Fairfield, Conn. Fiasco Leaves A Family Torn Apart Over What Else? Money

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (CBSNewYork)— A Connecticut man is in a court fight with his 98-year-old mother over possession of their family home. It’s an ugly family feud, with the 71-year-old son trying to evict his mom.

In a tale of two sons and their aging mother a younger son, Jack, stays close to the family home. The older son, Peter, is estranged and wants to take possession of the Fairfield house they grew up in. He had his mother, Mary Kantorowski, served with eviction papers on her 98th birthday.

“I love it here,” Mary told CBS 2’s Lou Young on Monday.

Young: “You don’t want to leave?”

Mary: “No.”

Young: “Why do you think he wants you to leave?”

Mary: “Peter? … Money. What do you think? Money, money, money is their god.”

WCBS 880’s Fran Schneidau Reports.

When Mary’s husband died in 1997 she signed the house over to her elder son with the understanding she’d be able to stay in it as long as she lived. That was 15 years ago. She was 83. She’s 98 now and he is apparently tired of waiting.

Jack Kantorowski agreed with his mother, telling CBS 2’s Young this is all about money.

The older son, Peter Kantorowski, lives in Trumbull with his wife. His mother and brother said his marriage and lifestyle drew him away from them over the past decade. Young left repeated messages for him, but got no response.

“I never expected he would do anything to get me out,” Mary said, adding when asked if she’s hurt by the maneuver, “Yes.”

The house is worth about $330,000, money Peter Kantorowski can’t get at as long as his mother lives here.

“He says he owns it and can put her out. I say she has life use and he cannot,” attorney Richard Borolot said.

And this whole thing goes to court next month.

If evicted, Mary Kantorowski said she has no money for a nursing home. She does, however, have one remaining son, four grandchildren, twp great grandchildren, and two great, great grandchildren to help her along.

Is Peter Kantorowski a bad guy or does he have his mother’s best interests in mind? Let us know in our comments section below…

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  1. kantorowski says:

    98 year old evictedhttp://youtu.be/-NmneAFJNcs

  2. serenity says:

    disgusting how greed is . you suppose to honor your mother u a**wipe. may u pass beforev she do. leave moms alone. i;m donating all my belonging to charity after reading this!

  3. DougMar says:

    One word…..GREED.

  4. Rodin says:

    “Acquiring a dog may be the only opportunity a human ever has to choose a relative.” ~ MORDECAI WYATT JOHNSON

    1. Rodin says:

      My name is Rodin…. a compulsive quoter…. All I do is read, quote, re-read and spew my knowledge everywhere… Is there anyone out there that can help me… I hate myself..I

  5. lulu says:

    Jacob was nasty to Esau robbed him of his birthright. Blood isn’t always thicker than water. For the lawyer to serve her on her birthday, shame on him.

  6. Ken K says:

    It shows you how cruel an older brother can be towards his family. It reminds me of my own situation with my 89 year old mother. Thanks to my 64 year old brother, I have had no contact with my mother for more than a year. Nearly a year and a half ago, my mother began to show signs of dementia. My brother, who is always short of money, lives in northern California. When he came to New York, he had my mother sign over power of attorney without her understanding what she was doing. Soon after, he took control over her bank accounts and took her to California with just three days of clothes. Little by little he cut her off from most of her family and friends. He thinks he is a hero, he claims I neglected his mother, and says that my mother has feuds with her family and friends. Meanwhile, he uses my mother’s credit card, her monthly benefits, and barely pays his bills. I get stuck with having to pay most of the bills for the house here in Queens that I have lived in for nearly five decades. My brother has not lived here in more than 40 years. He is desperate. Unfortunately, he has more control of my house than I do because he has power of attorney. I tried to get my mother back to New York and failed. My mother became a California resident as soon she could. The authorities do nothing out there. My family and I have to fight to take control away from my brother in California while I have to protect myself in New York. My brother is not happy that I still live here. He also refuses to give me an in date auto registration which is in my mother’s name. I paid for the renewal and insurance.

    My heart goes out to Mrs. Kanorowski. Greed should not stand in the way of a quality of life.

    1. Bridget says:

      Sorry to hear your story. Unfortunately, it happens more than you can imagine. Since your mom did not understand what she was doing when she signed over power of attorney you can challenge it court and your lawyer might be able to make a case of elder abuse indicating that he is using her money for things other than her care.

