WEST NEW YORK, NJ (CBSNewYork) – Gov. Chris Christie says he’s been getting a lot of e-mails and calls from people upset over his decision to lower flags to half staff Saturday to honor Newark native Whitney Houston.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney On The Story

“And I’m disturbed by people who believe that because her ultimate demise, and we don’t know what is the cause of her death yet, but because of her history of substance abuse, that somehow she’s forfeited the good things that she did in her life. I just reject that on a human level,” said Christie in West New York on Wednesday.

“When I’ve seen these messages and e-mails that have come to me, you know, dispariging her for her struggles with substance abuse, and what I say to everybody is, there but for the grace of God go I.”

PHOTOSWhitney Houston’s Life Remembered

The governor also made further clarification.

“I’m not saying that Whitney Houston is a role model,” he said, adding that she is a cultural icon, whose accomplishments deserve the honor.

He’s also ordered flags lowered for all native soldiers killed, fallen police officers, and the death of the E Street Band’s Clarence Clemons, among others.

Houston’s funeral will be a private ceremony at New Hope Baptist Church on Saturday.

Do you think Christie is right to order the lowering of flags? Sound off in the comments section below!

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  1. Mikeybklyn says:

    Mayor McCheese -now you will have to lower the flag for all junkies. Only fair.

    1. Lucky 7 says:

      And all BOOZERS.

  2. Theresa says:

    I t’s a Shame some people are so negative about the death of
    Whitney Houston not looking at the positive. Many people right now suffer
    with substance abuse, Maybe her death may change some people,
    behavior in there life’s as well. Someone loss a family or friend in a drugs or alcohol abuse.

    1. Samantha's Grandma says:

      That’s all well & good Theresa but certainly not a valad reason to lower th flag. We all know someone with abuse problems & they are never recognized as heros. I, myself have been in recoverY OVER 30 YRS & don’t feel even I am a HERO

    2. RoyBoySays says:

      You miss the point Theresa,which is the Flag Lowering,and the Governor demeaning it’s importance and significance. This person did not give their life for Freedom,but for the selfish use of drugs,and she does not deserve the Honor of a lowered flag………………save that for our vets and heros

  3. Paul says:

    As Governor, he can ONLY place the flag at half-staff to honor a member of the US Armed Forces who died on active duty must follow the half-staffing proclamation. Yes she was a great entertainer… but as the GOVERNOR he must follow the law!

    1. Bob says:

      Paul is Right!!. The Law should be followed and i believe there is to much abuse of the law in this case and in past LIKE Clarence Clemons from the e street band. Honor our true heros … not entertainers that might have given some money to a few causes for the Governor or there home town. It’s a shame She died .. to bad no one could have reach her before it got to what it did.

      1. cheri McDonald says:

        I feel sorry for you, you have sooo much hate in you. For the grace of God there go I. You wont die like everyone else. You just going to” NASTY AWAY”. People like YOU scare me. I will pray for people like you that think like you. I don’t always agree on some of the things that Gov. Christy do or say, he made the RIGHT choice in the matter of Whitney Houston. Someone who cares

  4. Joy says:

    He is wrong. Lowering flags should be for people that deserve it

  5. C. Robinson says:


    1. jilly says:

      no he didnt my husband fought the war against drugs in the military witney was never in the military and took drugs alls she was is a singer why should she get a flag lowered for her this event is for military and goverment high officials

    2. Rob L says:

      I am white and I am not a racist. I loved Whitney and believe me when I say I have many of her songs on my computer and danced the night away in my younger days to her music. BUT, she is a civilian and this honor should be reserved for our heroes who give the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

    3. Meme Meyagi says:

      off your meds?

    4. John says:

      Oh God! here we go with the race card again! I knew some jerk would have to bring it up again! Perhaps we could also blame her death on George W. Bush.

      1. Christie: the Governor that ate NJ says:

        “Perhaps we could also blame her death on George W. Bush.”

