There may come a time when mom or dad needs to move in with you for a change, and in New York’s notoriously cramped living spaces and high rise apartment buildings, this can present a challenge. That said, there are plenty of gadgets and devices from which you can benefit to remain stress-free during this transitional period.

One in every three senior citizens trips and falls each year, so having safety bars or a shower seat installed in the bathroom will give you peace of mind when mom is home alone. Turn your office into a guest room equipped with an over-bed table and bed warmer to ensure mom or dad is nice and cozy at night. Making room for your parents will be a cinch with help from these local businesses in New York.

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Welcoming mom or dad home

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Prepare a gift basket for mom and prop it on a Tempurpedic mattress in her new room. It’s a great way to welcome her as a new guest in your home.

Filling the basket: 

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  • Thermal bed socks with grips are an affordable gift that will come in handy. They provide warmth, comfort and safety when walking up and down stairs.
  • Hotty Botty Bear: These cute little stuffed animals are placed in the microwave for two minutes and provide warmth for up to three hours. Stuffed with treated wheat grains and soothing lavender make them great for aches and pains, too.
  • Magnifying glass are perfect for reading labels on prescriptions or small print in magazines or newspapers that may be too tiny to read. Magnifying glasses are designed in various ways and can be found in the form of a bookmark to a pocket LED magnifier at at your local pharmacy. |
  • Make an extra set of house keys and place them in the gift basket, too. This will ensure mom’s never left out in the cold.
  • Program a jumbo remote control to the TV so mom can change channels with ease. Local appliance and discount stores have them in stock.
  • Visit your local public library online, and print out a copy of their itinerary each month. All public library branches in New York offer free programs and events for seniors—from bingo night, penny socials, and book-discussions.

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Baron’s, located in Brooklyn, New York, provides numerous products to help ensure your parent’s safety. Find electric wheel chairs, walkers, riser beds, shower bars and seats and lift chairs. The selection of lifts and ramps can be billed through Medicare and most major insurance companies. Order a subscription of mom’s favorite magazine and stow it next to the bed in one of Baron’s bed assists.

Hours: Mon to Fri-9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sat – 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Sun -Closed

If mom or dad uses a wheelchair regularly, investing in a ramp or stair lift will be beneficial to those living in two-story town homes or lofts. Chelsea Medical and Mobility Equipment provides an assortment of in and outdoor ramps. This company also offers rentals on products like wheelchairs, hospital beds and walkers, which is very convenient for those planning to keep mom or dad for just a short while until a more permanent solution is found.

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