N.J.'s Governor Lowers The Boom On Berkshire Hathaway Chairman And CEO

FORT LEE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Fresh off unveiling a plan to lower New Jersey’s income tax, Gov. Chris Christie let loose on billionaire Warren Buffet and his calls for higher taxes on the rich.

Buffett may be known as the “Wizard of Omaha,” but Christie sees no magic in Buffett’s call for tax hikes for the wealthy, reports CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer.

“Cut a check and shut up, that’s what I say, okay?” Christie said Wednesday. “I’m tired of hearing about it. He wants to pay more taxes, pay more.”

And by the way, Christie, who held a lengthy town hall meeting in which he defended his call for lowering income taxes in New Jersey, doesn’t care if the head of the Berkshire Hathaway conglomerate is offended.

“Believe me, I know I’ve given up my chance for post gubernatorial employment at Berkshire Hathaway, but I’m okay with that,” Christie said.

The outspoken governor’s latest verbal assault touched off another round of discussion about President Barack Obama’s demand that the so-called rich — families making $250,000 a year –pay higher taxes.

Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch said he pays more 30 percent a year in taxes.

“If you come from a corporation and get a W-2 form you pay 28-35 percent,” Welch said. “I don’t feel under taxed in any way at all.”

Christie made a point of saying that while his tax proposals give everyone the same percentage cut, the rich will see a bigger dollar amount.

“The fact is that when you have as progressive a tax system as we have people who pay more are going to get more when you cut taxes. That’s just the way it goes,” the governor said.

Many voters favor the president’s plan to tax the rich.

“I don’t find a problem with it. If you make more money you should pay a little bit more in tax,” said West New York resident Christine Auriemma.

“Anyone who makes a million dollars or more should pay higher taxes,” added Mary Sideris of Fort Lee.

Given the ideological divide in Washington it’s unlikely there will be any legislation on taxes at least until after the November elections.

In another tax development, President Obama on Wednesday proposed lowering the corporate tax rate while closing loopholes

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  1. teaparty says:

    amen governor.

    1. infidel says:

      I can’t believe so many people support this bloviating fathead. Sad.

      1. Mary Ann Russell says:

        I cannot believe how many people are so rude and so crude in their replies to the remarks of others. Grew up folks – people are entitled to their own opinions and quite frankly, Governor Christie said nothing wrong. The left wing liberals drive me absolutely crazy.\

        1. common sense says:

          buffet will go down in history as a financial genuis. Christie after a few years will just vanish.A loud mouth schmuck who is just needs the attention from the far right. How many jobs has schmucko created in his lifetime. ZERO You people need to take a step back and re evalueate your prorities.

  2. Rick Simm says:

    Just for grins, how about the 49% who don’t pay taxes in the United States, start paying their fair share? This would level the playing field much more than those who are supporting the have nots. I am tired of watching these “have nots” stand in line at the grocery store with a hand for of Slim Jims, a couple bottles of soda and a bags of chips and pay for it with their EBT or Bridge Card.
    It is time for everyone to get a little skin in the game so everyone can complain at the same level.

    1. Dsrtknight says:

      Who pays taxes and who doesn’t isn’t the real problem. When the first tax was levied it was by Lincoln on the top 1% for 10% of their income. He was abloe to fight a war and run the government from tarrifs and the revenue from the first income tax. But he didn’t have the social programs created by Wilson, FDR, LBJ, Bush II, or the current administration. There was no Social Security, which was necessary to persuade working people at the end of their life to vacat their jobs, so adults with children could gain employment and provide for their family. There was no welfare for life or food stamps for life or even unemployment for 99,000 weeks (oops, I mean 99 weeks). So, whether 99% or 49% of our country pays taxes is only relevant when we believe the non-taxpayers as moochers (gaining something for nothing) or believe our government as unresponsive, wasteful and possibly corrupt.

      1. rth says:

        49% of the population not paying taxes sounds like a problem to me. There are plenty of that 49% who are moochers AND the government is unresponsive, wasteful and corrupt.

        1. nrichard says:

          where are your statistics coming from?

