.S. market in 1998, more than half of Viagra prescriptions received health insurance coverage. If many women weren’t already outraged that they had to pay for birth control out of pocket, they were infuriated at the preference given to the anti-impotence pills.

          But the fury over Viagra may have given the fight for contraception covered under insurance plans just the momentum it needed. Women’s groups say they’re making significant progress in their battle to get reimbursed for birth control, even though insurers still argue that covering contraception will boost already skyrocketing health-care premiums.

          This week, New York became the 20th state to require that insurers and employers provide contraceptive coverage. That means that half of U.S. women now live in states requiring at least some birth control coverage, according to Planned Parenthood. Massachusetts and Arizona passed similar bills earlier this year that will go into effect in 2003.

          1. Khadijah BintMuhammad says:

            all but 8 of those states have a conscience exception for religious organizations

            1. anne says:

              I was responding to Woody Pfister
              who asked

              Which insurance policy covers Viagra? Check your facts Karen.

              Please try to follow the conversation

          2. KenG says:

            This comparison is insulting and irrational: The women making it are either insincere, cynical, or profoundly stupid.

            Erectile dysfunction is an ILLNESS. It is a medical condition depriving men of a fundamental human need, the ability to have sex. Health insurance is for the treatment of ILLNESS. Health insurance isn’t something that should cover routine health maintenance.

            Women’s fertility is a NORMAL CONDITION. It is not an illness, it is not a disease, it is not a medical impairment. Women’s pregnancy is a NORMAL CONDITION. It is not a disease, illness, or medical impairment.

            Furthermore, there are many contraceptive options for women that cost very little. There are very few treatments for erectile dysfunction for men, and they are extremely expensive.

            Think about how stupid this would be if it applied to everything else: we all need to brush our teeth, so all dental supplies have to be free. Some people have poor eyesight, so all eyeglasses should be free. All hearing aids, all crutches, all braces.

            But women don’t want that. What women want in this debate is supremacy: they want to pay NOTHING for their own health, and to have men pay every single dime of women’s health insurance. They want to take no responsibility for their fertility, they want men to pay for it. When they fail to use contraception and get pregnant, they want men to pay for that too, either by paying for abortions, or paying child support, even if the women lied to the men about using contraception.

            This is just another gambit for legalized female supremacy.

            1. ThankYouObama says:

              “Margaret Sanger, who had made a lifelong crusade of birth control after seeing her mother die at age 50, worn out by 18 pregnancies and 11 children…” – Time There is nothing NORMAL about 18 pregnancies by today’s standards. Birth control has improved the quality of life of women, men, and families. Pregnancy is a preventable medical condition. Pregnancy causes illness. Pregnancy also hinders “a fundamental human need, the ability to have sex.”

              1. JeffintheWest says:

                Really. Seems to me that the fundamental human need here is to use some common sense and exercise some restraint. Women, by the very nature of their bodies, are more at risk for complications arising from sex. If I am more at risk for heart attack or diabetes, I have a responsibility to take care of it, and no one shows up on my doorstep saying someone else has to pay for it. If I choose, for whatever reason NOT to take precautions, then I am accepting a level of risk there. Bottom line: why and how is it MY responsibility to fund YOUR abortion simply because you can’t keep your legs closed? To say nothing of your “choice” to murder an innocent human being in the process….

              2. John R Schuh says:

                Even Maggie Sanger’s time.not many women had 18 pregnancies. Putting forward the exceptional case as the norm is just a rhetorical devise. As for pregnancies calling illness, so does sexual intercourse itself. STDs are more rampant today than they were before the invention of antibiotics. Maybe people should be given shots so they don’t desire to have sex?

              3. Anne says:

                Not to mention the health of the babies. Think Santorum’s youngest, and Palins youngest

            2. Sam says:

              Wow Ken, that was well stated. I never thought of that angle. The female supremacy thing may be a bit over the top but the rest is pretty spot on. Thanks man. Power to the people!

            3. Naomi says:

              Well said. American women are unbelievably stupid and only want others to pay for their stupidity. Thank you for trying to drum some sense into their heads. I abstained from sex till after marriage and didn’t get married till I was 35. My husband and I will be celebrating 25 years of an amazing life together and look forward to many years ahead. Why don’t you dumb women try abstinence. It costs nothing…after all women have done that before contraceptive and it costs nothing.

              1. bigfootbob, California says:

                And it is 100% effective.

                1. Melissa says:

                  Ever heard of rape and incest? You must have if you are catholic. That is what your priests practice along with pedophilia!
                  Not quite 100% effective, Bfb!

                  1. Tom says:

                    So now you think women should take birth control preventively? In case they get raped? WOW! There’s no end to this stupidity.

                  2. Hal says:

                    Hey, Melissa, stick to the point without attacking Catholicism’s mistakes which this issue is not about.

              2. ttown58 says:

                You do not need to abstain from sex. Catholics use natural family planning. There are a number of couples in every church who are willing to share how intimacy and how active their sex lives really are. Doctors will teach you on how to know your body. There are very few days when a woman can get pregnant. Do they not teach that in health class anymore?

            4. Lisa says:

              Well put. I’ve been waiting for someone to say this.
              Thank you.

            5. Melissa says:

              The pill is used for medical purposes other than contraception. Stabilizing extreme mood swings due to PMS, a necessary treatment for severe endometriosis,etc., but this corrupt “church”wishes to deny healthcare to women who they have always seen as inferior to men in every way. Look at the loss of priests due to their refusal to allow women into the priesthood.
              This whole ridiculous outcry about government intrusion is just a way of getting back at government for their “intrusion” into these pedophiles main form of birth control. That is priests having forced sex on little boys and girls who can’t get pregnant, Where are the prosecutions of ALL who were complicit in these terrible crimes? Instead the leaders HID these vermin behind there gilded skirts.
              What are all you outraged Catholics doing to stop these crimes against innocent children ? BTW, if this”church” is going to involve itself in POLITICS, it is about time they pay TAXES on all their hidden wealth just like the rest of us!!!

              1. Dale says:

                Melissa you are a D.A. libtard. Yes there are some priest that have done some bad things but there are way more pedo’s than just what you have heard about than the priests. Look at the LA school that is now under investigation for child porn and their are alot more people out there. I have seen on the news too that alot of protestant leaders or who ever have done tings to our children too. It has nothing to do with any religion but it’s all about being human and some of the choices they make.. So don’t just blame the Catholic church for that. It does say in the constition about the the seperation of church and state. So the feds do not need to be sticking there nose into our church and our beliefs. We don’t need the feds or YOU to tell us what we shoud believe in. So if you want to blame the church next time keep it to yourself.

                1. Melissa says:

                  Dale, the DIFFERENCE between your pedophile priests that you are protecting is JUST THAT. Criminal charges are brought against all other child rapists but YOUR CHURCH and YOUR LEADERS has been the one who has deliberately HIDDEN these criminals. Why don’t you turn them in? Don’t you dare tell me to keep my nose out of your beliefs. I was FORCED to be a Catholic and the priest at our church WAS A PEDOPHILE YOU IGNORANT FOOL!!!!

                  1. Don O'Brien says:

                    What a lovely woman. God help your neighbors and co-workers.

              2. BeePa10 says:

                The Church ISN’T denying health care to women… that’s a garbage argument! You’ve been brain washed by listening to the liberal media.

              3. Chris says:

                And just how are they involving themselves in politics other than fending off a direct blatant attack from your fearless leader? See the problem with the liberal mindset like yours is that it clouds your vision until you see only one side.

                Why can the women that you are trying to protect not purchase this pill themselves?
                It’s not about the women using the pill, it’s about the church disagreeing with birth control since its inception and being forced by a corrupt government outside of it’s Constitutional bounds.

                “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Forcing the church to provide contraceptives is a direct breach to congress not making a law that prohibits the free exercise thereof.

            6. Melissa says:

              Gee, Ken sorry to hear about your “illness”. Maybe the reason you have erectile dysfunction is you hate women sooooo much!

              1. Tom says:

                Or maybe it’s women like you who are just too much of a turn off!

            7. anne says:

              I would be nice if you could follow a conversation.

              I was responding to a commenter who told Karen to check her facts regarding if viagra was covered by insurance.

              I was merely showing that commenter that Karen was right, viagra is and has been covered by insurance for a long time.

              You seem to have issues with women, to bad ttheir isnt a pill for that, you would be happier.

              1. Vicky Bevis says:

                anne: Solution to your problem-copy & paste a quote from a poster with quotation marks around it so that readers will know whom you are quoting/answering.

            8. Canadian says:

              Keep it up ignorant Americans. You are the best entertainment the world could ask for. Your empire is crumpling around you and all you can complain about is giving women the option to be offered contraception. That does not sound like freedom. Greeting from Canada you dumb asses.

          3. Jennifer Barker West says:

            Viagra would be covered because it is for an illness or medical problem keeping a man from arousal. Coverage for birth control would normally not be covered because there is no illness or injury or medical problem.

            None the less, The idea this President can tell the Catholic church to change their belief system, and pay for people’s birth control is stupid. In fact the Government covering it at all is stupid! It will cost a fortune and insurance companies can’t pay for it for free. It will cost us all more in insurance premiums. Insurance companies are not charities, they have to make money and any benefit added only costs more premium!

          4. Bud says:

            “If many women weren’t already outraged that they had to pay for birth control out of pocket, they were infuriated at the preference given to the anti-impotence pills.”

