Fairview Closed Sunday For Star's Family; Now Come Worries It Will Become Zoo

WESTFIELD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — There is now outrage over Whitney Houston’s burial. Visitors to the New Jersey cemetery said Monday they were blocked from the graves of loved ones.

Meanwhile, Houston’s fans began visiting her final resting place, reports CBS 2’s Emily Smith.

Photos: Whitney Houston’s Funeral

Photos: Whitney Houston Remembered

A steady stream of fans stood before Houston’s grave site. A huge pile of flowers, balloons and notes on were left on the spot where her grave stone will soon be placed. It was an emotional day for those who miss Houston and the memories her love songs trigger triggered all kinds of feelings.

“I lost my wife and I know what it feels like. I miss her very much,” one mourner said.

As the crowds got larger Monday police had to put up barricades around Houston’s grave site. Until then, fans had to show their love and support by leaving mementos at a memorial in Newark or by lining the streets to see the gold hearse carrying Houston’s body to Fairview Cemetery in Westfield.

“I love her. I love her music and I am honored it is open to the public, so we are here today to say goodbye,” Rowena Maesta of Westfield.

“I was just on my way to work and I thought I would just stop in,” a Scotch Plains woman named “Doreen” told 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg.

She was the first  non-family member to pay her respects at the grave, Sandberg reported.

“Well, it’s a beautiful cemetery and she was an icon of New Jersey, so I think it’s a proper place for her to be,” Doreen said.

But some who are overwhelmed by grief and loss of their own loved ones are worried Fairview Cemetery will turn into a zoo. It was closed all day Sunday for Houston’s family. On Monday it was crowded with fans.

“My wife always says to her mother ‘I will see you tomorrow.’ She came on Saturday. She wasn’t allowed to come on Sunday. That is not right,” Jeff Latawiec said.

“I passed by here. It was all blocked off. You couldn’t get in.”

Privacy for Houston’s family is well deserved — everyone agrees — but to shut out others for an entire day meant some had to miss marking an anniversary of their own loved one’s deaths.

CBS 2 tried to reach out to cemetery officials, but did not get a response right away.

The 48-year-old singer died Feb. 11 in California just hours before she was to attend a pre-Grammy Awards party.

“She deserves to be at a place where it’s nice and calm for her. Finally for once she doesn’t have to deal with all the craziness,” a man named Jason told Sandberg. “It means a lot to me. It puts warmness in my heart.”

Please leave your thoughts on Houston’s passing in our comments section below. 

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  1. The Voice of Reason says:

    What a sad commentary on our society. Celebrity worship is out of control. Why in the world do people feel the need to intrude on the privacy of Whitney’s family during their time of grief? These people need to get a life and move on. I’m still amazed at the loonies who make a “pilgrimage” to Elvis Presley’s grave every year. It is not normal for the average Joe and Jane in America to feel that they “know” famous people and their lives revolve around the comings and goings of these celebrities.

    1. mamawati says:

      I totally agree with you. The best we can do is worship horrible examples of people whose lives failed.

  2. Ed says:

    Like everything else in our plastic hyper speed society, by this time next year people will be saying “Whitney WHO? Oh yeah, her.”

    I’ll bet that 90% of the people currently attempting to get to the grave site can’t even say with any degree of certainty who is buried in Grants Tomb.

    Whitney is gone. Yet the sun did rise in the East this morning. Just like it has every morning since the day she died. There is nothing anyone can do to change these two facts. Time to move on people.

    1. MassiveCoverUp says:

      Whitney’s death happened at an interesting time, on Sarah Palin’s birthday. Why is this significant? Because there’s a story leaking about the biggest cover up in history being the last election and the next. It appears someone close to Oprah could be a double for Whitney and we all know that Obama announced his run for the Whit_e Hous_e (Whit_ney Hous_ton) on Oprah’s show. Judge for yourself and form your own opinion.


      1. Kat says:

        Sounds like something louis farrakhan would say.