  3. JD Barbato says:

    Rather than give the money to our bumbling, inept, ubercorrupt government, Warren should cut a check and give it to individuals, like me, who want to start charitable foundations for the good of Americans. My foundation will fund adults (45+) with Down syndrome and their sole sibling (or widowed/widower parent) caretaker to buy into/rent in cohousing communities that feature these folks as their star residents. No more nursing home, institution, group home, or foster home B.S. for DSers! I invite benefactors to e-mail me at editor1111@comcast.net.

    1. Alphonse is smarter than kittlediddle says:

      Star residents? Exactly what does that entaiil?

      1. JD Barbato says:

        Every cohousing community is built with a conscious, stated purpose in mind. The ones I’d want to build would include 10 adults with Down syndrome first and foremost, then other members of the group. Some cohousing communities are built w/the elderly as their “star” residents; others w/young families as the main reason for living in community (built in babysitters, etc.), and so on. And no, this isn’t communal living–it’s community for a stated purpose. Interesting that you chose to zero in on one word, which you should’ve been able to understand in context. Public school education at work. Glad I went all but 4 years to parochial school and college.

    2. Barry Howell says:



      1. JD Barbato says:

        You missed the point, Barry! If Buffett wants to give away his money, handing it over to our inept govt. won’t fix a thing. I suggest he instead endow a foundation–which takes WORK! I’m the middle-aged sole caretaker of my adult brother w/Down syndrome. If I croak, he’s screwed, because hypocrites Left and Right down give a crap about people like him. An excellent solution would be to build cohousing communities, which is a concept you know nothing about. And being the sole caretaker of dev. disabled adult, who’s in mental & physical decline, and to be the sole breadwinner and everything else is more work than you’ll ever do in a hundred lifetimes. I hope all breeders take note: don’t have kids if you can’t afford to take care of them, especially if they’re dependent thru no fault of their own. Handout? You’re a goddamned idiot!

  4. Pay Up, Warren says:

    Christie is correct. Nobody is preventing liberals from giving more to their beloved government. Buffet should just write a check and shut up. Buffet talks a good game to fool the masses and keep them from banging on HIS door (it’s the other guy, not me)..Let Obama talk about taxing the WEALTH that clowns like Buffet have hidden away in tax shelters, and see how fast those liberal blowhards abandon him.

    1. Alphonse is smarter than kittlediddle says:

      You are correct, sit.

      If someone wants to give more…..they are free to do so.

      Problem is…in numbers just released this week….49.5% of Americans do NOT pay federal income taxes. So, if you are a Dem and need to fund the spending machine that supports your voting base of non-income tax payers…you pretty much are forced to demand that the 50.5% of us that are paying taxes pay even more.

      I guess that is the Democrat version of ‘fairness’. LOL

  5. Mike Harlow says:

    Anybody who thinks ANYONE should pay more taxes, should have their head examined. We need to cut government, period. The rich pay their fair share and they also create the economy. The Government sucks ALL taxpayers dry. There is nothing fair about 86% of the taxes being paid by only 25% of the people. Everybody should pay something.

    1. E.R. Hansen says:

      I would agree to pay any percentage the left wants us to pay on the condition that ALL Americans pay that rate. How is paying nothing and in fact, getting free money back a “fair shair”? If everyone paid the same rate, the rich would still pay more and people in general would be much more aware of the tax rate in general.

      1. Alphonse is smarter than kittlediddle says:

        Well, with 49.5% of Americans NOT paying federal income taxes…it would seem that these calls of ‘fair share’ and ‘social justice’ are nothing but meaningless campaign memes of the left.

        How can you claim people are not paying their ‘fair share’ when ONLY 50.5% of Americans are even paying???? Seems very dishonest to suggest such a thing.

        Clearly this whole 99% v. 1% is just a distraction from the reality that it has really become:

        50.5% of taxpayers v. 49.5% of freeloaders.

        1. 50.5% one says:

          best comment yet

  6. Mike Gilmer says:

    I will bet that Mary Sideris is one of the many benefit piglets sucking at the teat on the giant federal sow. I wonder what she will do when it runs dry?

