WAYNE, NJ (CBSNewYork) – A New Jersey resident is fighting to keep his three chickens, even though he doesn’t have enough land to legally keep them.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams On The Story

“I can raise up to 2,000 pigeons on the property I’m on right now,” said Victor Alfieri of Wayne.

But he doesn’t want pigeons. He wants to keep his three hens.

“They offer me fresh, healthy, organic eggs. Their manure is absolutely fantastic for my organic vegetable garden,” he told WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams.

But in Wayne, the local law says his quarter acre is just too small for three chickens, and his neighbor, Pandy Napolitano agrees.

“We feel it’s bringing down our property value, along with the chickens, he says they don’t make noise. We can hear them making the noise,” she said.

When Adams visited, the hens barely went above a whisper and there was no mess and no odor.

The mayor is on Alfieri’s side, but the entire council hasn’t been swayed.

“I want the same right that someone has that owns a dog,” said Alfieri.

So, he’ll keep lobbying to amend the local poultry law, and he says momentum is on his side as more towns become chicken-friendly.

What do you think? Is a quarter acre too small to have chickens? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. bebe says:

    dogs are way louder and stinkier than chickens for pete’s sake. i think the neoghbor is just jealous because he has farm fresh eggs and she does not. i took care of ten chickens and a rooster and kept them well… they do not smell bad at all… they are very effecient and rewarding animal to have. if the neighbor would have been nice, maybe he would have given her some eggs. why do people make big deals over petty disagreements

  2. Moe62 says:

    It’s amazing you read a short article and assume you have all the facts to call people names. It sounds like there is more to this story than what is being reported. Is he living off his land for his own personal use or is he running a business in a suburban neighbor that is not zoned for business? He is paying taxes on this business?? He currently has two chickens, but if the law gets changes how many more does he plan on having? In 40 degree weather you are not going to have an odor. Mr. Admas go back in mid-summer and see if you can say the same thing. I had a neighbor that used chicken manure to fertilize his garden and I couldn’t sit out in my own backyard because of the odor. I have nothing against people living off their land, but not at another persons expense.

    It is easy for people to pass judgement when they don’t know all the facts, and they are not the ones dealing with the issues.

    1. Victor Alfieri says:

      Moe62…….You should listen to the words in your head. You do not have a clue on what you are taking about. Talk about assuming. Over 40 million US residents work from home. I have 3 chickens, I only want to own 3 and if the law changes there will be a limit on how many you can own. Just like dog and cat food, chicken feed is scientifically designed to eliminate odors. Many years ago pet food manufacturers realized pet owners didn’t like smelly pets. Would you rather your neighbor use harsh fertilizers or chicken manure?
      Moe the library is free, go pick up a book and learn something.

      1. Moe62 says:

        Victor, Your intellegence is profound that you also must resort to slinging insults. All I asked was if you were living off your land or running a business, but it seems I hit a nerve…? Yes 40 million US residensts work from home, and again if they own their own business from home or anywhere, are those businesses legally owned and opperated? Do they pay taxes on those businesses? Do they claim their cash earnings and pay taxes on it as well?? Again, just asking a few questions… It’s funny you state you only have and want 3 hens, but your website refers to you wanting 5 hens– “And it’s ILLEGAL for my family to raise 5 chicken hens because they might be too noisy?” “This is why CHICKEN HEN WASTE DOES NOT SMELL and most certainly not with only 5 chicken hens.” “What would you rather have living next to you. 5 dogs or 5 chicken hens?” “In Wayne NJ it’s LEGAL for residents to own and raise 5 Pit Bulls. But it’s ILLEGAL to own and raise 5 chicken hens.” Guess you forgot what you wrote on your own website.

        I don’t need to go to a library to learn what chicken manure smells like, I experienced it first hand from my neighbor and the fact is still the same, it had a horrible odor and I couldn’t sit in my own yard because of it.

        Like I previously said, I have no problem with people living off their land or doing with it what they want, but not at the expense of others rights to live the quality of life they chose.

        1. Chuck Nasca says:

          Hey Dooosh……You have to be a real jerk-off to be asking this guy about his taxes. Mind your own business. What the hell do you care what he’s doing?

          You seem to be very interested in him. But keep going to his website I’m sure he appreciates the business and by the way from what I’m hearing this law is going to pass. So good for him. We need more guys like this in Wayne.

          Ok there Doppy

          1. Victor Alfieri says:

            Thanks Chuck……I could not have said it better myself.
            I love these guys with big mouths who use fake names. Just hide behind there computers. While other people put them selves out there to make a positive difference.

            You are right, Moe62 keep going to my website. click on the banners to the right.
            Thanks for the bizz Moe.

          2. Moe62 says:

            LMFAO!!! I see your lack of intelligence is just as profound as Victors!!!

  3. Mom says:

    Jerky neighbor.

  4. Jeffrey DelVecchio says:

    I am currently going through the same thing with my six hens in New Milford, NJ. The claim that chickens lower property values is completely unfounded and has yet to be proven. Keeping a small flock is akin to keeping pet rabbits which is generally allowed by most towns. 94 of the top 100 cities in the US, by population, allow the keeping of backyard chickens. Why not small suburban towns?

    1. Jeffrey DelVecchio says:

      I started an online petiton to send to my local Board of Health. Please sign it if you support this cause. Sorry for the highjack Victor.


  5. lieutenantdan says:

    Let the guy have his 3 chickens you idiots!

    If the US and world economy gets much worse you may find yourself begging your neighbor for some of his eggs.

  6. donna sis 63 says:

    Dogs and cats carry parvo and leptosperosis which are spread through their fesis. Neightborhood pets spread these diseases from yard to yard unlike the hens that are confined to your own property for your own use, Unless Pandy plans on curbing every pet in the neightborhood she needs to educate herself , take the blinders off and can it. As the eonomy continues to faulter we will have to become more self-reliant. Bravo to Victor!!!!


      He is breaking the law, if you don’t like it, change the law. That’s how it’s done in civilized society. By the way, I would fry all three up and serve them with biscuits.

    2. Moe62 says:

      You are knowledgeable about what diseases dogs and cats spread and this is something that people have to currently be aware of. So what disease do chickens carry and spread through their manure, that people will now have to be concerned with? Chicken manure, rain, run off into your backyard where you have children and pets of your own???? Dogs and Cats are at least licensed, go to the vet. and are vaccinated, are chickens? Just wondering…

  7. hurricane41 says:

    a neighbor like Victor increases your property value……the law is archaic….I have neighborghood dogs that make much more noise…..Pandy get a grip…what is really bothering you?

  8. MaisyMaeve3 says:

    Share the eggs and then the neigbors will shut up. It’s not a barking dog either peeing on their fence!! Get a life and leave him alone.

  9. Bklyn mom says:

    Let the man keep his chickens! At least it’s not a rooster!

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