      2. The Clintidote says:

        You’d have to be as dumb as a democRat to believe that kind of braindead nonsense.

      3. ouldbollix says:

        one too many hits o the pipe my friend.

    2. American.Patriot says:

      Exactly, I was trying to remember the white trash who Od’d (Ann Nicole SMith) that the media fixated on but it was difficult to remember her until I did a web search of ho’s that OD’d

  3. steve says:

    The kids out there are watching all this idolization of this drug addict who was given much and disrespected her talents, her fans, herself.

    Bad message there. Time to act like grown-ups. At least try doing it for the kids.
    Compassion is one thing. Worshipping and honoring someone who did not honor herself or those who loved her is not compassion. It’s something else that I won’t give a name to but it’s not a positive thing.

  4. New York Nick says:

    Holy Ghetto Batman…… who do these freaking people think they are? I’d bet half of em don’t even go hang around their own dead relatives’ cemetery plots much less this one where the mound isn’t even freakin worn in yet.

    This modern era celeb worship is like the Aztecs worshiping the sun as THEIR GOD. That’s why ghetto ized lefties don’t dig religion, they belong to the religion of “Celebrity, Fame and Bling”

    1. patriot_whitney says:

      It’s one thing to criticize civilians who don’t support a bogus mission; but it’s not even rational to criticize a flag-tribute to any American, particularly one who was an entrepreneur not dependent on any kind of entitlement.

      Wall Street is at the bottom of all this demagoguery in the name of profit and power.
      I hope everyone is as patriotic when “they come to scapegoat you or worse”.

  5. mark says:

    she ain’t no mother as she left her daughter all druggy too
    DRUG HO crackhead

  6. mark says:

    THERE GOES PROPERT VALUES IN WESTFIELD downward with all the druggy hos ghetto gangies coming to pay respects

    1. New York Nick says:

      “Now Come Worries It Will Become Zoo” Yea you’re both right

      or for the Ebonics speakers, translated “Yea dogg yall bofff be right!” 😉 It sounds to me like it’s already located near some zoo property, so sad for the regular folk buried and getting trampled and choked to death with crack and weed smoke billowing day and night.

      like they didn’t think this out? Sounds like someone wants those insurance checks and went low budget on the burial decision burying her next to her daddy who’s likely buried in a regular plot. You can’t do that with a ghetto worshiped celebrity. 🙁

  7. Jamal says:

    Nobody cared about the crack ho until she dropped dead

    1. The Tin Man says:

      Most still don’t……

      1. New York Nick says:

        Naw, I think the Obamadinejad’s should host a Black History Month celebration to Whitney and friends and let em run loose in the white house for the weekend and instead of the Easter Egg roll they can do the backyard crackrock roll!! 😉

        Especially seeing some dumb azzzed Obama supporter comedian got himself in the news this week for snorking up a caine line underneath the dinner table with Crack Barry sitting a smoke ring away from while he did it..!!!

  8. Rae Lynn says:

    What’s really sad is that people are so hateful. This kind of hate is deeply rooted and believe it or not, it has nothing to do with Whitney Houston. The white hoods still exist. Evil knows no color. R.I.P. Whitney.

    1. George Johnson says:

      And your phony racism is a disease…. You’re sick in the head. I bet you see boogy men around every corner…. I’ve heard just as much crap from black people but you never see that do you?? Bigot!

    2. David Maxwell says:

      Sorry Rae, but you’re delusional. Imagine if these folks put as much effort into education, learning how to speak correctly, and taking care of their kids. Bill Cosby is correct.

  9. fej says:

    Too bad Doughboy Christie agreed to lower state flags for this woman. I see nothing lauditory about her lifestyle. Not a great example for children despite her “holier than though” lyrics.

  10. marie says:

    Cissy should have NEVER put her in the cemetary! I am beginning to wonder if her mother has much good judgement at all. Her husband should also not be buried there. Someone will pillage her grave is she is left there! You have NUT fans out there!

