Gulf Station In Great Neck Gets Bold, While BP Down The Road Is $1 Less

GREAT NECK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — It’s shocking — reports that gas will reach $5 per gallon by the summer.

Believe it or not, a station on Long Island is already charging that much. CBS 2’s Don Dahler went there Tuesday to find out why.

The sign at the Gulf station on Northern Boulevard in Great Neck really does say a gallon of regular will cost you $4.99.9. Unless you have a spare one-tenth of a penny lying around, for all intents and purposes, that’s a $5 gallon of gasoline — $5.09 if you use a credit card.

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The reaction? Well, you can probably guess.

“Wow! That’s crazy you know!” said Jose Godinez of Queens.

“[That’s] very expensive gas,” added Helene Flint of Jericho.

“$4.99, I think they’re crazy!” added Great Neck’s Michael Capuozzo.

Dahler went inside to try to get some explanation for the price, but the manager wasn’t in and the attendant could only say he was told to up the price on Monday.

Of course, gas station owners can charge whatever they want for their gasoline. It is a free market. But not even a block away, across the street, is a BP station where they’re selling gasoline for $3.95 a gallon. So the better question is why would anybody pay $5 a gallon?

Dahler asked the only gas customer he saw at the Gulf on Tuesday, Andre Jackson of Valley Stream.

Dahler: “I just wanted to know if you realize you’re paying a dollar more per gallon here than anywhere in the area?”

Jackson: “Yeah. Yes I do.”

Dahler: “Why would you choose this gas station when there’s one right up the street that has a dollar less a gallon?”

Jackson: “I didn’t know that. I’m not from the area, but I needed gas. Yeah, what can you do about it?”

Dahler: “Pay through the nose?”

Jackson: “Yeah, we’re paying through a lot more than that!”

Dahler did notice other customers stopping to buy things in the store, but no one else was filling up while he was there. Still, with gas prices everywhere on the rise, you have to wonder is this guy really crazy or is he simply ahead of his time?

And Dahler heard there’s another station in Oceanside selling gas for $5 a gallon, even though the national average is $3.72.

WCBS 880’s Sophia Hall On The Story

Also Tuesday, WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall met a man who has been using the iPhone app called Gas Buddy to find the best prices on regular gasoline.

Instead of grabbing his car keys, Frank Bridges told Hall he puts on his tennis shoes and walks, so he doesn’t have to use up the gas in his car.

He said the next car he buys will have better gas mileage.

What is the highest regular gas price you’ve seen? Please share it in the comments section below!

Comments (147)
  1. JBC says:

    Critics were all over President Bush when gas prices went to $3.00 a gallon. If gas prices dropped back to $3.00 a gallon 0bama would tell everyone he reduced the price of gas.

    1. MSM Sux says:

      What’s there to criticize? With the price of gas being so high Long Island must be having an economic boom, at least the what nObama wants us to believe.

  2. jack says:

    It’s still $4.99 as of this morning. I live in the area and pass by this station daily. It was $4.99 yesterday morning and $4.79 when I passed by on my way home. It went back up to $4.99 this morning. All other stations in the area is under $4. WTF

    1. FillHerUp says:

      So much of the news is being orchestrated since unelected officials took over Washington following the coup and cover up. We have no democracy, president, and freedom of press is an illusion.

      Our next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

      The biggest cover up that no one in the media can report on starts here

      1. sopwith says:

        Palin derangement syndrome is alive and well. Don’t you think it is about time that you give it up and get a life already? By the way “I can see Russia from my house” was a Tina Fey statement, not Palin. You can tell you are in trouble when you start to believe your own lies. Please get help. We don’t need yet another mass shooting by a deranged loon.

        1. FillThisUp says:

          Hey internet tough guy. Attack, discredit, and divert attention. I love how you type the same garbage after me regardless of where I post. Keep covering up coward.

    2. Catherine says:

      I’m from the UK. Just seen all the comments about gas prices – here’s a shock for you all. Gas prices in the UK are around $8 – $91 per gallon! Hope your peices don’t get that high!!!

