Communities are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about our environment and working toward using more alternative resources for power to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. New York City, for example, is planning on building Solar Power Plants in order to use solar power to heat buildings instead of the heavy oils that pollute the atmosphere. An online map has been developed by CUNY to show NYC’s energy potential. Solar thermal systems are being used to heat water, creating heating and hot water in place of the standard hot water heaters and boilers. Solar panels are being installed to convert the sunlight into electricity, resulting in lower bills and energy consumption.

The city is improving its attitude toward green living and implementing eco-friendly solutions in leaps and bounds. Now all New Yorkers are looking for savvy ways to use solar power to promote a cleaner and more cost effective environment. Here are some local businesses that can help you take advantage of the sun’s rays in NYC.

Solar energy systems for alternative energy solutions

Owners of New York City buildings are looking to the sun to cut energy costs. New York City now offers a property tax abatement and legislation that allows owners of solar power systems to sell back excess energy. This has increased awareness and incentives for installing and implementing solar power. Quixotic Systems designs, engineers, and installs solar thermal systems, which are generally used to heat water in place of traditional water heating methods. It also designs and installs solar electric systems known as photovoltaic (PV) systems, which convert energy from the sun to AC current to power a home or apartment. 

Services priced as per customer’s needs and requirements.
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Solar shades to save on heating and cooling

Whether you rent or own, solar shades are an easy addition for any New York City dweller. Solar Shades reflect the heat away from the windows in the summer and keep the warmth in during the colder winter months. The result: lower energy bills. Solar shades can be purchased in different materials and styles–manual and motorized–and the shades add beauty to the home’s decor. The Shade Company is a caring, New York business that gives back by donating at least $20 toward The Children’s Aid Society from every project that it’s a part of.

Shades are priced as per customer’s needs.
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Solar watches, backpack chargers, and generators

Keep your electronics charged using the sun’s energy and never have to worry about being tied down by power cords or batteries again. Versatile solar panel backpacks in various sizes and power options are available to charge an array of handheld electronics. The Voltiaic Generator is so powerful, it will charge a laptop and cell phones, making it great for camping or power outages. These chargers also provide peace of mind on long road trips or during power failures. There are even solar power watches that will never run out of power as long as the sun keeps shining. Devices such as the Voltiaic Generator can be purchased at AC Gears in the city.

Backpack prices range from $129.99 – $499.99
Solar watches priced from $159.99 – $179.99
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Solar powered radios

J & R Music and Computer World is a great place to find radios and gadgets that are powered by the sun. No need for power cords and batteries anymore. Find perfect gadgets to quickly charge mobile electronic devices and save on energy consumption. These are great to have for a rescue during power outages. Take advantage of the sun’s energy and make your personal contribution to improving our environment by not disposing of batteries again.

Kaito Electronics Voyager Solar/ Dynamo Emergency Radio $49.99
Icetech portable solar power charger $78.99
Logitech wireless solar keyboard $59.99
Hours: Mon to Wed -10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Thurs to Fri -10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., Sat to Sun -11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Solar lighting, attic fan, portable speakers, and more

Solar power is being increasingly used in creative ways. Think about all of the small appliances and gadgets that run constantly in your household using conventional energy sources. Small attic fans that spin continuously during the summer months to keep your attic cool need not be powered by expensive, conventional sources of energy. An energy efficient attic fan with a 10-watt solar panel eliminates that energy expense from your bills for good. Increase the elegance of your garden or patio with solar powered lanterns. No electrician is needed to wire for solar powered lights and devices. It is time to take advantage of great solar powered items to cut down on living expenses and reduce harmful carbon emissions.

The Green Depot is a one stop shop for environmentally friendly gadgets and solar gear. From solar-friendly building supplies and battery chargers to fans powered by the sun’s rays, the Green Depot has arguably the most extensive collection of solar gadgets for the NYC household.

Call for a price quote for the Solatube Solar Star attic Fan
Solar-Chargeable portable speaker $99.95
Outdoor Lighting $38.95 – $49.95
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