  11. fej says:

    All this hubub for a crackhead? The black community neds to get its priorities in order !

    1. Mr C O Jones says:

      That will never happen. Emancipation was 147 years ago. Nothing yet

    2. Tee says:

      How can you post something so heartless??? This was someone’s mother, sister, cousin, etc. Have you ever heard of, “If you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it”?? You should apply that to yourself. This woman has done plenty for others whom are less fortunate.

      1. nygrump says:

        Tee – there are a lot of empty people in the USA who can only fill their emptiness with hate and loathing. structural racism is alive and well in the US and everyday prejudice is bigger and more popular than ever. The hydra head of satan is running the show and the cameras show one head criticizing the other, and it looks like 2 teams but they are just the same, maybe one team has better uniforms

    3. klr says:

      The Black community? Ah shaddup.

  12. Fej says:

    All this for a crackhead? The black community should get its priorities in order

  13. Kay says:

    They should have exhumed her father and buried her with her father at a private location, i am sure the family are not crazy about all the people flooding the cemetery. Gee it has to be a mess in there. I know I would not be happy if a celebrity of her status was buried where my family are buried,

    1. UGH says:

      True. If these people really cared about Whitney, they’d leave her family to grieve in peace. They didn’t even know her. They just want to be able to say that they’ve seen her grave. Big deal. So you’ve seen the ground covering her casket. She’s gone now. Go home and listen to her CDs and let the family members of those buried there visit their loved ones. Quit acting like ghouls.

  14. Doug says:

    They want people to leave mementos at the memorial in Newark instead of Westfield. Who wants to go into Newark?

    Unfortunately I had to live there for 2 years and it was the two worst years of my life.

    1. JCM, JCNJ says:

      The next thing you’ll know Doug, the’ll be rioting and looting in Newark. All in the name of Whitney Houston and their lack of access to her grave site.
      Why am I not surprised….

    2. UGH says:

      Instead of leaving all that stuff out in the weather to ruin, why not take it to a local hospital? Give the flowers to someone who is alive and can appreciate them. Take the stuffed animals to a children’s hospital or a homeless shelter so they can be enjoyed by someone less fortunate. None of that stuff is going to help Whitney. She’s gone.

  15. Randy B says:

    She was a person. She was a good singer. There are tens, hundreds of millions of people that did more for the world and were “better” people than Whitney Houston. No hate. She was a broken person. We all are. She had a nice voice and sang some nice songs. Super. She’s dead. That’s a shame. How she died and the fact that the people that “loved” her watched her spiral in and did nothing about it is even more of a shame. But… she was a person.

    The idolatry that people have for a singer is pathetic. She was a SINGER. She SANG SONGS. That’s it. You’d be better off idolizing any soldier you see in the airport, most teachers you see in schools, any volunteer you’d find working in any church or charity across this great nation. But to idolize a person and lift them up because they had a pretty voice…. that’s not just pathetic. It’s infuriating. It shows a lack of perspective and is reflective of so much that is wrong with our pop culture obsessed nation.

    1. PBruene says:

      Extremely well stated.

    2. Wow says:

      Couldn’t have put it better myself. Thank you for having a brain

    3. Mr C O Jones says:

      I feel the same way about actors and athletes..

  16. Doug Glass says:

    PVC pipe crosses and plastic flowers roadside-style memorials are next. Pictures at 11.

  17. liberalssuck says:

    Of course it will become a zoo. Look at her fan base, where she’s from and how she lived her life. A zoo is a perfect place for her. Should have left her in Los Angeles wth the rest of the losers.

  18. jb says:

    All soldiers and sailors will now be awarded a Grammy upon their death.

    Grammys for Grunts!

  19. jb says:

    I heard all the people that have served their country in the military or public office are getty Grammy awards.

    Grammys for Grunts!