      1. Catherine says:

        Oops -that shoild be $8 – $9 (Not $91)! – sorry

        1. MSM Sux says:

          This is not news to most Americans. Thanks though.

          1. dwstick says:

            If Obama has his way, US prices will be like yours. He’s on record as saying that he favors European-level gas prices in this country, and his Energy Secretary is on record as saying he wants $10 a gallon prices.

      2. JohnnyG says:

        Yes, but, we here in the US make our own gasoline, we don’t import it like in England!

  3. ImaHippyBurning says:

    I say we have a good ole fashioned large scale march on the Capital with pitch forks and torches and maybe April 15th would be a good day to do it! We need to ban together as the common sense people did 2 yrs ago to rid the Dems of power. We must not allow the lame stream oBUMa loving media to brianwash us that the Dems will win all in November. Speak out and speak often! Hey Hey, Ho Ho this Marxist in Chief has got to go! I am confident if we all remain engaged we can overcome the level of corruption that is being perpetuated on this great nation, but if we sit idle we will only have ourselves to blame for our regression into becoming the USSA (United Socialist States of Amerika)

    1. Jack Bauer says:

      there is no left party or right party..they are the same party. grow up you morons

      ron paul

      1. Doc Scurlock says:

        I’m a fan of Ron Paul but your recruiting methods need to be refined. You might be more effective it you chill out and pass on a positive message instead of calling names. You are coming off rather angry.

    2. jdmjca says:

      Your comment really makes sense. I have been wondering why the capital is not packed with protesting, its like the American people dont know what going on or they dont care. More worried about what time jersey shore comes on.

  4. Robert g says:

    Lets switch to burning environmentalist and global warming alarmist for fuel. That would be a win win solution.

  5. Justin Time says:

    Meanwhile, gas is .25c/gallon in Venezuela. You can fill up your tank for less than we spend on a single gallon. That’s the difference between DRILLING your own oil and buying it off arabs/muslims on the other side of the planet.

    1. rob says:

      Now let me ask you a question. Do you think for one moment, that if we drilled for our own gas we would be charged any less? No f**king way! Chances are prices would even go higher as greedy refiners would then have a monopoly. The answer is not in drilling, but in finding an alternative that WE can sell to the rest of the World. That will not only eliminate the problem, but also eliminate terrorists.

      1. ella funt says:

        Any alternative fuel will have a price on par with gasoline. It all stems from greed, taxes and wall streets future’s market.

        1. Kevin says:

          you obviosuly are clueless as to the expense and effort to get oil out of the ground, refined ,and transported . Oil compnaies have a profit margin on their product that ranks them 30th across industries. If the Fed wasn’t destroying the dollar you won’t be payingh $5 a gallon. Think. is gas going up on its own or is everything going up

      2. Michael says:

        I’ll tell you what Rob, when you can give me an alternative that is just as readily avaiable and useful as what we have now, then I am all in. Also, when these alternative energy companies can stand on their own two feet from private investments and not have a government sink billions of taxpayer money into them just to watch them go bankrupt then I will listen. Until then please shut the hell up.

      3. allness says:


        If you follow the money you will find out that the administration holds extremely large financial and political ties to gain from what is called the “green” market. Your statement proves you are being manipulated too for their gains. The rise in gas, electricity, utilities, etc. only mean their policies are working to their financial advantage at your expense and naiveness (synonomous with “Green”).

      4. James says:

        How about letting the US have some cars that really get good mpg. Why could a Canadian buy a diesel SMART Car getting over 70 mpg but in the US we have to buy the gas version getting 40 mpg? I am waiting for the mass produced fantasy alternative fuel the left is always talking about. While the Navy recently paid $26/gallon for the algae fuel and costs are coming down if you take the gov. sub for the fuel the actual cost is much higher. Pretty sure that algae fuel is going to require some significant water at scale and the other thing the about water is we already have a water problem in the world.

    2. Michael H. says:

      Any oil drilled on American soil or off the American coast would be sold on the world market by the very oil companies that extract it from the ground.

  6. jim6037 says:

    Repeat after me:
    It is not President Obama’s fault.
    Paying $6 a gallon is the patriotic way to lean forward to a green future.