            Don’t women get half the benefit from Viagra?

        2. Burt P says:

          The insurance coverage for SOME Wisconsin public school teachers covers Viagra.

          One reason why Scott Walker will win again in the election that looney liberals think they will win

          1. mikea says:

            The contraception/Viagra analogy is flawed. It would be better to compare female contraception to male vasectomies. Is that covered in most insurance plans? Do male employees of Catholic institutions have this as an option? I don’t know.

            1. PEinAL says:

              Tubal ligation and vasectomy would be a better comparison. Or birth control pillls and condoms. Mixing surgical procedures with taking a pill is just not equivalent.
              I’ve been blessed to have good insurance–and it never covered my wife’s birth control, but it does cover either surgical procedure. The point is healthcare is not being denied to women AT ALL– my wife was never denied the ability to take the pill–we just had to pay for it OURSELVES. Making a church pay for something it is opposed to on religious grounds is simply IMMORAL and goes against the very core of how and why this nation was founded– i.e. escaping religious tyranny that is now being espoused by our govt. and liberals who are too deluded or cheap to pay for their own birth control.


        Karen, your a lying liberal moron.
        maybe you need to contact Acorn I hear their looking for a few brain dead females, by the way what’s your race? You seem well trained in your thinking.

      4. Johannah says:

        Viagara shouldn’t be covered either.

        And no woman’s right is being trampled. You want birth control pay for it, you want an abortion pay for it.

        But the 1st amendment sure is being trampled by Obama and his co-horts!

        And that is the crux of the matter, 1st amendment rights, not birth control.

        Have you ever heard the saying, first they came for me and you did nothing, next they came for your neighbor and you did nothing. Well next they will be coming for you. Then you’ll be screaming when some right you hold dear is taken away.

      5. pitter43 says:

        It’s absolutly ridiculous that Viagra is covered too, you can thank unions for that pretty piece of stupidity.

        1. Leasa says:

          If unions were only as omnipotent as you think.

      6. pitter43 says:

        By the way Karen. It’s NOT a womans RIGHT to get an abortion any more than it’s a man’s RIGHT to get an erection.

        1. Leasa says:

          By that reasoning Viagra should not be covered.

          1. Glenn Riddell says:

            … it is!

      7. amme says:

        When they develop VIAGRA for WOMEN, your argument would be valid.

      8. Hojo says:

        Women’s rights lol. Who cares, you have one organ different. You are a human just like the rest of us, nobody cares what gender you are. All humans should be treated the same. You want birth control buy it yourself. What about the people not having sex? Why should they pay for you to do so? If you are not responsible enough to get your own birth control you shouldn’t have sex at all because birth control fails and you will end up with a child and based on your comments you don’t have the maturity or responsibility to raise a child.

      9. james templeton says:


      10. Rational Hypostasis says:

        Viagara should not be covered. even though it treats a real medical condition. It is not mandited to be covered either.

      11. Chuck Cenkner says:

        What insurance company pays for Viagra? Not one that I know of. Beepin idiot liberal!

      12. Bishop Len Brennan says:

        Viagra treats a medical condition…. Birth control pills should only be covered when used to treat polycystic ovaries, a medical condition. No one is trying to take away a woman’s right to use birth control. The government is trying to force faith based organizations to violate it’s own doctrine by having them pay for it.

      13. Tom says:

        Viagra isn’t birth control in case you were unaware. And another thing… where do you get the idea that getting free birth control is a RIGHT? Doesn’t anyone know the constitution anymore?

    2. Ghostsouls says:

      Birth control now a days is so cheap it’s laughable. Teenagers can pay for it on their own, without their parents knowledge or consent. So many places GIVE it away for FREE, this is not even necessary. There IS a war on religion especially the Catholics, if they take down the Catholics, the rest will fall in line., NO Christmas, or Xmas Greetings, or Christmas statues or displays on church property, in public or on private property. No praying in public, no praying in school, no bibles allowed in school, can’t even wear a cross. Now they are saying that Military Chaplains cannot speak out against obama’s plan for the Catholic Church, why do they lose their freedom of speech, they go fight for it so we can have it, but obama refuses to let them have the same right??? This jusnk with the birth control and the Church, and then there is the Feds taking on the Catholic Church once again about forcing priests to testify when they have heard a confession. There is a war on religion in this country and it is being waged by obama and the democraps.

      1. Dale says:

        As I said before you are a D.A. libtard that knows not what you are talking about. All you are saying is coming from your ass because your mouth knows better.

      2. George says:

        Do you understand the concept of intellectual honesty? If not, it means you say what you REALLY think is true, not what sounds good in an argument. I defy you to find one Catholic that isn’t horrified by the .00001% of Catholics did to little kids. Also you would admit that pedophilia is not limited to the clergy or any one religion, or religious people in general. And finally, you would admit that your hatred of religion makes you feel supperior to religious people and you would like to see it all go away. That is called a War against religion, one that the current President would gladly join. Intellectual Honesty! give it a try sometime!

        1. Bishop Len Brennan says:

          Catholic Organizations raise Billions of dollars a year to help care for the needy and unfortunate but no liberal will give them credit for that, but that’s is because they hate religion.

        2. EarGrayHot says:

          Nonsense. President Obama hs no enmity toward religion and there is no evidence of that at all. He, and many others, just want religion to to keep its proper place-in your private heart and life and not attempt to insert it into the legislative arena. Religion can be a great comfort and guide in living your life but it’s a private faith and decision and just doesn’t belong in formulating public law.

          Not to mention that most of the commentary here is so vitriolic I wonder what Jesus, who asked us to care for and respect our fellow man, would think if he took a look here?

          1. QuoVadisAnima says:

            EarGrayHot, saying it doesn’t make it so – Obama has constantly been trying to force religions he disagrees with to “conform” to his beliefs.

            And only a person with no religious knowledge or spiritual depth could come up with something so foolish as to say that religion belongs in our back pocket and not in our daily lives.

            Jesus is completely aware of what is being expressed on these pages, as well as in the public sphere, and I can safely assure you “Dominus flevit”.

      3. Chris says:

        So according to your logic, because one assistant football coach messed with little kids must mean that all football coaches are pervs and rapists. By the logic, I find that because one liberal is of your intelligence, then all liberals must be completely clueless. Because of your baseless accusations and according to your logic, you are telling me that are liberals are mindless and do not think for themselves.

  20. Adam says:

    Yeah were the angry losers. Look who is calling people names. I love liberals who tell conservatives how angry they are, then turn around and call us names. Your really keeping your emotions out of it. By the way, this is a Catholic issue that has always been the tradition of the church for 2,000 years. Who are you too tell us what is right and wrong. Catholics protect human life at all costs. It is not for us to decide who lives or dies. In preventing pregnancy you are preventing life. What do you think the purpose of sex is?? TO reproduce. Yes that is correct.

    1. Patrick says:

      Have you reproduced everytime you’ve had sex?

  21. Terri Chris says:

    The Women’s Movement just can’t seem to make any progress in the world of paying, can they?

  22. mauren says:

    The Catholic Bishops and Cardinals are right to fight this encroachment of government control. Forcing a person who is anti-abortion to pay,with their tax dollars, for what is against their religious beliefs is a form of tyranny.

  23. Casey says:

    Read the article. The poll was conducted by Planned Parenthood. That’s like the Red Sox conducting a poll asking people in Boston if they approve or disapprove of the Yankees.

  24. says:

    The lead of not intruding into the church should read “Get the heck out of our lives” it is sad how easily people are willing to support this corrupt regime while giving more and more of their freedoms away so they can “feel good”.

  25. Michael says:

    27 million U.S. Roman Catholics should f….. this President on election day….

    1. Dog says:

      By voting for Romney?
      Why would anyone vote for Romney?

      pro-war anti-gun, pro-tax, pro-socialized-medicine people already have a candidates

      I am voting RON PAUL regardless. He is the only anti-tax pro-gun candidate

      1. Burt P says:

        Ron Paul doesn’t deal with however, with the number one threat facing the USA – Lunacy from Islam in the form of Muslims getting a NUKE.

        Paul thinks the USA makes Muslims hateful and teach their children how to kill anyone that is an infidel.

        Ron Paul will not protect the USA.

        Rick Santorum will

        1. regulas says:

          right on

        2. Another brick in the wall says:

          Rick Santorum will follow the status quo republican guidelines and spread our military so thin we will be unable to protect ourselves because we’re too busy protecting everyone else. We’re broke, the only one who seems to recognize that cold, hard fact is Dr. Ron Paul.

          There is a very good reason the overwhelming majority of Service Men and Women support Ron Paul, maybe you chicken hawk republicans should listen to them instead of armchair quarterbacking with Santorum.

          1. Steve says:

            Why do you “paulbots” use this term “majority of the US military supports Ron Paul”? We are majority absentee voters to begin with and I do not know 1 single “service person” that actually supports Ron Paul! Besides he is a Libertarian NOT a Republican!!!

        3. adrian says:

          The reason why we have problems with Islamists is because we are the terrorists. Does Switzerland have a problem with terrorists? Of course they don´t. If Ron Paul becomes President, we will start having to worry less about terrorists because we´ll start moving away from false flags and attacking innocent nations.

