NEWARK, NJ (CBSNewYork) – The world said goodbye to Whitney Houston Saturday. The pop icon is being laid to rest in Westfield following her funeral at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark.

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Houston died one week ago in Beverly Hills, Calif. at the age of 48.

While fans weren’t able to attend the private funeral, those who loved Houston have been leaving heartfelt messages for the superstar at make-shift memorials outside the New Hope Baptist Church and Whigham Funeral Home in Newark.

We want to know what you remember about Whitney Houston? What will you miss most about her? What is your favorite Whitney Houston song? Sound off in our comments section below…

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  1. Chrissy says:

    Just another crack addict gone…

    1. deb phil says:

      and your perfect

  2. Angelina LaCrosse says:

    Why don’t they let the drug dealers eulogize her? they are crying more than anyone else because she fed them a steady supply of cash for crack in fact over seven million dollars and she was just teaching her daughter Bobbie kristina how to use a crack pipe at the “club” too. Poor black drug queen. She can go to hell.

  3. W74 says:

    I’m listening to a Mozart playlist right now while doing homework. It’s far superior to the culturally devoid, uninspired junk that that—-uh, junkie, left behind on this world.

    “I will always…..” Have to listen to that garbage at the roller skating rink? Seems they haven’t updated their playlists since the 80s. I guess it’s better than rap, which really, is just one step away.

    “Culture”. Please.

  4. Jackie Garcia says:

    While watching Whitney Houston ‘s memorial, in my living room I felt mix emotions, I was angry, sad, and hurt. I was angry because of what she had done with her life and I was sad at the way she had die and finally I was hurt because She would never be among the living. Whitney was the singer that I always wanted to be with a voice of gold. With tears roiling down my face I realized that tomorrow isn’t promise to no one so.therefore we must live today like its our last and know that must make each day count. Life is to short let us not waist a single minute of it. God bless and Whitney will forever be missed.

    1. W74 says:

      Didn’t even, know, you, existed. Why are you grief stricken over the loss of someone who didn’t even know you and who was not involved in your life?

  5. Fermin Rosado says:

    We all are sitting at home, looking at the television,
    wondering why you couldn’t be a part of our future
    uncontrolable tears stream down on our face, while
    our heart beats starts to race asking God why he
    took you from our life, it was more painful than
    stabbing our heart with a knife. We still needed
    you here you were the one that made our heart,
    rejoice with your voice. You are a part of us and
    we are part of you. When you died a part of us died
    too. Even though we can’t see, we know you up there
    in heaven watching over us. We miss you more and
    more everyday, and all we can do is pray. In our
    heart you shall forever remain. Rest in peace,
    Whitney Houston

    1. W74 says:

      Uh, what? She didn’t even know you.

      These celebrities don’t even know us common folk exist. Is your life so empty and shallow that you must live through them?

      Please grow up and stop devoting time and money toward people who you’ve never met and don’t care about you.

  6. Tripps says:

    Have fun in hell junkie

    1. j marie says:

      she goin to heaven jerk

  7. Candy says:

    Whitney i will always love you you made the best songs ever you are now with the lord RIP Whitney

    1. W74 says:

      You love someone whom you’ve never met and who doesn’t even know you exist? Has her impact on your life really been that great?

  8. Tonya says:

    Please read the reason for this blog. I have reposted the questions for you. If i’m understanding this page correctly, it was to provide an opportuinity for fans to say their goodbye’s to Whitney. The things that I’m reading here are rude and disrespectful. Please re-read the following questions:

    We want to know what you remember about Whitney Houston? What will you miss most about her? What is your favorite Whitney Houston song? Sound off in our comments section below…

    1. Rita Snyder says:

      We will miss her deeply when I was down and I need a lift I would play her music I really can’t vote on one song I Il like because I loved her voice and what ever she sang came from her heart always she shall live in peace with the lord it doesn’t matter what these people say mean about her because she was and did have a heart of gold for our lord and her family and friends Thank You Whitney we love you and always will!