    Please be a good Prole and Remember:
    1984 in 2012

    1. William fahning says:

      Your the reason it’s $5.00 a gallon .. you voted for Obozo & the Circus of Libtards .. you think ?

    2. SpeaktheTruth says:

      Sounds like libtard double talk to me. Don’t try raming your ideology down my throat, where wrong is right and right is wrong. You are clouding up the real truth. If Green was the anwser it would have started back during the first OPEC embargo. I am convinced this nation made a secret pact with OPEC. Green will take 20 years to develop.

    3. DetectiveMo says:

      Evidently, folks aren’t picking up on your snark, are they? Pity.

      1. Doc Scurlock says:

        +1 ^^^^^^^^^^^

      2. jim6037 says:

        People are hurting…missing my snark/sarc is understandable. The situation for many folks is absolutely awful…ergo my reference to 1984

        My bad for not being more explicit.

        1. brian says:

          Don’t feel too bad. Some of us got it. I liked reading George Orwell’s “1984”. He wasn’t far off, was he?

    4. exbobbie says:

      Folk’s, I think he doth jest………I hope.

      1. jim6037 says:

        Yes, I am using George Orwell’s doublespeak from the book 1984. Should have referenced that in the original post.

        Unfortunately there are actually people who believe the kind of sarcastic comments I made…they are currently hiding under rocks and apparently running for a second term as President.

        No…I didn’t vote for President Obama.

  7. Walter says:

    These conversations have been going on for decades – along with the fumings that the oil companies are preventing alternative energies from being utilized. The fact is that if a reasonably priced, easy to deploy alternative to fossil fuels could be utilized by now, it would be. It’s not, so we are beholden to the oil countries/companies. There is little to nothing that any U.S. president can do.

    1. MISS ELLIE says:


    2. Tom says:

      little or nothing to do, R U Serious? What about allowing us to drill in the gulf, anwr, and else where intead of sending the leased oil rigs to brazil where they are drilling deeper than what was being drille in the gulf, but o ya, Soros doesn’t own the rights to that oil.
      The dems have been blocking any new refineries for years/decades becuase of their wacko falsified green house global cooling/warming finally just climate change bull shiite. I would love to keep going but I just don’t have the time



    1. lg says:

      You must be too young to remember when Bush was president I paid over 4 bucks for a gallon of fuel.

      1. eric in NJ says:

        And you are probably too ignorant to remember how the Dems and the media blamed Bush all day long for $4/gallon gas at the time! Turnabout is fair play

        1. ImaHippyBurning says:

          Absolutely right! but the real truth is it doesn’t matter who is in the White House when they allow environmentalist elitists to force America to be enslaved to others for her energy, food, and very existence… They have permeated our educational system as well our governmental system and we continue to take it. Get involved vote these America second idiots out at every opportunity whether it is for local school board, congress or president. Until common sense “America first” people get control of power we will continue to see our freedoms and quality of life go to the wayside!

          1. mct says:

            It does matter who is in the white house. Are you better off today than 4 years ago? If you are than you must be on wealfare.

      2. ella funt says:

        WELL, You’re going to pay more than that SOON and bush is out of the picture. NOW, whose to blame ???????

  9. Robert says:

    Look at oil futures and speculation, on part of the bankers–acting as middlemen–between the oil and the gas pump. The Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 is a major loophole that opened the door for the Enron scandal. What we have today is a larger scale of the same; this time the banks being the culprit vs. an energy company. Enron got busted, and I think these banks should be next.

    Think about it:

    All public utilities have fleet vehicles providing service. If they could provide service at a cheaper rate–lower fuel costs–they would be happy. In cases where utilities are optional, it means more customers and more turnaround. Verizon–and other telcos–could benefit from lower fuel costs, lower costs to customers, and be more competitive.

    Also we have shipping companies moving goods to retail outlets, and growers using petroleum based equipment and chemicals for seeding, harvesting and pest control.

    There’s more, but I keep it short: High energy costs hit all costs: groceries, utilities, transportation, processing leading to goods. It’s not just the gas pump.

