FORT LEE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The man accused of repeatedly running over his girlfriend with his car has been moved to New Jersey.

Charles Ann, 26, was picked up in New York on Friday and transferred to Bergen County. Ann will be arraigned on murder charges on Monday.

“In my opinion, he does seem sympathetic. He does seem ‘normal.’ You know, I know he’s kind of been painted as a bad guy in the media,” said Uchenna Emeagwali, Ann’s public defender in Queens.

Police in New Jersey want Ann to stand trial for what, they say, he did to his ex-girlfriend, 25-year-old Aena Hong. Detectives say when she told him she did not want to see him anymore, he became enraged and ran his car over her three times Monday evening at the intersection of Anderson Avenue and Inwood Terrace in Fort Lee.

According to police, Ann ran to a friend’s apartment in Queens building after Hong was killed.  He was caught there early Wednesday, and until now, has been in a Queens jail.

Prosecutors said at the time of his arrest, Ann was carrying his passport and had a large amount of cash with him when he was arrested, indicating he may have been trying to flee the country.

Investigators said Ann and Hong were in a “tumultuous dating relationship.” The young couple dated for less than a year and lived in a building by the George Washington Bridge. About a month ago, friends said she told him the relationship was over.

In the Children’s Reading Room at Palisades Park Library, Hong and friend Steve Cavallo painted several murals. These paintings, Cavallo said, will be her legacy.

“Such a gift and such an imagination and such a bright side. I guess the sad thing, when I think about this, is that she was so happy and so loving,” said friend Steve Cavallo.

Bail has been set at $3 million.

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  1. The Bridgeport Kid says:

    No more boom-boom for that baby-san…

  2. 21hwee says:

    Ann’s action of murder is too extreme; however, from what I heard, he gave her about everything she requested him for. In other words, she was a gold digger and he was probably trying to be a good boyfriend who gave in to about all of a girlfriend’s requests. I heard he even gave her large amounts of money to pay for her own personal problems, leaving him with almost nothing. She chose to dig out everything he had and eventually split up with him. I believe she murdered him in another way rather than the physical form of murder. Maybe this is what drove him to murder her.

    I feel sorry for both sides and it is such a shame many human beings behave this way.

    1. Claude says:

      How could you know all this? Even if any of it were true, then he could have chosen to leave the relationship rather than do this. He’s the problem. Men who think of women as property are dangerous, and he doesn’t deserve any sympathy.

    2. The Bridgeport Kid says:

      You are so full of BS I doubt your clothes fit.

  3. DaEmph says:

    In the immortal words of Marsellus Wallace,

    “I’m prepared to scour the earth for that motherf*****. If Butch (AKA Ann) goes to Indo China, I want a n*((*!% hidin’ in a bowl of rice, ready to pop a cap in his ass.”

  4. MR AMERICA says:


    1. Fcuk Yuppies says:


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