  7. bill says:

    Why is it the media does not point out that Buffet shows up supporting Obama on higher taxes. Buffet does not want oil pipeline built. Obama kills pipeline deal and buffent makes over 100 million dollars.
    Yet the leftist meida sees nothing odd about that at all. Not even a mention how buffet just got a huge pay off from Obama.

    1. Alphonse is smarter than kittlediddle says:

      Now why would the MSM report on something like that when it is much more beneficial to demand that the 50.5% of us that actually do PAY federal income taxes pay even more????

  8. Linda Hoskinson says:

    The Federal Government has a spending problem. The more taxes anyone pays, the more spend. Buffett the Baffoon. Everytime OBama wants to tax the rich, he drags out Buffett. Buffetts’s Berkshire owes over a Billion Dollars and he is trying to keep from paying it. So much for Buffett’s idle chatter. Thanks Chris Christie. You can’t get any plainer than that. What they are afraid in New Jersey is your plan is working and they don’t want it to work.

    1. KittleDiddle says:

      I’ve been a New Jersey resident for four generations. Christie isn’t doing anything remarkable, he’s just transferring the state’s money from one SES subset to another, while at the same time pandering to the shore communities and Morris County chums. Why don’t you ask Christie why he’s still subsidizing buddy businesses and corporations who lease prime real estate for a net of a penny an acre (if the rest of us taypayers aren’t footing the bill in full), meanwhile working class New Jersey residents are paying some of the highest rent in the country. Not to mention he caused us to lose hundreds of millions in federal funds that New Jersey tax payers were entitled to (a portion of the federal taxes we pay is returned to us in the form of various grants and other funding from the gov’t).

      The problem is that every earnings level is not taxed equally. Some of the means of acquiring very large sums of money and/or wealth is only taxed at half the rate as a middle class worker’s income (e.g.: capital gains tax, 15 percent). Well paid lobbyists have exhausted every ideological defense for why “risk takers” = (lobbyist-ese for people/firms with large sums of acquired or inherited money/wealth who *can* afford to gamble tons of it on startups [sometimes phony startups just to put on the books as a “capital gain”], derivatives, etc.) are entitled to a lower tax rate on earnings from risk, but there’s no excuse for subsidizing gamblers, so that’s bologna. Not taxing their earnings at the same rate as other earners is federally subsidizing them – this is some of the kool aid our moronic governor has been drinking, so he’ll continue to support subsidizing some of the nation’s highest earners who live in our state, at the expense of insanely high rents (except in flood-prone areas), and shaving the deserved pensions of people who have picked up our trash, protect out streets, teach children, delivered our mail, etc. Ironically, many of the hedge fund managers who use their Two and Twenty earnings system to dodge a fair tax rate, use in part the pensions of public employees to take their “risks” and enjoy the earnings.

      1. Libertarian Man says:

        There are actually two reasons the Capital Gains Tax is only 15%:

        1) Corporations are double taxed! Corporations pay taxes on their earnings, up to 35%. Then they pay dividends to shareholders who pay a Capital Gains Tax of 15%.

        2) To encourage investment in the economy!

        So in other words, the Government already collects up to 45% of Corporate earnings. Why punish the risk takers who “gamble” (as you put it) to make more wealth for themselves so they can retire and live comfortably? Oh yeah, because you want them to pay for the 49.5% of Americans who don’t even pay taxes!

        1. KittleDiddle says:

          Theoreticals are great, but ask the accountants at General Electric how much they paid in taxes last year. The actual figures won’t even come close to your figures.

          1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

            That’s because CEO Jeff Immelt is a world-class Obama bootlicker. You’ve heard of crony capitalism I take it?

            1. KittleDiddle says:

              The fact remains that this tax travesty is happening and our governor, like many of his allies, have no desire in addressing or correcting the microcosm of it happening in our state. He’d rather fan flames over marriage equality and education funding as a smoke screen to dodge the issue of state subsidies for companies, the property they lease, the exorbitant sports arenas etc. He’d rather blow tax money on a new stadium, while taxpayer money is still paying down the old stadium, but refuses to continue construction of a tunnel that would benefit the horrendous commute across the Hudson, a decision which which led to a huge net loss of state funds.

