NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The search for radical terrorists took the NYPD to kosher butchers and candy stores on Long Island.

Friday night, CBS 2 learned Jewish-owned businesses were put under surveillance, along with mosques and businesses that cater to Muslims.

The NYPD is under fire from critics for putting mosques and Muslim facilities under surveillance. On Thursday, Rep. Peter King offered this response: “If you’re going after radical Muslims, you don’t go to Ben’s Kosher Deli.”

But what about Great Neck Glat, a kosher meat shop, which proudly flies the flag of Israel inside?

Secret documents obtained by the Associated Press show Great Neck Glat is one of almost a dozen Jewish-owned businesses the NYPD surveyed in Nassau County.

The anti-terror effort was focused there because many in the Great Neck Jewish community trace their roots back to Iran, CBS 2’s Tony Aiello reported.

Locals say they support the NYPD in general, but don’t know what to make of the surveillance.

“I hope they are not wasting their time,” said one local resident.

“I think we’re wasting time by spying on places like kosher butchers and kosher hair salons, basically Great Neck to begin with,” said business owner Benny Rafailov.

Congressman King, however, said to trust the NYPD.

“Something that may on the surface not necessarily be connected can make sense to them,” King said.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg defended the program earlier Friday, saying it was not “a political statement or a political football to play with.”

The New York Civil Liberties Union says it’s clear the police surveillance program has crossed a line.

“The NYPD is just putting people under surveillance by virtue of ethnicity, by virtue of national origin, by virtue of religion, but not by virtue of suspicious behavior or evidence of wrongdoing,” said Donna Lieberman of the NYCLU.

The NYPD surveillance also happened in New Jersey. Governor Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory Booker both said it raises serious concerns.

Mayor Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly say the surveillance continues.

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  1. The Facts says:

    Members of the Irgun and the Stern Gang were called terrorists by the British during the fight for Israels independence. Since then, no other Jewish or Israeli groups have been labeled as terrorists in the Western press. Nevertheless, the police must follow all leads and let the chiips fall where they may.

  2. lee says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close bad cases.

    There is evidence that several corrupt DoJ, DoD and CIA employees had taken bribes from Al Quida in exchange for information and logistics support during the four years prior to 9/11.

    When one considers that the 9/11 terrorists could take jumbo jet flying lessons, move about the US unobstructed, live for several weeks less than 2 miles from NSA head quarters and be on State Department watch lists, even without the supporting evidence of bribery this makes sense.
    If FBI and DEA employees where less concerned with enriching themselves by stealing from suspects and taking bribes and more concerened with doing their jobs, 911 may never have happened.

  3. Moshe says:

    Google “Israel false flag” for some interesting things about Israel.

  4. The Realist says:

    How does the New York CITY Police Department have jurisdiction outside of New York CITY??

  5. sage says:

    NYPD should have had a FBI or CIA lliason to cover their ass one to go across state line and/or the other to get information at any cost.

  6. Deborah Jeffries says:

    Read the writings of Marx and Engels and Professor Ward Churchill. America is corrupt ranging from the two party dictatorship in Washington trickling downward to state and municipal government. This story doesn’t surprise me one bit.

  7. Historyforming says:

    Funny, one man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter. The USA has “both” all over the world. Life for Life I wonder if the USA can be beaten on the amount of lives it has cost pursuing it’s agenda. The ground gets really murky here. Anyone who stands up to the US is considered a terrorist and yet the US’s own government is the US’s worst enemy. Noam Chomsky is a great read here and yes he is an American.

  8. juan solan says:

    Or as the Mossad sometimes do, attack their own people to appear as victims… this is a well known fact.
    Or when in certain zionist childrens camps, at night time they will simulate an attack by palestinians, so the kids can grow up with a certain hate for arabs and muslims.
    Beware, all those muslim countries who befriends them.

    1. iwork247 says:

      dumb comment.. You’re an idiot.

  9. Bill says:

    Does Rep. King think there are NO JEWISH TERRORISTS?? He should look into the ATTACK on the USS LIBERTY!!!

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