          1. Belinda Szmytke says:

   Adrian, Switzerland DOES have a problem with terrorism – see the above link. They WILL NOT stop until they destroy every infidel who does not believe in Allah. It does not matter to them whether a country is “neutral”; those countries will just be a much easier target to overtake and make themselves only stronger. Ron Paul will destroy what is left of our security. Rick Santorum is the only conservative candidate who will make our military stronger, and secure our borders.

          2. Jerry Todd says:

   Thought you’d enjoy Ron Paul and Morton Downey, Jr. on Downey’s show in 1988

          3. Andrew J says:

            Adrian, one reason Switzerland does not have problems is the so-called “terrorists” all keep their money there!
            Seriously, we need to cut out this crap of invading other nations. People say RP is extreme with foreign policy, but I say constantly invading other nations is a much worse extreme. What happened to the requirement for Congress to declare war? Seems the Constitution has been and is being trampled. RP will follow the Constitution, and that suits me fine.

          4. Watchman says:

            Switzerland may not…but France, England, Germany, Spain and Italy do. Must be a lib since you didn’t think it through.

      2. Ghostsouls says:

        I will vote for ANYONE, on the ticket other than obama, period. We can not afford another four years of this crap. What the Catholics need to do is fire everyone in their employ, and rehire them as contract labor, thus making their taxes and insurance the employees responsibility, that would throw the ball back into obama’s court. Now obama will have to come up with a way to ensure them, and the IRS come up with a way of getting their taxes every year. Ron Paul is an old out dated fuddy duddy, that cannot be trusted to protect the lives of Americans in the face of the terrorism that is around every corner now. Paul thinks if he ignores it, it will go away. Thank God, the only thing going away is Paul. But reluctantly, if Paul did end up on the ticket I would vote for him to get obama off his throne.

        1. king1 says:

          No why fire anyone they arent complaining its obama that is creating this situation just openly say NO to the commey prez and make him come after us in court or if he wants in the street.

        2. Olla Bolla says:

          Why not fire all american workers & rehire only contract labor? Religion is a sad joke. The former mayor of NYC & his #2?, #3? wife had at least 5 marriages between them – both were Catholics.

      3. jCollova says:

        Throwing your vote away and allowing Michelle a lot more taxpayer vacations!

      4. king1 says:

        I Like paul except he is pro-cooky like you

      5. EarlGrayHot says:

        And affiliated with racist white supremicist groups as per his previous correspondance with same as is now made public. Don’t forget that.

      6. ldsmom02 says:

        And Romney is Pro Religious Freedom! You forgot that one.

      7. Evil Buddy P says:

        By voting for anyone but Obama

      8. rulierose says:

        don’t bother, just vote directly for Obama, because that’s what you’re doing.

    2. Billy Bass says:

      We willl. go Rick

      1. jc says:

        That shows your complete ignorance for who Santorum is and what he stands for. Back to the 19th Century….he wsas incapable as a Senator and incapable now.

    3. haroldm says:


      1. nevedog says:

        He had to meet the Queen of England to give credibility to himself and his causes. It’s a formula as old as William the Conquor or Nepolean.

      2. mugget says:

        Your “kinfolk” brought slaves in shackles to America. Give me a break. if you’re of Anglo descent, as a large majority of white Americans were, your “kinfolk” killed thousands in Africa (read about the Anglo Boer War in the early 1900’s). The Catholic Church isn’t being disrespected. If they want to put up their anti contraceptive stance on billboards, hand out flyers, tv commercials, whatever, they can. It’s only in hospitals where people of all faiths are hired that what they cover is an issue. sure, tell them they should only hire Catholics. I’m a nurse, and we have a shortage of nurses as it is. I doubt they’ll be able to staff their hospital. Anyway, the Catholic decisions are all made by a bunch of pasty white old men who are more concerned with protecting pedophile priests than protecting w omen.

        1. Hal says:

          The international elite read your post with glee mugget. This race crap is one of the devisive tools these yahoo’s use to keep the masses at each other’s throats so the status quo can continue.
          Step up another rung intellectually and start hitting these pompous rats where it hurts. We all have issues and differences but being united under a common ideal transends the mechinations of these often hidden weavers of intrigue.


        2. Mark says:

          To Mugget: When women use contraception, it is far more likely that men who want them only for sex will treat them as mere objects. Men who want to treat women with respect make the commitment to marry. In marriage, contraception isn’t necessary if the man truly respects the woman and cares about her as a person and not just a sex object. This is why those “pasty white old men” are against contraception.

    4. Jumpmaster82 says:

      Except that 98% of them use contraception, Duh!

      1. Dave says:

        If they want to ignore Church edict, that’s their decision, but the Church doesn’t have to pay for it.

        1. David says:

          The Church is not paying for it the employee is paying for it. When you get hired part of your salary goes to pay for health insurance! So it is nonsense to say that the Church would be paying for contraception when in fact as the employee you are paying for it (men included). This is one of the consequences of not having national health insurance.

          1. Deb says:

            Obviously, you have never worked in Human Resource.

            The insurance is paid for by the employer. The deduction, which comes from the employee’s salary, is just a small, VERY SMALL, portion of the health insurance payment.

            Therefore, the Church WILL be paying for contraceptives.

            If you still believe that the employee’s pay for their own health insurance, why don’t you go out and check what the health insurance companies charge to insure one individual. I can tell you, it is at least 5 times what is deducted from their paycheck, if not more, than what the employee is paying.

    5. Mike Jones says:

      We are 70 million, and 27% of the electorate.

    6. charmaine says:

      One should be careful of using the f…… word considering the well publcized sexual child abuse scandal which still casts an ugly shahow over many leaders of the Catholic Church. That coverup caused irrepairable damage to children and allowed it to continue long after it could have been stopped.

  26. IntelectOne says:

    Dear Archbishop,
    Prior to the passage of the Healthcare Reform Bill Pelosi said that she was going to pray to Saint Joseph. This was on the very same day that The Roman Catholic Church was celebrating Saint Joseph. As you know Saint Joseph had the Awesome Job of Protecting the Unborn Jesus and His Mother. He even traveled to Bethlehem so that he could be there for the Census.
    The irony, the Senate passed this Bill, inserting the Elective Abortion Amendment, at the 11th hour, on Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2009. ( Ref. Sec. 10503 on page 2355 of HR 3590).
    Pelosi wanted to pass this Healthcare Reform Bill on Saint Patrick’s Day; but he had other plans because , as you know, he drives out ‘Snakes’. Saint Patrick knew that the Devil is in the details of this Bill.
    The Devil had to get real ‘creative’; Pelosi and her minions came up with Slaugter ‘Deemed Passed Bill” to try and pass it by saint Joseph’s Day.
    Saint Joseph got Saint Michael to take his spear to the Devils head.
    So then Pelosi had to try and pass this Healthcare Reform Bill on the following Sunday, which was the Annunciation Sunday. As you know, that is when the Angel Gabriel came to Mary and Announced that she would be a Mother.
    Pelosi pushed , as though, her Life depended on it to passing a Healthcare Bill; with Elective Abortion, paid for by the American taxpayer, on the Day of the Annunciation.
    The way that this Healthcare Reform Bill was ‘Deemed Passed” ,with Pelosi’s guidance, was and is Diabolical,.
    ‘Excommunication’ would be Charitable.


  27. Em Spearing says:

    But it’s all about control, this lib/gov synergy. Control is what liberals in power do — and what liberals out of power covet. It’s micro- and macro-control of our lives: what light bulbs we can use, how much we can flush, what we can eat, which words we may use, how much of our money we are allowed to keep…. The list really is extensive and growing. Surely, Catholics understand that Obama is an archetypical liberal, and liberals love government expressly because it is an instrument of power to control things and people it does and does not like. They harbor animus for religions that draw demarcations between good and evil. Control for attainment Utopia is a mental condition and it will not stop. The only cure for us is to rip the levers of power from their controlling, grasping, hungering hands and never allow them back, ever again.

    1. mauren says:

      Em, great post! Liberals are control freaks with fantastic egos. You recognize their derangement ….hopefully others will soon see.

  28. rawheadrex says:

    Jaime, cross your legs at the ankle and satisfy yourself otherwise. God gave us free will; regrettably He did not give us responsibility. Do as you wish, but do not expect, nay, demand, that I should pay for your lack of responsibility.
    As Pascal noted:”Wager against God, you lose nothing; wager for Gcd, you win everything.” I doubt you comprehend, but I will put you on my morning beads,

    1. Melissa says:

      What a sanctimonious, pompous ass! Are you related to Newt “now catholic” Gingrich? You are a perfect example of why your church has fallen in the US. Who would want to join it with you as a rep?

  29. NCMike says:

    The Obama administration has violated the First Amendment of the Constitution. The executive is morally and legally wrong. The House of Representatives must stand up to this arrogant usurpation of Executive authority with legislation or articles of impeachment. Opinions, feelings, whining, snivelling, and bloviating have no place in this matter. It is a question of law, and if this nation must live under according to its law: the Constitution. Wake up America. This is serious and its happening now. We will never regain the freedoms we surrender.

  30. JEFFCOMO says:

    I am so glad that this contraception/abortion issue has come about. The Catholic hierarchy has had their nose up the backside of Obama ever since
    he started his run for office. They wanted all the so-called good social issues
    that came with this Socialist. Amnesty for Illegal’s, abolish the death penalty, handgun control, etc.
    Now that the worm has turned, they will find out that with Socialism, you have
    to take the lean with the lean. I certainly hope they learn their lesson the hard
    way. In addition, as far as birth control and Plan B, the so-called Morning after pill,
    they do not know their teens of today very well, that pill is known as Plan A.

