NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Two New York lawmakers are pushing for protection for customers from efforts to price gouge at area gas stations.

State Senator Eric Adams and Assemblyman David Weprin sponsored two bills which would require all gas stations in the state to post a sign near each gas pump listing contact information for the NYS Consumer Protection Board.

The Board is authorized to investigate gouging complaints and take action against violators.

To report if you think you have been a victim of gas price gouging, call the New York State Consumer Protection Board at 1 (800) 697-1220.

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  1. Larry says:

    On your clip u said the average price of gas is $3.57 and show a gas pump with $4.11. .??? Big business is going to put us over the edge?.? Y don’t u report the real news ?? A 60 seconds on gas??y don’t u come up state see what were doing?? # 2 fuel oil price same as gas or very close!! Talk about gouging!!!
    Seniors can’t make ends meet. ,!!!

  2. Nicole says:

    I failed to mention that on the top of the pump where the prices for ‘credit’ are displayed, the view was obstructed by advertising signs they had up. I need to go back and get a picture…

  3. Nicole says:

    Last night I was in Huntington and went to a Sunoco on Jericho Tpk that had signs reading $3.88 per gallon for Regular (cash). I gave the attendant my debit card and told him to fill it up. ‘Sometimes’ they charge you credit price when you use a debit card, ‘sometimes’ they charge you the cash price. I looked to see how much they were charging me on the actual pump and jumped out of my car when I saw $4.78!! I was paying .90 more to use my DEBIT card!!! I am trying to report this gas station to every local, state, news, radio, media, politician that I can think of. Any help I would greatly appreciate it.

  4. Mel says:

    I live in Farmingdale,NY. and our gas is around $3.85 a gallon.I mfeel sorry for the people that live in Huntington township that are paying anywhere from 30 to 40 cents a gallon more than we do in Farmingdale.As soon as you are heading north on RT.110 past Rt. 109,the price jumps.And north of the Expressway,it jumps again.By the way, some of our stations pump the gas at no extra charge,and one station doesn’t charge extra if you use a charge card.

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