    Senator Bill Nelson(FL) had a survey on regulation of these commodities exchanges. I support it. Doing the math–at a minimum–50-70% of what we pay at the gas pump are taxes levied by the BANKS for their profits. For every barrel of oil consumed in the US, 27 barrels are traded on Wall St. THIS is the number of middle-men “retailers” between the product and your check-card at the pump!

    Break the pattern, and we have somewhat saved the economy.


    1. Todd says:

      I have been posting this very point on my blog. Or pass a regulation that at some point in the commodities trade you have the ability to take possesion of the oil. What this would do is wring the speculators and day traders out of the market.

  10. jen says:

    Out in California it’s $4.50/gal. and that’s in the cheaper areas.

  11. BigLouie15 says:

    Some one. Any one. Please tell me how this guy still has an approval rating of 50%? Also, to you NYers, I want to thank you for continuing to elect Chuckie and Kirsten to the Senate so that they can enable the big zeroes policies of bankrupting the people of this country. Finally, one movie comes to mind – Manchurian Candidate.

    1. Stephen says:

      Think gas is high now? Just wait until the next war starts with Iran. You would think Americans would be sick of wars by now but the majority of voters continue to support the WARMONGERING candidates. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate running opposed to all these wars and money printing.

    2. exbobbie says:

      Well BigLouie15 I think the answer is, that we have now reached the ‘tipping point’ where there are more ‘have not’s’ than ‘haves’, more people relying on the government for their well being. Among these people you have to include not only people on welfare, but people who rely on the government for their employment, or financial support, like Unions. Then you have the usual base, African American’s 93%, environmentalist, hard line leftists, Marxists, Communists and plain old loony lefties like the Hollywood crowd. It all adds up and it’s scary.

  12. mauren says:

    Problem with NY is that most native NY’ers moved out and now the liberals infest the area. This is what you get with an on the job trainee,and not a very hardworking trainee ,at that.

  13. RoccoP says:

    Gas prices here in Modesto, CA are up to 4.21/gal. for regular unleaded and much more than that for premium. I guess this is the chagne that Obama campaigned on. How is that working for all you FLAMING LIBERALS?

  14. Chisum says:

    Hey…you New York brain surgeons voted for the Hooe and Change deviate…..
    Let’s hope it cost you $7.00 per gallon before we vote out this clown

    1. VixVax says:

      Please don’t hold ALL of NY responsible. I, and MANY others in NY, did not vote for the clown. I hate the clown. Not every NYer is a libtard. I would leave if I could.

      1. MISS ELLIE says:

        I hear real estate in Florida is cheap. good luck, I feel your pain

  15. JH says:

    Oh the wonderful irony. The majority of New Yorkers – Long Islanders put treasonous subversive anti-American Caliph Obama and his into power and this is just the beginning of change that has come to the once United States, today New Africa. Give yourselves a big applause New York liberals.

  16. MCLowe says:

    I stuck this site up in 2009 shortly after the bam’s induction. Some said they didn’t think it could get that high by 2012. There is a long way to go in 2012. It may yet come to pass.

  17. frank3108 says:

    Don’t forget, Obama said he wanted to change America. He kept his word, unusual for a politician. He also said he needs to get re-elected because he’s only half way there. He wants to finish the job.

  18. expatriot says:

    Like an earlier poster, we left NY about four years ago and are couldn’t be happier. The Democrats and their union cronies have ruined NY over the years. As a native NY’er I watched it happen.
    Get rid of the minority programs. Get rid of the fat union contracts, get rid of the corrupt politicians at every level.
    Frankly, I don’t care if I ever set foot in NY again.

    1. mauren says:

      We left 12 yrs ago and I am so glad that we did. Yet as a native NY’er I find it sad to see what has happened to a once great state.

  19. karl woytle says:

    I have zero sympathy for New Yorkers. They inflicted Hillary, Schumer, and dozens of other loathsome corrupt politicians on the nation. You deserve it.