        Well now that you mentioned it….J/K

  6. NJ818 says:

    There are numerous New Jersey kids who have died and will continue to die in combat in Afghanistan, as well as in Iraq.. They died for their Country, for their Flag, and they will continue to offer their lives for as long as America exists. If New Jersey wishes to honor the late Whitney Houston, then honor her, along with the magnificent talent that she once possessed, by voting her into the New Jersey Hall of Fame. Nothing more, nothing less

    1. Semper Fi til the day I die says:

      Beautifully said! I think she was an amazing woman, not a black or a white issue, not a drug issue period. But regardless of the obvious God given talent she had and what an amazing entertainer she was, that DOES NOT give her “hero” status. I think it’s going just a little bit too far to pay homage to her with the ultimate tribute of flying The United Stats of America flag at half mast. My father served this country as a United States Marine in the Korean War, my grandfather served this country as a United States Navy Shore Patrol Officer in World War II and I could go on and on and on, but I DO NOT remember ANY GOVERNMENT official or agency in this country ordering any flags to be flown at half mast on the day they died or the day they were buried.

  7. JGNY says:

    I have never seen such angry, nasty miserable comments by so many dopes. Clearly christy is heavy, clearly he may be off track with this flag issue in this case. However, you angry people who most likly disagree with his political stance should be ashamed of your behavior and your INTOLERANCE. One thing I have learned about the left leaners is they are never satisfied, always wanting more of other peoples money. They are always miserable and reading the majority of the post here, you clowns fit the bill.

    1. Mrwhiskerbiscuit says:

      HEy Richy Rich sounds like you are one of those people who dont think that they should pay their fair share! We should be taxing the rich 50% cuz you people seem to enjoy all of us little peoples sweat n tears a little too much! And this Governor is a Complete %&#@&%*#%$ for wanting to put the flag at half mast for a Junky…

      1. Mr.Cluelessbiscuit says:

        Wow, you are clueless..Hope you’re not reproducing…

      2. Robert says:

        I bet that junky’s done more for the state of New Jersey than you. Besides, New Jersey is nothing but a suburb of New York. It shouldn’t even be a state.

  8. Mack Seagrave says:

    Gov. Fatso continues to show how out of touch with reality he truly is. Lowering the flag to half staff has generally been done as a sign of respect for soldiers, Firefighters and law enforcement personnel who lost their lives in the performance of their duties. It’s also been done when ‘elected officials’ pass away, however that practice should probably be ended as so many ‘elected officials’ nowadays are white collar criminals and the epitime of lowly swine. As far as Ms. Houston is concerned … she was a talented singer who made a lot of money and led a troubled life. It’s sad that she passed away at such a young age. That being said, Christie is WAY off base placing Ms. Houston in the same catagory as deceased HEROES …. Hey Gov. Fatso … stick to what you know [eating fried food and Hagan Daz until it oozes out of your pores] and butt out of important issues of which you have no knowledge…

  9. George says:


    Based on the link above, he doesn’t have the authority to do it!

    1. True American Heros says:

      Thanks for the link George

  10. Linda says:

    It must be nice that so many people walk on water that they can judge someone else so harshly. I’d sure hate to be in their shoes.

  11. True American Heros says:

    Same on the Governer. How dare you make a disrespecful “executive order” to lower the American Flag for a gesture of honor for Miss Houston. Many people have died making inspirational music, art and entertainment and donated time and money to various charities and that is all well and good. That absolutely is not a reason to lower the flag at all. The only true reason is for all who gave all and paid the ulitimate sacrifice to protect, serve and fought bravely here at home and on foreign soil. That same flag that those brave men & women died for you and I is sacred and should not be dishonored by a ridiculous act by you to grab headlines and attention. You are a very poor excuse of a leader and govener and this planned action speaks for itself. I hope you resend the order out of respect and only honor those deserving of a flag lowering.

    1. True American Heros says:

      Opps! SHAME

  12. cs says:

    So I guess when Christie looses 300 lbs. we will lower the flag for him.

    1. max says:

      …and they will lower the flag for you when you learn how to spell….loser.

    2. Meme Meyagi says:

      spell much?

  13. Donna Mc says:

    Obviously these people leaving nasty comments don’t fight an addiction on a daily basis. These addictions are diseases. Ask your doctor’s. Way to go to Gov. Chris Christie. Thank you for thinking of Whitney, her family and close friends. Everyone loved her and she is worth it! I myself fight the addiction of alcoholism every day. I did not ask for this disease but I thank God for saving me by showing me the rooms of A.A. God bless you Whitney. You are at peace now. You no longer have to fight your demons. Rest in peace sweet lady.

    1. True American Heros says:

      Nice comment….really I understand…not a reason to lower the American Flag.

