NEWARK, NJ (CBSNewYork) — A real estate agency seems to be trying to cash in on Whitney Houston’s death by using it to sell her mansion in Mendham, New Jersey.

An ad for the house begins with “it is with a heavy heart that we remind you of this great mansion.” Then it shows the coroner’s van with Houston’s body.

The ad says the home was the scene of “the activity that brought down this incredible musical diva,” a clear reference to Houston’s drug abuse. The listing also mentions a reality TV show was shot in the home.

Many people say they think the ad is in bad taste.

“I think the tactic is inappropriate,” said Drew Kastner of Mendham. “I don’t think they should be using that to try to help sensationalize the sale of the house.”

“I don’t think they should be doing it yet,” said Marie Beers from Randolph. “She’s not even in the ground.”

The asking price for Houston’s five bedroom, five bath and four car garage home is $1.7 million.

CBS 2 called the California real estate company that’s marketing the home to ask about the taste and timing of the ad, but the company didn’t return their calls.

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  1. rob says:

    maybe the ad tactic is a bit over the top. however, selling the place, especially in hopes that someone brings some good vibes back in, might be just fine. it’s only a house. no need to hold onto it.

  2. PriceyPads says:

    This listing is absolutely and 100% FAKE. The ad reads “we have kept the word out for her to car collectors, enthusiasts and the entertainment world” and shows images of a stunning show garage. The funny thing is that that show garage is in an Arizona home that is currently for sale.

    1. Car Guy Barnes says:

      looks like you’re trying to cash in on the publicity yourself! You probably just wish you were the one getting the pr

    2. Car Guy Barnes says:

      Forgot to mention that the ad for Whitney’s place in NJ is here .. from one car collector to another, I think this place would be very cool to own for several reasons. Think about what you could talk about at your parties or business meetings.

  3. TheresaW.Chandler says:

    I that Whitney Houston is and alwys will be a living icon to all of us ! Rest in Peace Whitney ! I LOVE YOU !

    West Point,MS

  4. RichBX says:

    whatever…all this phony care/concern…no one had this much “support” for Don Cornelius and why because it was suicide??…call me heartless and uncompassionate but an addiction to the degree that Houston had is no different…its just a prolonged act of suicide…

  5. No name needed... says:

    Disgusting. As well as the comments left ahead of this one, and probably after, as well.

  6. Call It What It Is says:

    Who cares, if I was the agent I would post a large photo on the front door of whitney strung out crack ho style. Lets face it, she was a crack ho with a good voice. Cheaper than a weasle, didn’t like to donate, spent it all on her drugs and clothes.

  7. jipsi says:

    In bad taste? HOW? It’s not like this is the home she was just recently residing in, this house has been on the market since 2009, when it listed for 2.5 Mil.! This home is no different than thousands of others in the country, even in Houston’s case: virtually unsellable to 80% of the country’s down-on-their-luck citizens. It’s just a bad economy and the mansion has lingered on the market going on 4 years, and down to 1.7 Mil asking price…

    It’s not the real estate firm that’s ‘tacky’, it’s that PEOPLE who were NOT interested in the mansion before that will NOW be calling to view the house, and, sadly, BECAUSE of Whitney’s death, that are tacky and callous…

  8. jerseyjoey says:

    Well, I have said for years real estate sales people are one step above auto sales. I do think sales people are and have been border line moral less and valueless orbs, they call it good business, Shameful are those losers whom profit from misery and death, They have no soul only greed is their guide.

  9. Whitney who OHH yeah i remember says:

    In this economy whatever it takes to sell and is legal then so be it.Look at hotel where she died since they cleaned room it is booked for months people love death and nothing better then a has been superstar.

    1. michael JA says:

      Gee. And that’s not tacky, either, is it???

    2. Gotcha says:

      Whitney who, really? Did they say that about Elvis? Funny.

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