    2. Val says:

      “I get stuck with having to pay most of the bills for the house here in
      Queens that I have lived in for nearly five decades.”
      Correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds as if you’ve been living “rent-free” for the past 50 years and driving a car you didn’t pay for. Have you considered the bills you pay for the house are in leu of rent? By the way, who are you “protecting yourself from.” Visit your mom in CA. she might be quite happy there. In the meanwhile, GET A LIFE.

  7. Richard Dawson says:


  8. Sally says:

    There are other reports of this story by other news services. Mary’s husband and she transferred the house into a trust with a life interest in the house (they could live there until they died), and Peter was named a trustee. The reports are that Peter quitclaimed the deed to the house from the trust his father set up into a trust controlled only by him and his wife. It would appear that Peter’s been scheming to get the house for a number of years based on the paper trail he’s left, and trying to cheat his younger brother out of his share of any proceeds when the house is finally sold. I can’t wait to see how the judge rules on this case. I hope he dissolves both trusts and gives the house outright back to Mary.

  9. JohnnyG says:

    It would be wonderful if she could give the house to charity! Screw her oldest son!

  10. bitch says:

    he was the load that should have been left in the condom

  11. jerseyjoey says:

    mama under the train, terrible. Yet just another reason for culling at birth.

  12. Dawn Delameter says:

    I would give anything to have my mom here with me today.Someday his mom will be gone and he will be so sorry for doing this to her so sad.Just hope when he gets older his children do the same to him.

    1. The Kid says:

      I doubt he will be sorry. Look at his actions. F him.


    The son should work for theFederal Reserve Bank or the IMF for they will be evivting all of you from your homes real soon

    Ron Paul 2012

  14. HY says:


    1. PPP says:

      amen! to that

  15. Yanqui Texian says:

    Typical news story that’s short on details and gives only one side. I wonder what the house was worth in 1997 and property tax rates back then? I bet Peter is going broke paying the higher property taxes and insurance plus upkeep so is forced to sell. The court can’t force him to keep a property that he can’t afford to. I’m sure the county and state would kick Mom out overnight if they siezed the home for nonpayment of taxes.

  16. Rita Tierney says:

    if you all read she did not sign the house over her husband did ..

    1. leahlove16 says:

      Miss… In case you missed that part, let me re-phrase it…
      “When Mary’s husband died in 1997 SHE signed the house over to HER elder son with the understanding SHE’d be able to stay in it as long as SHE lived. That was 15 years ago.” SHE – HER meaning the mother, the wife… not the husband. She signed it but didn’t expect that the son will try to evict her.

      Mr. Peter is such a rude man. I’m so glad my dad isn’t like that.

    2. lee says:

      again….When Mary’s husband died in 1997 she signed the house over to her elder son with the understanding she’d be able to stay in it as long as she lived. That was 15 years ago. She was 83. She’s 98 now and he is apparently tired of waiting…..ur reading it wrong,,,,

  17. Rita Tierney says:

    i think the judge should give mom back her house and tell the son to bet out .. God will get you for this … karma .. god will give her another 10 yrs of healthy living in good graces .. God bless her heart & soul she is so sweet why would one be like that i will never under stand

  18. kate says:

    hopefully, he has children who’ll do the same thing to him………………

  19. NYSEWER says:

    This story has motivated me to start eviction proceedings on my 87 year old mother.The house is in my name now and its worth $900,000 .My mother never loved me anyway and never cooked,Screw her let her go to shelter

    1. FRED says:

      Too Many Snakes , it no women or Kids come before MOMS, Too many Hungry Money snakes, If it was My Moms she would live their and I would make sure she be okay in her Final days she the One that spit me out FAMILY & HONOR. I always LOVE MY MATTER< NO MATTER WHAT, would die and put down my live.

      HONOR you snake.

    2. katy0625 says:

      such a SHAME. You don’t really care if your mom loved you or not because all you care about is money. Don’t be surprised if your kids would treat you like this when you get darn old and grumpy. Or should I ask, do you even have kids? I wouldn’t be surprised as well if you don’t have a family to call your own.

      Oh And don’t worry when you get OLD…..
      you’ll END UP IN A SHELTER TOO!! haha..
      Nice right?! what goes around comes around.
      Karma’s a bitch!

      1. lee says:

        this is wht gets me..when u say karma and say what goes aruond comes around..does it mean that his mother is getting what was comming to her too? did she do something in her past that’s catching up to her now? do u think its her karma?