  9. Chicken says:

    Wow, so many jealous New Yorkers. Nice.

  10. Steve S says:

    Taxes can never be “fair” until the rate is 0% for everyone.

    1. NCT says:

      Your point is arguable. I would argue that all should pay the same rate – that is fair. Get rid of the 70,000 page tax code, which is how politicians hide their political pay-offs. Repubs and Dems alike keep filling the trough for their voters and supporters – both are at fault for our current predicament. Herman Cain had to be destroyed because he was a threat to the political establishment and the tax code which hides their political payoffs.

      1. GimmeDatDing says:

        I agree, all should pay the same rate. That is only fair (liberals, take notice, even with a flat tax rate, the richer people pay MORE than the not so rich, not taking deductions or loopholes into account). But I guess a flat tax rate is too simple and makes too much sense for the government to pass it. I say, why not pass it, and if it doesn’t work, then go back to the current progressive tax system?

  11. cd says:

    Why does ALL of Buffett MONEY go DIRECT to BILL GATES FUND when he dies,why NOT just give it to the GOV’T!

    1. 50.5% one says:

      because then people would know just how small his wealth was/is to the size of the deficit. add bill gates and buffet’s wealth together and you will apply nothing more that a “rounding error” in the size of the deficit. get real, please.

  12. Dale Wyatt says:

    Let’s see. Buffett will pay no estate tax because he is putting his money into charitable trusts . He has a foundation where his children earn money tax free as a deduction to the foundation. Foundations are a way for the wealthy to transfer money to their children and escape the estate tax. Buffett has specials rules from the SEC that when he buys or sells stock, it is not reported for over 30 days. Would not want the little people to make money off of Buffett or to stop any of their losses on stock that Buffett owns. He also owns over a third of Moody’s stock, the company that rated all the garbage mortgage funds at triple A so more people would buy subprime funds which helped to cause the financial meltdown. Buffett is only calling for more taxes because he is not going to pay them and is just taking the heat off all the money he has made backing Obamas policies. He stands to make over300 million with the veto of the Keystnoe pipeline. Christie may be a blowhard, but Buffett is full of it. And too many people are buying it

    1. john cook says:

      We need 200 Million Dale’s….you sir hit it EXACTLY on the head. Good Man!

    2. cruiz72 says:

      Nice to see someone who gets it…the rich will never pay more…the tax codes are made by them…foolish public schooled sheepole…:/

  13. Paul says:

    I vote for a flat tax – everyone pays “x%” (tbd) This is the only ‘fair’ tax that everyone should be able to agree with. Say it’s 10%, someone making 1,000,000 pays 100,000 in tax. Someone making 20,000 pays 2,000 in tax. Seems fair to me. no write-offs, no loopholes, no minimum earnings – everyone pays.

  14. Christie: will this porkball ever stop eating? says:


    1. ScottC says:

      Why Is this state still part of the union? I cannot for the life of me understand why he would want to govern the people in these posts who claim to be from NJ. Really its like I walked into a room of 7th graders calling the teacher fat. If you can’t agree with him then argue the merits of what he was saying. Is this really what you guys are like?

    2. John Ulrich says:

      Take your caps lock off TROLL!

    3. Duby says:

      You must be a liberal dumb ass

    4. jdean says:

      You are the definition of a loser. Piece of crap, libtard, felch-er. Enjoy being that for eternity…brown smear.

    5. Tallron47 says:

      What an incredibly lucid counter argument to Christies point.! He may lose weight , but , in your case, you can’t fix your clear lack of reasoning ability- but that woulod explain your leftist treachery.

  15. Johnathon says:

    In the words of Hiram Liebowitz … what a Putz

    In another tax development, President Obama on Wednesday proposed lowering the corporate tax rate while closing loopholes

    This is Simpson / Bowles of years ago. Pre-Barry throwing away $450 Billion dollar stimulus, Clunker, free Rubbers … many food stamps

    Noboyd writes US loopholes, unless your worth $1 Billion like Warren Buffet or the Kennedy’s or slimy like Pelosi.

