NEW YORK (WFAN) — Jets fans were in for a surprise Wednesday morning.

There it was, on page 29 of the special parade edition of the New York Daily News. A full-page ad from the Rex Ryan-proclaimed “big brother” of New York football, congratulating the Giants on their Super Bowl XLVI win.

“You played with passion and toughness, capturing a hard-earned and well-deserved championship,” the message read, with a bold, all-caps “CONGRATULATIONS” above.

Was it a display of good sportsmanship — or bitter reminder of a disappointing, drama-filled 2011 season?

Listen: Boomer & Carton split on Jets ad

“I understand the idea of sportsmanship,” tweeted CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell, “but most Jets fans don’t want to see the team publicly acknowledging the Giants win.”

Do they mind? We asked Jets fans on Twitter to weigh in.

“Jets cover up the Giants … trophies during the year but congratulate them now,” responded WFAN follower JoeCheeryLeary. “Are the Jets having an identity crisis?”

“Its a classy gesture,” tweeted jimbooooslice. “They did the right move, lets just see if the (Giants) do it for the (Jets) when our time comes around!”

Jazzeumm had a different take: “Congratulating the Giants is just PC and pathetic. Giants and their fans look down on the Jets and their fans so why bother.”

DrewfromJersey sounded lukewarm after nearly a year of Super Bowl promises from his head coach.

“We talked it up & failed,” he tweeted. “Giants won the SB and we were humbled. They have a working relationship. I have no problem with it.”

On Facebook it was mostly pro-ad, with a few dissenters.

“It seems like the team is changing their brash and cocky ways for the better!” responded Jets fan Mike Benjamin.

“It is embarrassing,” Mike Castronovo wrote. “I rooted against the (Giants) from game 1, you can’t say your big brother and bow down to them every chance you get.”

WFAN’s Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton were just as split Wednesday morning.

“The last thing that should be in the newspaper is a congratulations to the hated rivals!” exclaimed Carton. “It’s a slap right in my face as a Jets fan!”

“Why do you get all upset about stuff like that?” Boomer said. “I think it’s a classy move. Classy. Very classy.”

What do you think of the ad? Sound off in the comments below…

(credit: WFAN)

Comments (37)
  1. Jason C. says:

    “Its a classy gesture,” tweeted jimbooooslice. “They did the right move, lets just see if the (Giants) do it for the (Jets) when our time comes around!”

    Are they serious??
    Sure, when the Jets win another 3 championships then I, all other Giants fans, and the entire organization will congratulate you on playing the way you’re supposed to. Until then, don’t expect crap, you’d be as irrelevant as the Browns or Eagles if it weren’t for one night in 1969 (yes, 1969, Hendrix was still alive and kicking). The Jets will NEVER win another Super Bowl, so long as the two-headed short bus riding giant of Tannenbaum/Ryan are running things.
    As far as this being a “classy gesture”, it’s just another ego-boost by these two morons, trying to make even this, about themselves. Thanks, but no thanks.

    1. Pura Vida Lighting says:

      They should have placed the adds in the newspaper in Boston!! If they really wanted to show they hate the pats!!!

  2. Joan Serrano Russo says:

    That’s my NY Jets showing alot of class to congratulate the Giants..It wasn’t easy for them to do..I am proud of you Ganggreen.Our day is coming too..I just know it..Here’s to 2012..Jet’s4Ever!!!!

  3. Ronnie Acerra says:

    I have rooted for the Jets since ’79.It’s nice to win it all, We did in ’68 but that was before my time. The Steeler’s have 6 rings but Super Bowl lIII is the most talked about after all these years. Think of all the teams that have never even won one ! We tried to build a stadium in N.Y. but it got shot down, Remember? Giant fan, Enjoy the win ! I am A Jet fan and my team is the BEST team no matter how many times you guy’s win or any other teams for that matter. Heck ,We had a great couple of years and we were all the N.F.L. talked about!! No I’m not crying in my beer we have done better than ever the past few years and as long as we win on Sunday, I’m a happy camper.. Hey Maybe you’ll win again soon ,Good Luck.9-7 ain’t far from 8-8, PEACE !!

    1. Joan Serrano Russo says:

      Good job Ronnie, That was well said and very true..68 was before my time as well..I am very proud of our boys in Green..Even though we were 8-8 and had a lousy season we were still in the playoff hunt until the very last day of the season..Many good days to come for our NY Jets..I just know we will bring that Lombari Trophy home agan..Jets4Ever!!!!