        1. lee says:

          bottom line its her home and she deserves to stay there…i just don’ t think that saying karma or saying what comes around goes around is a good way of defending someone…because then ur saying that she is getting her karma…she made the wrong choice of son to trust that’s all it is n unfortunately the happens to a lot of elderly people. hopefully a judge will realize it and keep her in her home. we all make mistakes….

    3. carolae says:

      What an ungrateful “Bast….d” you are. May you die a slow death of cancer with no one to take care of you.

  20. JEAN says:


  21. lee says:

    if u say the son will one day get karma then is the mother getting her karma? what kind of daughter was she to her parents? and the son who’s iving with her is he a freeloader? who’s keepng up with the house? has it gottne in worse shape then it was 15yrs ago cause the freelaoder is not fixing the house? there’s gotta be more to this story. But we ca’t say wh ‘s really the bad one hear until we know the whole story>

    1. BK says:

      Anyone that knows Mary Kantorowski will tell you that she raised her sons right. That she not only attended church regularly she lived according to the Bible. She was a faithful daughter who loved and respected her parents. She is a loving trusting person. Unfortunately, children choose their own path regardless of their upbrigning. Peter should be ashamed.

      1. lee says:

        my parents own a house and left it to ALL the children…all six of us. they would never chose one child over the other. and that to me is shameful! she clearly made a huge mistake, one that hopefully and I doubt will come back to haunt her. the courts will not have her evicted and when its time to sell the house he will not give his brother a penny of it. why would parent to that to the good child? now answer that question.

        1. BK says:

          There was a level of trust that the oldest son would honor the wishes
          GREED obviously changed him

          1. lee says:

            well my parents trust all thier children….they would never favor one over the other n obvi she was wrong wasn’t she. don’t get me wrong..I don’t agree with what he’s doing. it s flat out her home. she made a mistake and hopefully she will b allowed to stay there and i’m sure she will. i’ll keep her in my prayers.

      2. lee says:

        my parents own a house and left it to ALL the children…all six of us. they would never chose one child over the other. and that to me is shameful! she clearly made a huge mistake, one that hopefully and I doubt will come back to haunt her. the courts will not have her evicted and when its time to sell the house he will not give his brother a penny of it. why would parent to that to the good child? now answer that question.

        1. Rita Tierney says:

          read the article her husband signed it over not her .. it wasnt her choice.. remember that

          1. lee says:

            huh? it clearly states when the husband died she signed the house over to the eldest…..
            When Mary’s husband died in 1997 she signed the house over to her elder son with the understanding she’d be able to stay in it as long as she lived. That was 15 years ago. She was 83. She’s 98 now and he is apparently tired of waiting. i copied and pasted from the article….now what?

  22. ken says:

    Did she sign it over to avoid taxes? If yes she loses.

  23. Elisabeth says:

    It true what goes around comes back around he will get his . He should be helping his mother enjoy her life not adding drama. He might just drop dead before he goes to court.payday he will get his just reward.

  24. JanLau says:

    WE feel that she has a life estate deed, and her son cannot sell or chase her out.
    By law the mother is still the owner, and she should change her deed and knock
    him off the deed. Besst of luck!! maggie

    1. Rita Tierney says:


  25. PL says:

    I agree with Ace. The media loves to have blaring headlines, but when the whole story gets told, it’s buried on page whatever.

  26. maggie says:

    From experience it is about money, there are some family members that even the earth reject them when they die and because of how evil they are not even satan wants anything to do with them and I have one.

  27. ace11 says:

    All of you DONT know the whole story

    There are 2 sides to it

    Im sure the guy has valid reasons

    Before you judge him…Find out the whole story

    1. Liberals are Evil says:

      What story? She is 98 years old. He is a home owner. All he wants is money and you a total moron for siding with this greedy maggot!

      1. lee says:

        agree with u ace! there are 2 sides….and if karms is a b then is she getting her karma? she must have been a bad daughter herself.

        1. Penny28 says:

          Whatever she may or may not have done, she is now an elderly woman. At 98 yrs old she’s in the same position as an infant. 2 sides my foot. If something terrible happens to her after being kicked out of her own home I’m sure you’ll be there for Peter to pat his back and tell him it was karma right? You’re a moron.

    2. katy0625 says:

      Yeah… sure there are 2 sides. You, that Peter Kantorowski and that NYSEWER above should all be dragged to hell all at the same time! Moron!


      It’s a such BIG SHAME to be part of your families. SHAME!

