NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Whitney Houston’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown, briefly appeared at her funeral before leaving.

Brown arrived as the service began Saturday. He walked to the casket, touched it and walked to the back of the New Hope Baptist Church.

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Security guards were saying Brown would be seated but the people he arrived with had to sit apart from him. Instead, Brown left and appeared upset.

Shortly after Brown left the funeral, Rev. Al Sharpton sent out a Twitter message that said: “I am at Whitney’s funeral. I spoke with Bobby Brown trying to calm him down and not distract from the services. Today is about Whitney!”

Brown said in a statement that he and his children were seated but asked repeatedly to move. Brown said he left because he didn’t want to create he a scene.

“My children and I were invited to the funeral of my ex-wife Whitney Houston. We were seated by security and then subsequently asked to move on three separate occasions. I fail to understand why security treated my family this way and continue to ask us and no one else to move,” Brown said in statement. “Security then prevented me from attempting to see my daughter Bobbi-Kristina. In light of the events, I gave a kiss to the casket of my ex-wife and departed as I refused to create a scene. My children are completely distraught over the events. This was a day to honor Whitney. I doubt Whitney would have wanted this to occur. I will continue to pay my respects to my ex-wife the best way I know how.”

Houston and Brown were married 15 years and have one daughter. In 2003, police responding to a domestic violence call about Brown found Houston with a cut lip and bruised cheek. Their tumultuous relationship ended in 2007.

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  1. nrichard says:

    He lived off her when she was alive and now he is using her death – he is a pathetic excuse for a human being and as for being a man – he is not.


    Most Mother’s in the world would “NOT” have let the “EX” husband who abused their daughter though violence, drugs and destruction of her career and talent, “Attend any Part” of her daughter’s “going home” ceremony. Mrs. Houston retained her “class” in the end, Bobby has never SHOWN, the meaning of the word. Clive Davis and Kevin Costner did not have the influence on Whitney that Brown did. He helped her spend her money and fame, and in death he kisses her casket for the camera’s. Now that the daughter will inherit, you can be sure Brown will try to “protect” her as “carefully” as he did, Whitney. JACK ARMSTRONG ARTIST

  3. Samuel R. Brown says:

    We should stop trying to make the late Whitney Houston into an angel, and her former husband into the devil incarnate.Only the participants know what goes on behind closed doors We don’t know what Ms. Houston had to do to further her career. Neither do we know to what extent the hype occurred for purposes of publicity.
    It appears that Mr. Brown (no relation) tried to show his respect for Ms. Whitney and was treated with disdain. This occurrance should have been forseen and handled with the dignity befitting the occassion.

  4. Rem says:

    They all talk of love of God who is all forgiving but failed to do so to one human being …. In defense of Bobby at least he is able to beat hid addiction I hope he did but Whitney failed ….. We cannot pass judgement unless u walk in heir shoes

  5. Scott says:

    Mariage is hard, relationships are hard, people make mistakes in them and there is a very fine line between love and hate. But when someone dies, and a man was married to her for 15 years and they shared a life (regardless of what kind of life) all bets are off. Meaning, nothing else matters but to pay your respects. Brown should have been front and center with his family. And that’s the end of that.

  6. june says:

    THe security should not have treated bobby brown so rude. Im sure he loved her just as much as we do. They should have given him some respect… it was a funneral for heaven sake!!

  7. skelly says:

    l will always love you no matter what have happen in your life, you will be missed by a lot of people. REST IN PEACE !!

  8. Rob says:

    Al Sharpton really sent out a twitter message in the middle of a funeral? Gross!

  9. GR says:

    Don’t know what all happened but very sad that Bobby Brown left. He came with his other kids & its sad that they wouldn’t let them all sit together with the family. No matter what went on in their relationship those kids were her step-kids & did get to know plus love her. All they wanted to do was show respect to Whitney & support Bobbi Kristina. Let’s all get along better as a people b/c life is too short for these kinds of mishaps. IJS… media more negative stuff to talk about.

  10. Charlie Sheen's 30 Day Crack Party In Aruba says:


  11. Penny says:

    I believe that the family should not have acted in the manner they did. If they knew he was going to show up with his children then they should have provided seats for his other children as well. It is sad when any marriage ends I’m sure they had problems as any other married couple does not mean that one person was worse than the other. He did the noble thing went to the funeral and payed his respects, and above all did not cause a scene, I believe the Houston family should have did the Christian thing which is to forgive.

  12. Jennifer811 says:

    The racist and other tasteless, foul comments being made about Whitney and her loved ones have got to stop. Stop throwing stones — NONE of us are perfect. For G-d’s sake, a woman is dead, and her daughter is going through hell. Have you no self-respect??

  13. patti ann vaccaro says:

    i have grown up being a fan of his for over 25 soon as i heard whitney died i knew people would slam him and i hink he did the best hecould by walking away with dignaty.