  31. Michael Cosgrove says:

    women getting contraception, or even abortions, is not the point. forcing people who find it morally repugnant to pay for somebody else’s crotch care is the point. we wouldn’t be having this discussion if government would get out of the business of brokering health insurance and let everyone choose to do business with companies that they WANT to patronize.

  32. Parnell says:

    Said to say, this administration gives no meaning to the term “Imperial Presidentcy”. I can think of no other President who has sought to impose his will on a religious denomination. Other than the demand that the Mormans ban Poligamy in order to achieve statehood for Utah when has the Federal Government demanded a religion violate its basic beliefs in order to comply with some mandate? I seem to remember that the Government is precluded by the Constitution from interfering with the free exercise of religion.

  33. Titainiumman says:

    What should concern everyone is that if Our marxist muslim president is willing to to disregard the constitution and ignore federal judges rulings like he already has on several occassions.Them what the heck do you think he willl do in a second term?
    Once our incompeten economic illiterate is out of office a full investigation of him and his minions should be undertaken.
    Every single Obama csar and appointee needs to be fired

  34. Jose Gonzalez says:

    I am a practicing Catholic who beleieves strongly in the separation of State and Church. If the law of the land calls for our institutions, i.e. Catholic, to provide birthcontrol pills, etc. then there should no further discussion and the law must be followed. On a personal side I am not for abortion but I remind all of those that are against it and blame the “left wing” for it becoming legal to research who were the members of the Supreme Court at the time and how they voted. They will then quit beating on the drums against the Democrats, the so called Liberals and, hopefully, the President of our country. Laws are laws, oh, and remind the Speaker of the House also

    1. Parnell says:

      You forget that laws which violtate the Constitution are not laws. Nowhere is the separation of Chrch and State at issue here. By the way, Jefferson’s lettter on the subject of separation has no legal standing. Constitutionally, the Government has no right to interfere with the free exercise of religion. Given your logic, if the Government passed a law banning the practice of Christianity no further discussion or resistance would be legal. On the contrary, resiatance to such a injustice would be the responsibility of every citizen.

  35. Mike S says:

    I accept the secular nation we call home, however, our constitution provides that the Administration can not tell me what type of insurance benefits that I must buy. If I want a policy with lifetime limits, catastrophic coverage only, a plan that does not pay for abortion or birth control, I am free to seek that coverage. Insurance providers, whether they be affiliated with a church or not, are also free to provide varying form of coverage at varying prices. That is a Free Market economy. For others who want that coverage, then pay for it yourself.

  36. Drew says:

    Ha Ha. The catholic church is getting what is deserves. They backed Obama all the way into the white house then rallied for Obama care now they get upset. I say force the pill down all their throats for being so stupid in the first place.

    1. Parnell says:

      Just remember the words of Detrict Bonhoffer, ” They came for the Jews but I wasn’t a Jew…,” You could be next. Even if I wasn’t a Catholic, I’d stand by their rights in this case.

  37. Casey says:

    This regulation is unconstitutional and will be overturned by the US Supreme Court if Congress does not overturn it first (the House will, but will Harry Reid let the Senate even vote on it?).

    Here’s proof it is unconstitutional:

    1. nightsong says:

      Harry Reid if you let the Senate even vote on this don’t even come back to our Nevada. obama has no business in the church. once again obama conducts himself in an outrageous way, nothing presidential and in opposition to our constitution and the United States of America.

      1. ThinkFirstThenVote says:

        Good grief!

        This is about insurance – which is how people pay for their PERSONAL health choices. People who choose not to use birth control simply don’t buy it. That’s all — and that’s not doing anything to your religion. Fox News is just trying to whip up Catholics and Evangelicals into a lather to vote for a Mormon. This has zip to do with religion.

        There are two ways to reduce abortion rates — abstinence and birth control. Most married couples aren’t going to give up sex, so they use birth control. And just because they work for a catholic organization that doesn’t believe in contraception, their insurance company should deny coverage?

        Ten years ago, the Republican party made sure that prescriptions for birth cotnrol were included. now they’re getting hysterical? Twenty eight states already have this rule and I don’t see anyone losing their religion over health insurance. You must have a pretty weak faith if that’s the case. I worship Jesus — not birth control pills.

        What’s really ridiculous is watching Newt get all self-righteous over this standing next to Callista who had her birth control covered as a congressional staffer while they were committing adultery. And incredibly, you guys are telling married couples that THEY are on the moral high ground? Callista’s only 45 — she’s probably still taking it at the same time they’re pretending that this is such a sin.

        Don’t be a fool and let them use God like a tool to get your vote.

        1. Susan Gate says:

          You are wrong. This is a violation of the 1st Amendment clause of the Constitution.. similar cases have been won on religious rulings by the USSC. Usually 9-0..

        2. Paul Kinslow says:

          TFTV, The number of factual errors in your post is appalling. An employer should not be forced to pay for any medical expense beyond a work related injury. These should have remained voluntary benefits. That is the problem with the left continuously mandating their beliefs on the rest of us. If people want or need something, go provide it for yourselves. Quit imposing your world view on the rest of us while you expect everyone else to pay for it. The contraception provision is an item paid for separately in the health care mandate. That additional cost was supposed to be optional for the employer or employee to pay for. They decided to make it mandatory for the employer. What’s next? That is the problem with imposing left-wing mandates on others. It becomes whatever they decide they want to impose on us at our expense.

        3. J says:

          You are wrong on many levels. Birth control does not decrease the number of abortions, it increases them several fold. Reason, first, many forms of birth-control themselves are abortifacients. Second, it is known that all forms of birth control fail so it gives a man and a woman a go ahead signal convincing them they can have casual sex and not experience consequences which is a lie on all fronts.

          1. ThinkFirstThenVote says:

            Take it a step at a time — if you take birth control, you won’t get pregnant and therefore you can’t have an abortion of a baby you don’t have.

            And actually this last year, teenage pregnancies are down 7% and abortions are down 1.8%.

            But let’s talk about the majority of people who use birth control — married women. When they want to have babies is something a husband and wife talk about and work out in their own way. Not everyone is going to be able to have a reality show like the Duggars to support having a baby every year just because you don’t want to use contraception.

            1. ThinkerToNonThinker says:

              Think again! If you take birth control you are likely to get pregnant in the long run. EVERY METHOD FAILS! Even if it fails 1% of the time, a sexually active woman will become pregnant. The stated failure rates are also for women with regular cycles who use it as directed without mishaps and therefore understated. Even the Supreme Court in “Roe” legalized abortion because Americans were used to having abortion as a backup when contraception fails. The HHS mandate also includes the morning after pill, Ella among them and it also includes sterilization. Ella and her sisters prevent the implantation of a fertilized ovum. Life begins at fertilization.

        4. Betteronaharley says:

          I totally agree with you, Think First. The Catholic church needs to STOP INTRUDING and STAY OUT of our PRIVATE LIVES, full stop. If Catholics don’t want to take birth control, then they can simply CHOOSE NOT TO!!! But to try to LIMIT the choices of those of us who are NOT Catholic, that is unacceptable. We are tired of having these oppressive religious beliefs shoved down our collective throats.

          1. tom says:

            maybe the catholic church should just shut down all of their universities, hospiitals,and charities so they employ no one. No one is stopping anyone from getting birth control. i know this is a novel ides for a dumb a– like you but why dont people just pay for it on their own. What you dont understand is that this is about government control of our private lives. The heavy handed role of government telling religions what they have to do. How can you live in this country and have so little understanding of freedom?

          2. Gypsy Boots says:

            It’s not about limiting your choices–it’s about FORCING religious institutions to PAY FOR them.

            You people on the left consistently confuse HAVING a choice with MAKING ME PAY FOR IT. Your choice is you swinging your fist. Making me pay for your choice is your fist hitting my nose.

          3. TD says:

            betteronaharley, are you dunce or what? think the Catholic church interested in who’s using BC or not. They got better things to worry about nuisance. The individuals can do whatever they want, that’s their problem. The issue at hand is WHO’S PAYING FOR IT. GET IT?! you want it, you pay for it. memorize that the next time you bring up this stupid argument of yours

        5. simon says:

          can someone tell me why birth control items are covered by insurance in teh first place? If for medical reasons other than simple pregnancy prevention, then classify it that way and church should not object.

        6. ThinkerToNonThinker says:

          People can get birth control. The issue is who pays. People also have the choice of where they work. People often make choices about where they work based on benefits.

        7. Therese Wildman says:

          Oh, but of course. When a citizen joins the Catholic Church (or any church) he automatically gives up his citizenship. He still pays taxes of course, but since he now believes in something bigger than a temporal government, he no longer has ANY say in how his money should be spent. Only members of the Secular Humanist Church are aloud to control government spending – with the forced contributions of the non-members, of course.

        8. Lbak says:

          I think YOU should think first then WRITE. Hopefully Jesus will open your eyes and you’ll realize how mislead you are. I will pray that you see that the truth. You seem to know what everyone out there is thinking. Especially married couples and Catholics, Republicans….