    – Close the big loopholes

  16. Josh Williams says:

    The reason Warren does not pay his fair share of taxes is because he does not get a regular paycheck instead he collects dividends which are taxed at a 15% rate. All warren has to do is change the way he gets paid that is get a regular salary from Bershire. Also if Warren is so concerned about taxes why does he buy loss investment offsets so he can use the losses to pay less taxes.. He thinks every one does not understand what he does ?

    1. JAMES says:

      It will be nice when more than a handful of people understand the system We have.
      more people need to read and understand your post thanks.

    2. john cook says:

      It is like hitting your head on a brick wall…….I understand that I am college educated, but at some point even the dropouts have to understand that the 15% is risk profit and is not a paycheck. I am currently a W2 guy and am desperately trying to get out of this rat race and myself invest wisely and receive dividends full time by making great investments and risking $ to make $….oh and then hire folks to work at my new profit centers….I sure hope Barry does not get his way!

  17. KittleDiddle says:

    Christie is one of the worst examples of what a leader should be. This is the sad excuse for a human who claimed “public sector” workers hadn’t taken enough of the brunt from the 2008 collapse as private sector workers. Well it was the non-regulated, left to run wild, private sector, specifically the F.I.R.E. sectors, that sparked a chain reaction of unimaginable proportions. So now members of the military, teachers, postal workers and garbage men should have to take the “brunt” of moronic derivatives traders and speculators who made exponentially more money than those public sector workers, and still received bonuses in the millions after the financial collapse?

    1. mmj says:

      Don’t you wish you had the smarts to achieve what they do? idiot

      1. KittleDiddle says:

        Apparently they had poop for brains because derivatives trading contributed to an entire national economy tanking. That’s not smarts you moron.

        1. Alphonse is smarter than kittlediddle says:

          You actually believe that derivatives were the ONLY factor? Wow.

          I’d say you were stupid.

          But your post does that for me.

          1. AngryConservative says:

            I agree KittleDiddle is another angry, moron liberal who had parents that always told him how brilliant he was and now he can’t understand why he’s such a failure and achieved nothing in life. THUS HE FEELS SYSTEM IS RIGGED instead of the reality that he’s just a dumb, lazy, angry man, probably fat and if he has a woman she’s ugly as can be. I feel sorry for losers like him.

            1. KittleDiddle says:

              Hey Mr. or Ms, Angry, seems you’re projecting the misery that is your life, and thus your handle, not to mention you seem to have described your own dad to a T. Seems your conception was a waste of organs, as you have no better way to spend your time, or make your case, than to hurl the same pitiful character insults that everyone’s been hurling at the other sad human, Chris Christie.

          2. KittleDiddle says:

            Alphonse you have poop for brains, as you can’t comprehend the term “contributed” in my post, which doesn’t imply “only” by any stretch. And to further demonstrate your poopy logic, you were compelled make your username as such, to compensate for poopy brains you moron.

  18. JustJim says:

    The rich should pay a higher rate because they have used their lobbyists and lawyers to rig the system aganinst the middle class. Fat boys like Christie try to hide that and say that all should pay the same rate when he knows that the middle class has consistently lost ground to the rich over the last 30 years. Only broad demand for housing, goods and services can stimulate this economy. Even at a zero tax rate the rich will never consume or invest enough to stimulate this economy. Businesses will hire when demand is there. The middle class has done enough from paying taxes to fighting the wars. It’s time for the rich to kick in.

    1. Tom says:

      They should call you Just Dim. The “rich” DO pay a higher tax rate already. It’s called a progressive tax system and it’s been in place for over 80 years. As of now, the top 25% earners pay over 86% of all income taxes.

      • The TOP 50% pay 97% of all income taxes

      • The TOP 1% pay 39%, up 2% from 2000 when President Bush took office.

      So when people like you complain about people like me not paying my “fair share”, you are exactly right! We who actually earn, succeed and make Amercia work should pay a lot less than we are paying now, and the 47% who literally pay nothing at all should start carrying their weight.

      1. Alphonse is smarter than kittlediddle says:

        The joke is that he is probably one of the 49.5% of Americans who pay NO income tax.

