MALVERNE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — One Malverne couple was enjoying the mild night Thursday when they became covered by sludge as a plane taking off from Kennedy Airport flew overhead.

“A plane was coming over. Next thing you know she says ‘Oh my God it’s raining.’ I said ‘No it’s not’,” Artie Hughes told 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon.

“Some black liquid, black oil came off on her face, and I walked around and I looked and said ‘Oh my God.’ There was quarter-sized, nickel-sized, dime-sized drops all over my deck, my barbecue, my table,” he said.

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon reports

Thinking something was wrong with the plane, they called police.

“It was oily in substance, blackish-greenish oil. I thought it was hydraulic fluid and then the policeman came down and said ‘No I don’t think so. Looks like something nastier than that’,” Hughes said.

The officer suspected it was most likely treated sewage, returning after making several phone calls for confirmation.

“He had spoken to somebody down at either the Port Authority or the FAA and said ‘Yeah, it looks like there was an incident,” he said. “Some lavatory excrement had leaked out.”

The couple tell Rincon they just want an explanation, and for this kind of incident to not happen again.

“I think they should investigate and find out what happened,” Hughes said. “Was a button pushed? Was the lavatory filled to capacity before it left the ground?”wondered.

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  1. dano says:

    talk about having a shi ty day

  2. Mike Litoris says:

    This stinks to high heaven!

  3. Kip Noxzema says:

    “Fly the flushing skies…”

  4. Diogenes says:

    Knew a woman who was pregnant in Jersey, sitting in her living room when something crashed through her ceiling. It was blue ice. Started smelling like it real fast too. Not sure whether from leakage or disposal, but it seems that the lavatories blue water freezes on the outsides of the planes. And sometimes when they hit warmer air, it melts and falls off.

  5. Maluka says:

    Actually it was nothing more than more obama promises. As usual it looked, smelled and felt like more obama bull$hit.

  6. Wayne says:

    This story sounds like hype to me. Nothing has even been tested yet and already those involved are assuming the only thing it could be is poo. Mybe it was water condensate. Sounds like crappy sensational journalism to me

  7. realist says:

    Obama drops hope and change on the people!

  8. Jay says:

    It was Air Force One. Once again, our leader crapping on his servants.

  9. McNutts says:

    probably an airbus

  10. anon says:

    Next time you’re in a vehicle going over 40 mph take your cup of coffee and dump it out the window… now imagine that at several hundred miles per hour and thousands of feet above the ground… You’ll realize the only crap here is the bull coming out of the authors mouth.

  11. dano says:

    Must a been Airforce 1 crapping on the tax payer again.

  12. papa zit says:

    on their BBQ? sounds like ass to mouth….

  13. fran650 says:

    Sounds like “Big Sis” and her army of illegals are having a little fun.

  14. George Kingfish Stevens says:

    Moments before the brown shower, the guy turned to his wife and said, “Hey, Hon. Want to do something DIRTY?” And she said, “OK, but not more of the same old crap, OK?”

  15. stockingfoot says:

    Enjoy the go.

  16. Karen Bernshire says:

    Here’s a real interesting article about how our children are being dumbed down. I especially liked the pictures from the textbooks from the 70’s vs today.

    1. George Kingfish Stevens says:

      Did you fall out of the same tank as the toilet trout that rained down on this couple?

  17. bill jackman says:

    Who lives at the end of a runway and what do they expect?

  18. GotMullet? says:


  19. MadCharles says:

    I’ll bet it was Air Force 1

  20. Voice says:

    It happened in $hitty New York,How could They tell?

  21. alex says:

    I agree and not giving a damn will be the ruination of our country!

  22. hazelton says:

    Yuk. An Obama bomb.

    1. Dufus says:

      Another Karl Rove stunt.

  23. Peter says:

    a good sign that someone has no substance to contribute? they nitpick grammar, everyone knows what the hell Garth Brooks meant, get a clue!

  24. Steve M. says:

    Sounds like a real sheeety situation to me.

  25. Dave says:

    It was Dave Mathews band on their way to a gig, and couldn’t resist…

  26. Jerry says:

    Oh well, sh..t happens. I do hope they were liberal, they understand sh.t like that.