  20. Conn-SS#false says:

    While growing up as a child in Indonesia, Barry Soetoro (aka Barak Obama) witnessed the slaughter of communist families. It was rumored the US CIA was informing the Indonesian Government of names.
    He has never forgotten, nor forgiven this country that he may still not be a citizen of. Keep in mind that running for political office isn’t like getting a government job…there is NO background check by the FBI – since a political party controls the FBI. We let a Trojan Horse infect America…unfortunately it may be too late.

    1. karl woytle says:

      Very well stated. Very interesting theory on another reason Ob*ma hates our nation.

    2. Michael H. says:

      So a long form and a short form birth certificate issued by one of America’s 50 states is not enough evidence for you to understand that Barack Obama is a natural born citizen of these United States? You need medication, rubber walls and a straight jacket.

      1. JohnnyG says:

        It’s not a question of being a “natural born citizen” – Obama (or Soetoro) does not share the American values like the rest of us raised in this country; the ones who played Little League or Pop Warner football, who marched in Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day parades, were in the Cub or Boy Scouts, who celebrated the 4th of July with picnics and fireworks, etc, etc, etc…

        He was raised during his most formative years in a foreign land, under the tutelage of a left-leaning, probably socialist (maybe even communist) mother who apparently hated the US and what it stood for !

        1. Michael H. says:

          Are you high? he spent 4 years of elementary school in Jakarta, returning to Hawaii in 1971 to spend middle and high school. “Formative years” are considered adolescence. That means post puberty through age 20 or so. He spent his “formative years” right here in the United States. He was raised my his maternal grandparents, with his mother only there until he was about 16. Knock off the catch phrases and “real America” nonsense.

          BTW, only 4 Presidents were Boy Scouts.

  21. maxtor says:

    i think a lot of the high prices for gas is greed driven (pump to consumer)instead of price of oil driven. they can lay the high prices onto others instead of their greed. when it is $5.00 in Great Neck, Ny, you can drive 20 miles and price dropps drastically….tell me it isnt greed driven and i will kiss you ass evey day of the week and twice on sunday!! might want to look into price gouging. i would want to see their last 50 receipts from the supporting gas company. i believe you will find that there is quite a problem there somewhere.

    1. p3orion says:

      Pucker up while I bend over. Better yet, find a book on economics and have someone read it to you.

      1. SerfCityHereWeCome says:


  22. Jamie C says:

    I’m sure most of these New Yorkers voted for Obama so they are getting exactly what they voted for. Obama said himself that energy prices would skyrocket under his plan. This is what you voted for so enjoy it.

  23. CommonSense says:

    This station obviously does not want to sell gas. They most likely have a repair shop associated with the station and make their money off of that. That’s the only explanation for these prices when there are stations selling gas for $1 less right next to them. Stations themselves make so little profit from selling gas that some with repair shops will jack the price of gas up so high so that anybody with a brain in their head wouldn’t buy gas from them. Then the station doesn’t have to worry about a huge bill from the oil company when it’s time to fill the tanks…because they shouldn’t have to fill them!

  24. e pluribus unum says:

    All according to plan. The Marxist plan. To each according to his needs(not wants) from each according to his abilities(share his wealth whether he wants to or not).
    Obama made a HUGE deal about extending the payroll tax cut and how people would have an extra $40 every two weeks in their paycheck That will buy 8 gallons of gas for 2 weeks. And the food inflation has way outpaced the gas prices.
    The plan is to make people so uncomfortable they will be thrilled to take the bus.The American standard of Living is plummeting with this president and he thinks that’s a good thing.

    1. RoccoP says:

      My BALONEY has a first name,,,,
      it’s B A R R Y.
      My BALONEY has a second name..
      it’s O B A M A.
      Because Barack Obama
      has a way’
      B O L O G N A!.

  25. Sensible Mom of 3 says:

    5 dollars a gallon? That’s insane. If you can get out of the tri-state area, do it. There IS life outside of NY, and at a much more affordable price. We left LI over 5yrs ago and our only regret is that we didn’t move sooner. Our expenses are 1/3 of what they were in NY, our property taxes went from close to 9k/yr for .23 acres to LESS than 1400 (fourteen hundred!) per year for 3/4 acres, a 2yr old house, less traffic, less crime and …wait for it…a higher salary. Yes, there IS life outside NY. Who’da thunk it?!

