NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Get your game face on, Betty White.

According to the New York Post,it was recently announced that everyone’s favorite Golden Girl, Betty White ,will be the victim honoree of the Friars Club 2012 Spring Roast, scheduled to take place on May 16.

The Friars Club has been a staple of the New York entertainment elite for the last hundred years.  Famous for thecelebrity bashing sessions, you know you’ve made it when a room full of the funniest folks in the biz rip you a new one in front of a few hundred of your closest friends.

The monastery, as the building that houses the club is affectionately known, has outgrown the magnitude of their most famous event. White will get her roasting at the  Sheraton New York ballroom.

The actress seems to think she can hold her own against the comedians slated to berate her fondly.

“Those Friars may think I’m an easy mark, but I have 90 years of comebacks waiting for them,” she said. “This is such an honor to be roasted by the Friars Club. It will be an afternoon filled with dirty words, risque jokes and sex talk . . . and that’s just what I plan on saying!”

The 90, year old actress is following in the roasting foot steps of such industry greats as Milton Berle, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Carson, Lucille Ball, Billy Crystal and most recently Quentin Tarantino.

Comments (5)
  1. jessie gardner says:

    I love betty white when she was on tv & in the movies.

  2. wayne capinegro says:

    I can’t believe that I’m the only one who can’t stand White.

  3. Johntillsman says:

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  4. dakotahgeo says:

    It couldn’t happen to a more wonderful lady; God Bless your heart, Betty White!!!

  5. kit kat says:

    I hope this is televised! I miss the old Dean Martin roasts. Now THOSE were funny! I didn’t like the Charlie Sheen roast. Too many unknowns and boring guests. Do we really care what the guy from Jersey Shore says? He was not funny, and I also don’t like it when they get up and roast the guests, not the star of the whole thing? What’s that all about? An occasional mention is funny, but not when your tuning in to hear Charlie Sheen jokes.

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