  20. mj says:

    With just a few lyric changes, I believe Whitney left us the song we should be singing to God every day of our lives. He loved her, and she returns His love by inspiring us to love God and each other. May God be merciful to you, Whitney.

    1. John Kvastner says:

      You do know that *Whitney* song (“I Will Always Love You”) was a Dolly Parton song l-o-n-g before Whitney’s overplayed rendition, right? Indeed, tho’, may God’s mercy be upon her soul … and that of our nation which has become so celebrity-obsessed (i.e., placing such worship ahead that of the Lord). Where was all this love, reverence, et al. for Houston by her fans and family in these past 20 years when she displayed erratic behavior, drug dependancy, etc.?

  21. josetoyou says:

    This woman had a beautiful voice, but she made LOTS of poor decisions in life, which question her Christian faith in my opinion.
    Let her go, she is not a god to be idolized…

  22. Mike says:

    If Americans love DRUG USERS so much than there should be no problem with LEGALIZING them, right?

  23. John says:

    These pathetic fans need to get lives…just like Elvis fans, MJ fans, etc. She is dead…will be for a long, long, long time. These dolts didn’t know her. Time to get a life and move on….losers.

    1. Mike says:

      They don’t have a job so what else is there to do, I guess.

    2. Brett says:

      You must not be the “John” of the Bible.

  24. Sayin says:

    If she’d been killed in a train wreck that would have been tragic. The fact that she WAS a train wreck makes her death lamentable, yes, but also inevitable.

  25. Jack920 says:

    Fairview Cemetery is a lovely place but I just don’t understand why the family did not put Whitney and her father in a mausoleum – at least it would be a bit more private. Having her grave that open to the public just doesn’t sound very smart to me – alot of wackos out there!

    1. andypandie says:

      Have to agree. I bet in time they may need to do just that.

  26. andypandie says:

    You need REHAB for a hate filled heart!! I am not a drinker or drug user either. BUT I have compassion in my heart for people who SUFFER in life.

    1. Doug Glass says:

      Thank you for being our conscious and our moral compass. Without you stepping forward and piloting all our rudderless ships in the right direction, the direction of your sole opinion, we’d all be lost in the bright light of individuality and original thought. It’s so comforting to know we have you to think for us, make decisions for us and decide for us what is politically correct if not just plain best thinking. Thank goodness for people like you who have the corner on correct thinking. We are so blessed you have decided to direct our minds and lives down the correct path of true redemption.

      1. Buck O'Fama says:

        Got Dam that’s funny. Andy needs to hike his panties up, dry the tears and soldier on. Whitney would have wanted him to. Bwhaaaaaaaa.

  27. Andria Hiselman says:

    My heart sinks seeing this grave site. The hours I blasted her cd’s as a twenty something woman will always be a sweet memory. How I loved “that voice”. Thank you Mama Houston for such a gift!!

  28. Roger Dudley says:

    Has everybody not forgotten the words of Martin Luther King jr. That man fought for the negro community to have a voice. My word Whitney Houston gave them that voice and was a shining light. With her status in the world of music assured for generations to come that alone gives her the right to rest in peace. Those that wish to see her final resting place should in my view be allowed to visit at times that suits everybody.

  29. JGNY says:

    Whitneys Mother just wanted to bury her with the dad. The crowds are the result of a bunch of half wit, gloomy people who just want to be part of someone they did not know. In addition, these are probably the same dopes who sit around watching Oprah and celebrating the celebs who say “I love you” on any stage in America to keep the dollars flowing. in reality, they love themselves and the dopes showing up her were part of the meal ticket for so long. Whitney, yes a great talent. But the people going there should be told only to come at certain times and days. In addition, the people who have loved ones can easly prove it and should be given entry. Clearly the cemetry has no experience with this issue

  30. rose hampton says:

    i was , just as the world was shocked at the tragic and sudden death of music icon whitney houston. she was well loved by so many. i was sad when i heard of her death because 16 yrs earlier on feb 11, 1996, was the anniversary of my husbands passing as well as feb 11, 1964 my grandmother also died on this day. i believe everything happens for a reason. whitney was tired of the rumors, lies and the hurt she felt over the yrs by people who have either, used, hurt or done her injustice. leave this woman to be at peace. she is with her lord jesus christ, and yes she is gone, but she will never be forgotten,… rest in peace mrs. houston. and may god bless you and your family in this trying tim …

  31. elly says:

    If the fans made it thru the cemetery to visit the Houston grave, I’m quite sure nobody else was blocked from visiting their loved ones. Whiners.