    1. re says:

      what state did u move to?

    2. mauren says:

      Totally agree,Sensible, but try getting these stubborn LI’ers to leave. Bunch of donkeys would rather pay,pay,pay then admit there is a GREAT life somewhere else!

  26. As the Iran war beat drums, the price will continue to climb….

  27. Dave says:

    This is just where Oblunder wants gas prices as he said in 2008 during his campaign.. he wants us all in electric cars… whiile he has all but stymied new domestic oil production..

    all you genetically coded Democrats on Long Island.. smile.. you are getting your wish

    I can’t wait to see what happens when he is re-elected… oh happy days!

    1. RoccoP says:

      It will be NINE DOLLARS A GALLON if that mooliak is re=elected! BANK IT!

  28. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    As a former Wrong Islander who was lucky enough to escape, I HOPE you all remember your exact CHANGE for the bus.

  29. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    …but…but…but..thay tawt me in publik skool that are Messaya wood give us gas four free by not drilling for eny. Itz Bushes fawlt

  30. BigLouie15 says:

    We’re headed for a collapse that will make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park. Keep voting for dems and the 99% will be 99.999999%.

  31. Jimbo says:

    New York’s must like high gas prices because they keep voting DUMacRATs, they deserve what they get.

    1. RoccoP says:

      Ditto here in the GRANOLA STATE!

  32. CWF says:

    The price of gas is not going up.
    The value of your dollar is going down.

    1. dwstick says:

      Bingo! That’s exactly what’s happening here! With all of Obama’s ‘stimulus’ programs for his union buds and loans to companies that promptly went bankrupt, he was throwing money around like it was confetti, forcing the Treasury to print more and more new money. Now we’re at the level where our GDP is equal to our National Debt.
      If he gets re-elected, we’re finished as a solvent nation.

    2. gh67229 says:

      $16 trillion debt – close to $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities coming due. This is a real debt each citizen owes and our creditors (Arabs, Chinese, etc) get their payments from higher prices. The ultimate guarantee that we’ll pay is our properties, businesses, savings, 401ks, and untimately our labor.
      In the name of socialism – we are made slaves.

  33. Sicklibs says:

    As long as Liberals are in charge it will be O.K. to charge $50. a gallon.

  34. san deigo man says:

    if you don’t like these stupid gas price, call the idiot at the white house –OBAMA–a let him know thathe could have approved the Keystone Pipeline and it would have created 20,000 jobs and gas would have been $186 a gallon just like when he took offic ein January, 2009. No, he can’t see how stupid this moran really is. Wake up America.

    1. AJ Wallace says:

      I’m not an Obama fan at all, but you need to do some research on the Keystone Pipeline. The claim they made that it will create 20,000 jobs is drastically inflated and the pipeline will in fact raise gas prices, not lower them. Also, don’t forget this was to be an export not for us.

      1. gh67229 says:

        The point is that Barry Obama (elected by emotional idiots that still don’t know his past) has done everything possible to raise the price of fuel…WHY?
        Control the movement of the population
        Force a two income system – wealthy politicians, and the poor

  35. Fritz Von says:

    It’s OK, keep reading Newsday and voting Democrat, and it’ll all be OK.

    1. mauren says:

      I banned that socialist rag in the 70’s and never regretted it!

  36. andrew musaelian says:

    You can only blame the idiot in the white house for this newest scan. He will slowly destroy America since he is not an American. SOB.

  37. DJ says:

    Unforuneately raising gas prices are not going to be any help to the recovery.

  38. Brian says:

    It doesn’t matter. The morons here on the island keep driving 70+ mph on the parkways with giant SUV’s, So let’s make it $7 a gallon/

  39. debbie says:

    Long Island you are gettting the hope and change you voted for … But we all have to pay the price for you liberal states

    1. mike says:

      We all pay a price because the idiots for fell for the hopey and changey slogan.

  40. GUTZ22 says:

    What’s the mystery ? Yet another negative accomplishment for Herr Obozo . America must remove this cancer in November .