  9. John says:

    You reported about an apartment and your reporter said…THESE ONES nice job CBS

  10. JOE says:

    RIP whitney ,

    1. Paul Fulkner says:

      Family is dragging this out.Never heard of having a funeral and waiting a day to be buried. The Houston family showed how evil a family they really are they killed WHITNEY and blame Bobby but he is still dancing and singing so I guess we know who the real ADDICT was..Cissy should of let bobby and his kids mourn Whitney, it was right thing.She should of banned the family members that were in hotel with her during those days in hotel.I guess it was easy for family to get money from a drugged Whitney then a sober one.

    2. Rae Sica says:

      Sweet and simple Joe! I too enjoyed her talent and her beauty IS outstanding. I haven’t followed her, all the gossip and all, however since the report of her death I continuously hear her awesome voice ringing in my ear….what a gift for all of us to have.

  11. Elizabeth says:

    Whitney is being laid to rest Sunday.. Rest in Peace Whitney. You will be so missed by many.. Love You!!! :):)

  12. Kathie says:

    God Bless you Whitney. You will be so missed. God be with Bobbie Christina she will be lost without you.

  13. Stan says:

    ENOUGH ALREADY!!! She was a musician who OD’d and died. No different from Hendrix, Morrison, Bonham, Moon, Joplin, etc. etc. etc. She is not an angel, she didn’t love god, she isn’t going to heaven. Plus, how much did she actually give back to Newark? The only time she probably wanted anything to do with Newark was to score crack.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      Enough already by you Stan, Leave her alone. Theres no need to be so horriable. Yes, she had her problems, but that did not make her a bad person. she did love the LORD, YES, she is an ANGEL.. And yes, she has already forgiven you for what you have said.

      1. Rita Snyder says:

        Amen to that Elizabeth

    2. Savoir-Faire says:

      actually she helped get a special pediatric hospital wing built at local NJ hospital .

      All the proceeds from here all time great version of the star spangled banner went to gulf war troops and she re-released it and gave up several more millions to the fallen NY firefighters after 9-11 she always gave here time to help the service men and women of this country as well as kids

      It was a very nice gesture the LEADER OF HER HOME STATE choosing to honor here for all the goods she done and the millions of people shes helped in addition to being one of the greatest entertainers ever .

    3. Happy ! says:


    4. W74 says:

      Thank you for a “dose” of much needed sanity Stan.

  14. gglenie says:

    So u want her to go where u’re going…racist ass

  15. Vacation At Charlie Sheen's Crack Den says:


  16. Paul says:

    Crack is Whack!!

    1. Steve Seaweed says:

      drugs are bad

      1. W74 says:


        Thank you for those “doses” of information Paul and Steve.

        Some of the fools on here need to stop crying about someone they didn’t even know and start paying attention to their own children instead of celebrities.

  17. NiCK says:

    what a of the best I ever heard.Whitney Rip

  18. wendy smith says:

    well whitney now you are an angel up there with my dad i hope you are at peace you had the most amazing voice i hope you are sharing it with all the angels. sing your heart out because that is what you are meant to be god bless you and thankyou for the wonderful music the enjoymeant that you gave each and everyone off us . lov you whitney xoxoxo

    1. Stan says:

      No, she is not an angel and she isn’t in heaven. She abused her body and killed herself. No Heaven for you. READ YOUR DAMN BIBLE. She is sitting in purgatory and will shorly be on her way to hell, GAME OVER!

      1. Richard says:

        For what it’s worth, your theology is wrong. Purgatory is for people destined to Heaven, not to Hell, or there would be no point in “purging” someone of their sins if they were going to burn in Hell for them anyway!

      2. Tonya says:

        Stan, how do you really know where she has gone? only two spirits truely know the answer to this; how do you have such rude comments and mention the bible but speaking of the bible; Luke 6:37 The Message (MSG) 37-38″Don’t pick on people, jump on their failures, criticize their faults— unless, of course, you want the same treatment. Don’t condemn those who are down; that hardness can boomerang. Be easy on people; you’ll find life a lot easier. Give away your life; you’ll find life given back, but not merely given back—given back with bonus and blessing. Giving, not getting, is the way. Generosity begets generosity.”

  19. MTB says:

    What a load of crap!