    2. Samantha's Grandma says:

      Read your 10th & 11th traditions Donna Mc! I have been trying to explain to my 11 yr old granddaughter why Miss Houston died & when I told her it was a drug overdose she asked if the hospital gave her too many drugs I had to tell her ,”no, she was a drug addict & took them herself” Had to be honest as we are trying to teach our chidren about the dangers of drug addiction, She then asked why the flags are being lowered if she was not a hero or a soldier or anything & I honestly had no answer so I had to tell her that.

    3. Semper Fi til the day I die says:

      I don’t think addiction is the issue in this case Donna Mc. I guarantee you that there is not one person in this country who has not been personally affected on some level by addiction. I think that Whitney Houston was a beautiful soul with a disease that she fought just as millions of other Americans do on a daily basis. No one is trying to take away the fact that she was an amazing entertainer with a God given talent. That’s a given. But flying the US flag used to represent something much bigger and much more honorable than being a wonderful entertainer. I’m sorry but just because she was an icon in the music industry DOES NOT make her an American hero. It is a slap in the face to families all across this country whose loved ones have given the ultimate sacrifice so that we have the freedom to sit here and debate this. That’s my opinion, which is also a right I have been given by every man and woman who has served this country and I don’t remember Whitney Houston ever serving in any branch of the Armed Services of The United States of America.

    4. disgusted says:

      God Bless Whitney – but – – her “battles” DO NOT warrant that honor !

    5. Kris says:

      No I don’t fight addiction everyday because I’ve chosen not to use illegal and very harmful drugs that can destroy my body. I’m sorry I can’t feel bad for an addict but the truth is they deserve what they get. No one forced them to stick a needle in their arm, snort that line, or smoke a bowl. They made that choice and they should live with that choice.

      1. Susan Hicken says:

        you will find she died from “legal” prescription killers…

  14. cs says:

    Totally disagree that this honor be given for a celebrity. I believe that all veterans should have this honot when returning. I didn’t vote for him in the last election and I definately will not vote for him in the next. He definately is abusing his power as Govenor. If she did honorable things then recognize her for that, but not buy lowering the flag. I personally am sick of hearing all of it on the news, she had a drug and drinking problem and we really haven’t heard anything about her fame in years, now OMG I’m sick of it!!!!

    1. God cares says:

      Doesn’t negate her contribution to the arts, whether direct through her music, or indirect through the dreams of young girls all over the world. At some point we must learn to separate the human from the artist – we knew Whitney Houston because of her artist NOT because of her struggles.

  15. Sad in America says:

    It just amazes me just how many people in this country are without SI!!!!! This is not just for Whitney, but for all of the poor souls who have missed a step and the mob of the godly jumped on them.. This Country is full of HATE for anyone who they think they can step on when they are down, the homeless, the old and the sick. I hope there is more understanding out there when the time come for your judgment day and someone like you are not sitting and doing the judging

  16. Christie is gay says:

    This bitch does not deserve to have this honor ment for heros. She is a singer, not a hero in anyways, she is a druggie. Who cares if she donated money, does that mean if i donated money today, and died tomorrow, the flag would get raised for me? NOPE. Christie your stupid and need to get removed from the office of Jersey.

    1. cheri McDonald says:

      It’s sounds like you know ALL about drugs. I feel sorry for you too, your a fool. When was the last time you WALKED on WATER?

  17. Bill and JoAnn says:

    JoAnn and Bill

    Is Governor Christie out of his mind? Yes, Whitney was a great entertainer who brought joy to those who liked her music, but she was an entertainer who made her millions off of concert tickets and record sales. Find an appropriate way to honor her! The American flag should be lowered to half staff only in honor of those who have made significant contributions and sacrifice for the betterment of our great nation and should be a federal mandate, not a state one. If Governor Christie wants to lower a flag, lower the flag of New Jersey, not the American flag. He should be ashamed of himself placing an entertainer above those great soldiers from New Jersey who have lost their lives fighting for our nation. No wonder our country has lost its direction.

    1. God cares says:

      Good idea to lower the flag of New Jersey. Isn’t the American flag lowered every Veteran’s Day to honor our vets? Either way the flag should be lowered to show respect for the loss of someone from New Jersey who had an impact on the lives of so many around the world.

      1. RoyBoySays says:

        and her inpact was????? a great voice,and a few hit songs?

  18. Rondel says:

    I do not feel the flag should be lowered for an entertainer. It was her profession. I and my family are hard working Americans (lettter carrier, nurse, paralegal, teacher), should we too have the flag lowered when we pass! She does not deserve that, that is reserved for the fallen soldiers defending our country and giving people like Whitney the opportunity to live her life as she chooses.
    Governor Christie the power you have been given is being abused!!

