NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Rumor has it Adele has been severely Photoshopped on the cover of Vogue magazine.

The cover features the voluptuous English singer in a low-cut dress with her face and waist looking significantly thinner than the night she swept the Grammy Awards.

Her fans aren’t impressed.

“If you’ve ever seen Adele at all, you’d know that there was something wrong, because no one changes like that overnight unless they’ve had surgery,” one woman told 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon.

1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon gets reaction from New Yorkers

“Although I think she looks pretty it doesn’t really look like her,” a fan said. “At the Grammys she looked awesome and you don’t need to change it.”

“It’s very nice but it’s not real, she just looks fake,” one woman in Midtown said.

Many find the alleged retouching unnecessary.

“I think she’s beautiful so I think they should just keep it true to who she looks like for real not what society feels she should look like,” one fan said.

“I think it’s unfortunate that in order to sell magazines we have to change how someone looks and pass that off as acceptable,” another fan said.

Fans have also taken to voicing their opinions on the Vogue website.

“”Thanks for this excellent interview, the best one I’ve read so far, that depicts her not only as a singer but as a person.
However, the Cover photo is the opposite contrary, that’s the worst picture of Adele I’ve seen. Frankly, I can’t seem relate to it and I just hope that it hasn’t been much photoshopped. Adele is a larger than life personality and this just doesn’t do her justice,” one reader wrote.

Adele recently said in an interview with “60 Minutes” that she’s never looked at  videos and magazines and felt like she’s had to conform to an image to be successful.

No comment from the magazine or Adele.

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  1. T. says:

    I love the styling and the makeup. She looks amazing. But there was no need at all to slim her down. Everyone knows what size Adele is and it’s ridiculous to change that without thinking there is going to be backlash. She’s a pretty young woman as is.

  2. Alexis says:

    We all know about airbrushing and makeup and lighting. However, you guys that are saying it doesn’t matter and to lighten up are being ridiculous and you know it. Don’t try to say that these fake images we see EVERYWHERE do not affect a young woman’s self esteem. Everyone’s trying to be perfect these days with makeup, hair, clothing, and plastic surgery. Even beautiful girls are self conscious. Lots of men are into porn and are constantly comparing their wives/girlfriends to the fake images they see in the media. Yes, this is what the media does. We all know that but let’s not be naive in thinking these images do not have an effect on people. You can’t even get away from it. I have to take my young daughter to the store with me and there are all these magazines at the checkout line that are at eye level. No I am not a hater. I just believe in speaking the truth. If you are sick of it like I am, then stop buying these magazines. Let’s just all stop following these fake celebrities. How about that? Anyways, women you are beautiful just the way God made you. These images are LIES. The media takes an already pretty girl and sets out to make her perfect so that you will feel bad about yourself and buy more stuff. Don’t fall for the lies.

    1. Sara Jones says:

      While I agree with your suggestion not to buy magazines that use these tactics, I think you are making a giant leap in referring to anyone pictured as “fake celebrities”. How do you know that this was done with complicity. I don’t believe Adele would be comfortable with this. Once a photo is in the hands of the artistic people doing these magazines, the subject probably has little control. I bet Adele will require personal approval in her contracts in the future. In this case, blame the messenger.

  3. Unfortunately says:

    Adele’s management probably never got a contract for her with the right of refusal over the content of the cover photo. I’m sure if they had seen this picture before it went to press this photo would never have been published. I’m sure any artist would love to be on the cover of Vogue but if this is the price you have to pay it hardly seems worth it.

  4. gday says:

    Unfortunately, all so-called glamor photos on mags are photoshopped. It’s a requirement in the industry, unfortunately.

    1. you are wrong!!! says:

      this is not any requirement.

  5. Cee says:

    Obviously this photo of Adele was “doctored”. And there’s no need. She’s a lovely girl…just as she is.

  6. Christie: Home Where The BUFFALO ROAM! says:


  7. Sara Jones says:

    One of the most appealing attributes of Adele is her self-confidence and her willingness to put her authentic self out there. If Vogue did this without her permission shame on them! I don’t believe she sanctioned this based on her comments. Could we, for once, just give a celebrity a chance to change the culture and start a trend toward acceptance.

    1. Nici Roberts says:

      Here, here!

  8. STFUNY says:

    well the camera does add 10 elephants to equal 1 adele.

    1. a-hole. says:

      yeah, you!!!

  9. SoSo says:

    Hey, it is obvious you hate Governor Christie, but don’t down grade every over weight or over size people to show it. Disturbing.

  10. Peter says:

    I would hit it !!!

  11. Louieg says:

    I love the big gov.

  12. Julie says:

    Even the skinniest models get photoshopped for magazine covers! Just because Vogue touched her up doesn’t take away from her incredible talent.

  13. susan says:

    from a comparison of the two photos i would say, yes she has been photo shopped for the vogue is done all the time..models and celebs are always seen as slim and voluptuous with no cellulite or wrinkles or moles or scars..the magazines and pr people want it that way, and the celebs will often not admit to it..even playboy centerfolds are photo shopped for perfection…

    1. Nici Roberts says:

      Perfection? Definitely not, I’d say. They took a woman who was almost a “10” to a “6”, honestly. That is coming from my husband, who paused in the middle of a convention to call me and tell me that he had this flash insight about magazine cover celebrities, photoshopping, and what men think is hot about women. He was appalled at what they did. So am I. And people wonder why American women have such f*kd up body images. It’s so commonplace that most people wouldn’t think twice about swallowing these bogus crazy concepts of “feminine perfection”. Ha! Shame on the magazines, and the public relations people, and the rest of the machine perpetuating this bologna!

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