    1. beazr says:

      you need to re-read the article

  32. elly says:

    This is a public cemetery. The Houston family had every right to bury their daughter wherever they chose. It’s a given that fans will visit. You don’t like that families of those buried there? Get over it. Undoubtedly your loved one has been there for some time so come back later when the frenzy wears down. You were denied access for one lousy day…..oh, boo-hoo.

    1. WJR says:

      Yes, it is a PUBLIC cemetery. That means that it should be open to anyone who wants to visit a lost loved one…..no just the people who want to continue this ridiculous sideshow.

      1. Stormey says:


        did they close the cemetery for anyone else buried there? No. Family who have loved buried there should be allowed to visit their loved ones. It is a very simple thing to do, show the name of your loved one buried there and you get in. Fans, must stay outside of the cemetery. It is a public cemetery but that does not mean you can barge in by the hundreds to look at a burial plot. Use some common sense, respect all the graves. Houston was not more important then all of the others buried there.

    2. armedinTN says:

      Ah, but the dope heads that want to glorify their crack head queen have no right to block their entrance regardless of what day it is. I say let the other families block the entrance so they can properly pay their respects and then we’ll see how the idiots (you included) react when they can’t leave their used herion bags in memorium for their leader. Don’t play in big peop’e’s room without the proper credentials.

  33. Angelica says:

    It was Whitney’s choice and dream to be a public figure, which indeed she became. Her worldwide fans through their love and support of her, in buying her music, attending her concerts and purchasing her official merchandise, benefited not only Whitney, but I am sure her close and extended family also. Whilst I fully appreciate their personal loss and suffering, it seems unfair that they wish to exclude the very essence of such fan adulation which has supported their lifestyles for so many years. To many fans like myself, it is surely a way of connection with someone who we loved and valued. I hope that the family and the cemetery officials can work out a reasonable arrangement that would allow such fans to visit her resting place to pay their respects and thanks for her life. Peace, respect and love to all. Forever in my mind. R.I.P. Whitney.

  34. Kaylee says:

    Oh my god, what is with all you negative people ! I’ve never seen people so rude ! … What gives you the right to say these nasty comments ? A woman just died, a mother lost her daughter and daughter just lost her mom., Have you no respect ?? Sure Whitney made some bad choices in her life- but hasn’t everyone? Just as you are all being so mean – you yourself are making a bad choice – and you are ignorant enough to show it . And those of you complaining about the Cemetery – give it a rest and do yourself and everyone else a favor and stop. They had every right to close it for one day – to give the family their private time to say good-bye. There was no way around it. It was closed only one day – not a big deal.

    1. WJR says:

      “They had every right to close it for one day – to give the family their private time to say good-bye”

      Are you kidding? What “right” do they have to close a public facility? They should have drug tested everyone who was there.

    2. ME says:

      “They had every right to close it for one day – to give the family their private time to say good-bye. There was no way around it. It was closed only one day – not a big deal.”
      No, they did not have ‘the right’ to close a public cemetery for the day. The right to do that stops when it infringes on my right to visit a loved one that is buried there. The fans that are flocking to the cemetery to pay respects to someone they didn’t know and acting like they have a right to crowd the cemetery and prevent visits by people who DO have loved ones buried there, are pathetic. They need to get a life… yes, you were her fans and you bought her records…that does not give you a ringside seat to her funeral or to act like her family owes you anything. And Kaylee, just because you don’t see the importance of visiting a dead loved one on a specific day, doesn’t mean that it isn’t important to someone else. You are a incredibly insensitive and I hope that someday you don’t regret saying that not getting to visit a loved one’s grave on an important date is “no big deal”

      1. Stormey says:


        Loved your comments. Nice to see someone in here with common sense. I agree 199% with you.