    2. Jason C. says:

      Actually 9-7 AND A SUPER BOWL, is a FAR FAR FAR cry from 8-8. Looks like you fans are letting Ol’ Rexy’s idiocy rub off on you. It’s about winning championships, and as you said, you NEVER got to see your team win one, and you won’t. Maybe you should be crying in your beer.

  4. Aldo the Apache says:

    ALL Class! Proud to be a JETS fan. Glad to see the G Men and Eli Manning win the Super Bowl. Rarely I root for NFC team, but this one was fun…

  5. Marc Weiss says:

    As a Giants fan I say, “thank you”. I think the real problem is that the Jets organization spends too much time worrying about Big Blue and not enough time taking care of their own business. Like a previous poster said, “The Jets are not our rivals the Skins, Eagle and Cowboys are”. That’s the gospel. We play the Jets every preseason in a meaningless game and once every 4 years in a regular season contest and that’s it. There was a Jet fan behind me at the parade yesterday wearing a Bavaro jersey and saying he has nothing to apologize for and I agree with him. He said, “I’m glad you guys won because I hate Bellicheat and Brady. That’s a guy who gets it.

  6. Michael J Sanfilippo says:

    There’s no ploy, no gamesmanship or any of that nonsense. It’s just a nice gesture by a classy man, Woody Johnson. Nothing more than that. Relax, Jets fans.

  7. Pilots Heldwithin says:

    Ok, this is a mixed feeling on subject! 1st. they (jets) didn’t have to send nothing in the first place, However, i believe it might of been a ploy to digress the embarassment of REX RYAN’s comments. To actually cover up our trophies is highly immature for any professional TEAM. it would of been done in CLASS, if in fact, it was signed by the JETS owner & REX RYAN!…REMEMBER— just because they went to the playoffs twice, without reaching the championship itself doesn’t really hold any HOORAH with me!!!! thats REALITY!!! GIANTS are 3rd rank in the N.F.L with 8 championships!!!!

  8. LiberalsRDopes says:

    The Daily News? No one is going to see it then. What a liberal, rag….

  9. XLVI Champs says:

    I’m sure the Giants will congratulate the Jets when they win Super Bowl CXXIII in 2089.

  10. Donna B says:

    I thought it was a classy thing to do-they are not hated rivals. They share the same freakin’ stadium for God’s sake. If the Jets won the Super Bowl the Giants would have done the same thing. It’s the right thing to do.

  11. Deej says:

    BEAT SAND!! I hope the Jets have a long enough beach towel or table cloth to cover the 4th trophy added to the case. I hope you guys make it to Superbowl home game in 2014 – We’ll be there!


  12. Jeff A-to-Z says:

    The last thing that should be in the newspaper is a congratulations to the hated rivals!” exclaimed Carton. “It’s a slap right in my face as a Jets fan!”
    Carton don’t you remember a few years back ” METS FANS FOR YANKEES ” .How about ” JETS FANS FOR GIANTS ” I’m with Boomer it was classy ! The hated rivals are the Pats ! Do The Brady Hunch !

    1. Shecky says:

      Who cares what that clown Carton said!!! He is the same guy who proclaimed LOUDLY that he would quit his radio show if the Giants won the Super Bowl!!! Now he won’t even address the statement – LOSER!!!!!!!!

      Classy move by the Jets – I am a life long Giants fan – the Jets are not our ‘rivals’; the Cowboys, Eagles and Skins are our rivals. The “rivalry” is hyped only by the media nad the current Jets regime. We share a stadium – that’s all!!

  13. classic58 says:

    This is the perfect move by the Jets. Very classy to congratulate the team, the owners and the families just NOT THE FANS!!!!!

    Jets fans don’t hate the Ginuts, they hate Ginut fans, the ones who look down on us and belittle us.

    This is the perfect move. As an organization there is nothing to hate about the Giants, it’s all their fans

  14. Gordon says:

    I’m a longtime Jet fan and I really hope to see a true IDENTITY for this organization. In the past it seemed like the focus was always to be the “better NY team” or to have 1-up on the Giants. Forget about all that and let’s focus on creating an identity as a powerhouse NFL team, not just the better NY team. And by the way, I do think it was a classy move for the ad and by no means does not make the Jets look lower. Now lets focus on next season and kicking some a$$.

  15. Jetman Forlife says:

    Maybee its the Jets turn next year…….next year…next year….next year… year……next decade… lifetime…….next milenium !