  20. PETE says:

    Rest in Peace, dear Whitney. Like Michael Jackson, you had a God Given voice and talent, but you just blew it, and God took you back. Now, you are much more worth in death than alive to your “good Friends” who cleaned you out all your short life, but were never there when you needed them, except on payday. In a way, I feel sorry for you, as you may still be alive and well, when born without your great voice and talent.

    1. BettySue says:

      I pray for her soul – clearly a very tortured and troubled person. Too many people took advantage, too few reached out to truly help. Good bless you Whitney.

  21. Leo says:

    Whitney Houston had a fantastic voice and a family legacy in the singing biz. She was destined to be something special. And because she and I were close in age, then some of her songs were popular during pivotal times in my life and so have special meaning to me.

    But there’s plenty of evidence showing that famous people aren’t immune to falling into addictions that lead to self-destruction among other ills. She was a very good singer, but that didn’t make her a very good mother or role model to others especially during her last years.

    So value the good she did and learn from the mistakes she made. That should be the thing we take away from a talent taken too soon.

    1. Tonya says:

      Leo, thank you, somebody who really gets it. It’s easy to look at the wrong in someone else’s life. But if we are really be honest, we all have a lot of wrong. It’s just that some people wrong doings are so obvious. As I grow older, I am very concerned about the lack of grace that we show to people during their troubled times. Drugs was not all that she was, and she was and still is a child of god.

  22. Jason says:

    Sad yes,however worthy 0f presidential type funeral for such a horrible role model??
    The media must be in horrible shape if they have to profit from such a bizarre singer?

  23. Donell Weaver says:

    Whitney Houston was a great artist i will miss her very much she is an Icon in my heart, R.I.P. Miss Whitney Houston.

  24. Nancy Aleshire says:

    My thoughts about Whitney Houston turn to someone who’s walked a similar path–Natalie Cole. Natalie did not have as dynamic voice, nor did she grow up singing in the church. She was older and grew up in the throngs of racism in the entertainment field. She witnessed first hand the resentment and hatred showed towards her father, Nat King Cole and that people couldn’t accept the successfullness of African Americans in music and tv. She lived to witness the firebombing of her house. She lost her father when she was a child due to cancer (caused by his smoking) and couldn’t come to grips with it. She battled demons (cocaine, heroin, alcohol) but unlike Whitney she overcame them and is now singing for the Lord. She and other performers tried to reach out towards Whitney, but were not successful. Unfortunately Whitney’s name is added to the list of talents lost to their addictions such as Elvis, Billie Holliday, Michael Jackson, etc.

    1. Juan says:

      Very well said! Whitney Houston’s death should ba a teaching moment for each and everyone of us. God gives us gifts and we must use them to glorify Him. Whitney Houston had a voice of an angel until substance abuse took its toll on her and her voice. Instead of judging her, (only God can judge,) let us use this tragedy to teach our children about the danger of drugs. If not but by the grace of God, there go I.

  25. pam says:

    Beautifiul send off for Whitney. Life is not measuredby the breaths you take but by that which take your breath away.Whitney took our breath away with her talent and we thank her for that. Please do not judge what you do not know about.Blessing go out to her loved ones.

    1. Tavia says:

      I so agree with you. You could not have said it better. Thank you. Whitney will be truly missed. I love you Whitney.

  26. John V. says:

    4 hour plus eulogy, flags at hal mast. C’mon seriously ? Was she a good singer, I’ll give her that but superstar status ? No way. In the end she was just another in the long line of celebriies with a drug and alcohol problem.I thing she is recieving entirely too much attention in her death. Heads of state and honest to goodness heros who have done more have gotten less resoect. Put her in the groung already and lets move on !

    1. Scott says:

      She was special becuase she had incredible talent and was often afraid to express or use it. Just like all of us who have talent, you and me and everyone you know, we can all relate to that. She exemplified our fears but also our courage. She was also private but longing for acceptence at the same time. Just like most all of us. Becuase of this, she touched a lot of lives, including yours or you wouldn;t have commented. With that said, she is deserving as anyone else.

  27. me2 says:

    God bless her, and may God forgive you who are judging her soul!!!!

  28. JerryFLA says:

    Hey! Where the hell is golf???