  19. Chris says:

    He is the governor, he can do what he wants. I’m sure that his next flag lowering will be for a really tasty cheeseburger, or the best wings he’s ever had. He doesn’t understand what the significance of flag lowering is.

    1. soho says:

      no he cant he doesent have authority to

  20. RoyBoySays says:

    Loweing the flag for this “star”,makes me sick.This is an honor reserved for true hero’s like the men and women who sacrifice their lives to keep America,and the world safe from tierany,and harm. The Governor should have his head examined,for even considering a flag lowering for a deceased junkie

  21. BL says:

    What is in that Jersey Water? As amazing as Ms.Houston was in the past, she was a private citizen. Never held office nor serve in the military. Donating money to charities is a wonderful gesture. Yet, the honour of having the flag lowered for an “entertainer” is ridiculous and way overboard. Find another way to show your “respect” …send flowers, send a card, support a drug-free organization on her behalf.

  22. XFIREMAN says:

    I think the flag should be lowered on Friday it will be a full week WHITNEY is clean and sober..

    1. RoyBoySays says:

      first week in probably 10 years,or more……………..why would we lower the flag for this deceased drug addict…only our Governor knows the answer to that,and he never talks with his mouth full

  23. Stacy says:

    The honor should mean something and it should be reserved for men and woman defending our flag not singing about it! Let ‘s go ahead and keep it lowered all year…i am sure we forgot many people out there who have acomplished something!

    1. Jeff Sayin says:

      She did give the best rendition of the Star Spangled Bannerever so if being patriotic is the only reason to lower the flag, Whitney still qualifies

  24. J.R. says:

    There is no mention of Lance/Cpl.Osbrany Montes De Oca U.S. Marine Corp age 20 a resident of North Arlington N.J. killed action on 2/10/12 in Helmand Province by sniper fire.His twin brother and older brother also active duty Marines serving in combat zones.Both had the option to leave the combat zone after their brothers death but declined.I wonder if Gov.Christie even knows a N.J. resident was killed in action.These are the only people that should have our American Flag flown at half mast for.I wonder how how the Marines parents feel about this subject.Their probably to busy mourning the death of their son a true American Hero.

    1. RoyBoySays says:

      Totally agreed,this is the true hero,who deserves,along with other deceased Vets,a flag lowering in their HONOR Semper Fi

    2. cs says:

      Totally agree

  25. ss says:

    Last time he lowered the flags across the state was when McDonald’s stopped selling the McRIB !

    1. McHungry says:

      Mc Donalds stopped selling the McRib noooooooooo.OMG I am crying now we should lower flag oh wait Shamrock shake is back all better

  26. Debbie says:

    Whitney Houston had her problems like every other human being does, it does not make a bad person. She donated her money to so many charities and the proceeds for the Star Spangled banner went to the victims of 911 so yes she is a hero. Lower the flag Gov. Christie……

    1. Hillary in 2012 says:

      Michael Jackson didn’t get a flag lowering… He was a much bigger star than her. It’s not about the size of the celebrity,it’s about the protocol of the flag. Whitney did amazing things philanthropically, donated millions of dollars to charities in the US as well as in Africa. Much respect for that, but she didn’t do public service by putting her life in jeopardy by serving in the military or as a public servant or government employee, which is historically who the flag os lowered for.

  27. Mick says:

    Gov. Christie what the hell you thinking? Mention Whitney, first thing people think is druggie, alcoholic and 15 years rotten marriage. For this you lower the Flag? What a disgrace for all who died for the Flag. Just another lowering of our standards!! Dam glad you didn’t run for president.

  28. Hillary in 2012 says:

    Don’t worry… You don’t have to listen to your constituents… It’s not like you have a CHANCE of winning reelection after how you’ve trashed education anyway… And how is your conservative base going to react to the fact you have lowered the flag for a drug addict? Isn’t that a slap in their faces, when they are so pro military? Good job Christie! KEEP losing votes and chipping away at your base before you try for a presidential run in 2016.

  29. bebe says:

    absolutely honor her with flags at half staff.
    that is the humane and right thing to do.

    1. sojo says:

      tell me why its the right think to do she was never in the military thats who this is reserved for not drug addicts

  30. sage says:

    His excellency the Governor of new jersey the Honorable Christopher Christie used his prerogative to lower the flag in a proper gesture to the home grown super star Whitney Houston.