  35. My thoughts says:

    You without sin cast the first stone. There’s no perfect people. I’m sure those leaving nasty comments love or have loved someone with an addiction. I don’t agree with cemetery being closed all day. However the managers of the property allowed it so take up your complaints with them…

    1. Andria Hiselman says:

      Yes, thank you.

    2. Sayin says:

      “There’s no perfect people” Nice way to make your point.

      There ARE no perfect people. There IS perfect grammar.

      1. My thoughts says:

        Yep, just what you said there are no perfect people, that includes YOU!!!!

  36. Billy says:

    I guess MOSY comes from a family of PIGS. If she anything like the Houstons and the Preacher Man They are BIG PIGS. You see Preacher Man grabbed his money and is already back in his home town. Wanted nothing to do with Newark. Took his $3500.00 and ran before he got mugged.They only put rooters in gold hearses. RIDE ON____RIDE ON

  37. Whitney Was A Chunk of Stool In The Toilet Bowl says:


    1. Len says:

      You and all the others like you on this site and others like it who vomit this kind of venom about Whitney Houston, will undoubtedly tell all and sundry what great admirers you are of the founding fathers of this country. Yet, among them, were slaveowners who found nothing wrong with it, or the mistreatment of black people in this country. i guess it’s different strokes for different folks and a selective approach to sinful behavior. Yes, Whiney had her faults, but she is worthy of all the honor being heaped on her. if King David were alive today, we wouldn’t have the psalms, because people like yourselves would be pronouncing yourselves judge, jury and executioner. RIP Whitney, they and their ilk can never reaach you. You were and are a blessing in one day to many more than these maggots will ever be in a lifetime.

      1. Connie says:

        Oh I wondered when the slave owners would be brought into the mix. Good God, why must the Negros of the country not leave it alone? How many years ago were your people “enslaved”? Look what happened to millions of Jews at the hands of Hitler. I suppose that just because Whitney Houston was black we should all just ignore the booze and drugs and the mess she made of herself and raise her high up to that pedestal. People will be wailin’ and moanin’ for her for a long time. Hand me a barf bag, I feel more venom coming up…..

    2. Jim says:

      And, who would want, what you been smoking?

      1. Jim says:

        This was not for you Len.

    3. andypandie says:

      YOU and other’s will soon find out it was XANAX. Many, many people are dying every day from the mixture of alcohol and BENZO”S. If you are unaware of these tragic BENZO’S. Educate yourself sir. Vet’s are dying as a result of these as well. I would know how horrific these are. I just used 1 mg daily. After one month you are HOOKED. It took four hospital stays, 10 ER visits, two ambulance rides ALL IN SEVEN months sir. I still suffer from Neuropathy…I’m sure you don’t know what that means, insomnia and panic attacks. My nervous system is screwed up due to one little harmless looking pill that resembled an asprin. No doctor warned me of it’s dependent nature. they are handing these out like CANDY! It’s an epidemic in America and Europe. Mark my words I know it’s XANAX and booze that slipped her off. People don’t wake up. YOUR A MORON!

      1. Kay says:

        I agree, Stevie Nicks actually conquered the addiction of Klonopin, going into rehab and doing real work, then making it public to warn and teach us about these drugs. Funny how no one cares about a success story, just tragic drama and the ones who failed not the ones who succeeded.

        These drugs are killing all kinda of people not just celebrities and everyone is blind to this. I still can’t believe she thought she could drink with these poisons (benzos)

        I agree it is the ON:LY reason she is dead. I am sure she would want all of us to learn and the public be educated. She did not learn from other star’s deaths but we all can from her death.