  14. babygirl28 says:

    I did’nt know Whitney, but people need to stop putting ever thing on that man every one has their own mind and mouth. Just because they fell short don’t mean that she had to stay that way. So what they did drugs some of you do them too. it’s good that the Bobby came to show respect to his wife. It’s his wife the bible said till death do them part so now death came so they are apart. Stop pointing fingers at different people. Trying to give reason why people do things. All we know that when it’s time for you to take your rest then thats it. God said it an I believe it. Her life has not ended it’s just begining.

    1. CARMEN MALGIERI says:


      1. klr says:

        Had he not shown up at all, it would have seemed rude and self-serving to many. “He wouldn’t even go to the funeral. Darn him. Darn him to heck, hateful son of a gun!” I think he could have behaved better. He must have never been to a high school graduation, or he would have known about seating limitations and being forced to choose people. I had to choose my Grandma over my sister! She was aggravated, but understood. Anyhow, he could not do right no matter what he did because… well…. because (you know why!) she should not have married him in the first place. Wasn’t the world shocked he was her choice!

        1. Heather says:

          Im sorry but a funeral by far is different than a high school graduation…Dealing with a death of a loved one is something that you can not go through alone…so for them to have moved him around (if that was really the case) then yes I can see where emotions would have played a part and it was good for him to remove himself from the situation if he knew it was going to cause a scene. I know for a fact that when someone that close to you dies then you need as much family and friends to be able to lean on to help you through…j/s

  15. erika says:

    I think bobby is right he should have been able to be there 4 his daughter at a time like this people pull together aint no need to point fingers at him cause when GOD calls its your time and he gave us time with her now its his time fly on my angel for your father has called RIP whitney gone but never forgotten

  16. Mystique sounique terrell says:

    Such a sad situation.” Didn’t know Whitney Houston the person, but I knew the singer. It’s just so sad, but these are the last days, and for her mom being obedient she had church and I’m sure for that somebody’s life will be saved. Thank God for Whitney thank God for Jesus. And thank you Miss Cissy for letting us see the last moments of your daughter. Rip Whitney! Looking up to the sky while saying it.)

  17. Keith says:

    Although today is about Whitney, it is tru that Bobbu Brown corrupted Whitney by introducing her to variuos types of drugs throughout thier relationship. A great deal of people get upset or refuse to accept the fact that Bobby is partly responsible for Whitney’s downfall just because Whitney was a grown woman. It’s apparent that although Whitney was a grown woman, she lacked mental strength and was naive to many elements of street life and Bobby’s lifestyle. Whitney loved and trusted her husband enough to believe that doing drugs was an acceptable behavior between the two but Whitney was never strong enough to cope with her addiction just like many celebrities who died of drug abuse throughout the years. And the family knows Bobby’s part intheis whole scenario and i understand why they would not have him at the services..especially now that he is no longer Whitney’s husband. Bottom line…Bobby Brown corrupted his wife.

    1. pharper00 says:

      Do you know for sure? Was you the fly on the wall that heard and/or seen what took place behind closed doors, or you just making petty assumptions?

    2. babygirl28 says:

      I don’t think so……….

    3. Horace Stephen says:

      Mr. Keith Ms. Houston was doing drugs long before she meet Mr. Brown back in the 80’s she was in the news twice for cocaine on person she came out of the hood just like Mr. Brown did. I just wish you would check your facts you are just like her mother trying to blame Mr. Brown for what Ms. Houston was doing before they meet her doing drugs is how they meet. over the last past week her child hood friends said that they all did drugs back in the day before she ever got with Mr. Brown

    4. d0ggliphe says:

      youll need to take Bobby name your mouth ‘ he’s feeling so much as it is, & for people to blame him is so wrong .

  18. Somthing2Say says:

    Despite her faults, she was an icon. People always focus on the negative and not how she impacted so many lives in a positive way. He home going service was well deserved and she can now finally rest in peace.

  19. EK says:

    Whitney Houston , we love you, thank you for using your gifts and talents to lift up the masses and make people smile and get up for so many years. It can’t be easy to be in the public eye all of the time, thank you for sharing your human experience with us. God bless Bobbi Kristina.

      1. Tyrone Sands says:

        And thank you for showing all the future stars that drugs kill and will ruin your voice and leave you broke

  20. Family is at fault says:

    Everyone blames Bobby when it is her family who enables and spent her money.Bobby looks a little to heavy to be a crack man.I think he drinks and smokes weed like alot of other people.She was just an outright junkie.Her family should of put Whitneys daughters feelings into account but they are trying to control her because bobbi Gets all the money.Dionne looks like she was strung out today to.

  21. gena says:


  22. RJ says:


  23. larz blackman says:

    The “reverend” Al is so fake. “Hey, everyone, today is about Whitney, so I’m going to tweet about me me me.”

    “Don’t forget about me! I’m here, too.” — Jesse Jackson.

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