NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Teachers are returning to the classroom today after their own report cards were released.

The teachers union challenged the release of the reports.

18,000 teachers were ranked on a scale of 1-100. The list was released Friday after a year and a half long court battle.

“I think what people miss is the courts have ordered us to release the data,” said Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Parents were eager to see how their kids’ teachers stacked up.

“I just want to see exactly where she is at the ranking,” said parent Yolanda Arthur.

While parents are taking a close look at the numbers, many teachers are angry. They say the information is misleading and sometimes flat out wrong.

“I want them to understand this is not a representation of the teacher in the classroom for their child,” said teacher Marie Kalloon.

The scores largely reflect how teachers performed in one area: Helping kids do well on standardized tests. But the ratings have high margins of error and are nearly two years out of date. They are based on tests that the state acknowledged became too predictable and too easy to pass over time.

“It’s just one indicator and it’s really meant to be combined with other measures of teacher performance,” said Sean Corcoran, Educational Economics Professor at NYU.

That’s the same point teachers throughout the New York City school system are stressing.

Click below to check out the rankings. 

2010 Teacher Rankings (Excel spreadsheet)

2009 Teacher Rankings (Excel spreadsheet)

2008 Teacher Rankings (Excel spreadsheet)

How to read the rankings, part 1 (.pdf)

How to read the rankings, part 2 (.pdf)

What do you make of the rankings? Are you glad they have been released? Sound off in our comments section below. 

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  1. p8nt says:

    If you walk into a house that has never been cleaned, you would leave and be disgusted. If you live in a house an never cleaned it, you would think everything is ok.

  2. broken system says:

    The child speaks no English, the parents speak no English and somehow the child is in third grade and gets pulled out for special help three hours a day but the teacher is responsible when they fail!!!!!!!

  3. Shawn W says:

    Why are only teachers being evaluated? Why not cops, sanitation and firemen? Obviously, Mr. Bloomberg is a bully. He would never attempt to rank police or firemen or any other unionize workers and if they did, on what basis? Teaching children is very difficult, particularly based on social dynamic. What we should be doing is putting more funding into social programs to help the family and communities instead of cutting programs and increasing homelessness, poverty, hunger etc..Stop giving it highly paid consultants/contractors and hire union employees that are middle class.
    All this is an attempt to kill union jobs and put more money into corporations…Shame on you Bloomberg.

  4. nycsewer says:

    My sons teacher teaches my son Obama is a good man.I teach my son to use his picture for dart practice

    1. KPMc says:

      Thereby teaching your son what sort of man you are!

  5. Jerry says:

    The ratings are nonsense. Anyone with any sense knows that a student’s success is dependent on a multitude of factors. Yes, the teacher”s teaching ability is one of those factors but so is parental involvement and home life, and individual abilities and experiences. Furthermore, to think that a test is reflective of a student’s true growth and capability is moronic. This is a big joke at the expense of the students.

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