          Good grief to You! You are dead wrong….I’m married over 30 years, catholic and I don’t need stinking OBAMACARE shoved down my throat, I HAVE health insurance and I don’t need BO telling what I need or don’t need. He’s a wolf in sheepskin clothing…why bother even wasting my breath….ick!

          1. ThinkFirstThenVote says:

            There is no such program as Obamacare – Some democrats did want a single payer system, but Obama went with what Romney did in Massachusetts, which was what Gingrich and the Heritage Foundation had recommended years ago which was a requirement that we all have health insurance so that hospitals get paid and the rates don’t have to be raised to cover all the people who can’t pay for their medical bills out of their personal savings account. Could you pay for a kidney transplant and cancer surgery right now – my friend who’s 32 went through it. Could you pay for your child’s rehabilitation after a car accident? Or what if all 4 children were in the car and one died and two had to have major surgeries and one had a brain injury on top of it. The family I knew couldn’t and they didn’t have insurance — so guess who’s paying? Taxpayers and the others who did have insurance.

            You know who came up with that term? Political contsultants like Frank Luntz, the pollster/political consultant who said that people wouldn’t object to insurance reform, but they would object to government-run health care like Canada and Europe have. So to raise the negative feeling on this – Fox started calling it Obamacare and the name stuck.


            Yes, I’m a Christian — and I do know the difference between true persecution and political grandstanding. Take a look at the article in the New York Times about Christian.

            I watched Hannity’s Special on this issue and watched a room full of white men – most who can’t get married go on and on about how this was an attack on their church — but not one mention of Jesus in the entire hour. Not one mention of how this infringed on their right to pray, sing, evangelize, hold Bible studies, minister to the poor, help drug addicts — and you know why? Because there is no “war on religion”.

            But instead I saw people who were engaging in lies, slander, malice and being led by someone who has been obsessed by hatred for the past 4 years (and I used to believe what Hannity was selling years ago). It’s like watching the pathological behavior of a bully — in the skin of a 50 year old — watching Hannity spin and whip the group into a frenzy.

            I’m against abortions, but I feel that my 17 years of work with teenagers may have more impact on that issue than any clause in your insurance policy.

            One last challenge to you — if you really want to walk your talk. On Monday, call up your insurance company and ask if you can get birth control pills covered – for contraception, for hormonal imbalances, etc. (you may be a man – so ask if any woman covered by this policy can receive them). And then because you object so much — if they cover it, tell your boss that you want your policy cancelled, if you’re covered at work, or cancel it immediately. Because good grief — you wouldn’t want a single one of those dollars to go towards that.

            How do you feel about viagra being covered? Maybe I believe that if a man can’t get an erection, then that’s too bad — no kids for him. When I see men standing up and agreeing that there should be no coverage for that, i might take you seriously.

        9. rick says:

          Why can’t people pay for their own birth control, if that’s what they want? Why should their employers be forced to buy condoms for them?

    2. Hj Lamb says:

      He is the great deceiver of the apocalypse, his number is 666 and HE IS THE ANTICHRIST!

      1. Patrick says:

        Actually, his number comes out to 1809, or 474 if you exclude his middle name. Even so, he is an agent of Satan.

        1. DK says:

          Did you run his real name> Barry Soetoro

    3. Eddie Vroom says:

      But many Catholic institutions in New York — and in more than two dozen other states — already are complying with similar state mandates.

      New York began requiring prescription contraception coverage in 2002, over the objections of Catholic groups, which sued and lost in the state’s highest court.

      The Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal brought by the New York Catholic groups, which argued their case on the same religious liberty grounds that bishops are currently using in a highly public campaign against the new federal requirement on birth control coverage.

      1. says:

        What you have stated Eddie is misinformation. According to the USCCB the states have provide The Church with a way out. For those who care about freedom of Conscience in health care see also

  38. jim lennon says:

    It’s about time the leaders of the Catholic Church speak out against liberal polices. The ‘flock” need to understand that liberalism is anti-religion and stands for everything the Church is against – it’s a sickness

  39. QueenofSheba says:

    Time for the Black Robes to get the rally going in DC.
    Time for the Catholics to go there and let the white house occupant know we are not going to stand for this unconstitutional anti Catholic/Christian dictatorship.

    People have had enough — we’ll be there to support the clergy.

    Bring it on!!

    No more HOAXS and CHAINS.

    1. Sheepleherder says:

      It’s OK for the “clergy” to dictate what their employee’s do on their own time, but it’s not OK for the government to try and give the employees’ a choice on what they want to buy?

      1. J says:

        This is not about the clergy dictating what others do. That is a straw man argument you are making. The issue is that the church does not want to support birth control. The government wants the church to provide it to their employees at cost to the church.

        1. ryan says:

          If this isn’t deemed unconstitutional it is the beginning of the end.

          Start preparing for the collapse.

      2. Joe Macke says:

        Abortion ends a healthy functioning reproductive organ. Pregnancy is not a disease

        Abortion and contraceptives are not medical treatment of a disease or injury .

        Both are personal choices.

        You want one or both. You pay for it at places that furnish them.

    2. Joe Macke says:

      This March to Protect the Church and Constitution should be made in the warm early summer, right after schools close. Show the politicians a real millions march.

      1. Cheri Davis says:

        Most of the news is orchestrated by unelected officials. A military coup d’etat began in 2008 with the introduction of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running mate.

        Obama is not the president, he’s the acting president. He disappeared for 2 weeks after his election win only to reappear looking exhausted sitting next to John McCain, with a bad poker face, for a press photo shoot. Obama is now a Pentagon puppet. Who did you think writes his teleprompter?

        This is the real story that the media is not and cannot report on. Here’s what Obama, Osama, Biden, Bin Laden, the FBI’s Most Wanted Terrorists, and Sarah Palin had to do with the last election and the military’s overthrow of our government.

        1. nightsong says:

          Whether it’s Pentagon or whoever, you would think that even a puppet would have some kind of conscience, unless the puppet is simply evil. To blatantly oppose the people, the United States of America and her constitution, as well as the church’s long standing beliefs, is obviously too boldly intentional to pass. We have the sacred right in this country to freedom and liberty. Go away obama.

  40. Ferrari5858 says:

    If you have never read Pope John Paul on the sanctity of life then it becomes impossible to connect the dots between the cheapening of life and our current state of affairs in this country. This bill is not about abortion or healthcare it is about the right to express your faith and have that right protected, aside from defense the only job of the pres. to uphold and protect your God given rights, not create new ones that he can give and take at will. That being said the Pope understood well the connection. Today life is cheap, it is so cheap that we barely blink an eye as yet another kid is abducted, murdered, abused and their legacy is just another obituary. Pregnancy is a mistake, someone’s fault. Men don’t have to care about their children, why should they, they got what they wanted, sex with no consequence and no responsibility before the fact so why trouble themselves with any after the fact. And the woman are the same. Imagine blaming the Govt. for forcing you to be fat after you ate ice cream but that is just what they do when they can’t get an abortion or birth control, claim that the Govt. is forcing them to have a baby. No, you had sex, mother nature is forcing you to accept the consequence of your own actions, not the Govt. Although it is ironic that the Govt. can force you (and others) to accept responsibility for your fetus, your dependent children and your dog, not to mention the upkeep of your home and your car. So here we are, life is cheap and getting cheaper by the day, you don’t even have to disrupt your day anymore to rid yourself of a pregnancy, you can walk right up to a vending machine and get your snack and your morning after pill at the same time. And you will worry more about the weight you might gain than the pregnancy you just ended because life is cheap. And God forbid there is any one left that demands their right to express and recognize conscience in a world where life is cheap.

    1. QueenofSheba says:

      Ferrari5858: life is less than cheap — no value.
      IN January 2013, massives cuts to medicare kick in.
      Can we say death panels? Rationing?
      What good are the elderly?
      And, now this insappropriate amateur act shoving this down our throats.
      I’m very confident a march in DC will have more than Catholics there.
      This issue is far deeper than birth control.

      1. Ferrari5858 says:

        And what happens twenty or fifty years from now when the Govt. decides how many children you can have as in China. Afterall they are the ones that gave you reproductive rights.

        1. nightsong says:

          Twenty or fifty years from now? You will see conflict over this issue long before that, yes right here in America. God bless America, go away obama.

        2. bill okeefe says:

          bless you are spot on

        3. CmonSense says:

          The gov’t is the one defending your/womens’ options here. It’s the bishops who are dictating how you should live. If you want to follow them – then follow them. But please don’t tell me I have to follow them, and that the millions of non-catholic employees of hospitals and universities have to follow them – paid for with my tax dollars.

          If you and they want to live by their narrow set of rules – that’s fine. Give back the federal tax dollars and do whatever you want. But don’t hold your breath for the high and mighty to give back the money. They want the money and the control. Nothing new.

          1. Patrick says:

            Another sniveling straw man.

            People don’t work for Catholic (or other religious) charities for the money. Better pay and self-damning benefits are easily available in secular hospitals and schools.

            If you do not like that Catholic hospitals, food pantries and schools dare use federal funds thrown in their face, perhaps you should remove said federal spending before trying to shackle my beliefs to your narcissistic puling.

        4. Bless_you says:

          It seems to me today, that is in the here and now, the govt is trying to allow giving people to choose how many children and their spacing, whereas the Church is insisting you have have lots (even “Irish twins”). So here in the US the RC Church is acting like the Chinese government, establishing expectations for women’s fecundity. The Church is a lot older and a lot more demanding of members than the US govt is of its citizens regarding producing/not producing offspring. So let’s talk about the now: Which institution today is more like the Chinese govt of yesterday? Be honest.

