MILLER PLACE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The family of one of the victims killed in the Medford pharmacy massacre says they are filing a lawsuit against a number of defendants, including the Suffolk County Police Department and the owner of the pharmacy where the killings took place.

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The family of Jamie Taccetta is suing for $20 million in connection with her murder at Haven Drugs in Medford on Father’s Day of last year. Taccetta was killed along with three others by David Laffer during a robbery of the pharmacy.

Also named in the suit is the owner of Haven Drugs, the doctor who allegedly prescribed painkillers to Laffer and pharmaceutical companies that make the drug oxycodone.

Laffer robbed Haven Pharmacy to get thousands of pills to feed his drug habit.

Attorney John Ray, who is representing Taccetta’s two children, Miranda Malone and Kaitlyn Malone, says he thinks they’ll win against the drug companies unlike suits that have been brought against gun manufacturers that have been thrown out.

“Here, unlike guns, guns are not per say addictive, but drugs are and they know it,” said Ray.

“Winning in a lawsuit is not just about principle. It is also about acquiring money, and we’re wanting $20 million,” he added.

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The suit also says police caused Taccetta’s death by failing to investigate Laffer’s gun license and not confiscating the gun he used in the murders.

“Everyone who was a part of this should suffer the consequences because if they would have done their jobs right, it would have been prevented,” said 16-year-old Miranda.

“Anybody who hurts my children and their mother will have to pay and suffer the consequences that they have coming to them,” said James Malone, father Of Miranda and Kaitlyn.

After pleading guilty, Laffer was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

His wife, Melinda Brady, was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Authorities said she drove the getaway car.

Legal expert Marc Gann with the Nassau Bar Association weighed in on the suit.

“I think it is an incredibly steep uphill battle to pursue an action like this. To hold other parties responsible for someone else’s criminal conduct, civilly, is a very, very difficult thing to do” he said.

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  1. tiredofinsanelawsuits says:

    She is also suing her grandfather. He threw a fundraiser to help pay for the funeral and the girl (Miranda) wants to know why there was no money for her. The grandfather explained to her that the money went to cover the funeral expenses. This is all the doing of her father and uncle. There is no way a young girl had the idea to sue all these people and for the reasons stated including her grandfather. Supposedly, the father wasn’t really in his childrens’ lives until now. He probably didn’t even pay child support. People say that the mother’s fiancee was more of a father to these kids than their real father was.

  2. jerseyjoey says:

    Why should you people be so surprised, after all its the Liberal Northeast.Odds are there is a judge who will hear the case. CHAOS2013

    1. danny says:

      Why do you feel it necessary to bring politics into this? I am a liberal and I find this lawsuit disgusting. You really need to stop listening to all of the politico shows and use your own thought and logic. kthxbai

  3. whats the drug co in the Fugitive? says:

    “Anybody who hurts my children and their mother will have to pay and suffer the consequences that they have coming to them,” said James Malone, father Of Miranda and Kaitlyn.”

    Yes, all of your neighbors and taxpayers.


  4. ace11 says:

    Nice try…BUT this suit is going to get tossed right out


  5. monika says:

    SHAME ON THESE PEOPLE !!!!! Because it basically comes down to money :o( How sad that people are SOOOOOOO GREEDY !!!!!!!!

  6. mj says:

    the fact that they are suing the drug company shows that they are just out for the dollars . the drug company has NOTHING to do with it. should liquor companies be sued if someone that is drunk kills someone ?

  7. Terry6206 says:

    So the former husband is now involved.

  8. E Dawg says:

    Sue for what?

    In Europe you can’t sue for things that are other people’s fault like in America.

    Laffer is responsible, he will do his time.

    Sueing for money the owner of the Pharmacy is shamefull.

  9. YKNIPP says:

    We all shed a tear : ( Except for the attorney : )

    1. RoyBoySays says:

      We all shead tears for the victims,for sure……………….

  10. RoyBoySays says:

    This low life ambulance chasing Attorney would sue God,if he could find a good address……………….

  11. rocker90 says:

    how can you hold the companies that make it responsible?


  12. Only one says:

    Lawyers will sue their own parents for child bearing if they have a chance to make money.

  13. Amused but not misled says:

    I knew some lawyer would crawl out from under a rock and file such crap.

    Yeah just give us some money and we’ll go away.

    Sleeze ball and a client. I can just see the shiny suit and the $15 Staple’s breifcase filled with newspapers and half-eatten sandwiches waiting at the court house.

    Don’t forget to sue the gas station he bought gasat and the store that sold this guy his crime clothes too.

    What a sleazy load of crap! NO wonder why people think lawyers are bottom dwelling leachess.


  14. JGNY says:

    Lets suppose they win something, anything. Will the dead rise ? Will this poor dead mom return to them? I doubt it. These dirtbags are broke and they caused this. Clearly the reason He tried to rob the place was because he could not secure the meds legally…get it. The Pharmacy can’t support full time armed guards to stand there all day. But, you know. Let Obama know and he will pass another law forcing this as well.

  15. Paco Romano says:

    What a loser! No wonder your family member is dead

    1. TacoRomanoTheIdiot says:

      You taco, are a waste of dna

  16. Should be ashamed says:

    What a bogus lawsuit these people are whats wrong with our legal system the lawyers should be barred for filing such a bogus lawsuit.There is only 2 people that should be sued but there is no money there for these money hungry losers.

  17. White Plains Guy says:

    The family of the murder victim has the legal right to sue anyone she wants to, but the guy who’s in prison who pulled the trigger is really the only one responsible for this heinous crime. To blame the others including the police department is frivolous and stupid.

    1. RoyBoySays says:

      Give me a break,they are suing the owner of the Pharmacy,for filling valid prescriptions,and not having enough security in his store,so now he’s a victim again.These ambulance chasing Attorneys,have no limits on how low they will go for a buck!

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