  38. the bitch says:

    another byonce .. if you blocked me from going to my graves that i paid for then you better pay up cause a law suite would be in the works .. who the hell do the houstons think they are and the morons who support the idiot family . messes

  39. brian says:

    let go and let god??????

  40. edwina r murrow says:

    stop the madness now. stop interfering with the rights of those whose loved ones have been there for a long time. if you truly want to honor your idol, contribute to the school who the family specified as the charity. please cbs & others, pull the story lines NOW.

    1. elly says:

      She’s as much a part of that cemetery now as any other person buried there. Most people there have been there for some time, so if those that visit them have to wait a few days, so be it. They’ll need to get over it. and you edwina need a hobby.

      1. WJR says:

        elly…why should this addict’s family have special rights? No one should have to wait a few days.

  41. Genny says:

    The cemetary should only have been closed til whitney was buried.Then it should have been reopened for the public to come in.People are just gonna have to get over it!!!!! She was a star like it or not,And she deserved the Royal treatment she got.Rest In Peace Whitney!!!!!

    1. NJ says:

      in reply to genny she was no more royalty then you or i and no she did not deserve to be treated like one . just because a person has money and can sing they are no better then anyone else and therefore deserves to be treated no beter then you or anyone else

      1. Nyc says:

        She had the talent, the money and the generosity, none of which you have which makes her special, NJ.

        1. NJ says:

          Why are my teacher if you think so get a life

        2. NYC is right says:

          You put it right NYC she HAD money she HAD talent and she used to be generous.So I am glad someone else agrees she was a has-been.Only thing that is sad is that these so called fans are keeping people from grieving their loved ones.

      2. JEAN says:


      3. elly says:

        Learn to spell if you expect to be taken seriously.

      4. Stormey says:


        well said and thank you for the comments.

  42. Who IsShe? says:

    What is the big deal here about this woman? For the last 20 years if you wanted to screw her all you needed was a pipe and some rock, now that she is dead everyone is up in arms, enough already and get to reality.

  43. Who IsShe? says:

    Instant lawsuit, if i was this guy and I was blocked from visiting a deceased wife, I would sue them for everything they had, including the 18 cents in this drug addicts estate.

  44. NJ says:

    I personally think that it is really discusting that others could not get to visit thier loved ones and houstons relatives should be ashamed of themselves .who the heck do they think they are better then everyone else at everyones elses expense . they are not the only ones to lose a loved one . get real so she was a singer but now shes gone get on with life and stop making everyones elses life misserable and let them into the cemetary to visit thier loved ones .and as for the fans get into a single line so others can get in to see thier loved ones because you yourself would also be pretty upset if you couldn’t see and pay your respects . so please have some consideration for others.

    1. Nyc says:

      I personally think you need to learn how to spell and form sentences properly.

  45. friend says:

    Judge not. We all make mistakes in our lives. Have mercy.
    Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself. Everyone needs Love.
    Choose to give it freely. Let your fears go.
    Take a deep breath and be still–find peace within.

  46. Fed Up With The Whitney Houston PITY PARTY!! says:


  47. mosy says:

    You pigs are jealous because you’ll never get such recognition. Grow up and stop being jjealous. R.I.P Whitney. We love you xx

  48. ken says:

    How many are paying respects to the thousands of US troops killed while protecting our country?
    Sad! Priorities are way off!

  49. edwina r murrow says:

    dear cbs (& other news outlets): the story has run its course. please take it down

  50. Billy says:

    I hear that Preacher man got paid $3,500 for doing the service. Almost as much as Rabbi’s. I would sit there for 4 hrs and say Amen for that kind of money.And by the way “DON’T disgrace my Flag for a JUNKIE.

    1. My thoughts says:

      What business is it of anyone how much the Pastor was paid that’s between him and those paying him. People need to mind their own BUSINESS!!!!!!

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