        49.5% pay nothing…yet all they do is screed about the other 50,5% not paying enough?

        It’s not the 99% v. the 1%.

        It’s really the 50.5% v. the 49.5% of FREELOADERS.

      2. Libertarian Man says:

        AMEN TOM! JustJim is pretty much an ignorant tool. Nail. On. The. Head.

    2. NCT says:

      How about the pay-offs the dems make to federal employee unions, the UAW, to those 49.5% who pay no federal income tax? BOTH parties pay their voters via the tax code. A flat tax is fair. Anything else is a political payoff.

    3. Alphonse is smarter than kittlediddle says:

      Some would say that many in the middle class not taking their education seriously or not making good decisions played a role in ‘rigging’ things against them.

      Poor people are NOT poor just because rich people are rich.

      Economics is not a zero sum game, and it is not a linear cause and effect.

      I take it you learned economics from an Obama speech????

  19. John says:

    Rich people can buy what they want even when their taxes are higher, because they can afford to regardless of this. Middle class people spend more, when their taxes are cut. Business owners add employees when demand for what they’re selling increases, regardless of taxes. So, to help increase jobs it’s much more beneficial to cut middle class taxes, since this drives demand. And, it’s better for the Social Good to tax wealthy people at a rate commensurate to their wealth, since there’s a need for the things governments provide, and they of all people benefit most from these things.

    1. Alphonse is smarter than kittlediddle says:

      Rich people are already taxed at a higher rate. Are you stupid? We have a progressive tax system. RIch people have nicer and more expensive homes, they payer higher property taxes, too.

      You are a selfish clown…it has NOTHING to do with something you call the ‘social good’. It has to do with you believing that someone who is successful should have to foot the bill because you are NOT successful.

      49.5% of Americans pay NO federal income taxes. NONE. Some even get MONEY BACK!!!!

      And you wanna say that these 49.5% are owed MORE from the 50.5% of us already carrying their deadweight???

      The real social good would be taking education seriously, not having children you can’t afford and making good financial decisions so you can be productive and stay debt free and NOT be a financial burden on you neighbor.

      Get a clue, freeloader.

  20. Oreo's says:

    Just think if The Governor “shut up” he’d lose 100 Lbs!

  21. Mustafa Akbar says:

    I’d like to see the both of them hit by a bus, but Christie will need a tractor trailer full of rocks to move his lardy butt. What a pair of mini-nads, one is a profiteer that screws the middle class and brgas about it, the other is an egomaniac, the latest in a series of NJ blowhards who cripples us by not lowing property taxes and tosses us pennies with this fake tax reduction.

  22. Christie is a beachball with arms and legs! says:


  23. Christie is a beachball with arms and legs! says:


    1. Alphonse is smarter than kittlediddle says:

      Apparently, there is a lot you are not aware of…..

  24. jerseyjoey says:

    Gota love that transparent vile and vitrol, Yup there your CHANGE for you, lol hahaha

  25. BCSaugerties says:

    Call me what ever name you want but think everyone should pay the same rate . Entry level minimum wage earner and Wall Street master of the universe should both pay 10% and KEPP 90% of the money they earned. We are all born equal , we have marriage equality and all get judged equally by the law then why should we be unequal when we ask people to finance our country.

  26. SokrMom says:

    It’s so embarrassing that this man is our Governor.

    1. chas says:

      He’s suck a joke. He’s very unprofessional. Talk about a fat cat republican.
      Loss some tonnage .

      1. Alphonse is smarter than kittlediddle says:

        Yes. If only he were sophisticated and svelte, like that smooth operating and ever so fit Democrat, Barney Frank!!!

    2. JB says:

      You preferred McGreevy in the closet? or was it Corzine the thief?

      1. John Ulrich says:

        He’s going to be your president one day. You can really be embarresed then.

    3. Rick Simm says:

      Learn to deal with it. He will be President someday and then you can really feel embarrassed.

    4. Rick Simm says:

      Hey SokrMom, are you still getting Food Stamps? How many years is it now that you have been on Government assistance? Oh, your whole worthless life, I thought so.