  27. bob says:

    It was a campaign flight from Obama spreading his political promises around. Just the same old B S.

    NOBAMA 2012

  28. John Collins says:

    Air Force One? I love my people!

  29. Tex A. Montana says:

    Obama has been squating over productive citizens and letting fly for the past 3 years. Bad visual! Horrible President!

  30. theJackal says:

    Not surprisingly, the author is a total idiot, typical of a liberal NY, CBS employee. It is common practice (allbeit not too well known) for pilots to jettison the turd tank if they couldn’t get a pump off at the last turn. In fact if there is a large body of water, the airline wants pilots to do just that. If the plane is having lift issues, (icing, over loaded ect.) one of the first things to do is dump the turd tank. They should definitly should get a check in the 5 figure range. to ease the “pain”, or at least 10,000 miles at their convience

  31. Kelly says:

    Nothing like getting hit by a Mud Falcon.

    1. George Kingfish Stevens says:

      Not the “MUD-lennium” Falcon by any chance, was it?

  32. George Kingfish Stevens says:

    Ahhh, New York Departure, United 294, we forgot to empty the septic tanks prior to departing for France. We need to return.

    NY ATC: United 294, that won’t be necessary. We show you over Long Island outbound. Do an inflight dump, turn to a heading of zero-95, climb and maintain 39-zero. They’ll never notice. It always smells like that there.

    Ahhh, roger New York. Dump tank, turn to zero-95, climb and maintain 39-zero, United 294.

    NY ATC: United 294, good day, sir.

  33. weneedrubio says:

    No that’s air force one and the couple is all of us.

  34. Ed says:

    People make mistakes, mechanical things malfunction, and I would like to be one that thanks the couple that it happened too, to only want an explanation. Wow, what if Geese pooped in flight you think that a plane leaking a little sewage is a problem? For those that don’t know Geese have poop the size of cats, and they do it constantly when they are on the ground. So the next time a Gaggle of Geese flies over your head, think about Cat Poop hitting you on the head. Never mind Seagulls, other birds or even aircraft.

  35. Marcus says:


  36. John P says:

    The couple should be greatful that they were pelted by random sharted Asstroids and not a solid waste meteor shower.

  37. Bobert says:

    You know that seconds prior to impact someone said “Hey, watch this!”

  38. george says:

    Eat your pees!

  39. Rito's World says:

    Are we sure it wasn’t from Air Force One?

    1. the Dude says:

      Absolutely… everyday.

  40. John P says:

    Asstriods have much less impact out of a serious beeting by a metior shower.

  41. John P says:

    Asstriods have much less impact out of a serious beeting by a metior shower.

  42. George Kingfish Stevens says:

    Could we vector this pilot over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Moochie may need some fertilizer for that magic ten foot square garden that feeds hundreds at State dinners, like Moses with the basket of fish.

  43. OD says:

    Reminds me of an old love song:

    Passengers will please refrain from using toilet while the train is in the station,
    darling I love you.
    We encourage constipation while the train is in the station, all I ever think about is

  44. John P says:

    A direct hit by a very skilled and deadly stink bombadier!

  45. Ken says:

    Sounds to me like they had a close encounter of the turd kind.

  46. Neuromancer says:

    Don’t you find it somewhat ironic that the chances are good that this couple was treated better by the airlines than the actual passengers on the flight?

  47. khpdave says:

    “This sort of thing” happens.

  48. GD says:

    This story reeks of crappy journalism………

  49. JetMech says:

    Lav juice is blue. There mouths must have been open, cause they are full of it!!!

    1. Bobert says:

      This is absolutely correct, whatever it was, it didn’t come from an aircraft lave, because it is in fact known as “Blue Juice”.

      1. Justin says:

        Must have been the same people who orchestrated 9/11 huh?

    2. Bubba says:

      Blue + Yellow = Green

    3. Chotiwala says:

      Actually, most planes don’t use the blue juice anymore. There are a few models that still do, though, like the MD-88 (Delta’s, at least).

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