  31. GTMK says:

    No Way!! Christie is a Typical Politician, Lower the Flag for a Junkie , I would not even Lower the Flag for HIM. His Political Carrier will not go any farther He is DONE ,

    1. Debbie says:

      You know what you are a jerk. She had a drug problem like millions of other people. She was not a bad person, she was a great talent and a beauty. Everyone has their problems doesn’t mean they are bad. Yes, he should lower the flag for a native New Jersey.

      1. Sharon says:

        No he should not!

      2. MG says:

        She was a singer,,,that’s it. Did nothing to better the world or her country. Just made a lot of money and threw her God given talent away for drugs. Honor our soldiers who died for our country!!

      3. Mari N says:

        I gave to Big Brother,Big Sister, Lupus and American Heart Foundation. it may not have been millions but it was what i could afford. Will the flag be lowered for me??? I think not.

  32. sage says:

    His excellency the Governor of New Jersey The Honorable Christopher Christie did a magnanimous gesture to order the flag at half mast in honor of super star celebrity actress and singer Ms. Whitney Houston a homegrown daughter of
    New Jersey.

  33. Mayor Marion Barry Washington, D.C. says:


  34. Liberals Are Evil says:

    This will be insult to all those who have lost their lives serving and helping others. Whitney was a junkie who lost her life by popping pills. To fat Christie I say, you are a disgrace!

    1. Debbie says:

      You are a disgrace

  35. Christie is The Prez says:

    Yes but he will be Your President in the next 12 years

    1. Repub in Hawaii says:

      I’m a die-hard Repub…..I won’t vote for him or give him money now….no mattter who is running….

  36. 1ProudAmerican says:

    Whitney did not serve her country.

    If anything, Christie should acknowledge her death and the epidemic of drug abuse and domestic violence and recommend that people should care . . . that the citizens of NJ need to support its drug rehabilitation and domestic violence outreach programs and provide support . . . then provide a list of organizations to which NJ residents can contribute or support.

    His action is hollow, diminishes the honor to which we pay those who have sacrificed their lives in the service of this country . . . and represents a lost opportunity to address the very issues that led to Whitney’s tragic death.

  37. Pete says:

    No disrespect to Whitney or anything she did. The US flag should be flown at half mast to honor those who have fallen while in service to the flag itself. This includes all branvches of the service, firefighters, police officers EMS workers and all who serve.

  38. DM says:

    That honor is supposed to be reserved for fallen heroes…soldiers, police officers, firefighters, as well as statesmen. There are other ways to honor entertainers than to lower the flag in their honor. Clarence Clemons, Whitney Houston and the like are entertainers…they never sacraficed their lives or did anything “heroic” that would dignify the flag being flown at half-staff in their honor..It is a slap in the face to those who have paid the ultimate price…It’s a disgrace that our beloved governor has decided to take this path..But, what do you espect from an idiot.

  39. Teresa White says:

    Governor Christie is breaking the law. Lowering the flag is reserved for military heroes and state officials. Whitney, while a fabulous singer, was neither.

  40. Selah says:

    Whitney Houston donated millions of dollars to organizations in the State of New Jersey including an elementary school and a hospital that has saved many children’s lives. She was not a perfect human being. But even with her flaws, she used the money she made from her celebrity to benefit others unselfishly. She donated ALL of her proceeds from singing the national anthem to the first responders of 911. We never heard about this generosity while she was alive. That makes her a decent human being and a hero to all who benefited from her generosity. Governor Christie absolutely made the right choice to honor her life and the legacy she left.

    1. Whitney who says:

      That means nothing NOTHING the flag should not be lowered for her or any person in entertainment.This is turning into a circus and gives the USA flag no meaning. I am officially not proud to be a American

      1. DD says:

        Nobody cares what you think. the governor made a good decision and you can’t do squat about it. A bunch of you people who are up in arms about this are probably just disgusting racists or jealous haters who are loosers who go around and pick on the dead, Whitney performed the national anthem right after the gulf war started and donated all the money that she got from it to the sept 11 family. She gave a free concert to the military family and donated her proceeds from her Olympic song One moment in time. People should just ignored their patriotic service because they are enterainers. I think that people who are complaining are either racists or jealous haters and it is disgusing when they attack fellow americans and hiding behind patriotism. Look how much injustices americans suffered, and anybody is going use this to say that they are not proud of their country, that is just disgusting.