      2. Lbake says:

        @Queen of Sheba…….ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Abort the Babies and Euthanize the Grandparents.

        I am ready for Washington DC and my son goes to Catholic HS, so I’ll rally everyone in our Diocese to MARCH. I’m sick of that wicked Heathen in the WH
        I wasn’t one of the Catholics who voted for him in 08…. he’s gone in 2012

    2. Jeanine Ruby says:

      Yea, I really don’t think the Catholic Church is in any position to tell others how to live their lives. Their pedophile priests abusing little boys is just one example. 98% of catholic women use birth control and welcome this. People besides Catholics work for the Catholic Church and deserve the same health care as everybody else. This is simply a wedge issue for the GOP because they have nothing else they can attack Obama on – you know now that things are getting better under his leadership in spite of their attempts at obstructing.

      1. Patrick Spinks says:

        Which version of the seperation of Church & State do you want? this is Govt. getting involved in church matters is it not? or in this situation it’s OK because it fits your way of thinking. Can’t have it both ways!

      2. Angie McCosh Vogt says:

        Jeanine, the Catholic Church does not tell people how to live their lives. The Church has no power to force people to do anything. It does have a duty to teach and proclaim the truth as it was revealed by Christ and entrusted to the apostles. Any association with the Catholic Church is voluntary. So, if women choose to sterilize their bodies they are free to do so. They are NOT free to demand that others pay for it.

        This demonstrates the problem with the progressive idea that government should provide for our every need. By abdicating our responsibility to provide for ourselves and our families, we turn into infants, sucking from the teet of mommy government, who can decide at any time how much to dole out, take away and when.

        I’m distressed by the the lack of understanding of how America’s constitution is so brilliant ,as well as the stunning lack of logic from people who feel entitled to the spoils of others’ labor. Please grow up and start standing on your own two feet.

      3. David doody says:

        What would the Muslims do in a similar situation?

      4. mike mundy says:

        jenine, where in the world did you get the statistic that 98% OF ALL CATHOLIC women use birth control”???? Clearly this President has decided that the first Amendment of the Constitution does not apply when it comes to the seperation of church and state – we Catholics are simply yelling, “you cannot do that” but he is an imbicile and won’t know it until we vote him out of office. I have a feeling that this is just one of a thousand different attempts he has made on doing away with our rights and his goal is the destruction of America. He’s got to go.

        1. Steve Roberts says:

          That is the number progressives are passing around. It is based on no unbiased, factual study, just numbers pulled out thin air being repeated endlessly until it becomes a “fact” that everybody know is true. They do this with many issues and nobody in the MSM ever calls them on their lies as they are part of the deception campaign.

        2. nightsong says:

          Absolutely Mike Mundy, thank you.

      5. Dryden01 says:

        First of all, many of the major offenders among the priests were also NAMBLA members and whereas the church did NOT condone their behavior, imbeciles like you probably applauded for them as they pranced by in gay pride parades so don’t be such a hypocrite. Start taking the gay community to task for having allowed NAMBLA to march in the past. Secondly, government has no business dictating what should be included in a private benefits package, especially when it mandates that people violate their religious beliefs to participate in it. Try reading the constitution and tell me where it says you are entitled to free condoms and abortifacients from the Catholic Church.

      6. Another brick in the wall says:

        Jeanine would prefer the pedophiles currently running the progressive democrat party coerce people into obeying an unConsitutional mandate. After all, this is a “wedge issue” for the GOP because they have nothing else they can attack Obumbles on, except for TARP1, TARP2, GM Bailout, Solyndra, illegal war in Libya, signing statements “authorizing” the POTUS to “disappear” citizens, crony capitalism, the embezzlement of GM bonds, etc. etc. etc. Other than that, the GOP has nothing.

      7. Lbake says:

        @jruby…..Hey, how’s. That Kool Aid you’ve been drinking for the last 3 yrs?

        If you think this country is getting BETTER you need your head examined

      8. TD says:

        I’m still amazed that you are just as ignorant as many are out there and in these posts that such argument is used over and over and over again it’s getting ridiculous, irrational and down right stupid. You need to read the HHS mandate and memorize it and then read the opposing parties of the mandate. If you have, read it again until you understand it. Then come back and present your argument rationally!

    3. Thomas Hulting says:

      Isn’t Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan an integral part of the Roman Catholic “Social Justice” Movement that played a HUGE part in the election of Barack Hussein Obama in the first place?

  41. David Hogan says:

    This isn’t just about birth control. This is about the first amendment. The government has no right to impede how one practices one’s faith. And just to be clear, the practice of faith does not just include attending Sunday services. It encompasses how one lives and emodies that faith each and every day of one’s life in each and every decision one makes including whether or not one believes contraceptives and aborticients are immoral.

    1. Phil says:

      Thank you! Finally someone who has read the constitution. As a Catholic I can honestly say that I’d be upset if this were being done to Jews, Protestants, Muslims, etc.

      1. Patrick says:

        A heartfelt reply, too bad it isn’t in the Constitution.

        1. James Johnson says:

          “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”

          What word are you stuck on?

          1. Patrick says:

            I’m not. Show me in the Constitution where those words are? Hmmm, that’s right the Bill of Rights is not the Constitution.

            1. Jay says:

              Does not Article V of the U.S. Constitution provide for the altering of the Consitution? Therefore, all 27 amendments are now considered “Constitutional” even those not part of the Bill of Rights. Hmmm – are you suggesting that any amendment is irrelevant if it was not original to the articles when adopted in 1787?

              1. Patrick says:

                This getting semantic. Yes, the amendments are “Constitutional” as in applicable and of the Constitution, but they are not THE CONSTITUTION. So accusing someone of attacking an amendment as attacking the constitution is not intellectual honest. Otherwise were those that attacked the prohibition amendment attacking the Constitution? I don’t think so.

                1. Jay says:

                  Not intellectually honest? You are being “rigid” with your own argument because words do have meaning. So is this what you are doing, “attacking” an amendment? I thought we were discussing if it was Constitutional issue or not. Which by your own admission, proved my point that it is. BTW those that reversed the prohibition amendment were not attacking it, they were amending it back – for whatever reason. So the real question is, do you propose to change the 1st amendment and strike out the words “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”? And BTW I have not argued for or against this Obama vs. Catholic issue up to this point in time.

                  1. Oberon123 says:

                    This isn’t about religion. The issue is about the benefits that a BUSINESS must give its employees. If Catholics don’t like being regulated, then they better stay out of BUSINESSES.

  42. Rob B says:

    Death March – an interesting term for someone who supports abortion.

    He has dome a great jobs with jobs – last month 1,2 million people stopped looking – that is the worst number on record. In his wisdom, he does not consider you unemployed if you stop working.

    Keep focusing!

  43. Jon Galt says:

    Think I see your problem, check your source.

  44. Andrew says:

    1) Any poll from NPR is severely skewed towards over-sampling liberals. Read the metrics…they admit it, and

    2) the 53% figure you cite comes from the Public Policy Polling Institute, a very left-wing polling organization that only polled 389 people.

    But you just keep on showing the world how ignorant you are with your “polls” and “figures.” What you use proves the adage: There are lies, there are damn lies, and there are statistics.

    1. jaime says:

      Oh, and the man who got paid millions by the Bush Administration to help him get re-elected is your unbiased polling source?

      Lies, damned lies, and Republican employees.

      1. Andrew says:

        Excuse me? To what do you refer? I have cited no polling here. Nice try, libtard…you lose…again.

      2. Titainiumman says:

        Jaime if Obama is such a greatest president and smartest president as you mindless liberals claim,answer these questions,Why has he spent money using government lawyers to keep his school records from the public?
        Can you name just one bill dealing with money that Obama hasn’t lied to the american people about?Why does your marxist ruler have a social security number from a state he never lived in or visited before he ran for president?
        Why is it that his latest birth certificate has letter kerning in it,something that wasn’t available until the computer age,and why is his birth certificate different than others that were issued the same day at the same hospital?

        1. Janelle says:

          All of his records!

        2. newton says:

          that is the dumbest conspiracy ive ever heard. wow you people are gullible. thank god there are still many smart republicans. id hate to think the party has dissolved into hick conspirators

    2. Maureen says:

      You go Andrew. Don’t overwhelm this person with too much logic and truth they may just have to read something other than their own fairy tales.

  45. tim says:

    Planned parenthood asked people who come into their clinic, and you take that as representative of the country? I guarantee you, a vast majority of people do not think we the people should pay for your abortion.

    1. Jesus says:

      Who said abortion? Birth control means everything that comes BEFORE abortion. Funding birth control reduces the number of abortions, but I guess it doesn’t matter for people who think that investing in social welfare programs are bad ideas but propping up Republican presidential nominees who spends more campaigning in one state than the average American makes in his lifetime is a good idea.

      Yea, a bunch of people spending money in ridiculous manners to prove to use that they know how best to spend OUR money. Frankly, I’d rather pay the extra dollar a month to ensure women have access to birth control

      1. Michael says:

        You obviously aren’t biased at all. Nice how you completely missed the point of the article. Also telling how you got so wroked up about Republican campaign spending without mentioning that Obama has spent more than the Republicans. Typical iberal. When the facts work against you simply change the subject and lie.