  16. Wayne J says:

    Classy Move and I agree on a lot of the comments stated here earlier. The humbling talk of team and family is also what made this Giant Team successful. A well run organization always gives themselves the ability of putting themselves in a position to take advantage of other teams mistakes in any sports. The Giants are one of those organizations. Congratulation Super Bowl Champions NY Giants for a NY Jets and NY Mets Fan!

  17. CK says:

    Don’t even like football, and I think it was a classy move. They share a stadium.

  18. Anakin Corleone says:

    Very classy move. Jets-Giants is not like Mets-Yankees. Due to NFL TV scheduling most fans can follow both teams closely and would only be forced to choose between the two in the one game every three or four years that they play each other. The also have a working relationship and share a stadium so there’s an incentive for them to at least be cordial with each other.

    For all the big brother/little brother references, if you’re in trouble, who’s got your back first-and-foremost? It’s your brother, regardless of who’s the big brother or who’s the little brother.

  19. LALA says:


  20. Cali at says:

    Nobody should be up in arms about this. Watching Tom Brady lose like that was glorious.
    As a die-hard Jets fan I was cheering for the Giants, and for the sole reason that they had a chance to beat the Patriots.

  21. Jesse Faulkner says:

    i find it hilarious the author wrote “classy move or slap in the face”

    the jets do something classy and people want to say it’s a ‘slap across the face’
    you cant make it up.

    1. Dan C. says:

      Actually the Jet Joker Carton called it a slap in the face, clown that he is, and welcher on his statement to quit if the Giants win the SB.

  22. TCinNYC says:

    Im a Jets season ticket holder. I can’t stand the way our Coach & players talk smack, but hey i don’t get to call the shots. I just root hard for my team & want to win. Im glad they congratulated the Giants because they deserved it. To read any deeper into the meaning of the ad is to simple WANT to manufacture a story. Enough already.

  23. Steph says:

    I am and always will be a Jets fan, and I think that if they did NOT congratulate the Giants, then it would have been a sign of bad sportsmanship. There’s no reason to be a sore loser.
    It was a classy move, of course. I am reminded every year that I have never seen a Jets championship in my lifetime. While I patiently await that day and hope I don’t die before it happens, I have to look on the bright side and view this past Sunday as a New York win over Boston. That’s always a plus in my book.

  24. Alex from Staten Island says:

    Being a die hard Jet fan & season ticket holder for 20 years the 2011 season was a difficult one t o say the least. Not only seeing the team I love underachieve, but I witnessed teh Patriots continue to be the team to beat in the AFC East and was watching. As saw live and in person when the Giants season turned around via Victor Cruz going 99 yards.
    With all the pain the past month or so has brought I can’t see anyone taking away the achievments the Giants made this season. They played as a team and became Champions as a team. The ad I think shows not only does the NY Jet organization recognize what the Giants did this season, but also how badly the Jets underachieved. I don’t think covering the trophies has anything to do with any congratulations. That is two different scenarios. The stadium was built to be two seperate home fields in one venue. Jets cover any signs of Giants existence during Jet home games and Giiants cover any sign of Jet existence during Giant home games. Althought the Jets need to cover 4 trophies and the Giants only one.
    I hope Rex and companty use this as motivatin to get better and want to experirience the euphoria the Giants and their fans did the past month. I also hope that we realize at this moment we are the other NY team and they are the #1 NY team. But that can change. And I have said it all along Winning Cures Everything!!

    1. canesgiants says:

      wrong–giants dont cover anything up when the giants are the home team. looks liek the jets are goin to need another screen to cover up another super bowl win

    2. Robert says:

      classy post Alex

  25. Jake Dawson says:

    As I’ve stated many times before, if the shoe ever gets to be on the other foot, I don’t see the Giants organization heaping praise on the Jets.

    For as much as Rex Ryan is an easy target for the Giants and their fans on why they like to rub their noses in it, he goes out of his way to praise them as well. I have yet to see Big Talker Pat Hanlon say anything good about the Jets hiding behind his twitter account.

    1. Donna Bruno says:

      I dont think we ever have to worry about that. LOL

    2. canesgiants says:

      what did your team do to deserve any praise??

    3. Dan C says:

      I will speak for Hanlon, nice loss in the AFC title game last year, better luck in 2011 uh 2012 season!!!

  26. joey says:

    I’m may be a jealous Jets fan but, it’s always been a sports tradition to congratulate the other team in town.

  27. Jesse Faulkner says:

    how is it a “slap in the face” ?????????

    of course it’s a classy move. also who cares?

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