NEW YORK (WFAN) — Giants quarterback Eli Manning says there’s no place for players seeking to intentionally hurt opponents in the National Football League.

Last week, Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams admitted to — and apologized for — rewarding his players with cash for inflicting injuries on targeted opponents, a program that has been in effect for the past three seasons.

“Obviously it is a big deal what’s going on,” Manning said Monday at the Super Bowl XLVI DVD premiere in Times Square. “It is not good for football and can’t be a part of football. I know Roger Goodell will do a good job of figuring all this out and making sure this doesn’t happen again.”

Williams met with NFL officials in New York City on Monday. According to a league investigation, between 22 and 27 defensive players on New Orleans were participating in the bounty system.

The NFL’s probe said “knockouts” were worth $1,500 and “cart-offs” paid out $1,000.

“I hear what Coach Coughlin tells our defense about getting hits and I’m kind of sitting there and I know the opposing team is saying the same thing about me,” said Manning. “But when you start talking about injuring a guy and carting him off and trying to possibly end a season or a career, that is not what this game is about.”

“We have more respect for the game than that,” he added

Saints safety Isa Abdul-Quddus delivered a big hit to Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks during Week 12. Nicks said “you would probably think” a bounty was on Abdul-Quddus’ mind due to the way he celebrated.

“I really have no feelings. I just know that’s something we don’t do,” Nicks said. “It’s a respect for the game you have. If you look at the reality of it, we’re all a part of this game together. So I think guys just have their own motives.

“But we play New York Giant football, which I believe is fair football.”

The NFL hasn’t yet doled out punishment for the cash-for-smash program, which could include suspensions, fines and forfeited draft picks for New Orleans.

“I’ve never been a part of that,” said Giants safety Antrel Rolle. “It is kind of unfortunate that something like that has been brought upon this league. You never want to go out there with the intention to injure another opponent. That is people’s livelihoods. There’s no price you can put on the health of another opponent.”

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  1. Chef Carter says:

    Doesn’t anyone remember what LT did to Joe Theisman? Can you imagine if LT was given a bonus for doing that? He was SICK about it, and he was one of the baddest players in football.
    It is SOOOO wrong. I LOVE the violent nature of the game, but to reward guys for ruining other peoples lives…that is criminal!
    It is a game afterall, not war.
    I don’t think more (or less) of LT because he ended Joe’s career, but I liked the human side that he showed, when he was franticly calling the sideline for help…

  2. Gerry Baron says:

    Eli is absolutely right!!!!!! I’ve been an avid fan of the game since 1955 (12 years old) and continue to be.(68 now.) I know it’s a very physical game and to “knock out” a significant opponent. i.e. their quarterback, you gain an advantage, but to intentionallly try to hurt someone to the extent of ending their career,to me, that just dirties the entire sport. I can understand why others might feel this is ‘justified’ but I am not of that opinion. I reallly hope that Roger Goodelll is on the same page!!

  3. Paul van Vugt says:

    I also agee, no bounty in football.repect the game,Eli is speaking the truth.

  4. JP says:

    union what union, brothers injuring brothers thats sad fellas real sad . You guys don’t make enough money you gotta do this ? In my union we will hurt the boss for asking .

  5. Gary in Rochester NY says:

    I love how you guys email these stories and put ‘Eli ‘blasts’ Saints over Bounties’

    Blasts? No wonder athletes hate the media…..

  6. Bob H says:

    Promoters of bounties should be banned for life. They have not only shown disdain for the league, sportsmanship and ethics; they are guilty of abetting assault with intent to injure.

    Practitioners should be banned for a season and fined the amount of the bounty.

  7. Deb says:

    Thank you Eli ! That’s why I’m a GIANTS FAN !!

  8. HARRY says:

    How nieve can you get.!!!!!!!!!!!! Football is a hard hiting sport and if you play that way, a good hard legal hit on a QB will knock him out . Thats what they are trained to do. that’s why they get the big bucksfor THAT’S LEGAL BOUNTY!!!!!!

  9. Lyn says:

    They have all been doing it. It is just like speeding,you only get fined if you get caught!

  10. Bob says:

    I think Eli is correct and that anyone involved in this should be banned from football

  11. cabohu says:

    Thank you Eli and I strongly agree with you. There is no place for that type of football playing. I hope the guilty players are severely punished. NFL players have got to stop and realize there are young people watching them. We must teach the young the correct ways to play the game. I wrote a few weeks ago on my Facebook page, after one of the Giant’s game, on how means and vicious some of the other team players played. My family has so much respect for you and how you play the game. Stay well and will see you next season

  12. Carol Hughes says:

    Thank you Eli. I stated on my Facebok page about how mean and vicious some of the players have gotten during a game. My family has so much respect for you. Stay safe and see you next season.

    1. everett morley says:

      I am not a Giant Fan,but regardless of who a guy plays for, a person who is willling to partisapate in that sort of conduct should be banned for life..

  13. Peanuts says:

    Compared to what these guys make in salary for playing the game $1,500 or $1,000 hardly seems like the type of “bounty” that would motivate these players to do anything they weren’t trying to do anyway.

    1. Lyn says:

      The truth!

  14. Bob says:

    I totally agree there is no place for this “bounty” in football. Aside from the fact that it is against the rules it is morally wrong anyway.
    Football is not boxing where the goal is to KO, football is rough but everyone MUST work within the rules.
    I don’t care if this has gone on in the past it is against the rules today, and just like seat belts that’s now the law.
    Anyone involved with this bounty approach should be not only fined but should be banned from the NFL forever.

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