  29. me2 says:

    She died on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

  30. ken says:

    The real story si that her life is more than what you decide you choose to make of it .
    Right now Ill say that your life is entrenched in the KKK where you play your racist lifestyle because after all I can simply take one look at your post here and decide to put your entire life in my own little box without ever even having met you

    See how that works ?

    1. Richard says:

      I’ve no idea what the contexts of these messages are, but based on snippets of quotes, I see nothing wrong w/ what the original poster said &, based on only the snippet I saw, I see no reason to throw accusations like KKK around. It undermines whatever defense of Whitney you intend because it makes your laudatory words about her as insubstantial as the accusation of KKK against someone whom you know even less than the original poster knew Whitney. And there is not a little point in the original post: whatever God’s values are we can be sure it is not merely an extension of the world’s values, or the concept of God would be virtually meaningless, which in fact it has become in today’s secular society, which simply sees Heaven as an extension of the world; hence all pop stars (inc. Elivs or MJ) are seen being escorted into Heaven’s Gates by Peter HImself. Then what’s the point of having a concept of Heaven at all? We must assume that Heaven is a negation of worldly values, not an extension of them. It’s the unkempt bag ladies who will probably be escorted into Heaven’s Gates, not our pop idols. (Not to idealize bag ladies either; one assumes this person has lived a charitable and virtuous life.) Was Elvis or Whitney colossal musical talents? Absolutely yes. I can’t think of a better Desert Isle Disc than Whitney’s first album, or THE SUN SESSIONS. But did either of them meet God’s criteria (assuming one believes or cares anyway)? Sending chills down someone’s spine is not the same as nurturing a condemned prisoner in his cell for three years before his execution. In the words of he immortal Afro-American spiritual (an occult rebuke against slave owners), “Not everyone talking ’bout Heaven is going there.” As for Whitney RIP. Linda Creed: RIP, and, to paraphrase both your and Whitney’s words: “We shall always love you.”

  31. Amy Winehouse: I'M NOT DEAD! IT WAS A HOAX! says:


  32. heydroogie says:

    It’s a s historical as anything else they’ve ever done. Except for the made up stuff.

  33. heydroogie says:

    Ugh..I see Jesse sitting front and center. I’m outta here. He’s just has to make sure his big dumb ass is front and center whenever the cameras are rolling.

    1. theflybri says:

      I know…right? I’m just hoping he doesn’t actually speak.

  34. fred says:

    Whitney We will always love you,

    1. Angelina LaCrosse says:

      speak for yourself. i remember the comment that she said that revealed her racism against whites She said “people think that just because I am light skinned I can’t groove and love a real black man” on her marriage to Ike turner eh hem I mean Bobby Brown.

  35. susan says:

    i was not a fan, but i remember when mtv used to play her videos such as “i want to dance with somebody”..she was young, lovely,bouncy and is a shame that through the years rather than aging gracefully and keeping that beautiful voice, she got involved with drugs..i do feel the funeral coverage is a bit over the top, as well as lowering flags..she was a wealthy entertainer, not a war hero or humanitarian..

    1. Savoir-Faire says:

      Its amazing how many people take the time to come and post something negative talking about how all Ms Houston was was a drug addict and signer but dont take the time to even find out that she was much more than that . She gave major money and time plenty of causes and was a huge supporter of our troops all the way back in the Gulf war before it became trendy to support the troops

  36. Tim Smyth says:

    The Church should teach the correct doctorine of no alcohol use and no drugs (out of the boundary of a doctor’s orders.)

  37. Noper says:

    Please stream the funeral in High Definition! Thank You

  38. PEACHES says:


  39. Angelina LaCrosse says:

    Gee the young girls must be thinking ” If I take cocaine and crack and publicly submit myself to a strong black man” my Governor will raise the flag half staffed too oh and bring my daughter to clubs where I can teach her how to smoke a drug pipe What an excellent role model for young black girls.

    1. ken says:

      Or they are thinking I can become the biggest star in the world and even then still fall victim to substance abuse . So Ill strive to be bigger than Whitney but i will stay away from the drugs ,.