  27. Idratherbegolfing says:

    Funny all people say about Christie is he is fat or a blowhard. Nobody mentions he has made a lot of tough unpopular decisions to firm up the financial mess NJ was facing when he took office. The last governor of NJ should be in jail. Corzine lost $1.2 billion dollars while CEO of MF Global after leaving office. Literally lost it. Told Congress he does not know where it went. Buffet should shut up. He is trying to sell the US public a bag of goods. He is one of the main benefactors of the Obama administration vetoing the oil pipe line from Canada to Texas because he is a huge stake holder in the railroads that will now have to transport it. Not to mention he was given preferential treatment in the purchase of Bank of America stock a few months back and has made billions tax free for his fund. Coincidently the biggest benefactor of the new mortgage relieve program Obama announced the other day was Bank of America and Buffet. Buffet is a geniuses when it comes to making money but don’t buy the BS he throws out there. Says he lives in a modest $300K home in Nebraska but he forgets to tell people about his $25 million dollar home at Pebble Beach. Economics 101. Tax the rich more they will spend less. Tax their investments more they will invest less.

    1. NJAmazins says:

      By that logic you’d assume that keeping taxes lower for higher income people will cause them to spend more… “Trickle Down Economics”. Problem with that BS logic is that the highest earners have had their taxes lowered to their lowest rate and they are not spending more, hiring more, or investing more!

      Typical GOP talking points BS!

      1. keith says:

        What makes you think you are entitled to someone else’s money jackof? Make your own dummy. And quit you typical democrap whining…

      2. Chicken says:

        Raising tax rates on the rich does not guarantee increasing tax revenues from the rich. Look at history, as well as what’s happening in the UK with their increased rates. Saying that the rich should pay more does not mean they will.

  28. Stan says:


  29. Lloyd says:

    If I had a billion dollars in liquid assets like Buffet, Bill Gates, and our “beloved” mayor to name a few, I would find 7500 random people legitimately down on their luck and give them each a bag with $100k (which would still leave me with $250M). With that much left, I could still make $1.5M in interest per year after taxes. And from that $1.5M, I’d give $20k each week to a random needy person in the same fashion. That would still leave me with over 300,000 already taxed dollars to live on (well more than enough for even a not too over the top luxurious lifestyle).

    As for Buffett simply “writing a check” to the Govt, not a bad idea on the surface. But where is that money really going? Same goes for charities. And doesn’t help the economy much if he is getting much of it back on his tax return. That’s why I never give to them (charities), but instead what I can (about $5 per week on average) to homeless and other less fortunate people that I see. This way I SEE where my money is going and feel better knowing such.

    1. rob says:

      Um, no you would not.

    2. NCT says:

      Good for you. You can do whatever you want with your money. Other Americans are also free to do as they wish with their money. When the recipients of your charity spend it all, they’ll be right back where they are now. The reason the rich are rich is that they do not consume all they have – the invest, frequently in businesses that provide jobs. Consider this – the only way to prevent poverty is wealth. Eliminate wealth, and we are all poor. Oprah stated this very succintly when she was asked by an US reporter, after returning from Africa, if she felt guilty for all she has after seeing the true and deep poverty which is so pervasive in Africa. Her reply – “If I had nothing, they would still have nothing.”

  30. Local10ShovelLeaners says:

    Liberalism is a mental disorder….

  31. Christie is a beachball with arms and legs! says:


  32. RoyBoySays says:

    Once again the buffoon opens his mouth and speaks,before his brain becomes operational…………………he’s truly a loose cannon,and hopefully a one term governor

  33. cluxx clamsman says:

    I didnot know a beachball with legs could be governor?

  34. Robert Novack says:

    Buffet puts his money where his mouth is. He has given billions to charity, second only to Bill Gates. The only thing Christie puts in his mouth is food. So, shut up about Buffett and put YOUR money where your mouth is.

    1. Tom says:

      Couldn’t agree more!! All Chrsitie cares about is lining his own pockets!! This man will never be the president of the US no matter when he runs!!

  35. Christie: how much fatter can the porkball get huh? says:


  36. Kevin says:

    One man can’t write a check and solve all of our problems. That is why he is voicing his opinion on a policy that he thinks will actually help. Telling someone to shut up because they have an opinion is pathetic leadership on Christie’s part.