        1. Teresa White says:

          Yes, there is something that can be done. The people of NJ can vote for someone else for Governor in the next election. The flag is not meant to be lowered for just anyone. You should brush up on what the true meaning of the US Flag is and when it is appropriate for it to be lowered half-way. Education is key.

    2. Joel says:

      You’re 100% correct.

    3. Debbie says:

      I agree 100%

    4. Sharon says:

      You can honor her life, I don’t care she does not deserve to have even one
      flag at half staff. She is and never was a HERO!!!!!!!!

      1. charlie68 says:


    5. Brian Branco says:

      And what about the United States Marine Lance Cpl. Osbrany Montes De Oca, 20 years old from North Arlington, NJ who was shot by a sniper in Afghanistan on 2/10 and who is being buried on Satuday?

      Where is his his honor for defending OUR country and OUR freedom?

      While you stated she was unselfish, she used drugs and alcohol and left her daughter without a mother.

      There are many celebrities who donated time and money to the schools and to 9/11 charities are they all heroes or did they just do the right thing? Is the Facebook founder a hero for giving money to the Newark school system?

      People use the word hero too much, our military, our first responders are heroes, the civilian who pulled a person out of a buring car is a hero. Someone who uses their fame is not a hero. I am sure she made more than enough money from the national anthem, since that was in 1991 and 10 years later 9/11 happened. What did she do with all the money for those 10 years between and how much did she get paid for singing the national anthem and the success that it bright her?

      1. MG says:

        We should all call the Govs office tomorrow 609-292-6000 and ask what the arrangements are for the funeral of Lance Cpl. Osbrany Montes De Oca of North Arlington. Hopefully they won’t ask “WHO”? Let’s show the Gov who is more important and who the flag should be lowered for! please reshare and pass it on!

    6. RoyBoySays says:

      Lower the flag for the Vets who gave their lives in the continuing fights abroad,not for a women who passed away from a drug overdose

      1. Samantha's Grandma says:

        Here Here Rob Boy!!!

    7. Joanne says:

      “There but for the grace of God go I,” captures exactly the humanity of the situation. We were blessed to experience the beauty of her voice, of her person-hood, of her deeds, and the lyrics that she sang… “Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all…” Yes, it is indeed, and the most difficult of all… And her tragic end validates the humanness of each of our struggles… I venture to say that those who are angered by the lowering of the flag are in denial of their own human frailty. None of us are all “good”, we teeter in a ‘balancing act’ of life. The place we need to go to, is a place of gratitude for the gifts she gave. The lowering of the flag is a good place to start. I never thought I would be saying this, but, thank you, Governor Christie. Namaste.

    8. sojo says:

      the flag should only be lowered for military the key word is she donated thats what all politicians think of money she was just a entertainer just like anybody else she does not deserve this honor i feel bad for her but this is not right

    9. JMHO says:

      SO??? Doesn’t make her a hero. I know many decent, generous human beings too but that still doesn’t make them HEROS who deserve the flag being flown at half mast. No offense intended! JMHO

    10. RoyBoySays says:

      If she donated all the money that she spent on drugs,the state would not be in a finacial deficit,and there would be schools worth attending in Newark

    11. Pole sitter says:

      Hey stupid She’s a crack head.

    12. E. Franklin says:

      Well said Selah! In fact, the Governor of Mississippi and Tennessee lowered the flag for the late, legendary Elvis Presley. In my opinion, Elvis and Whitney deserve the honor because their lives represented so much more than their (alleged) personal abuses. It is always astonishing to me how human beings judge other human beings in life and death. Lest not forget, “We all fall short of the grace of God.” On a side note: For those complaining about the flag lowering, a flag which Whitney Elizabeth Houston sang her heart out for with a beautiful voice, and most respected, she knew the words, I think this honor is befitting.

    13. Sandy says:

      Isn’t it a shame that we never tell people who gave their all to entertain us how we appreciate them enough when they are alive…..Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Clarence Clemons, Whitney Houston, etc.

    14. RittaLynn says:

      Amen! And good call Gov. Christie. You were favored by God prior to Miss Whitneys death and you will continue to be favored.
      May God Bless those who follow their hearts to seek the good and not evil.