  41. AMR1960 says:

    Long Island deserves it…They vote DemLib and now are reaping the consequences!

  42. Soapy Johnson says:

    The “Jed Clampett Time Travel” theory tells you all you need to know about why gas prices are out of control …

  43. mKn says:

    It’s on its way to $10.00 a gallon. Don’t you just love the hope and change form the degenerates that call themselves … government?

  44. Edward von Richthoven says:

    If LonGilanders don’t boycott these gas prices, they are CRAZY! You New Yorkas are being raped. It’s time to take the bicycles out onto the Southern State Parkway!!!

  45. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    LOL, I’d say REALLY bold. Gulf has always been considered the Brand X of the major companies. Thanks to the Mugabenomics of the Killer B’s of Bernanke & Barack, and their ability to make prices skyrocket in spite of collapsing demand, everyone who’s previously refused to pay attention up to this point is about to discover that YES WE CAN have a hyperinflationary depression.

  46. Xenophon10 says:

    Great. Let Blue States share the misery.

  47. marty griffin kdka says:

    How’s that Obama hope and change thing working out for you.

  48. lee says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close bad cases.

    There is evidence that several corrupt DoJ, DoD and CIA employees had taken bribes from Al Quida in exchange for information and logistics support during the four years prior to 9/11.

    When one considers that the 9/11 terrorists could take jumbo jet flying lessons, move about the US unobstructed, live for several weeks less than 2 miles from NSA head quarters and be on State Department watch lists, even without the supporting evidence of bribery this makes sense.
    If FBI and DEA employees where less concerned with enriching themselves by stealing from suspects and taking bribes and more concerened with doing their jobs, 911 may never have happened.

    1. DCLaw-1 says:

      Forgot the meds and the tin foil hat today?

      1. PropagandaHitsRecordHigh says:

        That’s the answer to anyone leaking something controversial. The only thing that’s hit a record high is the amount of made up stories in the news after the coup and cover up.

        We have no democracy, no president, and freedom of press is an illusion since unelected officials took over Washington and the media.

        The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren’t in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.

        The biggest cover up in history starts here

        1. You're F'd says:

          Hey dumbass @You’re A Fool .. if I was replying to PropagandaHitsRecordHigh it would be here. But since you’re a low grade moron, please keeping posting so we can all have a good laugh.

          @PropagandaHitsRecordHigh interesting information

      2. You're F'd says:

        When you’re arrested as a government fake blogger protecting criminals …. you won’t be so smug. Forgot your meds, orange jumpsuit and flip flops? See you on TV at your treason trial as you family is out front crying, ‘ he was just doing his job.” We’ll all be laughing … can’t wait.

        Have a great day … future inmate.

        1. You're A Fool says:

          You must be very ignorant or diverting attention. This person is exposing the cover up, not covering it up like you. Read more and lie less government poster.

          1. You're F'd says:

            You’re an incompetent poster that can’t discern how posting works. The reply was to DCLaw you degenerate moron. You shouldn’t even be allowed on the net. Learn how to use the internet before you show everyone what a mental deficient you are … room temperature IQ at best.

            Waiting for your apology as all can see how fricking stupid you are.

    2. voss delong says:

      The first sentence is spot on. The rest is B S government distraction. 110 story buildings do not collapse into their own footprint in less than 10 seconds leaving only a few stories of debris with the rest of the building turning to dust. How about Building 7?

  49. MyMove says:

    I’m so glad that I turned away from a fancy car last year and went for the 30 mpg car. Whew. Dodged a bullet. I’m moving to a new city soon, specifically from Boston to New York City. Although Boston is pretty up there on the most expensive cities for gas, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to afford New York City gas prices along with its ridiculous parking rates. Sigh. Are gas prices ever going to go back down?

    1. waterman says:


      Or if you know you are coming home at 3-5am and dont want to deal with the nightlife on the subway….o

  50. teetotaler says:

    The Gulf station on Long Beach Road and Atlantic Ave, Oceanside L.I. always has the highest prices anywhere. As of yesterday it was 4.99 for regular. Their prices go up every day and by now it must be about 5.49.

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