        1. Jesus says:

          Of course I’m biased, I’m a person! How could I not be? You’re guess is as good as anyone else’s.

        2. Madame Ginoux says:

          Keep fighting the good fight., Michael. et al, but there is no reasoning with these postmodern cretons. The biggest bigots I’ve ever known have been liberals who as a rule, are educated beyond their intelligence.

      2. Sheila says:

        Abortifacts are included. They cause abortion. But thats really beside the point. It may have gone over your head but the point is Obama is trying to dictate the doctrine of the Catholic Church. No matter how you feel about Catholics and what they believe, by doing this he is in fact telling Catholics he knows better than God. That should be hard for an American to stomach.

      3. Wes says:

        First Jesus would nothing to do with abortion or the day after drug. you sir are not Jesus. Second to give a dollar would mean that you would have to get up, take a bath and find job.

        1. Patrick says:

          First, Jesus is a perfectly legitimate name aside from any Biblical connotation. It’s a Spanish name. Now attack him for being Hispanic. Also, this debate isn’t about abortion or the day after pill, did you read the article. Second, I agree with Jesus and I have a great job, a better job than I had before Obama became president. Dispute that.

  46. Titainiumman says:

    Like the pipeline that won’t build that will create an estimated 25 thousand jobs

    1. jaime says:

      I love how Republicans are aching for the single largest use of Eminent Domain in American history to build a pipeline of dirty oil unsuitable for American consumption, threatening clean water to a bunch of Red states, that ends in the Gulf of Mexico in a tarriff free zone only to be shipped to China. You all are a bunch of Patriots, I tell ya.

      1. irongodzilla says:

        your talking out of your ass, i could of swore i saw a nuclear powerhouse with diikes built around it to keep it from flooding last winter, nebraska if i recollect, same path, same aquifer. NO DANGER THERE

      2. Tom says:

        Jaime you are a brainwashed retard!

      3. Dan Macntyre says:

        Jaime you are exactly right, but you are posting your comment on a story linked to by Drudge Report, which is followed like the bible by a cult of mindless hateful right wingers, most of whom have no mind of their own. They just get fed the line that anything to do with oil must be good…..because the other side is against it, therefore we are for it. That’s how simple their mind is. They will NEVER think an issue through, look at the facts, and form scientific and reality based conclusions. They will simply take whatever position they are told to take by their right wing media.

        I’m am surprised though, that they are attacking women now… I thought they would be a bit smarter than that. Gays, Jews, Blacks, Mexicans, the Poor, Women, this sect of republicans hates a lot of groups. The only demographic group left they haven’t yet attacked: rich white christian men.

        1. FloridaJoe55 says:


          I usually try to engage folks on the “other side” to try to understand how/why they arrived at the position they did. However, your post indicates you haven’t thought much through either. Not a singel salient point. This is exactly why drugs should not be legalized.

        2. Dave says:

          “but you are posting your comment on a story linked to by Drudge Report, which is followed like the bible by a cult of mindless hateful right wingers, most of whom have no mind of their own.”
          As opposed to the Huffington Post that is followed by a bunch of mindless hateful left-wingers?

        3. Maureen says:

          Dan you don’t speak for me a white Catholic woman who realizes that someone like yourself fails to look at the scientific facts about abortion and birth control. You fail to recognize or admit that in reality the pill is a chemically induced abortion while all along changes the entire hormornal process of nature of a woman, while putting her at risk for emotional and physical harm (blood clots). Women using birth control actually gives millions to pharma co’s, their executives, planned parenthood and those who work for them selling this and the morning after pill a stake in the demise of many children. So when you choose to step up to the plate and man up to the reality of what women go through and the emotional hardship which scars them from abortion then perhaps you could find a seat at the table of logic. Otherwise spewing poll numbers of what people think is indeed not reality of what science is all about but what it is they think.

          1. andrew suber says:

            Birth control and abortion are safer than taking a pregnancy to full term. That is a scientific fact.

            One of the reasons that England and Germany are richer than Italy and Portugual is because Protestants allow their women to choose how many children they bear. From an economic standpoint, we see a greater overall output when people can choose their profession. Of course, from the Catholic viewpoint, the only appropriate profession is mother and housewife.

            1. paul says:

              I’m curious. In what study, do you find these so called scientific facts?

          2. Chino says:

            Maureen, you have GOT to be kidding. The pill disrupts the uterine lining so an egg cannot attach and develop. That has NOTHING to do with abortion. Demise of many children THAT NEVER EXISTED.

      4. Robert says:

        What a moron! Most of the Keystone XL pipeline would run in the same right of way as the Keystone Pipeline. Get a clue before you bless us with your uneducated, ill informed, left wing crap talking points.,

      5. Melissa says:

        Jaime, soo true! The Repubs believe in private property rights only when it suits them.. Look at fracking leases. If 60% in an area sell, 40% lose their rights to their property. Sounds fair, right repubs?

        1. Ginger Honey Badger Landry says:

          Wow, Melissa. You have no idea what you are talking about. Nobody sells anything; it’s all leasing. There are units of 640 acres. If a landowner owns a tiny portion of this 640 acres, it is not necessary to obtain his signature before commencement of operations/seismic/drilling/production. The land is unitized because the fracing takes place 3 miles below the surface; therefore everyone in the 640 acres is entitled to a royalty on all proceeds from the sale of product, even if the operations are not carried out on their surface property. These leases are only for a period of 3 years, with an extension option; no production, no more lease. You can sign for lease of minerals and not sign for use of surface. Even though some don’t sign, the companies still write them checks in proportion to their surface ownership.

          1. Melissa says:

            That is patently false! I have a copy of a lease right in front of me. BTW, our twon just passed a moratorium on fracking tonight. We are united and it will never happen where I live. My organic farm and safe water is too important for my children’s and grandchildren’s future. I guess you only care about children when they are in the womb!

            1. tom says:

              what do people like you think we are going to do for energy. Fracking has been going on for years. i bet some one who is as uninformed as you thinks we should all be driving electric cars or have wind power or better yet solar power. Too bad none of those work. One tidbit for your feeble mind our electric grid could not handle a lot of electric cars. melissa you are an idiot who believes who believes in strawman.. Too bad people like you vote

    2. Michael says:

      An NPR poll. Well we know that isn’t biased.

      1. Patrick says:

        Very good point. At least someone realizes that NPR isn’t biased. Thanks.

    3. Charlie Equality McDonald says:

      That pipeline was actually built already according to a friend of mine in the oil industry who builds pipelines, it’s just not going to get used now. No new jobs were going to get created. Now they are just going to route the pipeline another way. The only thing that got stopped was that they couldn’t connect the pipeline they built in the US with the pipeline they built in Canada.

  47. NJ ghost says:

    where do our brothers the Jews stand on this? I’m sure they have an opinion and it won’t be in favor of the anionted one…They know something about persecution.

    1. Andrew says:

      Well now, THAT is a real intellectual comment! Jesus and the Pill…brilliant.

      How about “Thou shalt not kill.” Remember that one? No matter how you look at it, preventing a fertilized egg from implantation is murder. THOU SHALT NOT KILL. Last I looked, Jesus did command that his followers follow His Father’s Commandments…

    2. jennifer says:


      Women already have the choice of contraception — that’s not the issue. The issue is should an institution that has for 2000 years held contraception and abortion to be immoral have to pay for it?

      Nowhere in the Gospels does Jesus speak out about the Pill b/c it was not invented until the 1960s. But the Scriptures are very clear on the immorality of birth control, even in its most primitive form (see story of Onan in Gen 38:8-10).

      Jesus did not come to abolish the Law but to fulfill it. Hence, He called us back to God’s original intention that marriage be a permanent union between one man and woman (see Mt 19:3-9), even though divorce was practiced among the Jews at that time. It would stand to reason that He would also call us back to the original fruitfulness God intended for the sexual act (see Gen 1:28).

    3. Rob B says:

      you again!!

      The command by God “in the beginning” was that the “two shall become one flesh” and “be fruitful and multiply”. Matthew 19:1-9

      I think the pill would sort of cancel out what Jesus told us to do.

      BTW – if he can force us to do something, can’t he turn around and force you to do something? Its not really about religion, its about power and I do not want him or any other politician to have that kind of power over me.

    4. E Flotsam Pynhedd says:

      jaime – You’re kidding, right? Jesus didn’t talk about heroin, marijuana, prozac, condoms, indoor plumbing, airplanes, shotguns, television, ballpoint pens, diapers, iPods, Nikon cameras, tennis shoes, tofu, the U.S. Constitution or Swedish meatballs — among a great many other things — either. So what’s your point? BTW where’s your ‘wall of separation’ now, comrade?

    5. QuoVadisAnima says:

      You know how the law holds a person responsible for handing another person a gun that they are clearly planning to use to kill someone else? It’s called being an accessory to murder.

      Now the point here is not that Catholics should have to persuade ANYBODY outside of the Church as to why contraception & abortions are wrong – the point here is that Obama is trying to force a church to violate its long held beliefs because he & his zealots disagree with them.

      This is why many liberals & people who totally disagree with Catholic teaching ARE STILL ON THE CHURCH’S SIDE!!! Because it’s a complete VIOLATION of our Constitutionally guaranteed right to live according to OUR beliefs and not YOURS or OBAMA’S!!!