      Its amazing how the racists come running out in time likes these

      1. Richard says:

        Again, I just saw a snippet of the original quote. But why can’t a person make a comment without being called “racist” (or “a*shole,” etc.). What happened to dialogue in our society? We’ve become a powder keg culture. Everything is extremist. Again, I did not see the original complete post so I can’t be sure there were no racists comments; but what you quoted (or the browser quoted) seemed perfectly rational and not racist. That’s the person’s opinion; his or her take; their point of view, perspective. Let’s all get used to the fact we’re not school age anymore and are not living in schoolyards where we start throwing names everytime someone says the Yanks are not the best team or Kobe Bryant is not that great, or whatever. In trying to make memorial words for Whitney “real,” the comments here seem anything but “real.” The fact is Whitney should NOT be a role model. Elvis should NOT be a role model. Bear in mind that none other than BARACK OBAMA declined to commemorate Michael Jackson’s death, until virtually compelled to make at least some ad hoc tribute to him during question and answer sessions. Are you now going to accuse Obama of being racist? The irony is that no white president could have had the fortitude to take that kind of stand against an iconic black entertainer; only a black president could not done something like that w/o committing political suicide. And I do applaud him for that. And notice how carefully Obama separated the entertainer (some would say “artist,” which in my opinion he was) from the man. He emphasized that he had many of his tracks on his iPod but that MJ was also a troubled man and he left it, equivocally at that.

      2. Angelina LaCrosse says:

        give me a break. Whitney Houston was the biggest racist of all. read her interviews. She hated white culture and was scared of being rejected by the blacks .She is crack head waste. that is what she was.

    2. Tonya says:

      You are a real angel. I can tell by your graceful comments on another persons life. Angels like you surely must be out in the community helping people. Oh, I most be wrong because all people are angels just like you. You are so perfect and you are the perfect role model for all the young girls. God bless you, ANGELina

  40. Richard says:

    All of her vocals in her early period were great. I esp love “The Greatest Love of All.” How this song was not nominated for an Oscar is beyond me (“You Light Up My Life” won that year, 1977). Houston’s cover on her first album was a massive hit. I recall shopping for some classical CDs and being fixated while listening to her songs on the store speakers). Sadly, what I recall of her later interviews is a voice totally shattered, almost always hoarse, on both radio and TV interviews. What a waste.

  41. Margaret Sanger says:

    A lot of those celebritards must feel kinda uncomfortable in church……

  42. Dude says:

    She took her underaged daughter drinking with her and out to clubs. She’s sending her daugher down the same path. Great singer, crappy parent and role model.

  43. Rebie says:

    To the Houston family my heart goes out to you. I never met Whitney but it feels like i knew her when i heard of her death i could only feel where do broken hearts go do they find their way home yes they do we will have lots of tears but in time the beauty of it all is that we were blessed with her and the lord will find a way to help us come to terms with him bringing her home now just know that we all loved her and she will be sadly missed Ms C Houston thank you for Whitney .

    1. Reality Check says:

      The Houston family will exploit the crap out of her death, you just watch

      1. ken says:

        kinda like you right ?

  44. Janet says:

    Kris-bobbi, This is for you. she loved u with all of her heart, she in your heart just keep her and memory the good time and every time you look at a picture just know that she love u. please just stand still and know that god love u and keep your faith you know she will alway be by your side, you have a beautiful angel that will keep you. Be strong and hold your head up and just keep the faith. I love u and you will alway be in my prayers.

    1. Reality Check says:

      But what about Ricky-Bobby, the NASCAR driver?

    2. heydroogie says:


      your future stalker,


  45. angela says:

    Good Morning on this wonderful day of the Lord! i just want to give my deepest sympathy to the family and especially to Bobbi her daughter God will bring you through these tough times of losing your Mommy and you will prevail! God Bless You and Keep you! Let us remember Whitney Houston for how she touched our hearts with her Music And THE VOICE not what she unfortunately went through in her life !

  46. Blenda Johnson says:

    May “God”, bless the Houston and Brown family. You’re all in my heart and prayers!

    1. Steve says:

      Reality Check — It’s a grievous and dangerous thing to put words into God’s mouth. Fortunately, there’s forgiveness for both Whitney AND you.

      1. iGNORANCE iS bLISS says:


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