    15. Sailor Boy says:

      What the hell is this guy thinking about[probably running for prez 2016]Flying the flag at half staff is reserved for our heroes that gave their lives in service of this beautiful country. Sure whitney was a great singer, but never a hero., or in her case heroine

    16. Bryan says:

      Although Whitney may have done a lot of good or not is no reason for the flag to be lowered. I have yet to see or here that the flag is being lowered to Honor the real and true Hero’s of our state and country. The men and women of the US Military, Police, Fire Fighters etc. who have given more then just money back to the state and country. You know the people that sacrifice their own lives every day so you and I can live our lives the way we do! They are the real Hero’s and should be honored not disgraced. Lowering the flag for someone who could sing is not an honor it’s a disgrace to the flag and the people that truly need to be honored. There are more people out there that deserve this Honor more then a singer even if she is from NJ.

    17. Semper Fi til the day I die says:

      I don’t think that anyone with a shred of common sense would not agree with your wonderful tribute to Whitney. While I personally think she was an extraordinary entertainer as well as a “decent” human being, so are thousands of other Americans. I applaud her contributions to this country as well as those to her community. I think it would be a wonderful decision to dedicate a school, hospital wing, or any other memorial in her honor. However…. I do NOT believe that being a decent, kind, caring, giving, person entitles you to the honor of having your death recognized by ANY branch of the United States government by flying this country’s flag at half mast when you pass away. I personally see this as just another slap in the face to every single solider who has made the ultimate sacrifice so that you, me, Whitney Houston, and ever other person in this great country could live with the freedom that most of us take for granted on a daily basis. I hope that you never experience the death of a loved one who laid their life down for this country and was never mentioned in the news, much less had government offices fly the flag they died for at half mast!

      1. ken says:


        The state of NJ is HONORING a citizen of NJ who did a lot of good things for the people and state of NJ. .

        People need to stop trying to change the facts so that there argument sounds less ridiculous simply to argue it .

        OBAMA did not order the flags lowered the GOVERNOR ORDERED FLAGS IN HER HOME STATE LOWERED .

    18. jim says:

      the flag code of the united states does not allow for lowering the flag for all persons it is very specific on who and when it can be lowered

      1. Dill says:

        Here’s a bit of what I found out about the American Flag being flown at half-staff.

        The flag is only displayed at half-staff by presidential decree or act of Congress.

        Was there a presidential decree, was there an act of Congress???? or was this just done because Christie decided to do it?
        Sorry, but Miss Houston DOES NOT deserve that kind of recognition.

    19. Robert says:

      I am a former resident of New Jersey, and I feel this is an insult to all the people who deserved to have the flag lowered for their accomplishments. There are many people who do wonderful things to aid the people of New Jersey, but they are not having flags lowered for them. I was a big fan of Whiten Houston, and I loved her as an artist. However, she should be honored as a resident of New Jersey, but lowering flags in her honor is a bit much.

    20. Jerry "Butch" McDonald says:

      I am a Vietnam Veteran 5th Special Forces, I lost many friends who gave their lives for their Country, I also have many family members who served there and ww2 who have paid and like me are still paying daily for what we did for our Country and do not regret it one bit. I also have been, and I am still in Law Enforcement and work Drugs daily, Also I am a Musician and an Entertainer, nowhere near the scale of Whitney Huston who I believe is one of the finest singers in my generation, but I believe IN NO WAY SHOULD THE FLAG MYSELF AND OTHERS HAVE FOUGHT AND DIED FOR BE USED IN THAT MANNER, THAT IS A DISGRACE TO NOT ONLY ME AND MY FLAG, BUT EVERYONE WHO HAS DEFENDED IT. WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO!!!!!!!!PULL YOUR HEAD OUT GOV….

    21. Debra says:

      As a mother of a soldier who is in Afghanistan. I believe what Gov Christie did was AWESOME. I really did not know how much I loved her music till she was gone.I would hear it and be smiling afterwards.She was a Gift to us all from God.We just don’t appreciate what he gives us till it’s gone.She is now singing in Heaven Standing room only. I agree with the Gov. But for the Grace of God go I…..A Mom

    22. Judy says:

      Whitney Houston does deserve to be honored. Lowering our flag is not the way to do it…especially during a time when we have so many people dying to protect our country. Governor Christie is in no way honoring Whiney by starting a controversy that is so emotional to families that have lost a loved one for our country. We love you Whiney..rest in peace!!

    23. B Stevens says:

      So what if she donated alot of money. Think of the soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice defending her right to do what ever she wanted. That money was made when under the influence of drugs. Christie has lost the respect of millions, especially our military. Lower your state flag but not Old Glory. Shame on you.