    3. Rita Tierney says:

      he has had the chance to voice his side and is choosing not to , guilty as charged ,,. mom gets to stay good luck sweetness God has your back

  28. Linda says:

    If her husband bought the house years ago and she is paying all the bills, why does it say the son owns the house ? It obviously is about money, he can’t be to worried about his Mom as he hadn’t seen her in eight months. Mom should kick his butt, she looks like she’s got a lot of fight left in her.

  29. Aaron says:

    This is a terrible situation…I could never even dream of evicting my mom, grandmother, or any of my relatives for that matter. My Grandma has lived in her house for all of her life…its over 150 years old…and she is as happy as can be. Even though she does have Dementia and is very frail, my Aunt is more than happy to take care of her in her own house. If thats what she wants….LEAVE IT ALONE!! If he was looking out for her best interests, he would honor her wishes and he would check on her everyday. IS IT REALLY NECESSARY TO EVICT YOUR OWN MOTHER? This is absurd…I pray for Mrs. Kantorowski and I hope that her son honors her wishes and drops the issue.

  30. Nick says:

    She deserves whatever she raised.

  31. Tom Owens says:

    I think this guy really feels he is doing the right thing by evicting his mother. It seems he has talked to her to have her live at his house or go to a nursing home. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS MAN??? He really thinks he is doing the right thing??? Hey, wake up and smell the coffee buddy, TAKE CARE OF YOUR MOM THE RIGHT WAY, IN HER OWN HOUSE.

  32. NurseDee says:

    He has his wallet in mind – nothing more.

  33. Emeraress says:

    I have heard so many nightmare stories like this one…like the one that was on the internet news 6 months ago, this one was a son left his mother alone the majority of the tme as she couldn’t walk she just stayed in her recliner he would give her something to eat on occasion, take out of course and when she passed away the rescue had to pry her from the chair leaving her skin behind on the chair, fecal matter and urine were massive! Now ~ I ask you how can any child do that to their parent, try to evict them from a home they have lived in for so many years, it is cruel and outright selfish! They should put him in a nursing home or better yet let him rot in that house alone…terrible! I love my Mom so much and she is 91 years old has alot of health issues! My sister and myself take care of all of her needs! My brother helps out as well, we all love her and want her life to be as happy as possilbe I mean if anyone can live to be 91 years old they deserve to be treated with the utmost love and respect! I hope the court rules in her favor the poor dear thing…god bless her! Don’t worry buddy… KARMA…is just around the corner!

  34. kathy says:

    My mother has alzheimers and i have managed to keep her home with full time community based care and i go Every day to check on her. i shop , do the bills, the dr appts just knowing that she has the comfort of home is a blessing. this man could be doing more to ensure that his mom lives out her last days at home! It takes work.

  35. Teri says:

    Sorry, he is a *&^%bag. All she wants is to be in her home. If all he wanted her to do was move to a nursing home or with him, the eviction papers weren’t necessary. All he needs to do is make it a point of visiting her a few times a week and making sure she is eating, has what she needs, etc. NOT evict her. Even his own brother knows he’s full of it.

  36. Mich says:

    This woman made it to 98 years old, which many do not. I think she should live out the rest of her life the way she wants to. If her son is ‘so concerned’ maybe he should get his mother some weekly home care that can check up on her. If she wants to stay in her home, then let her stay in her home. Its a shame ones own family can be so callous and money hungry; especially a son.

    1. Get Real says:

      Everyone should be left to live as they want, regardless of their age, she is not hurting anyone, this is the United States after all. Now the Hippie son is over thirty, he can’t be trusted.

  37. Chris says:

    I would do whatever I could to assure that the remaining years of my mother’s life were lived the way she wanted to live them. If that meant checking on her daily, so be it. I owe her more than I could ever repay……..

    1. john says:

      there 2 side in a fence. Let’s hear the son’s story before everyone gives comments.The media always makes things sensational.

      1. Genevieve says:

        Did you not read the story, the son even agreed that it is was about the money. This woman paid for the home and decided to sign over the home to the son probably to avoid estate issues.

        He should be so lucky to be left with anything.

        This woman looks great for 98 and I think the son will probably die before his mother does, he sure deserves too.

        Those talking about karma appear to be lunatics.

    2. Cecille says:

      God bless your heart Chris. there are not too many people who think and feel the way you do. The old lady needs all the help and love of her sons, regardless of what she had done in the past but it looks like she is a loving mother and an upright person and all the more that she deserves to be treated well. What a shameless act for a son, there is no other story involved here but one that tells of greed

    3. Hector V. says:

      Are you kidding me, he is a bag of s… .

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