      1. nightsong says:

        You are so right. GO AWAY Obama.

      2. ttown58 says:

        Amen. The are forcing the Church to stop providing health insurace to any employee because they will not be able to go against their doctrine. Maybe that is the plan to get hundreds of thousand more uninsured and demanding a national health care system

    6. Mike Inman says:

      Here is a post from one of our brothers, a Jew, who wrote on this subject in response to another such article…

      Michael Letterman wrote…

      Amen and I can only hope and pray my fellow Jews will rally behind our Christian brothers and sisters and rid our country of this awful and anti American president.

      1. Jeanine Ruby says:

        I seriously doubt any Jew wrote that. Most Jewish people in USA support Obama – or didn’t you know that. The GOP are simply alienating more and more people everyday. No wonder their party is crashing.

        1. Johannah says:

          Actualyy “their’ party isn’t crashing and burning. Poll after poll reveals 40% of Americans describe themselves as conservative, only 20% as liberal and the rest as moderate. You and Obama fall into the piddly 20% group. The polls definitely indicate most Americans have had enough of liberal thinking and lack of morals.

          Regarding Jews: many of the ones I now who voted for the wanna be dictator said they will not be voting for him this year. You see, they know all about what it is like to live under the thumb of a dictator and they are terrified that he will follow through on his threat to fundamentally change America into something none of us would recognize.

        2. Martin Gray says:

          Read your polls Jeanine; Jews are abandoning Obama and the Democrats like never before. I believe he’ll be lucky to get 40% of the Jewish vote. NY9 is what’s happening in America. All I can say is that I’ll be standing right beside Cardinal Dolan when the time comes, and if that means jail then so be it. I’ve faced a lot worse. This is about standing up for the U.S. Constitution and the First Amendment which I took an oath to defend and protect against all enemies foreign and domestic. I still stand by that oath 45 years later.

        3. nightsong says:

          You might be surprised Jeanine, more and more Jewish people are turning against obama. The GOP is not crashing, it is cautiously learning and growing in great volume, and if you are a Dem, you may want to reconsider your stance, and grow also.

        4. CJ says:

          Their party is crashing? Yeah crashing the gates of Washington in an all out blitz. Did you miss the mid-term elections? But please feel free to be deluded.

          Catholics could very well shut down every operation they run so they can avoid paying for birth control and abortion. It wouldn’t surprise me. Obama thinks no one takes religion seriously. Wow is he in for a surprise. He probably thinks Catholics are like his Chicago Catholic friends who preach socialism instead of Jesus Christ. He will be in for a big shock soon. Say goodbye to the Catholic hospitals, schools, charities, etc.. They won’t pay this blood money and I wouldn’t either.

        5. guest says:

          REALLY Jeanine? Is that why Representative Weiner’s seat in a heavily Jewish district of Queens went to a Republican for the first time in 60 years in the special election after Weiner’s resignation? Do you really think it was only because the community was fed up with Weiner, or was it more of a statement about Obama’s handling of Israel? Now, the Catholics are getting their “teachable moment.” I live in a very liberal area in California, and Obama’s policies are not causing “high fives” around here anymore. HIs partisan supporters are getting more shy about defending him in crowds, that’s for sure.

    7. Allan says:

      As a Jew, I stand shoulder to shoulder with Catholics on this fundamental American issue. If you rally, I will be there to support you.

      1. nightsong says:

        My respects to you Allan.

    8. Bishop Len Brennan says:

      Actually both the Jewish and Muslim communities have come out strong on this issue, they know this is an attack on religious freedom and know they could be next,

      1. exbobbie says:

        Oh yes Bishop, and when election time comes, Catholics, Jews and Muslims will all march to the poling place and vote Democrat just like they always have. Michael Letterman I am afraid your hopes will be dashed because your Jewish leaders and the Catholic leaders will never encourage their flocks to vote against this man.

    9. Jeanine Ruby says:

      O . M. G. Now this is persecution. How ridiculous you people are.

      1. Johannah says:

        No my dear, you and the minority in your group of liberals are the ridiculous ones.

  48. JustAGuy says:

    Barack Obama reserves the right to ignore any and all provisions in the US Constitution, and he’ll intrude anywhere he darn well pleases.

    Get used to it!

    1. Kevin says:

      It’s easy to ignore something you’ve never heard of let alone read. I don’t think they taught the U. S. Constitution in whatever country Obama was born and raised in.

      1. says:

        LOL the scary part is I believe he has read it and understands it but took an oath to support it knowing full well he stands against it.

        1. Kevin says:

          That’s a scary thought but probably true

        2. ohblahblah says:

          Al-taiyya….it’s all good. Can lie as much as you want, take whatever oaths you want, etc, etc, as long as in your heart you’re lying for the greater good of Islam.

        3. Steve says:

          An oath to Obammer is something he read of the teleprompter.

      2. Patrick says:

        Did they teach the Constitution in your school? Oh, then you certainly weren’t paying attention or haven’t read it either.

        1. rgard says:

          We’re you asleep when the first amendment was discussed?

          “The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.”

          I do believe the administration violated ‘the free exercise of religiion’ in this case.

          Besides…why should I pay higher insurance premiums to cover somebody else’s free birth control. Go to CVS and buy some with your own money.

    2. drc says:

      you are a fool

    3. Patrick says:

      And what provision of the Constitution is he “ignoring”? Go ahead. Look up the Constitution. Prove your ignorance. I can wait.

      1. rgard says:

        “The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.”

        I do believe the administration violated ‘the free exercise of religion’ in this case.

        1. Patrick says:

          You’ve just proved my point. The First Amendment is not in The Constitution.

          And I do believe they didn’t.

          1. texas58 says:

            Patrick, you do realize the first amendment to the constitution is in the bill of rights and without the bill of rights there is no constitution? rgard is correct and Obama is attempting to undermine the Constitution which is the law of the United States. I don’t know where you were educated but it sounds to me as if you should ask for your money back.

            1. Patrick says:

              Without the Constitution there would be no Bill of Rights. Their was even disagreement among the Founding Fathers as to whether there should even be a Bill of Rights. Every single Amendment created since the Constitution was written in a sense undermines the Constitution. Otherwise my wife wouldn’t be able to vote. You can read the Constitution from beginning to end and there is no mention of freedom of expression.

              1. Jay says:

                Actually, ratification of the Constitution was tied to the inclusion of a Bill of Rights to appease the Anti-Federalists concern that the federal government would be too powerful and a threat to individual liberties. It could easily be argued that without the Bill of Rights, there would not have been a Constitution.

                1. Patrick says:

                  This is not a case of chicken and the egg. There may not have been ratification of the Constitution, but it still existed before the Bill of Rights. Otherwise there would have been no need for the Bill of Rights.

                  1. Fritz says:

                    Patrick: You are what one of my favorite West Point expressions embodies.

                    YOU’RE A DUMBSMACK!!

                    The first Ten Amendments were intended to prevent the federal government that was created by the Constitution from usurping certain rights that were endowed on the PEOPLE by their “Creator”.

                    Your comment about there being no need for the amendments without the prior existence of the Constitution is patently absurd. The framers wanted to establish the kind of federal government we were going to have without having to argue about what the government COULDN’T do. They got that done and then submitted the first Ten Amendments to address what the federal government couldn’t do.

                    The First Amendment guaranteed your right to be A DUMBSMACK !!

                2. Martin Gray says:

                  Great point Jay. The anti- Federalists were concerned about just this kind of government overreach.

              2. Patrick (the smarter one) says:

                Looks like somebody flunked elementary school civics.

                1. Patrick says:

                  Looks like all of you need to be more civil and learn your history:
                  Created September 17, 1787
                  Ratified June 21, 1788
                  Bill of Rights
                  Created September 25, 1789
                  Ratified December 15, 1791
                  There can’t be amendments to something before it existed.;

          2. guest says:

            Yes, Patrick. All you’re attempting is to win an argument that he didn’t violate the Constitution. Fine. I don’t care. As for me, trampling on the Bill of Rights is enough…and, he DID do that as far as I’m concerned.

            1. Patrick says:

              I’m not trying to justify or argue one way or the other. I just want people to get facts straight before damning somebody in this discussion. As far as “trampling on the Bill of Rights”, they certainly didn’t. No more then making it illegal for Mormons to practice polygamy.

              1. guest says:

                Fine, Patrick. I don’t like Obama’s policies AT ALL. And, I will be voting against him and his policies in Novermber. Period.

                For someone not “making an argument” you sure are posting A LOT doing something that seems exactly like “making an argument.” BTW, people have opinions based on their own judgments. Those opinions consist of many assessments, which don’t necessarily have to agree with your “facts.” Just as they don’t have to agree with Obama’s policies. We’re not robots, we’re people. You might consider that when slinging your own personal poison at others.

    4. pjd says:

      Comrade Obama is now putting out the word he will be willing to compromise? That is the old Communist “two steps forward, one step back”. Hope soon-to-be Cardinal Dolan gives a firm “NO”. Just when we think Comrade Obama cannot get worse…

    5. Tridentinum says:

      Move to Cuba if you want a socialist dictator.

  49. Joe Dutra says:

    Obama has a deep seated hatred of the Catholic Church. Is it not obvious?

    1. Titainiumman says:

      And of jews,notice that he will bow at the drop of the hat to a muslim leader but i have never seen him bow to a christian leader

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