NEW YORK (WFAN) — Jets fans were in for a surprise Wednesday morning.

There it was, on page 29 of the special parade edition of the New York Daily News. A full-page ad from the Rex Ryan-proclaimed “big brother” of New York football, congratulating the Giants on their Super Bowl XLVI win.

“You played with passion and toughness, capturing a hard-earned and well-deserved championship,” the message read, with a bold, all-caps “CONGRATULATIONS” above.

Was it a display of good sportsmanship — or bitter reminder of a disappointing, drama-filled 2011 season?

Listen: Boomer & Carton split on Jets ad

“I understand the idea of sportsmanship,” tweeted CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell, “but most Jets fans don’t want to see the team publicly acknowledging the Giants win.”

Do they mind? We asked Jets fans on Twitter to weigh in.

“Jets cover up the Giants … trophies during the year but congratulate them now,” responded WFAN follower JoeCheeryLeary. “Are the Jets having an identity crisis?”

“Its a classy gesture,” tweeted jimbooooslice. “They did the right move, lets just see if the (Giants) do it for the (Jets) when our time comes around!”

Jazzeumm had a different take: “Congratulating the Giants is just PC and pathetic. Giants and their fans look down on the Jets and their fans so why bother.”

DrewfromJersey sounded lukewarm after nearly a year of Super Bowl promises from his head coach.

“We talked it up & failed,” he tweeted. “Giants won the SB and we were humbled. They have a working relationship. I have no problem with it.”

On Facebook it was mostly pro-ad, with a few dissenters.

“It seems like the team is changing their brash and cocky ways for the better!” responded Jets fan Mike Benjamin.

“It is embarrassing,” Mike Castronovo wrote. “I rooted against the (Giants) from game 1, you can’t say your big brother and bow down to them every chance you get.”

WFAN’s Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton were just as split Wednesday morning.

“The last thing that should be in the newspaper is a congratulations to the hated rivals!” exclaimed Carton. “It’s a slap right in my face as a Jets fan!”

“Why do you get all upset about stuff like that?” Boomer said. “I think it’s a classy move. Classy. Very classy.”

What do you think of the ad? Sound off in the comments below…

(credit: WFAN)