    I guess when two gays want to marry each other, he doesn’t just say, “they should just get married and shut up” does he?

  37. Steven says:

    ..and when the Buffet Rule goes into place, let’s see how much Buffet will actually be paying in Income Tax.

  38. Christie: how much fatter can the porkball get huh? says:


    1. Meme Meyagi says:

      You’ve never had an important message. Buffoon….

  39. mark says:

    Wow the blowhard opens his ugly mouth yet again. What’s worse than Governor Chrisite? The idiots in NJ who think he is a good governor.

  40. Christie THE MESSY BUCKET OF HOG SLOP! says:


    1. Liberals/Dems/Union leaders can't read says:

      How come the Left can’t debate any topic without insult?

      Liberalism is a disease…..

      Conservatism is the cure…..

      49.5% of America doesn’t pay taxes.

      Fair Tax for All….all must pay

      1. Tom says:

        What makes you think Conservatism will “cure” NJ and the country? Can’t you see that BOTH parties are responsible for the mess we’re in??? Funny how all the right wingers use Liberal(ism) as if it’s some sort of profanity and pretend like Republicans are the sh!t

  41. paulnadra says:

    So once again Bull Buly doesn’t get it. One person and one check will do NOTHING. Buffet is right, we need higher taxed on the super rich.

  42. MaxineRocks says:

    Christie is the one who needs to shut up! Hey, Christie – who’s footing the bill for the massive police presence at the overblown wake and funeral for the junkie singer? You know – the one you had the flags flown at half-staff for! Nothing like slapping those who truly deserve that honor in the face and degrading their real sacrifice.

  43. Fences62 says:

    I would welcome any tax relief politicians can pass for the middle class and the poor with open arms. I make about $50,000 a year as a consultant with a large corporation, and for the most part, am functionally destitute. Credit card interest and taxes suck up most of my meager income, to the point where I work 40+ hrs a week and have nothing to show for it. No savings, no retirement.

    1. RoyBoySays says:

      get a real job,and stop whining

      1. Michael H. says:

        Define “real job”.

    2. Jordan says:

      How about learning to live within your means. The reason you have nothing left after paying your bills is because you are spending too much on your credit cards. Cut them up and spend NO more than you take home, PERIOD.

      Our government (local, state, federal, etc) needs to learn to live on less than they bring in.

  44. Luna Tigue says:

    Christie thought the Buffet rule was about all you can eat buffets.

    1. MaxineRocks says:

      LOL! Well done!

  45. jm says:

    Maybe if government were more responsible with the money given to them, there would be no need to increase taxes on anybody.

    Let’s start with government pensions (aka : The Holy Grail) why not get rid or claw back that for starters.

  46. Christie THE MESSY BUCKET OF HOG SLOP! says:


  47. Stephen says:

    Governor Christie is an arrogant, condescending and obese politician who believes he, and only he, has all the answers.. He lacks social graces and too often says things that offend gracious individuals. How dare he tell Warren Buffett ( or anyone else ) to shut up.

    1. Ratso says:

      Shut up Stephen.

  48. Lula says:

    Christie should go on a diet and shut up!

    1. Ratso says:

      That’s exactly what you should do.

  49. Larry says:

    Just wait until Christie seeks the nomination in 2016 and we can use the soundbite of him telling Warren to shut up! Hopefully his excessive weight won’t get to him before he can run. Another politician who knows how to run his mouth and produce nothing from it.

    1. Rick Simm says:

      Larry, Buffett who talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. He is always running his mouth just for publicity.
      Christie must understand that Buffett is tighter than a boars butt during a fly hatch. He doesn’t have any money in his pockets. He either charges what he gets or it is bought for him. His salary is minimal so he doesn’t pay much in taxes. The pay he gets is tax deferred in different ways. I bet you pay more in taxes than he does.
      Buffett is a phony and someday it will come out.

  50. pugphan says:

    The more you have, the greater your responsibility…so yea Warren keep on buffing these peeps to give it up. smokersodysseycom

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