    24. julie varner says:

      being 2/20 whats done is done, christy broke the law of flag staffing, i feel mr. christy will never be re-elected , only time will tell, he is pompus and ignorant of the very laws he tookk an oath to protect, i have seen too many politicians acting like they are doing it for us when they didnt ask “US”, in the sixties we tookk to the street not we take to the voting polls, sometime i just miss the street activity, the occupy groups dont seem to be making an impact on our disgruntlements, time to unite and tell them its our government not a greedbag for them to feed off of,,,ms. j. varner, st. louis mo.

  41. Sharon says:

    Whiteny Houson does not deserve a flag at half staff.
    This is to honor our fallen heroes!

  42. A Johnson says:

    The NJ state flag ok but not the US flag. It’s not appropriate. That is reserved for those who have served our country, provided service to our citizens, etc. And why is the o missing from God?!

  43. Mari N says:

    I wonder what political group put a bug in his ear?? She was an entertainer, no more no less. Take heed what your supporters are saying Christie. Get down off your all mighty throne, listen to the people and take back that stupid,stupid decision. Don’t become more of a jackass than you already are.

  44. jme says:

    I really like Chris Christie, but this is a mistake – the woman was a mjajor crack
    addict not a saint, not a hero, nothing.

  45. W. Greene says:

    Good for you Christie for ignoring the hypocrites.

    One without sin cast the first stone. . .

    1. jme says:

      you must be a crack lover

    2. Sharon says:

      No one is being a hypocrite. The flags at half staff are flown that way in
      honor of heroes, Soldiers, police officers, firefighters, presidents.
      Not Whitney Houston, she sang she did nothing to deserve a flag at half saff.
      I’m sorry she has passed but lets not disgrace the City of New Jersey by doing
      this act by Gov. Christine.

      1. Sharon says:

        oops I meant Christie
        I hope he never get re-elected!

  46. JIM MEYER says:

    lower the flag for her no way that is left for heroesnot drug addicts

  47. Bill says:

    It’s not the point of the substance abuse alone…it’s the fact that he’s lowering the flag for a celebrity that lived a questionable life and not a hero, This gesture is reserved for heros and not singers.

    1. ken says:

      By questionable of course you eman

      The Whitney Houston Intensive Care Unit is a thirteen bed multidisciplinary unit which provides high technology intervention for children who have experienced trauma or other life-threatening illnesses. The Newark, N.J.-based hospital named its Pediatric Special Care Unit after Whitney Houston due to her giving. Children in respiratory failure can be managed with conventional or high frequency oscillation. Additionally, the unit is capable of providing non-invasive ventilation for patients with neuromuscular ventilatory failure, invasive hemodynamic monitoring for those requiring cardiovascular support and the monitoring and treating of patients with raised intracranial pressure. The PICU supports the only pediatric liver transplantation program in the state of New Jersey as well as the state wide trauma center of University Hospital. Air and ground transport teams are available to children in need of specialized intervention who are brought to University Hospital from throughout New Jersey.

      or the fact that

      Whitney Houston donated all of her proceeds from the single and home video sales of her Superbowl XXV rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” to benefit Gulf War troops and their families. Whitney’s record company followed suit. Whitney was elected a member of the American Red Cross Board of Directors in 1991

      there are many others the fact that some of you only choose to acknowledge that she was a singer and drug addict is ridiculous

  48. Betty Mc Nair says:

    I’m sorry but people have their priorities mixed up. Yes she was from Jersey,
    Yes she gave us much enjoyment. That does not mean you give her, what should be reserved for heros, like soilders, police, fireman, good politicians and the like. How about Doctors who save lives everyday and never get noticed, Honor her for her merits in other ways but not by lowering our flag. You want
    to lower NJ flag fine but not Old Glory. Sorry Gov. Christy I do not agree with you.

    1. ken says:

      I would say that everyone here who decided to limit the life of this women to singing in drugs has there priorities mixed up.

      Just like that mother in the interview claiming she know how Whitney lived through the media .She dont know this women obviously and maybe she shouldve found out more about here before making those claims

  49. jed says:

    >> there but for the grace of G-d go I

    Why is God spelled G-d ?

    1. Rob says:

      The custom of substituting the word “God” with G-d in English is based on the traditional practice in Jewish law of giving God’s Hebrew name a high degree of respect and reverence.

  50. Esmerelda says:

    Christie does not belong in office but on a Jersey Shore show.
    She was talented, but since then she was talent on drugs.
    She is not deserving of any lowering of the flags.
    If that is the case, then every veteran returning should get that too,
    since they have at least done something heroic.

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